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Beths Football Day Bet

My husband Gary is a huge college football fan,
especially for our home state team. Although he has
never owned season tickets he always took pride in
being able to find tickets so that we never had to miss
a home game. We had been married about 3 years when his
luck had finally run out.

It was about half way through the season and "the Big
game" had arrived. Gary had been trying to get tickets
to this game all year and felt that he eventually
would. But tickets were scarce due to both teams being
ranked extremely high in the polls as well as being

When he came home from work the day before the game he
was upset because he still hadn't gotten any. After
dinner he made a few phone calls without success and
told me that there was no way we were going to miss the
game and he would do anything to get a pair of tickets.
He said that the plan he had would be for us to stand
out in front of the stadium with everyone else who
would be looking for tickets and try to buy several
from someone hopefully at a good price.

When I woke up Saturday morning Gary hollered at me to
get my ass moving because he wanted to get to the
stadium early. He said the weather repot was good and
that he had gotten some clothes out he wanted me to
wear. Gary usually doesn't dress me; he prefers
undressing me so I was suspicious of what he was up to.
After taking my morning shower I went into the other
room where he had put my clothes and discovered what he
had intended for me to wear to the game.

As I stood there for a few seconds contemplating my
game day wardrobe he snuck up behind me and took the
towel away from me that I had been using to stay
covered with. Standing behind me he rubbed his cock up
and down my ass. I could feel him beginning to get
stiff so I reached my hand behind me to feel it through
his jeans and stroked it several times making sure he
got hard.

He reached in front of me cupping both of my breasts
and began pinching my nipples which are super sensitive
and only takes a few minutes before I am ready to come.
Gary was pinching my nipples and nibbling on my neck
then whispered into my ear that he hoped I liked what
he picked out for me to wear. He chose these clothes
because he felt that it would make it a lot simpler to
find tickets at the game. Then he ran one of his hands
down to my pussy that I had shaved clean just a few
minutes ago and ran a finger up and down my wet lips.

He inserted a finger easily and then circled my clit
teasing me enough that if he had kept playing for a few
more seconds I would have come. But he knew my limits
and knew how to get me to agree to do whatever he
asked. He kissed me on my neck one more time, told me
to only wear what he had laid out and not to put on any
underwear. Then smacking my bare ass he told me to
hurry up and get dressed and left the room.

On the chair he had placed a pair of white hot pants
that I loved to wear but usually save them for going
out at night to a friendly bar not where there would be
almost 80,000 people. These are extremely tight and
short. I looked at myself in the mirror while I put
them on and could see me ass almost sticking out at the
bottom of the shorts. I laced up the front tightly
knowing that all the jumping up and down I expected to
do at the game I could easily make myself come if I had
wanted to. The top Gary picked out was a red football
jersey that I had worn to a Halloween party the
previous year which had gotten a lot of men's
attention. I had cut the bottom half of the jersey off
so that my midsection was bare.

After putting it on I remembered just how short I had
cut it. The bottom of the jersey hung just below my
breasts but every time I would raise my arms it would
of course rise up to expose at least the bottom of my
breasts. If I was jumping around at the same time
somebody or maybe a whole stadium full of people would
easily see all of my breasts and dark nipples.

Just thinking about that along with the jersey brushing
across my nipples every time I moved made them hard.
Pressing against the jersey they stood out like two
beacons in the night beckoning someone to come suck and
chew on them. I had to admit to myself that I looked

We started standing out in front of the stadium about
an hour and half before the game. Gary had made a
little sign that said "2 tickets" and made me hold it
while he held two fingers up. I had a lot of guys stop
and talk to check me out making me wet, but I was
striking out on tickets and game time was getting
close. Finally Gary told me to hold my sign in the air
knowing that I would be baring quite a bit doing so,
but I told him I couldn't or I would be watching the
game from jail for indecent exposure.

Then suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. Next to me
stood a cute blonde that I guessed to be about my age.
She was just a little bit shorter than me, she had sky
blue eyes and a petite pair of breasts that were very
evident underneath a football jersey from the other
school. Her jersey wasn't cut short like mine but was
very large and she was wearing it outside of her shorts
so that it nearly covered all of them. Looking at her
it almost appeared as though she was only wearing the

In a little southern drawl she said, "Hi honey, I see
you need a couple of tickets." Then went on to explain
that her husband had a pair of tickets that he had
gotten for some friends who had not been able to make
the trip. She introduced herself to me as Tammy and
said that her husband Dale wanted to sell the tickets
to somebody from their school who needed them but said
she thought I looked to cute to pass up.

Tammy motioned for Dale to come over and as he was
walking toward us I could see his eyes roving up and
down my body. As he approached Tammy told him that she
thought he would like to have another cute gal sitting
by him during the game even if I had the wrong colored
jersey on.

Dale shook hands with Gary and explained that the
tickets were going to be sitting in the middle of a
group from the other school. Gary didn't hesitate to
pay for them, then for the next ten minutes or so we
stood there getting acquainted with each other.

We walked into the stadium together and found our seats
quickly. Boy I had thought I stood out because of the
way I was dressed to begin with but when we got to our
seats Gary and I were the only fans wearing red
surrounded by orange. On top of that Tammy and I were
the only girls in the middle of all these guys. Gary
was fitting in quickly with everyone as they were all
having a good time talking about the game and who was
going to do what to whom. Tammy and I were talking to
each other and I was getting a better look at her.

I guessed her to be about the same age as I was. Before
the game started the guys kept moving around the rows
talking to each other. Several times as they passed in
front or behind me I felt them brush against my breasts
or my ass.

I could see they were doing this to Tammy also. Tammy
told one of the guys that had been so obvious while he
walked past her that if he wanted to feel her breasts
all he had to do was ask. With that all of the guys said
they wanted to including Gary, laughingly she said they
would have to wait until after the game. Dale looked at
her and told her to quit getting the guys all riled up
or she would really have a lot to take care. Tammy
looked at me and said" that's ok I've got backup with
me today".

At half time the game was tied and there was a lot of
ribbing going back and forth between the other guys and
Gary. We had all snuck in some bottles of alcohol and
were sharing the bottles among the group that we were
with. Tammy decided that as long as it was halftime
that she needed to go pee and wanted me to go with her,
so I did. Both of us were feeling pretty good from the
alcohol, we were at that stage where it seemed
everything we said or did caused us to giggle and

We weren't loud but I noticed that we were attracting a
lot of attention as we walked up the steps; I just
figured it was because we were two good looking chicks.
At the top of the steps I turned around to say
something to Tammy but she spoke first and said, "Honey
if your going to stay dressed like that we aren't going
to make it back to the guys for the second half."

Looking down I saw that my jersey had risen, apparently
due to the tight conditions of the crowd and the left
side of my jersey was above my nipple. Before I
straightened the jersey I told Tammy "maybe I should
just take the jersey off, it's just going to get in the
way the rest of the game" and Tammy laughed with me. We
didn't have to wait to long for a stall, before she
went in Tammy asked me if I had a pair of scissors, she
said she had something to straighten out.

I had a small pedicure scissor in my bag and gave it to
her. A couple of minutes later she came out of the
stall and her jersey was cut just like mine looking at
me she said she had left something in the stall for me.
When I went inside I found my scissors lying on top of
the bottom half of the jersey Tammy had cut and a pair
of pink panties. When I was finished I walked out of
the stall and I whispered in her ear what she wanted me
to do with her panties and she said to give them to

We got back to the guys just as the second half
started, leaning over to Gary I nibbled at his ear and
grabbed his hand stuffing Tammy's panties into them. He
opened his hand and held them out looking at them and
asked me where they came from. I told them they were
Tammy's and that she wanted him to have them. He looked
towards Tammy who had turned around to ward's us and
grinned. Tammy elbowed Dale who turned around also and
saw Gary holding the pink panties then laughed and said
"I thought you might want them they'll probably match
the ones your team is wearing". All the guys saw Gary
holding the panties and started laughing.

It was probably one of the most fun games we had
attended due to the excitement of the game as well as
the group of people we were with. With about 1 minute
to go in the game our team was trailing 21 - 20. The
other team was driving towards our end zone and the
entire crowd around us was cheering for them. Gary was
handling it pretty good but I knew he didn't like it.

If it hadn't been for Tammy flirting the entire second
half with us and Dale turning around looking back to
talk with us and always looking up my jersey staring at
the bottom of by breasts we may have snuck over to a
more friendly area, but we were having fun so we stayed.

With less than 40 seconds to go our team intercepted a
pass close to the end zone and somehow ran it all the
way back to the other ten yard line. The crowd around
us suddenly turned quiet and all you could hear was
Gary and I jumping up and down letting everyone know
who we were rooting for.

I felt a cool breeze across my breasts as I was jumping
and realized that I had gotten my jersey hung up on my
nipples exposing my breasts. Everybody around us had
been looking at us celebrate and were now obviously
enjoying the show I had given. At that moment I didn't
really care what I was exposing but after a few glances
from several older women sitting close by I tugged my
jersey back down to the disappointment of my husband,
the other males close by and my new best friend Tammy.

With time running out on the clock our team was at the
ten yard line lining up for a field goal. There was a
time out on the field when Dale turned around again and
said lets make a bet on who is going to win. Gary
feeling pretty good at the moment said sure what do you
want to bet? Dale said how about we bet the girls
jerseys; whoever wins gets the other teams jersey.

Gary didn't even stop to ask me before agreeing. Tammy
and I looked at each other smiling; I was wondering
whether Tammy was as wet as I was at that moment. It
seemed like an eternity before the ball was kicked and
heading towards the winning score, the home crowd
started cheering when the ball suddenly hooked left and
hit the goalpost bouncing off of it.

The home crowd left quick and quietly. Gary and I were
kind of stuck where we were surrounded by our new
friends who were all going crazy. I turned to Gary and
asked him what we should do. I really didn't want to
give up my jersey but would if I had to. The thought of
taking it off right there and giving it to Dale was
getting me pretty excited but I didn't want to get
arrested either.

Dale bent down and said something to Tammy who was in
front of me. Tammy turned around and looking up
underneath my jersey, which made my nipples tingle,
tugged at it and pulled me close to her. She said Dale
and the other guys had gotten a suite at a hotel in
town and were planning on celebrating their big win.
Dale invited us to join them and that she was looking
forward to taking my jersey home with her.

I thought to myself at least they didn't expect me to
get half naked right there and was wondering what they
expected when we got to the suite. I elbowed Gary in
the ribs and told him what Tammy had said about going
to the hotel and he said that at least he'll have a
good distraction to forget about the game. He then
reached out and pinched one of my nipples and said, "It
looks like you want to forget about the game to." I
elbowed him again as everyone started moving down the

There were 8 guys with Tammy and myself in the room.
Everyone had already had several drinks in the room
when Dale suddenly asked everyone to be quiet. He asked
me to come up and stand on the table next to him and
said that now was the time they were all waiting for.
He made some reference to this being almost as good a
trophy to take home as the championship trophy at the
end of the year would be.

Dale thanked Gary for the hospitality and asked if he
was ready to give up his trophy, Gary held up his drink
and said, "To the winner the spoils!" Dale flipped on
their team's school song and left it up to me to remove
my jersey.

To tell the truth I was really enjoying this and Gary
knew it, I loved getting naked especially in front of a
room full of guys. I was really trying to figure out
what excuse I could use to take off my hot pants as
well. As the music played, I swayed my hips back and
forth as seductively as I could on the small table top.
I was holding the bottom of my jersey and kept lifting
it up partially, just enough to expose the underside of
my white breasts.

As the music started to come to an end I grabbed a hold
of my jersey and pulled it up over my head. There I
stood with my breasts totally exposed to all of these
strangers. My dark nipples were sticking straight out
and I had a circle of goose bumps all around them.

Gary always told me that I had the tastiest looking
nipples he has ever seen. My areoles are about the size
of a quarter and when I am excited they become taught
with my nipples erect in the center and those little
goose bumps surrounding them. Everyone in the room was
cheering and telling me to take more off, I was afraid
security would come up to see what all the noise was
then what would we were doing.

I was standing on the table holding the jersey with one
hand and pretending to somewhat embarrassingly cover my
breasts with my other arm.. Tammy came up to the table
and I handed her my jersey, she held out her hand to
help me down. Then Dale lifted Tammy up underneath her
arms and placed her on the table where I had been
standing. I could feel all of the guys eyes on me and
several were close behind me feeling my ass which at
this point I didn't really care.

Dale said that Tammy also had a present for their new
friends and with that she pulled her jersey off and
stood there as naked as I was with her breasts exposed.
Gary leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "It's
party time."

Tammy had a pair of breasts that weren't any bigger
than maybe a fourteen year old. She was about a 32A
with big puffy half dollar sized pink nipples covering
the ends.

Tammy got off the table and told me that she was glad I
was there tonight because last night she had to
entertain these guys all by herself. She reached out
and started untying the laces on my hot pants. Everyone
was standing around cheering so I decided that if they
wanted to party I was going to show them the way we did
it here. As Tammy was unlacing my hot pants I unsnapped
her shorts and pulled the zipper down.

We both began tugging at each others shorts at the same
time. I pulled Tammy's shorts down exposing a reddish
blonde bush. I accidentally brushed against her bush
and felt the dampness between her legs and knew she was
as excited as I was. Then Tammy pulled my hot pants
down to my knees and I just kicked them off the rest of
the way. I thought I heard everyone gasp as I stood
there with my bald cunt.

Tammy walked over to me and hugged me saying that she
just had to touch it and placed her hand over my cunt
and ran a finger up its slick lips. She carefully
stroked back and forth for a few seconds before
piercing the pink wet folds inserting her finger into

Dropping to her knees she began licking my inner thighs
as she continued sliding her finger in and out of me.
She placed her thumb right on my clit and started
circling it, then placed her mouth over my cunt and
started sucking the juices right out of it.

My legs began to buckle and I grabbed Tammy's head and
pressed her into me holding onto her as she used her
tongue to make me climax. I could feel myself releasing
a river of juice from between my legs that she was
lapping up as it flowed over her face.

My climax was so strong that I had to lay down on the
floor where I had been standing. Tammy licked her way
back up to my breasts where she sucked and chewed on my
swollen nipples. Laying on top of me she ground her
cunt against mine then crawled her way up to straddle
my face, leaning over me she said in a raspy voice,
"The boys said I could have firsts!"

I began licking Tammy's wet and swollen lips as I
parted her folds with my tongue tasting her, I easily
found her clit protruding from its hiding place. I
started sucking on this sensitive nub and could feel
Tammy's muscles reacting to the stimulation. I was
concentrating on her when I felt a tongue begin licking
my cunt bringing me back to reality reminding me that
there were a room full of guys who had to have been
aching to get there shots at us when we were done with
each other.

Suddenly Tammy arched her back and started squirting
like a fountain into my mouth and all over my face. My
hair was drenched in her girl juices. I had never seen
anyone climax like this before. While she continued to
squirt her juices all over me I moved my hands up to
her nipples pinching them as hard as I could and bit
her nub making her scream in ecstasy. Tammy's orgasm
had me completely forget about the tongue between my

I continued to lap at her sopping pussy until she
released her knees from around my head and lay next to
me. We looked at each other and stuck our tongues deep
into each other mouths then she began licking her own
juices off of my face.

She whispered in my ear that she thought Dale had a
surprise for me if I was ready and that she had been
waiting all day for some local beef to taste. As we sat
up we couldn't take our hands off of each other until
we saw all the hard cocks waving in front of us.

The guys had gotten so turned on they had all taken
their pants off and were pumping their cocks, several
looked as though they were ready to explode any second.
I have been in the middle of several gang bangs and
loved the sensation of having all my holes filled by
hot steaming cocks. This by far was the largest group
of cocks I had helped entertain at one time and was
hoping that I would get another drenching of cum.

Tammy immediately crawled over to where Gary had been
standing pounding his meat and pushed him down onto the
sofa getting on her knees she locked onto his cock and
swallowed all of it at one time. Gary saw me looking at
him and winked at me then went back to watching Tammy
lick and suck on him. Tammy was a magnet as 3 or 4 of
the guys quickly surrounded her and began squeezing her
small breasts and playing with her. As she was bent
over sucking on Gary one of the guys easily slid into
her and began thrusting in and out.

It only took a second for me to eye where Dale was
standing and realized what the surprise was that Tammy
had whispered to me. I had forgotten a long time ago
how many men I have had but could still remember the
special ones. I have seen and tasted a lot of average
sized cocks, a few had been larger than average some
were thicker. The biggest one was a solid 12 inches but
that had been a few years ago. I was now inching my way
over to a cock that was at least 14 inches.

I reached out to wrap my hand around it and couldn't
get my fingers all the way around, but could feel it
pulsing in my grasp I looked down at it's pee hole
while holding it and pumped dribbles of pre-cum from it
which I licked off the head tasting this behemoth while
wondering what it would feel like inside of me..
Opening my mouth I could barely get it inside so I
slowly licked around this huge shaft and sucked on the
huge balls that went with this monster.

When I felt like I had fully lubricated this beef stick
I laid back and spread my legs wide and guided this
monster to my hairless cunt. With slow thrusts Dale
began splitting me open wider than I had ever been
before. The feeling of this huge monster splitting me
more and more with every thrust the waves of pleasure
began to heighten inside of me quickly.

I couldn't take any more of this teasing and wrapped my
legs around his back pulling all of him into me at one
time making me gasp. My muscles clenched this monster
cock as it pressed against my clit. Dale was sucking
wildly on my nipples and looking up I saw that there
were two other guys jacking their cocks off over my

Dale must have known I couldn't take much more and that
I was read to cum. Raising his head from my swollen
nipples he looked into my eyes, then lifting himself
onto his elbows he rammed himself into me several more
times making us cum together. I don't think I have ever
felt the level of ecstasy that I felt at that moment as
torrents of cum pumped into me.

My whole body was shaking as I orgasmed and felt as
though I was in another world. Dale continued to slowly
thrust in and out emptying himself inside of me. I
unlocked my legs from around him and when he pulled out
my hole popped like someone sucking on a sucker. It was
then that the two guys that had been standing over me
shot their loads all over my face and hair mixing their
cum in with Tammy's.

I laid there for a few seconds feeling Dales cum slowly
ooze out of me. I moved my hand down feeling myself and
was surprised how I was able to fist myself because
Dale had stretched me so much. I looked over and saw
Tammy on the floor not far from me. She had cum running
down from her mouth and had huge puddles of cum between
her breasts and smeared all over her body. There were 5
guys sitting around her including Gary all who looked
like they had given her their best.

I managed to roll over to her and we began to lick the
cum off of each other.

Gary and I stayed with them the rest of the weekend and
lost track of how many times we fucked and sucked. We
still get together with everyone at least once every
year. I found out afterwards that one of the guys who
had cum on me was Tammy's soon to be brother in law. I
think he even fucked Tammy once that weekend.

Anyway at the party the following year Tammy introduced
her sister to us, that was another wild one. Over the
years as a couple of the other guys got married we got
to meet their wives as well.


End of Story

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