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Good to Me

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SLS has been very good to me. I?ve met several great people who have helped me mark things off of my bucket list. My favorite fuck buddy, whom I will refer to as Bob, has really gone above and beyond to help satisfy my extreme craving for sexual adventure.

One night, while I was riding Bob?s perfect eight inch black dick, he began asking me if I wanted my own personal gangbang. My body responded with a trembling orgasm and a flood of my juices which soaked his entire torso. Just the thought of him doing that for me made me cum so hard. Would he really do that for me? Bob definitely turned up the heat that night. We fucked three times that evening before returning to our ?real? lives. His last words were ?Just let me know.? He was smiling as he said it because my body had already told him yes.

The following week was filled with thoughts of my gangbang. Oh how much I would love to be the center of attention for several men. The thought of men waiting in line to fuck me was sending me over the edge! I stayed wet all week. Bob was full of questions that week. He asked ?How many men do you want?? and ?What are your limits?? We agreed for him to bring three of his ?cousins? for my fucking pleasure. We set some boundaries. I told him that he was to be in charge and keep me safe. He was so sweet and assured me that he would make sure everything was good for me. He is such a special guy and I?d trust him with my life. Then a date was set when all of us would be available. Bob got a room at a local casino. The countdown began. I was so excited.

My day finally arrived. I packed several sexy outfits and headed off to meet Bob. With a quick call and my heart racing, Bob filled me in on the plans. The guys were at the bar and I was to meet Bob at his room. Bob had already explained to the guys what my limits were condoms must be worn and no anal penetration and that he was totally in charge. Nervous and excited was how I felt when I drove my red sports car up to the valet. I am not sure if my feet were actually touching the ground as I emerged from my car. I was high on sexual energy. My heart raced as I crossed the foyer. My eyes scanned for my friend Bob. He was not there. ?Oh, no! Maybe they have all changed their minds!? I dialed Bob?s number. ?Damn voicemail! Now what?? Then suddenly out of nowhere he appeared with his killer smile and those sexy eyes. He licked his lips knowing how much that turns me on. I was so excited to see him I could have fucked him right there!!!! He was really all I wanted that night. But the wheels were already in motion. He asked me to meet him in the room in 10 minutes and he disappeared toward the elevator. ?Ten minutes!? I thought. ?What is going on?? I was obedient, happy, nervous??.and waiting.

The elevator door opened. No turning back now. With a soft knock on the room door I was met by his sexy face again. I fell into his arms so relieved to be with him. He set me gently on the bed, waiting for what felt like hours before he spoke. Then he delivered unexpected news. My heart fell. ?I will not be participating tonight? he whispered. My ears heard him but my heart did not. He went on to explain that since he is married, he didn?t want his cousins to have something to hold against him. I totally understood. He could see my disappointment and said ?Baby, there always time for you and me. This is your night to live out your fantasy.? With a long deep kiss, he pulled my hips to him to let me feel his hard dick. And with a slap on my ass he exclaimed ?Let?s get your party started!?

I asked him what I should wear. He wanted me to model a few outfits. First was a sexy animal print bustier and matching thong. No glimmer in his eyes for that one. I found out he doesn?t like animal prints. The next outfit was no good either. Then came the black crotchless hose and denim skirt. That got a ?Wow!? Then he slipped on the blindfold that I had requested. Bob left to go down and get the guys while I nervously waited at the foot of the bed.

With the sound of the key being inserted in the door and the turning of the knob, my heart began to race. ?Could this really be happening? Was I about to be ravaged by three strong black men?? The sound of Bob?s voice calmed me. The guys came in laughing and talking while I sat waiting to be touched. I thought I sensed that they might me nervous too. Really?

Bob came over to me and assured me that he would not leave me and then he instructed the guys to get naked so that I could feel what was about to happen to me. One hard body after another presented their bodies to me. It is amazing how removing sight heightens the sense of touch.

The first man stood before me as I skimmed his stomach and ran my hands up his rock hard chest fighting the urge to first check out his package. He was very tall and lean with sleek muscles. ?Mmmm this is going to be good.? I thought. Then at Bob?s command I reached down to check out his package which was a full 9 inches soft! ?Damn!? was what I thought or maybe I said it out loud!

The guys started picking at each other about not bumping into each other while Bob directed the next guy to me. This man was strong and broadly built. His voice was kind and he sounded a little bit nervous. My hands slowly studied his body. His package was wonderful with a set of huge balls hanging warmly between his legs. I thought ?This guy is a sweet, gentle guy. We are going to have some fun tonight!?

The third guy who Bob told me was the youngest of the group came and stood in front of me. He didn?t say a word or make a sound while my hands discovered him. His stature was shorter than the others with very strong shoulders and arms. When my hands caressed his dick I heard his only sound which was a soft sigh of pure pleasure.

From what my hands could tell me, I was in for a great time. Then hands began to remove my boots and skirt. Bob whispered softly, ?I?m right here, baby. I?m not going anywhere.? And with that the party began to roll.

Bob began by telling the first guy to take me. He layed on his back and flipped me effortlessly over so that his flaccid dick was in my mouth. I felt hands removing my remaining clothes while he wrapped his hand around my hair making me gag. ?How would I take this huge dick when it got hard?? I wondered. It was only moments until my answer came. This monstrous dick came alive as my tongue caressed and tip and my lips slipped down the shaft. I wanted the blindfold off so I could see this hard cock with my own eyes. I was certain it was the biggest one of my life. I begged Bob to let me take off the blindfold but he assured me that I was not ready. Then he commanded me to sit on that huge cock. I straddled the man and slowly eased my pussy down on it as the guys cheered me on. I was taking it slowly, inch by inch letting my pussy adjust to the massive size. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain. I willed my body to take him. My pussy had never been entered by such a large object. After the pain subsided I took the last inch until by clit rested on his body. Then with no warning my body rewarded me with a massive orgasm and my juices squirted all over him. He growled, ?That bitch pissed on me!? Bob laughed and said ?No! She squirted!? Bob reached for a towel which he knew from experience should be kept handy. I wiped him and laughed and began pumping that huge monster until I had three more orgasms. He did not cum and as I dismounted my first dick of the night Bob removed the blindfold so that I could see the gorgeous black man that I had just fucked! Gorgeous!

Bob told me to get ready for my next dick. He told the next cousin, M, to lie down on his back. ?Suck him, now!? yelled Bob. I knelt between his legs so that I could see his marvelous set of balls. I heard M?s breath leave his body when I made the first stroke with my tongue very gently surrounding his huge balls. The other men in the room laughed at his pleasure. Bob kept telling me what to do to him. I took his dick in my mouth as his hips raised off of the bed furiously fucking my face. I gagged with each stroke as his dick filled my entire mouth and throat. Bob yelled, ?Take it all you bitch! Now ride him! Fuck him hard!? I handed him a condom which he slipped on quickly as I licked and worshipped his balls, taking each one into my mouth with a gentle suck as all kind of primal sounds escaped us both. Then I mounted him for the time of our lives. I don?t know how many times I came because my body was in a constant state of orgasm. I told M to put me on the bottom and he flipped me over like I was as light as a feather. His dick never leaving my wet pussy, he then pumped me so hard that I flooded the bed with cum. Then he exploded with a loud roar. He rolled to his back and collapsed. One man was satisfied.

With no rest for me Bob began giving orders to the last man in the room. He told him to come to me. Lying on my back with my head hanging off he walked to me putting his soft dick in my mouth. He never said a word. It was obvious that he was younger than the others and was very nervous. I sucked and caressed and never could get him hard. I think the audience of other men may have been to blame. I decided to give him a break.

I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Right after I closed the door I heard it open behind me, expecting it to be Bob, I turned and saw the gorgeous man with the huge dick. He told me to sit down and then he fucked my mouth. He held my head so that I could not control the depth of his stroke. I gagged over and over. ?Where was Bob?? I thought. This man was rough as he pulled my hair and watched me gag with a smile on his face. He said, ?This is what you wanted you white whore! I?m going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow every drop. Do you understand bitch?? My eyes looked up with a yes since I could not talk or nod. He fucked my face until hot cum exploded down my throat. Pump after pump until every drop was mine. He abruptly left the room with me thinking that somehow he felt as though he had punished ?the bitch.?

I took a few minutes to put myself back together. Then, I returned to the room full of waiting men. They had obviously had been talking about a plan while I had been out of the room. Bob quietly approached me and asked how I felt about him and the first two men going down to gamble while the younger man stayed with me. I told him I was fine with it and that I felt safe. He seemed hesitant but I assured him that I?d be ok. He promised he would call and check on me. Out the door they went.

Alone with my young partner, he began to talk and tell me about himself. He admitted that he was uncomfortable with the others in the room. He quickly became comfortable with me and mounted me with his strong body. Soon my phone rang but I was busy having the first of many orgasms with him. He came three times and I must admit that I came too many times to count. I was amazed by his energy. He didn?t need any recovery time. Oh sweet youth! He just kept cumming and condoms littered the room.

My pussy was so excited by the events of the evening. I retreated into the bathroom to call and tell Bob that I was ok. He immediately came up to check on me. I threw my arms around him, thanking him for making my fantasy into a reality. I tried to seduce him but he would have no part of that. He tucked me into the other bed?the dry one and returned to his friends leaving me alone to rest.

Soon the gamblers returned and I realized that more drinking than gambling had taken place. They each collapsed. One on the sofa, one in a chair and one left to go home. No one wanted to sleep in the bed that I had soaked! I thought that was funny. A very drunk Bob layed in the bed with me and immediately began snoring. We were a room full of very satisfied people.

My alarm woke me at 7:00 and I got ready for work. I gently kissed and thanked each one for making my fantasy a reality?as their chorus of snores continued. I smiled as the heavy hotel door closed behind me and I returned to my ?innocent? life.

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