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Her Adventure in the Barracks

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Sherri and I were having a lot of good friends over almost every night of the week for a month. She seemed to have a hunger that only made her want more when she had more. She got very intense when she saw several cocks that were waiting for her talent. We were sitting have a few drinks at home one night and she looked at me in one of those looks that said things were going to happen. She got up and went to the bedroom and came out a little later wearing a mesh body suit that had nothing on under, no bra, nothing. She had on a mini skirt that was slit all the way to the hip on one side and no panties. She came over and kissed me and said, "Know where I want to go?" "No Baby, where." "Well, I think I know where there is a lot of hard cock and want to go, can we?" "say where Hun," I told her. "Your old barracks." She smiled as she said this and got up, reaching out her hand. "Can we?" "Sure and I got up and put on my shoes. We drove the couple miles to the base and went to my old barracks, it was Saturday night and usually there were some parties going on and card games and the day room usually had several couples there. We walked in a few guys greeted us. We sat down on a couch and Sherri was drooling at the guys there. She leaned over and kissed me and pulled out my cock and began sucking me...I leaned back and let her do her thing or rather my thing. After I unloaded in her mouth she stood up and looked around. There were 10 or so people open mouthed watching. She had already had their attention with the net body suit. NOw the skirt came off and she got on her knees. I need more cock she annouonced..I told them, you heard her guys, and ladies, don't leave, she likes pussy too. Several guys stepped up and she took the first one in her mouth..sucking him off in just a few seconds. Sherri licked her lips and took the next one,,,he was bigger and she swallowed his load making him fall to his knees...She reached for another and he told her, Hold on lady, I am not done...he pushed her back and drove into her pussy with his cock..she gasped and took him in...he fucked her for almost a half hour then filled her pussy with cum. NOw there were lots of people coming into the room, gathering around and pulling out cocks. She began sucking everything offered to her...swallowing each load and some would get under her letting her sit on a cock as she sucked the one in her mouth. THen one of the guys stepped up and bent her over a couch, pulling out his cock he shoved it into her ass, drining it deep in the first stroke. She cried out..and he rammed her harder...the people standig around were clapping and Sherri was reaching out for a cock in front of her...she sucked it in...then her ass was filled with cum...she stayed bent over the couch and more men stood behind waiting their turns. Each time on was in her ass then her mouth would be filled soon after. She kept fucking through orgasm after orgasm...One of the women was standing there her boyfriend fondeling her chest and suddenly Sherri reached out and took her blouse tearing it off and kissed her...the woman resisted and Sherri kept her to her, the boyfriend helping keep her against Sherri...Sherri demaneded "I want her cunt, give me her cunt." She was stripped and before she knew it Sherri had her face buried between her legs and she was moaning loud..Sherri turned around and put her cum filled pussy in her face and demanded, "Eat me, come on, eat it bitch..." She was crying but did as Sherri told her, cum dripping onto her face. Sherri ate her for a good long time and after the woman seemd to be giving in to her fate Sherri got back over the couch, "MOre cocks" she demanded. More cocks, damn it, fuck me now. She was going wild. Every cock that was put near her she took in and drained. NO one counted but I know that at least everyone in the barracks fucked her at least once. There were guys there that I did not recognize and had her too. She collapsed in the floor after two hours and I went to her and said YOu okay Baby? Yes she told me kissing me. But I still need more cock, please get me more cock...I need more fucking, hard deep,,,fuck me, fuck me now and she pulled me into her, Cum slopped out of her pussy and the puddle on the floor grew with each new cock that had her. It was almost 5 in the morning and she was still craving more cock. THe line of men seemed to be getting shorter but there was always another to step up and take her either in the pussy mouth or ass, whichever she demanded. I fell asleep on a couch and woke up to find 6 security policemen fucking her one after the they began to leave she grabbed a PR-24 and began fucking her pussy with it...Somehow she fell asleep after this...she fucked her pussy with the 24 for over a half hour and fell asleep with it deep in her. I got a blanket and got help to take her to the car...Drove her back to the apartment and she woke up, dropped the blanket and stumbled to the door...she fell asleep again and slept all day...there were phone calls all that day and night...this was the beginning of some extreme gang bangs...but they were all worth the time.

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