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Fantasy Cums True

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My girlfriend of 8 years and I have had lots of great sex over the time we have been together. She is a short (5'0") BBW, 42DD titties and nice round ass. She loves to give oral and in fact has an orgasm when a load shots in her mouth. We are both married to others and have to be reasonably discreet but all the same, we love to be out in public and take chances. A little while back we had been talking about some of our fantasies and were looking into doing some of them. I have always wanted to see her gang banged and she likes it a little rough, ties up and not able to resist anything. She likes to be "made" to do things that are "bad" so we have talked about it for a while. We go to a park near here and go out in the woods a lot and it is actually our favorite place besides a motel with a locked door. Well, Tess and I were out one day and we were playing with each other. Her panties were off as was her bra and her skirt and blouse were open exposing her hard nipples. We were playing on a table in the wooded area and getting very hot. She unzipped my pants and was sucking me really nicely when I noticed two guys that had been walking from the lake, their fishing gear in hand. They had stopped and were watching us quitely. Tess was giving her full attention to sucking me and did not notice that I had motioned them to get closer. I made a sign for them to be quiet and they were about 10 feet away. It was easy to see the affect the show was having on them. I took Tess and got her to her feet, not letting her turn around and pulled off her blouse and dropped it to the ground. She smiled, "Are you gonna strip me today?" I told her, "Get naked sweetheart." She took off her skirt and was going to drop it, "Give to me." I told her, "The blouse too" She gave them to me and I took them and put them out of her reach. Usually we kept them near so she could get dressed if needed. "I can't reach them she said to me." I asked if she was sure. "Yes, I am, they are too far away, what if someone comes up?" I told her "they will just have to enjoy the view." We went back to kissing and I motioned for the guys to come to us. Tess heard the footsteps and turned around..."oh shit" she was reaching for her clothes and I grabbed her hands. "No Baby, not this time." She lookes at me, "What, what are you doing?" I held her arms and turned her around...pulling her hands behind her back to expose her swaying titties. "It is time to open up some more Baby," I told her. She was dazed and scared. "Don't just stand there guys, enjoy." They hesitated but one reached out and cupped her titties. "OH no, please don't." "Man is this okay." one asked. I told him to do it. It sank in I guess because he dropped all his gear and took her tits in his hands, squeezing them hard. She cried out. The other guy was pulling off his clothes and stepped to her side...He took her face and turned her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth. She was struggling some but I held her hands behind her. "Help me put her on the table I told them. We lifted Tess up and laid her on the table, spreading her legs and arms out. One of the guys produced some cord from his kit and we tied her spread out in an "X" on the table. She was still protesting, but I kept kissing her and telling her, "Enjoy it Baby, it is going to happen, you have told me lots of times you wanted to, now you are." While I was kissing her she moaned and I looked to see one of the guys had his face between her legs eating her like crazy...Her hips were moving with his face..she was giving in. The other guy took her titties in his mouth and began sucking hard, biting her nipples. She was moaninig and crying out and moaning more. Suddenly she shook all over with her first orgasm. The guy eating her got up, "Man, she squirts." "Yeh I told him, should have warned you." Well laughed. The other guy asked, "Can we fuck her or just play?" I told him, "Whatever you wanna do is what you can do." He climbed on the table and got between her legs. He had a good sized cock that was hard and ready..."Oh no, please no." she was begging. He pushed it between her pussy lips them rammed it hard into her. Tess cried out..Then he was pumping hard and deep, her cries turned to moans. She had two more orgasms then he filled her pussy with his cum. The other guy got in his place and pushed into her pussy...Now her tone was changing..."Oh yes" she was saying over and over again. Her hips were meeting his thrusts and she was humping back for all she was worth now. He unloaded in her pussy and then I climbed on her...driving into her hard...we both had a hot orgasm and she was bucking hard against me. Finally, I got off her and sat on the bench. The two fishermen were next to her, sucking titties and feeling her all over...fingering her driping pussy...she was still having orgasms at the work of these two guys. They stopped and I reached over to untie her..."No!" she protested. "NO? I asked her. "Leave me tied up." "You sure Baby?" "Yes." "Leave me here and go away for a while." "Okay," I said. We gathered up our clothes and dressed and walked away some. There is a good place to see the clearing I had left Tess in about 20 yards away. We all hid there. A few min. passed and some noise came from the other side of the clearing...It was some guys, college types out and had been drinking down by the lake. Tess began moaning loud, "Help me, please help me" over over..." There were 5 guys, all athletic looking walking into the clearing. "Shit man, check it out." "Damn, she is tied up." "Yeh man, damn, what do we do?" One of them was rubbing a growing lump in his pants. He was a little drunker than the others. "I know what I am gonna do" he told them. "What man, yeh what?" He took out a hard cock and got on the table. Tess began to protest, "Oh no, please don't, no, they have already r*ped me, please let me go." "well, lady they left you here so I think we should have some too." The guys were looking at the one on her that had just rammed into her pussy..."Hell yeh," one said and that seemed to make the decision. They all pulled out hard moved to her face...shoving it to her face..."Suck it lady." She protested again, "No, please." Her protests were cut short when he grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Her attitude must have changed because the guy looked surprised and said, "Damn man, she is sucking the hell out of my cock." They all laughed and one poured a beer on Tess. The one one her finished and another mounted her, the one in her mouth unloaded in her mouth and another took his place. She sucked him in willingly. "Hey, man, she is loving it." NOw she was almost shouting, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder." The jocks were filling her with cum and unloading all over her, her chest, stomach and hair was covered with cum. After over and hour, they finished. "Should we untie her man?" One was going to respond when she looked up and said, "No, leave me like this." "You sure lady?" "Yes, this may take all day" she told them. They laughed and walked away. After they left me and the two fishermen came out of the bushes, All of us hard again...I untied Tess and she grabbed one guy, unzipped his pants and swallowed his cock...she was frantic and sucked him fast, swallowing his load. Then the other guy...she swallowed him deep and when he said he was going to cum she put it between her titties and let it flow all over her chest. Then she grabbed my cock, sucked it in and swallowed it deep...I unloaded in her mouth again and she ladi back. The guys said bye and left. I sat there with her..kissing and holding her . "Thanks she told me, I have always wanted to be gnag banged like that." I gave her her clothes and she gave them back. "No clothes" she said. We walked to the lake and I stripped again and we went into the water. The cum from her pussy and body was floating to the top and she was massaging herself all over...I took her in my arms and she wrapped her legs around me, her hands finding and guiding me into her again. We made love slowly in the water. As the sun was getting lower we got out and dressed and went to the car. "When can we arrange another day at the park" she asked me. "Very soon Sweetheart" I told her. The pakr is in Athens Georgia and is named Sandy Crrek Park for anyone that may want to "happen" by.

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