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Caught boating

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I had an annual spring fishing trip I took with my buddies. We would go for a week to a lake about 12 hours from home and would spend the week fishing, drinking (isnt that fishing too?)and playing cards and hanging out with the locals.

One year my wife thought we should go boating to the lake for a week in the summer. Figuring boating, fucking and drinking was a good way to spend a week off work, what the hell.

The first week of June we went to the lake and unloaded at our rented cabin. We put the boat in the lake and were ready for the festivities.

The next morning, She got some snacks ready for the day and I went into the bait store down the road for some beer. It was ran by a couple of guys named Steve and Joey, that I knew from the several fishin trips I spent there. I had drank many beers and many late night partying with those boys and they were pumped up to see me. I quickly explained I was down here for the week on the wifes vacation. "Good" they replied, "someone new to fuck" as we laughed and had a few beers. Devilishly, I began a new plan for the week.

I got to the cabin and brought the cooler of beer to the boat. She was waiting in her bikini, that showed off her 36c titties and firm ass.

Anyway I started the boat and she opened up 2 beers and brought me one. I said "be careful, the guy at the store said the water dicks are out and busting for consumption and some of them are undercover. They dress in plain clothes and come up to you and catch you drinking". She went down below and put the beers in plastic non see thru cups and came back up.

Being a hot day, we tooled around and drank about 4-5 each in about 90 minutes. She was feeling too good at that point and decided to take her top off and feel the breeze on her tits. Being a little horny, she got on her knees and pulled my cock out and started giving me a slow blow job.

I noticed about that time a boat pulled along us. Intent on blowing me, my wife didnt notice yet. One guy jumped out and tied the boat to ours. As soon as he jumped in our boat she jumped and quickly put my dick back in my trunks. She froze in front of me as her top was in the middle of the deck.

It was Steve and Joey, one carrying a clipboard and the other a small notepad. "whats goin on here" Joey said as he picked up half a beer. "looks like a 415- consumption in a watercraft" said Steve as he took pictures. Steve looked at my wife huddled in front of me and said "stand up and let me see your hands". Nervously my wife stood up with her titties in all their glory as she tried to cover them. "palms out" barked Joey. I whispered "crap, water patrol, we ar ein trouble, do what they say. "

She held her arms out and they boys stood in awe and her nipples stood at attention and her legs shook with fear.

Steve kicked open the cooler that helpd 2 cases. Lets give him a sobriety test. He asked me to walk a straight line to him and I "stumbled" he then stated that they will read me my rights and have to confiscate the boat.

My wife started to cry a little and asked if we could just pay a fine or something. They asked her to go downstairs and sit on the bed. Joey followed her down and stood on the stepped 1/2 way down and watched as she sat on the bed in her bottoms.

I talked to Steve a minute and then he switched places with Joey and we talked a little more. Finally, I went downstairs and Steve went up on deck.

I told my wife "Mary, I think they are going to take our boat and everything in it, arrest me and there is a fine of up to $10000." She started to cry a little more and I said "they are willing to forget the whole thing, but they want blow jobs". "I dont know" she said, and suddenly they came below and said "look if you want to be uncooperative we can lock you both up for the weekend". They took off their pants and she hung her head down and said "OK-fine".

Steve was bout 8 inches and thick and Joey was pretty close the same.She got on her knees and started sucking Joey as Steve carressed her tits. Joey barked " bend over and let your husband fuckl you doggy- while you blow." Joey got on his knnes and let her down as I went from behind and pulled her bottoms off. Greedily she slurped on Joeys cock as I begain pumping her, and Steve licked her tits. She shuddered as Joey and I came about the same time and I went around from for a blow job as she simply just let things go on and Steve began pumping her. Steve finished and Joey quickly took his place. After about 5 minutes of him pumping her and not a sound coming form her. Joey quit after he thrust one last time in her writhing body.

My wife rolled on the floor, got up and took a seat on the bed."how was that?" she asked. "great" steve and joey said in unison but what will we get for the pictures. In their hands were about 2 dozen polaroids.

"what the fuck!" she exclaimed. "exactly" Joey said, thats what we will get from you the rest of the week whenver we want!"

stay tuned for the rest of the week...........

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