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Kymberly's 3 Way

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My name is Kymberly and I live in Westlake Village, California.

I'm 25 years old and am very much into the world of bondage and domination, particularly on the submissive side. I have had many wonderful experiences with this lifestyle in the past, but would like to share my most memorable.

When I was 21, I was dating a guy by the name of Michael. He served as my Master during every single moment we were alone together, and sometimes he did it around others as well. I had to address him as "Master" and if I didn't, he would discipline me. I was pretty happy with our relationship, but one day divulged my deepest, darkest fantasy to him. That would be to have sex with two complete strangers.

I definitely thought nothing would come of my telling him that, but one day Michael called me over to his apartment. He told me to strip all of my clothes off and then drop to my knees. I did, and he wrapped a thick blindfold over my eyes. I was unaware of what Michael had in mind for me until some 30 seconds had passed.

He said that two guys were coming over, and both of them were going to fuck me while he sat back and watched. He also said that I would not be permitted to take off the blindfold. I protested at first but quickly became silent once Michael threatened to whip me.

As his submissive, I had felt the whip many times in the past, because I used to be a bad slave. The whip was not a good thing.

I kept quiet on my knees for almost 10 minutes before hearing people coming into the apartment. Two male voices, plus Michael's, all of whom whistled and hooted at me in my blindfolded, submissive posture. Michael reiterated that I was not allowed to take the blindfold off, and added that I couldn't ask the two strangers their names. Michael also told me that I must satisfy and obey the guys, otherwise I would receive the whip as discipline.

In a matter of seconds, I felt two hard cocks pressing against either side of my face. I could tell that neither of them belonged to Michael, and realized the two guys were ready for me.

I took turns sucking their cocks. I would give a blowjob to one man, and pump the other with my hand. Then I would switch, going back and forth continually.

One of the guys pulled me to him, and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I felt his tongue going like wildfire on mine. The other man moved behind me and cupped my breasts, then said that it was a fantasy of his to "fuck a pretty blonde, like you". Apparently, I was the first female of that type for him.

Soon, one of the strangers forced me down onto my back and began lapping away at my pussy. I had lost track of the other man until I felt a warm spurt of gooey cum land on my face. He must have whacked himself off above me, and then spurted his cream onto my face.

The whole time, Michael teased me with his words. He was always good at this, particularly degrading me, and it usually made me hot and excited. "Look at my little slut," he teased. "See?

You like these guys, don't you, slut? Bitch. You're not complaining anymore, huh? Keep up the good work, slut, and perhaps I'll give you a hard fucking later tonight. Like that, hmm?"

All I could do was moan in response.

The guy who had been eating my pussy eventually brought me to orgasm, then immediately forced me onto my hands and knees. He entered me from behind in the doggie-style position and started to drill me. I screamed in lust, but soon my mouth was filled with the other guy's cock. I swallowed a spurt of cum that came from the cock in my mouth, and the other guy shot his jism all over my waist and back.

Michael then made me lay across one of the guy's laps, and whoever that was gave me a pleasure spanking. I was so insane from being blindfolded that I was crying, begging Michael to take the blindfold off. But, he refused.

"Room service slut," Michael teased me. "That's what you are."

While I was getting spanked by one stranger, the other reached underneath my body and began thumbing my nipples.

"Nothing but a slut," Michael continued. I truly love being spoken to in this manner, so his words do not hurt or upset me.

"Only a true slut goes out and fucks strangers. And, these guys are strangers to you. Slut, slut, slut. . ."

The guy who had been spanking my ass pulled me into a seated position upon his lap, and then forged his cock into my pussy. I faced him and he continually kissed me as his prick filled me up.

The evening with the two strangers went on for hours and hours and hours. I look back on it and am not proud that I had sex with two strangers, because it really does make me a true slut. Before, I had been someone with over-active fantasies, but now I had really turned into a nymphomaniac.

The only thing which did not happen that night was one of those guys fucking me in the ass. If I had to do it all over again, I'd definitely have one of those men fuck my pussy, while the other filled my ass at the same time. I wasn't into anal sex back then.

Once the two strangers left, my body was soaked and drenched in dry cum, and I wanted to take a shower. But Michael wouldn't let me. He handcuffed me to his bed and made me fall asleep with all that sticky man-juice on my body. The cum was also in my hair.

But before I did drift off to sleep, Michael fucked me himself.

The next morning, I never felt so cheap and whorish. But at the same time, I never felt so warm and excited.

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