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First Time 4 some

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Hi, I just had to tell someone about last night. I'm still a little sore and tired but I can't pass up the opportunity to let you know.

My husband and I have been talking about swinging for about 7 years but the opportunity hadn't came up until last night. He had invited some of his friends over for a Friday night poker game. This had been something that he had been wanting to do for a little while so I had no problem.

I spent the first hour or so in the kitchen getting caught up on cleaning and stuff when one of his friends came in for another beer.

"Hey, girl. Where's the beer?" He asked as I was bent over the dishwasher putting the last load in.

I thought I would be safe in the kitchen so I wasn't wearing much. Pair of short shorts and a tank top. Nothing on under neither item. So I guess he got a pretty good view of my ass until I realized he was in there.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! You startled me." I said as I almost bumped my head on the counter top.

"Check out the frig." I told him pointing toward the refrigerator. My tank top was a white one and he could see the outline of my nipples though the tight fabric. He was staring right at them.

"Over there. Ummmmm ok." He said as he turned to make his way to get a couple beer. He tired not to stare again as he left the kitchen but I caught him looking out the corner of his eye.

A few moments later I heard laughter from the dining room.

"I wonder if he said something about my attire?" I asked myself and noticed my nipples getting a little hard. I couldn't believe I was actually getting turned on thinking they were talking about me.

About 10 minutes later he came back. I was leaning against the counter next to the refrigerator.

"Got anymore beers in there?" He asked.

"Sure. Help yourself." I told him and caught him staring again as he crossed the room.

"I sure would like to." I heard him whisper under his breathe.

"Bet you would." I said as I slide over in front of the refrigerator door.

"Oh man, you heard me say that?" He asked as he stopped in front of me.

"Yep." I told him as I reached over and took one of his hands and placed it on my left breast. I couldn't believe I was doing this with my husband in the next room.

"Wow!" He remarked.

"Did you say anything about me when you went back out there earlier?" I asked as he fondled my nipple though the tank top. They were very hard.

"No, no. I would never tell." He said as I pulled up the tank top and let him get a look at my breast.

"You'd better get back in there before my husband starts thinking things and come looking. You can come back later for more beer if you want." I told him as he left the kitchen.

Another few minutes passed when I heard my husband calling for me. I couldn't go in there like this. My nipples pointing out like missles. So I crossed my arms in front of me and walked into the dining room.

"You call?" I asked standing at the doorway.

"Sure did. Could you be a sweetheart and collect the bottles and throw them away?" He asked looking over at me and noticed that I was turning 6 shades of red.

"Ok." I said as I walked over to the table and let my arms down to reach out for the empty bottles. There were 4 sets of moans and clearing of throats as I reached over the table.

I knew that my breast were in view of them all. There was no way they could miss them. My breast were poking out and nipples hard as rocks. I grabbed the bottles and headed toward the kitchen.

"Hang on hon, let me help." My husband said as he got up from the game.

We made it to the kitchen and dropped the bottles in the trash can. He grabbed me from behind and ran his hands up inside my tank top. It felt wonderful when he rolled each of my nipples between his fingers.

"So why are your nipples hard baby?" He asked as he continued to massage my breast with his rough hands.

"Ummmmmm, that feels great." I said as I reached between us and found his already hard cock.

"I want to suck you right now." I told him as I tried to turn around toward him. He held me in place.

"I would really love for you to do that, but we have guest." He told me as one of his hands slide down over my stomach and he began to massage my clit though my short. I almost came right then.

"I know. That's why I'm so horny." I told him.

"What did he say to you when he came in and got the beer?" He asked as he pressed harder on my clit.

"Not much. I did let him play with my breast." I told him as an orgasm hit me.

"He does need to get more beer." He said as he pulled his hands away.

"Ok." I told him, letting him know that it was ok with me to share me with his friends.

He left the kitchen and I heard the cards being shuffled.

"Hey, man. Get us some more beer will ya?" I heard my husband say to one of them. My clit began to throb as I knew what was about to happen.

"Looks like a few hand for 3 until he gets back. He might have to wait till they get a little colder." My husband said as his friend walked into the kitchen.

He looked at me and I pulled my tank top up over my head and tossed it to the floor.

"Very nice........" He stared to make conversation and I cut him off.

"Shhhhhhhh." I told him as I reached out and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Reaching up I fondled his balls and he got hard almost immediately.

Leaning forward I took his cock deep into my mouth and sucked on him like I was starving. It only took about a minute before he was shooting more cum than I could hold in my mouth. It squirted from the corners of my mouth but I kept trying to swallow and suck as hard as I could. His cock went limp and I pulled his pants back up for him.

"Damn." He said.

"Was that alright?" I asked as I grabbed 4 beers from the frig.

"Alright? Hell yeah." He said as he reached for the beers.

"Send someone else next time." I told him as I pointed to the door.

I left my top off and stood rubbing my nipples for about 5 minutes until I heard my husband say.......

"We need more beer." "I'm good. I've gone for the last few rounds. Someone else go this time." I heard our friend say.

A few seconds later another friend of my husbands came in the kitchen. I was leaning against the frig with my breast in full view. Hard nipples and all.

"Excuse me." He said as he turned to leave.

"It's fine. You come for some beers, right?" I asked as I opened the door.

"Yeah, but.........." He fumbled with his words as he stared at my breast. I could see his cock getting hard in his jeans.

I knelt down and pulled his pants down just like I did the other one. Not even a minute passed before he came in my mouth. He didn't cum as much as the other did, but I swallowed him too.

Over the next 30 minutes or so the other friend came in and so did my husband. He was last.

"So what's been going on in here?" He asked.

"I just gave your friends a blowjob." I told him as I kissed him.

"Sure you did." He said as if he didn't believe me.

"Yes I did and I swallowed all their cum. Now I need fucked." I told him as I pulled my short off and stood there naked.

He reached for his pants to pull them back down.

"Not like this. I want to bring the next round of beer out. Then I want each of you to fuck me." I told him as I pushed him out the kitchen door.

I couldn't believe I was so horny. I had never wanted to be fucked so much in my life. I guess it was from all the oral play. I really did enjoy giving them each a blowjob. Never before had I ever sucked off 4 guys in one night. Now I was about to get fucked by the same 4 guys.

"Beer please." I heard my husband yell.

I grabbed 4 beers and walked into the dining room naked as when I was born.

"Who wants theirs first?" I asked as I placed the beer on the bar area and layed across the table on top of the chips.

Each of them got up and started pulling their clothes off. One by one then went round robin and put their cock inside my very wet pussy. Each time they would walk around the table they would each put their cocks into my mouth and I would suck them for a few seconds as one of the other guys fucked me.

Things slowed down a little and I wrapped my legs around one of them as I sucked another.

He pumped my pussy as hard and deep as he could and I felt his cum splashing around inside me as he shot his load inside my pussy.

Each one of them came in my at least twice and I sucked them each off another time before they left.

Hopefully this happens every Friday night.

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