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LLs Birthday Treat

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L’s Birthday Ball

Knowing that L had enjoyed two men at once several times before. . . . I had mentioned it as a possibility back in April, and I saw her interest peak over time. The idea was for her, for the first time, to have three men (besides me) all devoted to making her the “COA” (center of attention).

So, we began the search . . . and refined it over time and then invited three very attractive men that L liked over for her long awaited “party”.

She had fucked J before at a party. J and I had shared her, outside, by the pool on a foam mattress I carry around . . you never know when it might come in handy. Jeff was young, in shape and thick . . . L likes them thick . . . like me. She enjoyed several very strong climaxes riding J that night, and knew she wanted more.

K was something else. . . six foot eight, obviously an ex-athlete and very black and very nice looking, and so in shape. L and I had met him at a party a fews weeks before, and I sensed she might be in for her her “first taste of chocolate”. . . so, I contacted K, and of course, he was more than happy to help L have a birthday to remember.

D was a young man that looked a lot like Kevin Costner to L. . . she also liked his positive attitude and his sense of humor he displayed at our meet and greet dinner.

Anyway, on the appointed night, there was J, K and D . . all there to please L as the COA.

Early in the evening, I educated all of the gentlemen on the art of billiards . . . then, we retired to the bedroom. . .

L got naked, and so did all three men. I positioned myself by the camera and took shots and video of the soiree.

Soon, L announced she was “ready to fuck”. . .

I told K that she had fantasized about mounting him and riding him on top, and he smiled as he put on his condom. . . his cock was very thick and uncut, but the head glistened from L having given him some head . . . when L quickly took his very large very black cock in her hand, positioned it at the entrance of her very tight pussy, and sat down on it all the way to the balls. I knew she was good and wet and HOT as she was very, very excited.

At that time, J stepped forward and she started sucking his cock, cradling his balls in her hand while very rapidly riding K. I could tell she was doing to cum quick, as she was as hot as I have ever seen her. She rode K’s thick black cock with abandon. . the first black cock she had ever had; and thoroughly enjoyed riding it to her first of maybe 10 to 12 climaxes that night; all the while sucking of J and reaching out to stroke D. . .

K knew what he was doing and allowed her to continue to ride . . and soon she had the second very strong climax. . . yelling and moaning like she does all the way through it. I told K that she “squeezed and clamped down” when she climaxed and that she was very, very tight. . . K replied “I can attest to both of those statements , she is incredible”.

After her second climax, she announced that she wanted another cock in another position. I asked J to “step up”, which he did. J also has a nice thick cock, and, after putting on his condom, he began to slam L from behind, standing behind her with her bending over the bed. L shouted for J to “slam that pussy hard with that thick cock”, and she has yet another incredible climax.

Keep in mind that the whole evening, between the three men, L would normally would have at least one cock in her mouth as she was getting fucked in a number of positions by another cock.

All the while D was trying to get it up, to no real avail, so K and J continue to share L.

K comes back to L and takes her from behind, the way she really likes it. He slams her all the way to his huge balls from behind, with her moaning and “yipping” all along. . . .he puts it so hard to her that she falls forward and her head almost bands against the headboard. . . we all laugh real hard, then . .

Time for a wonderful dinner.

Afterwards, we are back upstairs and J and K are taking turns tag teaming L, and I am joining in where possible. At one time, I am eating L and she is sucking K. I can see her clearly straining to get the thick cock in her mouth. It is difficult because he is so massive, so she slides her tongue up and down the beautiful black shaft and, when she can, takes the head in her mouth and swirls her tongue around it, the way only she can do.

L got fucked so much and in so many different positions, I cannot recall them. . . writing only of those I remember. For example . . . .

J takes her missionary as I rub her clit . . and then from behind again. . . and does on heck of a good job of it. Then K introduces L to the “Tower of Power”, where he puts her on the edge of the bed on her back; takes her legs and puts them up over his shoulders, has her clasp her hands behind his neck. . . . he then pulls her close to get every last inch of his thick cock in to her. . . . L explodes in about three minutes with a HUGE climax. . saying”wow, that was a lot. . . it sure was fun” . . .

K takes her from behind again and then missionary, as I rub her clit . . . . she explodes yet again.

So, it goes on. At one point I take L and cum in her and she excuses herself to shower. Upon returning, she finds her guys getting dressed to go home . .and whispers in my ear “darn, I could have done those boys again” . . but, alas, she has actually whipped everyone. . . .

Do you think I am a lucky man or what? She is the love of my life and the hottest lady I have ever known. She loves me dearly and we are true hearts. Forever.

In return for L’s little soiree; my incredible L arranged for D (huge real breasts and very nice lady) to come over to help me with my birthday party/gift. My first time with two women ever. It was a grand time . . . . but, that is another story.

We are looking forward to our next adventure.

For you guys out there that have a lady that desires to have something “special”, I say go for it. Sure, you can get hit with a pang of jealousy as you see large, attractive and very physical men enjoy your lady, and her REALLY enjoy them. . .but, if you truly love her . . you will get past that and see how much she appreciates your loving her enough to share such an experience. I know from experience . . . if you love and give. . you will be loved and will receive.

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