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Generous Wifes Birthday

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Some of you may have read my previous stories about how my sexy wife generously helped out a couple of my friends. These poor guys, married for years to frigid bitches, went without head, and even straight sex, for years before my lady helped them out..I always knew she was hot, and not the least bit timid in bed, even after 16 years together. But, I unleashed a demon by allowing and watching her do my buddies.

They, in turn, couldn't get over her talents and begged for more. I admit to being guilty that I was showing off what my hot wife could do and theirs gave up long ago.

I had the guys over for Sunday football and they couldn't take their eyes off my wife. By half time, with a few drinks in everyone, I suggested she "get comfortable" and join us in the den. She appeared wearing thigh highs and a man's shirt only. She casualy asked "who wants a blow job?' "oh, shit, I've been dreaming of this" John said as he tugged on his zipper. Tom and Dave followed his lead and sat on the long couch waitting. She undid the shirt and kneeled in front of John, taking his thick cock in her hands while teasing his head with her tongue. Before long she was slurping as she sucked it fully into her mouth, stopping only to tickle his balls with her tongue. "Oh Fuck yeah" is all he could moan as she worked his cock. Finally she won and all could see his balls tense as he shot a heavy load of cum into her hands. Sweat slidding down his beer belly.

Next was Tom, longer and thinner than John's cock,precum was oozing from the tip. He came quick and she moved on to Dave. Dave, has a wife that does not believe in oral! He just laid back moanning and fighting his urge to cum so it would last longer.

By now, she was hot and wet. I proposed to the guys that we "punish" her for being a little whore. We laid her back on the poker table. Dave and Tom holding her legs far apart exposing her wet pink pussy, while I held her wrists above her head. John, as you recall, has a talented and persistant tongue. "What are you guys up to?" she asked nervously, as this wasn't planned. John moved into position and slowly, deliberately and expertly explored her pink. She moaned loudly and tried to move, but we held her fast. John continued slowly exploring, using his fingers to spread her fully open. "ohhh, look at that pretty pussy.. your clit is twitching.." The guys were astonished at the dance her clit was doing and their erections were again growing. "Shit, look at that tight pussy pulsing. Put a finger in man." John said" no, not yet", as he went back to his tease. She was moaning loud and trying to move- she was hot as hell. John became more persistant and slid a thick finger intop her cunt. "ohhh fuck,yes. I' so ready to cum on your face." He wasn't finger fucking her, but twitching his finger inside as his tongue worked her clit. "she getting tigh inside. She's ready." He worked faster as she tried in vain to squirm around the table. Finally, violently she came almost screamming! "hold her still" he insisted as he inserted a second finger into her spasming cunt. he didn't stop the clit assault either and he just kept her in a state of continuous orgasm for about 10 minutes. She begged him to stop "I can't take anymore- god dammit". We finally let go as she lay spent and moanning on the table.

This is a punishment, I reminded her and the guys. Dave took the hint gently but firmly pulling her off the table and into and bending her over. " Oh shit. I'm not sure I can" she ssid, but dave was already burried inside her. Her eyes popped open wide as she gripped the arms of the chair to steady herself under his forceful fucking. Like a machine he rammed his dick into her with his balls slapping against her clit. She regainned some energy and started fucking him bak with equal gusto. "Feel my pussy tighten around you cock?" she asked. "Im going to pull your cum out." I knew what he must be feeling, she has great control of her pussy muscles, and when they start to dance there is no holding out. He came HARD!

She fell back on the sofa, legs in the air as she pulled her pussy lips apart. " C'mon someone fuck me". Tom was up next and slid into her used hole with ease. With her legs over his schoulder she kept chanting "fuck me, c'mon fuck me good".. He was grunting and pounding, and sweating ontop her untill he to shouted out his potent orgasm.

Out of all the guys John was the biggest, not huge, but thick and veiney. She was on her knees in front of him sucking when he said" oh no honey, I want pussy too." "I'm not sure I can. I'm sore and your the biggest". John just answered" you'll take it hard. Like it or not." He picked her up and pushed her over the arm chair. With a few teasing slips of his cock along her slit, he plunged in. She gasped as her sore pussy was spread once again. "I love this tight cunt. I'm gonna fuck it real good." She wimpered a bit and steadied herself across the chair. John started slowly-very slowly moving in and out. Sometimes pulling a little right or left with the motion. Very slowly he fucked her until her juices were flowing again ang coating his dick. He reached around fingering her engorged clit. She jumped as if a little electrick shock went through her. John picked up the pace as we spent guys cheered him on from the side. Before long she was in ectasy again begging him to fuck her hard. He didn't!! He kept his slow pace until she looked up, eyes wide open "ohhh fuck!!" He pulled full out as she came, squirting. Pussy juice running down her trembeling legs in full orgasm. Now, he unexpectedly rammed his cock into her spasaming hole and fucked like a train. Slamming her harder and harder. She clutched the arm chair under the force of his cock ramming. Screamming into another orgasm as he brutally fuck her with tits slapping in the air. He pulled almost out and then back in hard as he flooded her with his cum..

What a day! What a Wife!

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