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Katrina Part 2

Katrina Part 2

As Jeff was stroking his cock off on to Katrina’s face you could see the ultimate pleasure that Marcus was giving her. He was now pounding deep into her already used pussy. Her moans and sighs as well as the occasional response to his questions were all she could manage. He asks “How it felt” to her response of “Oh it’s hot so fucking hot” Then he would want to know if she was coming “She would scream only yes, YES I am coming again”. With the timely ass smacking and his grunting of hard fucking her, Jeff was thrusting his cock to her face. Wanting her to see it he would tell her to open her eyes. When he was near to coming I heard him telling her “Open your mouth let me shoot this over your tongue slut” She did so wiggling her tongue back and fourth wanting to catch everything on it. As he grabbed her swaying boobs and muffled out words like “Yes I am a slut fuck me come on me do anything you want to me” With little more encouragement Jeff came shooting streams of come across her face and rolling it between her boobs. Marcus told her he was finally ready to come “Yes come in me” she screamed. As he stood her upright you could see his hard black cock going in and out of her. She arched her back to him wanting to feel him behind her “Oh yes FUCK. FUCK come in me” was all she could get out. He stops for a moment filling her with all of his come, some of which managed to roll down her legs. As Marcus with drew, I captured Paul was more than ready to take a ride in her wet pussy. She looked up at him saying, “No, no I need to give it a rest” Paul was somewhat dismayed at her remarks, until she suggested to him to get some lube. He walked into the bathroom and returns his hard cock leading the way. She got down on her knees in a doggie position looking over her shoulder she told him, “fuck my ass baby” I think we all went into shock, I mean really none of the girls we knew back then, did anal sex. So Paul lubes his cock as the other guys sat and watched. Katrina seemed to be swaying to some sort of internal music as her whole body went from side to side. Paul finally was prepared to take that very virgin ass he grabbed her hips, so looked over to him “slowly okay”? He assured her that he would be gentle. As his cock began to slide into her ass she arched her back giving him easy access to her. “Oh, OH MY GOD”! Was all she could say. Paul slowly worked deeper and deeper into her tight ass “How does that feel”? She screamed “I love it, harder give it to me harder, and fuck my ass”! She screamed back to him. Her long black flowing hair being tossed in the air as she got deeper into this our first anal sex session, I am sure it was hers as well. Soon, Paul was about to come in her, telling her this she screamed “Fill my ass up”! Like a woman possessed as he cut loose and shot his come deep into her ass. Soon she was clear more so after Paul withdrew his cock for her. She lay on the floor for a moment, and then turned over asking us all how it was? Everyone agreed she was totally sexy and totally hot. She then told the guys “We aren’t done yet fellows, give me a moment to clean up and we are going to the bed”! She got up, we all watched as she disappeared into the bathroom, hearing the shower running. Soon she reentered the room wearing a towel hair wet and a huge grin on her face. She walked up to me and asked “Okay, now the bed yes”? I told her of course and we walked into the bedroom, she stopped and told the guys “Give me just a minute and then you can all have me some more”! We walked into the bedroom; she closed the door and asked “What do you think, was I hot enough”? I laughed and said “DUH” she kissed me and thanked me for doing this. I told her “no problem, I was enjoying it to” she reached down stroked my cock and said “yeah I guess you are”. Smiling up at me, she asked “Can you just put the camera on the tripod, or did I have to watch and film everything”? I told her “no I can mount it”. She laughed “Not the only thing that is about to get mounted in here” With that I affixed the camera onto the tripod. I told the guys she was ready for round two, they all filled into the room and Jeff was the first to go to her waiting pussy. Katrina spread her legs far apart giving us all a clear view, and then raised her legs above her head. She smiled and told the guys, “Okay I am the slut you have all dreamed of, so fuck me anyway you have ever wanted to fuck one”! She grinned and winked at me which meant I was not needed to watch this part of it. I turned on the camera, making sure that I was affixed on the best shot I could get without being there to make adjustments and left the room. I went back into the living room put on the TV and was attempting to watch it, but it was difficult because I could always hear the walls being banged, her screams and the guys grunting from fucking her. Occasionally I would step back into the room, making sure that the camera was still mounted and on a good part of the action. Once I saw her doggie, Jeff standing on the bed making her suck his cock while she was being fucked by Steve. Everything continued for the better part of two hours, my mind could only wonder what the hell she was doing and to whom. Finally each guy began to leave, having their fill of her and doing everything that they possibly could to her. Marcus was the last to leave, I went in once to check on the camera to see him between her legs fucking her for all she was worth, and her legs split far apart, giving him total access to her body. Then finally he left as well. I went back to the room, she was rather dazed by the events of the day and said “I need to take a long shower” With that she went back to the bathroom and later came out dressed and ready to leave. She kissed me and said that she call me later. I told her that it would take a couple of days to edit the tape and make copies for her, “Cool” she said, “it may take me a few days to re-coop as well” We made a date for Saturday for her to come back over and view the tape before she gave it to Mike and Debbie. Over the next few days I watched Katrina’s actions on video, editing out the miss shots etc, which made the whole tape just under two hours long. Every time I viewed the tape, of course I would get a major hard on and have to retire to the bathroom to jack myself off. On Saturday she called me at home and asked if it was ready for her, I told her it was and she said she be over in an hour to see it. When my buzzer went off I didn’t ask who it was, I knew it would be her. She opened the door and with her was her just turned 18 sister Brenda. Now Brenda was just as hot and sexy as her older sister was, both with long flowing black hair they giggled as they walked in to the living room. Brenda asked Katrina “Are we going to need popcorn for this movie”? They both laughed and Katrina told her “No”. Katrina padded the sofa for me to sit between them and I walked over to do just that. I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable about sitting there with them, watching this movie of her fucking and sucking all of these guys. However we were all soon locked up in each others arms, one girl of each side of me.

To be continued

End of Story

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