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Before My Hubby Came Home

Roy asked me to email you because he was sure you would be
interested in what happened the other day while he was out of
town. He said since you were one of our best friends, that it
might be as much fun for you to know as it was for him. What
I told him was about the activity I had experianced in the
few hours before he got home.

First I have to tell you that I,m felling a lot better than I
have since I got the Bug several weeks ago and I guess that
I'm also feeling a lot hornier because when I got up that
morning I felt particulaly horny and as a mater of fact I had
thoughts of you while I got out my vibrator. Thats how the
day started, I woke up with that special feeling between my
legs and started to rub my pussy very gently soon I wanted
more than that so I got out my vib and let it do it's
beautiful work on my clit while I thought of how good a nice
cock would taste. Anyway thats how the day started and the
morning session with the vib only got me going more. What I
really wanted was a good fuck with Roy so my fantisies were
working as well.

Later that day in the late afternoon I got a call from one of
our friends named Mike. Mike is a great guy who we both like
a lot so when he asked if I'd like to have a drink after work
and before Roy got home, I took him up on it. After we had a
couple, he told me his wife had been out of town for a few
days and he was real horny. The drinks were good and really
added to the feeling that I had when I woke up. Our
conversation soon lead to sex with all the normal inuendos so
when Mike asked if I'd like him to walk me out to my car, I
of course agreed. We paid the check and left. Since it gets
dark so early Mike was pretty well hiden when he got in along
side me. Before I knew it I had my hand on his crotch his
cock was so hard I asked him if a blowjob would help relieve
his condition. Needless to say he was more than willing so I
started to suck him off. He said he had a hard time coming
that way and wondered if there were any way he could get it
in me. I pushed the reclining seat back and was able to get
my panties pushed aside far enough for him to stick his cock
in pretty well. It was fortunate that I had a skirt on that
day. He came nicely, told me how greatfull he was and left.
I felt great to, because I really needed to be fucked and
could still feel his come soaking my panties.

The drive home was neat except his quick fuck left me still
turned on but to a higher pitch. As I drove my hand wandered
to my pussy. It was cum soaked and easy to to slide my
fingers in and out. Again I was thinking of really good sex
and the time you and Roy fucked me at the same time. I've
always wanted to do that again and see if we could get both
cocks in me at the same time. Anyway it was a great fantasy
and made the drive home go fast.

When I got home I was suprised to see Dave's car sitting in
the drive. Roy had called him and told him to drop over for
a drink and that he'd be home around 7:30. Dave was an hour
early. Well you know Dave and what a great guy he is. You
also know his reputation for being horny. We were just inside
the front door and he made a move by brushing my ass as we
passed in the hall. What he didn't expect and didn't know is
that I was already turned on. As I mixed a drink he came up
behind me, his hard cock straining at his pants touched me
first on my ass. I leaned back into him and he immediatly put
his hands around me and started rubbing my tits he worked
his hand up under my sweater and undid my bra. It felt sooo
good that I responded by picking up the drinks and suggesting
we move over to the couch. We did without turning on the
lights and started to get a little more comfortable. The cum
in my pussy was still very wet. I was going to tell him he
was about to get seconds but he thought the wet was my jucies
flowing so I never got around to letting him know. A few more
sips of our drinks and all talking stopped. He now had undone
my skirt, pulled off my panties and layed me back on the
couch. I was rubbing his cock thru his pants and it felt
almost as big as yours. I really wanted it in my mouth except
Dave was really impatient and wanted to hard fuck right away.
His cock felt good as he started to fuck me and it got even
better because he has good staying power. Needless to say he
finished what Mike had started. I came twice, once when he
fucked me from the back and again when I stradeled him as he
sat back on the couch. His cum was warm and thick. I could
feel it saturating my cunt and relubricating my already
soaked pussy. Do you have any idea how good that feels? We
then sat back relaxed finished our drink and talked a little
bit about how good it was. I again put on my panties and
thought how good the last couple hours had been. Dave said
he'd better get going because he had snuck away from a party
at one of our neighbors with the excuse that he was going out
to get some Tequilla, and he'd been gone quite a while. I
gave him a kiss, rubbed his cock one more time and sent him
on his way with a big smile on his face.

I was really turned on now and as I started up the stairs
thinking of how good it would be to have you and Roy fuck
me at the same time. I got to the bath room and had just put
on my robe when the doorbell rang. I fastened my robe and
went back downstairs. I opened the door and there stood Dan,
our contractor buddy. He was about half high and said he had
been down to the Pub waiting for some of the gang to show
up. It was about 6:45 so he thought he'd look us up. I told
him Roy was due home in about 45 min. and asked him if he'd
like a drink. Of course he said yes, came in and went to the
kitchen with me. I poured a couple more drinks and handed one
to him where he was sitting at the kitchen table. My robe
was open a little so when I handed him the drink he jokingly
put him hand inside. That turned me on like a bolt out of the
blue. This time though, I thought I'd better tell him that
I'd had sex and was ready to bath when he came in. He said
why not add a little more to it before I bathed. I thought
what the hell and imediatly grabbed for his cock. I unzipped
his pants and found he had no shorts on. He said he had taken
them off earlier thinking he might get a chance to fuck me.
The thought of that made my already flame burn even higher. I
went down on his cock. He sat in the chair while I sucked
his great hard on. I pulled his pants down around his ankles
and straddled him on the chair. He was comfortable, I was
comfortable so I fucked him right there. I told him Roy was
due any minute so he said he'd go back down to the Pub and
wait for us.

As he drove away I started back up the stairs and guess what,
there stood our house guest Lee at the top. He and Roy had
gotten home earlier than they or I had expected. Lee had
been taking a nap while Roy had gone to the store for some
beer. He had been awakened by the sound of Dave fucking me
and then Dan fucking me. He was standing there with his cock
sticking out of his shots and hard as a rock. He smiled at
me and stasrted to pull on it and asked me if I could do to
him what I did to Dave & Dan. By now I was on a roll and
feeling as arroused as I can remember in a long time. I went
up the stairs and followed him into the Guest room. He sat
down on the bed and asked me to bend over in front of him, he
then reached his hand under me and started to finger fuck me
with one hand and jack off with the other. I was so wet that
he moved his hand around to my asshole and started to finger
fuck my ass. Well you know how much I like that, so again my
juices were flowing. When he was about to come I turned
around and went down on him taking his come in my mouth. He
fell back on the bed as he came in my mouth. I love that and
sucked him in long full strokes to get every drop.I swallowed
as much as I could and rubbed the rest on my tits. Lee no
more than thanked me when I heard Roy coming in the front
door. I went down stairs to greet him. I kissed him and he
said he thought my mouth tasted good, like sex. I laughed
mixed us a drink told him to sit down that I had a real
mouthfull to tell him and then told him all about it.

Telling Roy was a turn on for him and me so we went up to
the bedroom turned on some porn and continued to talk. I was
so hot that I needed one more good session. Roy got my vib
for me layed me on the bed spread my legs and used it in all
the right places. I came two or three times just playing. I
sucked his cock, he ate my pussy with all the love juice
still there We finally ended up with me on my hands and knees
and him behind me. I vibed my clit while Roy fucked me from
behind. The only thing that could have been better is to
have your cock to suck at the same time.

Anyway thats what happened in case Roy forgot the details.
I got fucked five times by five different cocks in less than
four hours and it was great, wish you could have been there.

Roy says that If you like hearing about what happened maybe
we could arrange a situation where you could join the affair
if it could possibly be repeated. I'd love that because
besides fucking and sucking you my other great sex thoughts
are of having unlimited sex and hearing Roy talk about how
he likes to suck fuck and eat pussy. That always makes me
hot. Of course I always get hot thinking of Roy fucking or
sucking some other gal. Sometimes I like to think of fucking
another gal myself, but thats another story. Maybe some day
I could fuck you before Roy gets home from work. Roy would
love that. Especially if he had fucked someone the same day.

End of Story

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