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I traded sex for cable part 5

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I traded sex for cable Chapter 5: My week had had been full of fucking and sucking not only my two cable guys but my husband as well. I had told Mike about my invitation to come service the boys on Thursday and he actually encouraged me to do it. He said he would also love to hear about the adventure. Thursday morning came and I awoke and got the kids off to gym day. I prepared myself for the bout of fucking that would come in few hours. This included washing my colon as a dirty dick would sure end up in my mouth and that was something I was not about trying. I had just finished my routine when Mike came in to say he was leaving for work. As always he squeezed my ass and said remember let the jungle boys have this sexy ass. I said of course and kissed him good bye. As he squeezed he pushed a finger in my ass which had been worn by the recent weeks of fucking accepted it with no problem. Mike said well I think I might bust a nut before I leave. He leaned me over the bathroom counter dropped his pants and rubbed some baby oil on his cock and my ass. He set straight to fucking my butt and squeezed my tits while I watched his face in the mirror. He only lasted about five minutes before blowing load in my ass and saying that this time he loosened by ass for the brothers. He dropped down and licked my ass another minute or two while I rubbed my clit to orgasm. If our adventure in that morning were any indication today was going to be a wild one. Mike left for work and I cleaned up and was waiting for my weekly fucking. I was in the back yard naked and rubbing my pussy again when Sonny and ?T? arrived. I greeted them at the side gate again naked and dripping wet. Sonny took his pants off and sat down at the patio table. I dropped to my knees in a doggy position and once again started to deep throat his cock. He held my head and just like the last time we meet fucked my mouth pretty hard. ?T? mounted my pussy from behind and started off balls deep and fucking for all he was worth. Each thrust made me feel as if he was going to split me open. They traded position a couple of times ?T? ended up shooting his load in my mouth. I was licking him clean while Sonny was building to cum when ?T? out of the blue said how you doing guy and to my surprise someone responded not as good as you. Shocked I looked up cum still dripping from my mouth and covering most of my face to see a young AC repair man who had been servicing the house next door watching me serve as whore. About that time Sonny blew his load and scream his usual crap about take it white bitch. ?T? shocked me again my asking the young white guy if he wanted to come fuck our whore? The white guy look interested but said maybe later he had to go meet someone. I pushed the moment more by telling him to well come back later I?m home all day. My lovers laughed and said they had to get back to work. I walked them to the truck and as they drove off I noticed the AC guy pulling out of the neighbors drive. I stood there naked and waved at him. He waved back and drove off. I went into the house called Mike and told him about my adventure. He said he was busy at work and wouldn?t be home until around five. I went to the bathroom to clean up and rub another one out when I was interrupted by the door bell. I grabbed robe and opened the door and to my surprise there was the AC guy. He actually came back. He said he had to leave before to meet his girlfriend but he wanted to fuck me so bad he told her he had to go back to work so here he was. I opened my robe and invited him in. We went to the living room and after some brief kissing he dropped down and started to lick my pussy like a lesbian. He licked and sucked and rubbed and sucked and tasted me all. He commented that I still tasted like the black guys and asked if they came inside me. I told him yes and he stuck his tongue even deeper inside me. He then stuck his cock in my dripping cunt and started to fuck me like a young buck. Jason (his name) liked to talk dirty and told me that he was going to eat his cum out of my pussy. True to his word after filling me he dropped down and sucked his white mess out of my pussy. I came repeatedly. Now that was different. Mike had licked my dirty pussy and ass before but never with the intent of getting a mouth full of cum. After Jason had finished he said that was his kink. He liked to eat cum but his girlfriend wasn?t into it so he was forced to resort to jacking off from time to time and licking his hand clean. I told him to come back any Thursday after lunch and I?d gladly let him had his fill. We talked a few minutes and I explained I serviced the cable guys every week. It must have made him hot as hell because I noticed his cock was once again rock hard. I kept telling him how my lovers took turns in all of my holes and that I looked forward to our meetings every week. He said something about how hot that made him and moved to fuck me again. In got on my hands and knees this time and gave him full access to whatever hole he wanted. He did my pussy again but told me how wide my asshole looked. His cum was less intense this time around but I rolled over on my back lifted my legs up and as far back as I could so he could lick him mess out of me. He dressed and I ask if I would see him next week. He said if he could manage he?d be here but it depended on where he was working. I told him to call me sometime, it didn?t have to be a Thursday and I?d let him clean me up and maybe bring him some cum to suck on. We kissed and he said left. I was almost sexually satisfied now and headed for the shower. I had just stepped in when the phone rang. It was ?T? He wanted to make sure I was coming by tonight. He had 4 of his home boys coming over and wanted me to service them all. I don?t know why I said yes but I did. ?.

I spent the rest of the day cooking dinner and getting ready for what would surely be a gangbang. I was part of one a few years back but never the center of attention. I was so wet I swear my pussy made noises as I walked around. Mike came home around 430 we fed the kids then went off to our room for so I could dress for the occasion. Actually to fuck, I decided I would wear a red summer dress and that was all. Our sex was hot with Mike getting me off twice before deciding to cum. He mounted me from behind and asked what I was going to do tonight. I told him all sorts of kinky things and detailed how I?d take multiple DPS and three ways. He naturally blew an enormous load in pussy saying it?s probably going to be so stretched out and sore he might not get any for a while. Later as I was getting ready to leave Mike said he was going to have a couple guys over to play cards. If I wasn?t too tired maybe I could pay his losses off when I got home. I said sure not realizing he was serious and left for my banging. I arrived at ?T?s on time and knocked on the door. I could hear the party was already in full swing when I got there. Once I entered the cheering and hoots got pretty loud. ?T? handed me a drink and said the party?s your?s how you want to play it. I chugged my drink not realizing he has spiked it with X and said, let?s get to it. He didn?t tell me about the X until I started to leave the night. I slipped out of my red dress and exposed my naked body to the crowd 5 guys. I knew this would be a hit because I may not have been a model but My 38 30 36 curves usually got attention and my face was alright too. It started slow with me laying on the floor in front of the gang legs spread and knees pulled as far back as possible. Then I turned over and spread my ass cheek exposing would be the end of my tight ass-whole. ?T? Started while I was in this position he stuck his black snake in my mouth and went balls deep right off the bat. Someone mounted my from behind and told me to fuck him that he didn?t want to move. I did my best before he slapped my ass hard and started fucking me like there was not tomorrow. ?T? forced his cock down my throat and blew his first load yelling ?Drink my spunk you dirty white whore? This set the tone for the rest of the party. About this time the X kicked in I know I took two more cocks in my pussy and one more in my mouth before someone realized had a butt whole. I then was mounted on a dick that had to be at least 10 inches while someone else took my ass. This went on for a couple of hours. I was getting real tired real fast but I knew this crews wasn?t done. I felt like real whore who?d fuck anybody anytime no questions ask. As the night went on ?T? and one of this friends both suck their cocks in my mouth and got into a rhythm of fucking my throat, one in one out one in one out. They pulled out and both came on my face. This started something while I was riding one guy another stuck his cock up my pussy for my first double penetration. It was tight and kind of hurt but since I?d had so many in me in last couple of hours I took it like a champ. The guys cheered and I thought I was ready to go home but two guys who weren?t there when I started this gang bang but showed up later wanted to use me one more time. One of the bucks laid back and I sat on his 8 inch black snake taking it up the ass. His friend came behind me and proceeded to slide his monster cock up my ass at the same time. For once my screams of pain were for real. I thought I was being ripped apart. This lasted for what seemed like hours but I guess it was only 10 minutes. A couple mores guys wanted to do this and I had to call it off. Luckily ?T? isn?t the prick he comes across as and came to my rescue telling the others no that?s it I had to get home and shower before my husband got home from work. I staggered up and went to the front entry area to my dress back on. I looked in a mirror and realized I was covered from head to toe in cum. My tits were bruised from all of the squeezing. My pussy was so sore and I could see cum running down my legs. I was sure I?d not fuck for a week, and my ass whole was torn and damaged beyond belief and my cheeks were black and blue form the pounding and slapping. I knew I was going to get a hemorrhoid from this. Just about the time I was going to slide my dress on ?T? came over and handed me $300. He said it was half of what he charged the guys. I was excitedly shocked. I was just whored out for money. I liked it. I took the cash and started to kiss him but he pushed me back saying damn bitch, you know how much shit you got on your face. I smiled, told him I?d call later, opened the door, handed him my dress just took my keys and walked to the car like the street walking slut I had become. I called Mike and told him to make sure the back door was open as I was coming in nude. He laughed and said he?d meet me there. As I walked to the gate, FLASH, the outside lights came on making it a bright as day. There I was once again for the world to see. Mike opened the gate laughing until he saw me. He then was a little concerned until I told him I was okay just sore. I didn?t shower right away I wanted to look at my holes in the mirror and see Mike?s reaction. He was harder then I have ever seen him. We agreed I?d be laid up for a while. I told him about the money and the double penetrations. He said I?m begging you let me fuck your ass now. I figured I why not and rolled over giving him his way. In all I figure I took 30 or more cum loads. Mike told me to use the money for whatever I wanted. So not only did I fuck for cable, I fuck for spending cash. But the cash was a bonus. At this point in my life I just fucked because I liked it. I was such a whore.

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