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Anns First GBA Night of Firsts (Start to Finish)

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The Mrs. and I have been in the lifestyle for quite a few years, however, it?s been a slow progression. Ann is very careful about pushing her limits and wants to be sure before trying anything new. I can usually tell that she?s ready long before she even realizes it. This being the case, I sometimes have to take the bull by the horns and set things up for her?put her in the situation and see what happens!

We had talked about her being involved in a gang bang for a couple of years but at a certain point I realized this was going to have to be one of those times where I gave her a little nudge. A couple I had been talking to on line was planning a GB party and I got us invited. There were to be 3-4 ladies involved and 12 guys. I told Ann that we were going to be going but that she didn?t have to do anything that she didn?t want to. She could do anything from just helping with the drinks to fluffing all the way up to participating. She said she was all good with that?game on!!! lol

We arrived at the hotel early to help the hosts set up the two rooms that we had gotten. This also allowed Ann to talk to the hostess about what to expect over a couple of drinks. All ?L? asked was that we stay for the whole party as she was more comfortable having some other ladies around during her parties. How far Ann participated was up to her.

By the time the others began to arrive, Ann was pretty buzzed. I enjoyed watching her face as the men began arriving. I had been very careful to make sure that there was a very high quality of men at her first gang bang! Instantly I could see the wheels turning and knew she was going to go for it! The flirting started and after about 15 minutes, Ann looked to me with the ?Can I, can I? look and I gave her the nod. She turned back with a huge smile on her face and commenced with her serious game!

Ann was easily the oldest lady at the party but she looks way younger than she actually is with small perky breasts, great nipples, a flat stomach, great legs and an awesome ass. She?s 5 foot tall and weighs just over 100 lbs. She was wearing a tight black sheer chemise and some very nice stripper shoes. Needless to say the guys were loving it as the conversation flowed and the innuendoes continued. Up until this night Ann had never been with an African American man either. She had just never been in the right situation before but I noticed that she was starting to pay attention to one particular black man. He was very good looking and just a great guy who was really pushing the right buttons!

It finally came to the time when the talking was done and, to my surprise, Ann was the first to start things off! She was talking to Carl while rubbing on his chest and I watched as her hands slid down to his pants and began to unzip him while rubbing him through his pants. After undoing his pants she stuck both of her hands inside and began stroking his cock. For just a second I saw her eyes widen a little and then a little smile appeared on her lips. She slowly lowered herself to her knees tracing her tongue down his abs as she went. She then pulled out his cock and, I?ve got to say, my eyes widened some too! LOL In spite of the BBC thing, it?s VERY rare that we run into a cock bigger than mine but this one definitely qualified! Long, black and thick! I?m guessing about 9? long and maybe 2 ½? wide. I watched as Ann?s mouth stretched out over Carl?s thick cock head and finally popped into her mouth completely. She began to work his cock in and out of her mouth while using both of her hands to twist and stroke on the base of that huge cock. It was SO hot watching as his cock grew in her mouth!!! Once Ann went down on Carl, the others in the room all got started.

As the action started getting heavy in that room, Carl picked Ann up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He than took her into the adjoining room and laid her down on the bed there. Ann loves it when her partner works around her thong when he or she first starts and, as if he knows, Carl pushes her thong off to the side and eases his finger into her pussy. As he starts to finger fuck her, I can see how soaking wet she is. With his other hand he pushes her chemise up and starts sucking her nipples one at a time, back and forth. Ann has huge nipples and as he sucks on them they are getting as swollen as I?ve ever seen them. Carl starts licking down across her stomach and she arches her back and moans softly. She then grabs the back of Carl?s head and lifts her hips up off the bed pushing her soaking pussy into his face. By now my cock is hard as a rock and I find myself rubbing it through my pants with one hand as I snap pics with the other. Carl is driving two fingers into Ann?s pussy and sucking her lips into his mouth as she is starting to rhythmically fuck his face. Ann has large pussy lips and when aroused they swell up nicely. Carl is sucking them now for all he?s worth and then suddenly lets them pop out of his mouth and begins to lick her clit lightly as he lets one finger come out and I can tell he?s curling the other finger up and massaging her g-spot. Ann?s hips are up off the bed and she lets out a long soft.?Aaaaahhhhh?. He picks up the pace and puts some more pressure on her clit as Ann says ?That?s it! Lick my pussy! Oh yeah lick it harder!? ?Oh, fuck, yeah! Lick it! Lick it!? ?Oh fffuuuuuuucckk!!!? Her hips drop back to the bed but she?s still holding Carl?s face tight against her pussy. Oh damn?that was sooo hot!

Usually at this point, Ann wants to relax for a minute but almost immediately she looks down at Carl and says, ?You need to fuck me right now!? Ann usually isn?t this verbal about what she wants but I can tell she is totally into this now! It?s going to be a long night!!! I move around by Ann?s head and pull her top off over her head as Carl slides her thong down over her muscular legs, leaving her heels on. She sits up and starts to kiss Carl passionately. She loves kissing and is really working her tongue into his mouth, alternating with sucking on his lips and tongue. She then rolls over taking Carl with and straddling him. I?ve now gat a great view from the foot of the bed. Ann has her knees on the bed with her heels hooked over Carl?s thighs. I see her hand snake down between them and grab hold of his huge black cock. She then raises her hot ass up and slides it back down onto his cock. She?s moving slowly, as I can tell it?s stretching Ann?s pussy to the limit. Finally she has the whole thing deep inside her. There is already pussy juice running down Ann?s legs and she begins to move her pussy up and down this huge cock. I can tell by her face that it is hurting just a little. The good kinda hurt. She is leaned forward with her hands on Carl?s chest but as she loosens up some, getting used to it, she sits up and reaches back to play with his balls. She reaches down a little farther and begins to gently scratch up and down Carl?s taint up over his balls. Now she starts to rub forward and backward, grinding her pussy down onto his cock. She loves this because it allows her to rub her clit on his cock at the back stroke. She alternates this motion with sliding her wet pussy up and down his shaft. She raises all the way up so that Carl?s cock just about pops out. I can see that at the top her pussy lips are stretching out, putting suction on the head of Carl?s cock. Then she slides back down more quickly. Slow up the shaft, fast down the shaft. Then back and forth, back and forth. Slow up, fast down. She?s really hitting her rhythm now! Carl is trying to keep with her on the up stroke but she just raises up a little higher, once again suctioning on his cock head and then fast down the shaft, pushing his hips back to the mattress. I can tell that Carl is really trying to keep control but is rapidly losing it. His balls are pulsating and tightening up against her asshole. Finally he gives up, driving his hips up into Ann rapidly and moaning loudly. He?s grabbing onto Ann?s ass cheeks with both hands and grinding his cock as deep into her as he can. Ann lays forward and starts quickly grinding her clit against his pubic bone. I can tell she is close and finally let?s out a loud ?Fuck yes!? as she comes on Carl?s cock.

Ann has already had two orgasms in about 20 minutes and she hasn?t even been with any of the others. She?s laying on Carl?s chest and looks up at me. I can tell she?s appreciative of what I?ve gotten her into. I do love watching her enjoy herself so much and am really looking forward to the rest of the night.

I didn?t have long to wait! Carl swings his body around, taking Ann with him and puts his feet on the floor. He stands up and starts fucking Ann again! She is somewhat surprised but she wraps her legs around him and they start a new rhythm. I peek around in front of her and, sure enough, he is still hard as a rock!. He still has hold of her by the ass and he starts to seriously fuck her hard now. She is totally wrapped around his body with her tits pressed up against his chest. She starts to kiss and suck on his neck as he pounds his big black cock into her. He then turns around and lays her back on the bed, keeping his cock impaled deeply in her pussy. Just her shoulder blades and head are touching the bed. He then starts to push her and pull her back and forth. Her legs are spread out as wide as they go and are straight out. I?ve got a great view of this massive cock going in and out of her and she is moaning wildly as she shakes her head back and forth. I can?t take any more so I pull my clothes off and my 8? cock springs free of my pants. Ann?s hands are laying on the bed up over her head so I walk around to that side of the bed and put my cock in her hand. It takes her a second to even realize that it?s there but finally she looks up and starts stroking it. She tries to pull it toward her mouth but I stop her and nod towards what they are doing. I don?t want to break what the two of them have going and are enjoying together. I just want to feel a little more a part of it. So she happily turns back to what she is doing but leaves some of her attention and stroking my cock.

Now Carl is really banging away at Ann?s pussy. There is a loud slapping sound with every stroke but she is totally into it. Her eyes are closed tightly and she?s really tightening her hips up into him. She is moaning more loudly with each stroke of his cock and finally comes loudly. No words this time just a loud ?Aaaarrrrgh?! As soon as she comes, Carl pulls his cock all the way out and starts stroking it hard. Seconds later he moans loudly and shoots a load of cum all over her stomach and tits. I can?t believe how big a load he gets on his second one. Ann releases my cock and with both hands starts wiping the cum off of her tits and sucking it off of her fingers. Now that is fucking HOT!!!

Carl sits down on the edge of the other bed behind him and seems to relax some. Damn, thought he was going to tap that pussy all night long! LOL Ann gets up and says that she needs to go clean up some and that she?ll be back in a minute for something new. Damn, she is insatiable sometimes!

The other three ladies seemed to be having the time of their lives. There were four beds in the two connecting rooms. Each lady had two or three guys in the beds with them and the sounds of pleasure were coming from everywhere. There were also four or five guys standing around talking, drinking and having some of the snacks available. There were three in particular standing at the end of the vacant bed that I noticed so I walked over and joined in their conversation. One was naked and had already joined in earlier but was taking a break before joining back in. The other two were still clothed and had not yet joined in. Ann had shown interest in one of them early on but, although good looking, he seemed a little less forward than some of the others.

As I was standing there talking, I found myself wondering how Ann would be when she came back. Anyway, if I was expecting her to take a bit of a break I was in for a big surprise! I saw her out of the corner of my eye as she entered the room, still naked except for her 6? stripper heels. She saw me and headed over. I expected her to join the conversation but, instead she grabbed me by the cock and pulled me over to the bed. She smiled at the other guys as she lay down on the bed and spread her legs, knees up. She had pulled me over to the side of the bed and, breaking eye contact with the others, turned her head and sucked my cock into her mouth. While she had been gone I had gone flaccid, so she was able to suck my whole cock into her mouth and was using her tongue to lick my balls. Ken and Mac had gotten the hint immediately and I looked over to see Ken licking Ann?s pussy. Ken was a black man, bald headed and built like an athlete. Mac, the guy who was already naked, was kneeling on the bed across from me and had placed his black cock alongside her face. He was not near as large as Carl had been earlier in the evening but he was already hard and ready. My cock was starting to reach full mast also. Ann felt Mac?s cock on the side of her face and turned to suck it into her hot mouth.

As she turned back towards me, she noticed that the guy she had found attractive earlier was still standing at the foot of the bed. Matt was a hell of a good guy but I got the impression he was new to this and just wasn?t sure about how to go about this. He was rubbing his cock through his pants and it was obvious that he was ready to join in on the fun. He had taken his shirt off and, while not heavily muscled was in great shape with a ripped 6 pack. As she stroked the two cocks by her face, she asked Matt if he wouldn?t mind getting her a drink. While Matt was making her a drink, Ken?s tongue started having an effect. Ann reached down and grabbed the back of his bald head and pulled his face down onto her pussy. She started to grind her pussy into his face and moaned softly. ?That?s right. Suck my pussy!? Matt showed up and offered Ann her drink. She told him to put it on the nightstand and, as he did as told, she reached over and unzipped his pants. Ann loves working around clothes as I said in part 1 of this tale. She undid his belt and undid the button, pulling his cock out and starting to stroke it. Ann loves giving hand jobs and really started working Matt?s cock. She pulled him up onto the bed and had him get up on one knee and one foot so she could get underneath and suck gently on his balls while she stroked him. I can?t believe what I?m seeing now. This is my wife?the one who was so unsure about doing this. As I watch, I see Ken sucking on her clit while she grinds into his face slowly. Mac is on all fours, leaning over Ann and sucking on her huge nipples while she has reached out and is fondling his balls! Matt is half straddled over her face while she sucks his balls and strokes his cock! This is the hottest thing I?ve ever seen!

Ann turns her head enough so that Matt?s balls fall out of her mouth and asks me to get the cherry lube that we brought. She loves it slippery when she strokes a cock and it eventually leads to an awesome blow job so she prefers a flavored lube. I get it and watch as she lubes up her hands and begins to stroke both cocks. Her hands are working up and down their shafts but also twisting around as she goes. When she gets to the head she doesn?t just start back down, instead she goes up and over the heads, twisting and going back down with a reverse grip. Back up, over and back down in a normal grip. Every time she gets to the head she squeezes harder so that the head kind of pops through to the other side. Like I said?she loves to give hand jobs.

By now she had pulled both Matt and Mac up close, so that they were both kneeling on either side of her face and she was stroking faster. I thought she was going to have them shoot their loads all over her face but instead she asked the two of them if they had a problem with her sucking them both off at the same time. She had mentioned to me a couple of times that this was a fantasy of hers. The two guys looked at each other and seemed to be okay with it. Incidental contact, you know! lol It?s hard to say no to Ann when she?s giving one of her hand jobs! Damn! This is turning out better than I would have ever expected! She is having her first gang bang, has already been with her first African American, is now playing with her next two and is about to be sucking two cocks at the same time for the first time! This can?t get any better! Wrong! Ann looks down at Ken and says, ?I want you to fuck me now?!

?That?s right! Stick your black cock in my pussy now!? Ken smiles and takes off his pants. His cock is hard and pretty good size. Ann pulls her knees up to her tits and she is soaking wet. Her juices are running down into her asshole and her lips are swollen up good from all the attention they?ve gotten tonight. As I said in part one, Ann has good size pussy lips and Ken actually reaches down and spreads them as he shoves his cock head into her pussy. As he slowly slides the rest of his cock in, Ann looks up at Mac and Matt and tells them not to be rough but to start fucking her mouth. Holy shit! I cannot believe how much of a naughty little slut my wife is being! Neither Matt nor Mac are large but that?s perfect for what Ann wants. Her mouth is spread out as wide as it will go as the guys slide their cocks in and out of her lips. Their cocks never leave her mouth but they are alternating their stroke so that one is going in as the other comes out. They are going in at an angle so I can see her cheeks fill with their cock heads as they go in. I catch a glimpse of something there so I take a closer look. Since Ann is just letting her mouth get fucked and not having to move her head I realize the only thing she is focusing on is swirling her tongue around their cocks as they go in and out of her mouth. One black cock in, white cock out. White cock in, black cock out. All the while her pink tongue sliding out and around those cocks! HOT!!! Every so often, she would take the cocks out of her mouth so that she could swallow the saliva building up in her mouth and then they would start to fucking her mouth again. All the while, Ken is fucking her pussy.

Finally I can see all three guys starting to lose control. Matt is first. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and, laughing, tells the other guys to watch out. As he turns, I see that Ann has her hand cupping his balls and her finger right at the entrance to his asshole. She is massaging it as he strokes his cock. He turns slightly and shoots his load down over Ann?s perky tits, across her stomach and down just to the top of her pussy. Ann reaches down and wipes the cum from her tits. She then brings her hand up to her mouth and licks it clean. As soon as Matt gets out of the way, Mac straddles Ann?s face. He leans forward onto all fours and begins to fuck her face. He picks up speed as Ann reaches under him and grabs his ass. Ken grabs her ankles and lifts them up high and wide to get deeper penetration. They are both fucking her pretty good now and are getting to the short strokes. Mac is next. He shudders and lets out a long moan as he drives into her mouth with his cock. I can hear Ann gagging some but she is trying to swallow it all. She pushes him up enough so that she isn?t choking anymore and begins to suck on just the head. Mac can?t take any more and tries to pull away but Ann has a good grip and his ass and is still sucking on his cock head. Finally he starts yelling ?no more! no more!? Ann lets him free and, smiling says, ?that?s for trying to choke me!? He laughs. He is now sitting on her chest and she tells him to make sure every last drop gets on her or in her mouth. He begins to milk out the last few drops and wipes them on her face.

Ken hasn?t slowed at all and is getting ready himself. Now Ann is able to concentrate on herself and begins to play with her clit as Ken fucks her hard. A minute later she starts yelling at Ken. ?That?s right! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!? ?Oh yeah! I?m cumming! I?m cumming! Yes! Yes! I?m cuuuummmmiiiinnnngg!? She wraps her legs tight around Ken, pulling his cock deep into her with her heels on his ass and starts humping him hard. This is too much for him and he responds in kind, fucking her hard and fast as he shoots his load into her pussy. She is still wrapped tightly around him as they collapse onto the bed. Her tits are pressed up against his black chest. Her legs wrapped tightly around his hips.

I?m in shock! Ann is rarely vocal and to hear her saying the things she was saying and actually telling people to do things she wants them to do is totally out of character for her. I love it! Totally hot!!!

I look around the bed and notice two of the ladies and some of the guys taking a break and watching the show. A couple of the guys are right alongside the bed and stroking their cocks. One of the guys walks up with a wet towel in one hand and a dry one in the other. As Ann disentangles herself from Ken, the guy with the towels leans forward and begins to wash the cum and sweat off of her. She has her eyes closed and is totally enjoying the sensations of being cleaned by these unseen hands. When he finishes the front of her body she rolls over, face down, without saying a word. He looks around, shrugs and begins to wash her back, over her ass and down her legs. As he comes back up to the back of her thighs, she spreads her legs and raises her hips ever so slightly. She opens her eyes and sees one of the guys who are stroking their cocks right in front of her. She slowly reaches out and grabs his cock.

OMG She is not through yet!!! Woo hoo!!! I look over to the foot of the bed and see Matt has recovered from shooting his load all over Ann?s tits earlier and is, once again, hard as a rock. I can see that he?s still not totally ready to just jump on in so I motion with my head that he should climb into the saddle. By now Ann has pulled the guy, Jerry, who she has in her hand up onto the bed and has propped herself up on her elbows so that she can get that cock in her mouth. This motion has brought her ass up higher and Matt doesn?t waste any time getting in behind her. As I said earlier, Ann has a phenomenal ass! Matt grabs hold of her ass cheeks and spreads them. He then leans in and begins to slowly lick up Ann?s pussy from the clit and all the way to her asshole. He then begins to flick his tongue lightly around her starfish. This brings Ann?s head up and causes her to arch her back, sticking her ass back into Matt?s face. As Matt slides his tongue back down and sucks her swollen pussy lips into his mouth, Ann slowly slides her lips down over Jerry?s cock head and begins to suck hard on just the head while she flicks her tongue in and out on the underside of his shaft.

I can?t stand it. I want to see her getting fucked good and hard again! I get Matt?s attention and tell him to fuck her good. He?s still new to this and I can tell he?s a little freaked out with this husband demanding that he fuck his wife! lol Fortunately Ann was ready too. She looked back over her shoulder and, looking into Matt?s eyes, said, ?Yeah, c?mon Matt. Fuck me real good!? That?s all it took. He quickly moves into position and slowly slides his cock into her soaking wet pussy. Ann?s pussy is always pretty wet and hot but I?ve never seen her this way! There is pussy juice just running down her legs constantly now. Matt starts sliding his cock in and out of Ann?s pussy and there are slurping sounds with every stroke. Around Jerry?s cock Ann mumbles something about how good Matt?s cock feels. Hard to understand her when she?s got a mouth full of cock. I keep telling her not to talk with her mouth full but does she listen!?!

So by now, Darryl has figured out that Matt has taken advantage of all his good towel work and usurped his rightful position in Ann?s pussy. Being an ex?oh wait?being a Marine, he quickly assesses the situation, adapts and overcomes. He slides over and sits on the bed up by Ann?s head and puts his black cock strategically where she will eventually find it! Darryl is pretty well hung?almost my size?so I know Ann will not leave it alone for long. She tries to never waste a good sized cock! ;-) It isn?t long before Ann reaches out and begins stroking Darryl?s cock while she is sucking Jerry?s and getting fucked hard by Matt. He is hitting that pussy hard enough now that it is making slapping sounds and making it hard to suck Jerry but she?s hanging in pretty well. She tells Darryl to slide up on the bed further so that she has him and Jerry laying side by side. She now starts stroking them both and alternately sucking first one, then the other. Eventually, she lays her head down on the bed between the two of them as she continues to stroke them both. Matt is fucking her really hard and she wants to focus on that. She starts quietly telling Matt to keep it up. She?s getting close and Matt knows it so he reaches around and places the pocket rocket that I had handed him on her clit. She loves taking a nice cock from behind with a vibe in front. She?s now starting to pump her hips forward and back, timing it with Matt?s rhythym. ?That?s right! That?s it! C?mon! Fuck me, Matt!? All the time still stroking the two cocks in her hand. Finally she yells out, ?Oh, yeah!!!? She shudders and collapses flat onto the bed. As she falls, Matt?s cock slips out of her hot pussy. He?s almost there and looks at me like ?Hey, what do I do!?!? I laugh and just hold up a finger to tell him to wait a second. I know what she?s going to want next and he?s going to like it?a LOT!!!

When she collapses like that, she always brings her legs tightly together also and kind of lays there spasming with her orgasm for a few seconds. When I see her relax her body a little, I reach over and I spread her legs just a little. I tell Matt to straddle her legs so his are on the outside and tell him to slowly slide his cock into her pussy. I looked down between her legs and notice that the bed is soaking wet. She has never squirted but it did make me go ?hmmmm??. Anyway, when Matt gets his cock all the way in, Ann brought her legs back together and told Matt over her shoulder to fuck her again. As I said Matt was ready and he started to fuck her fast and hard again. Ann loves getting fucked in this position but she is also tight as anything here. People don?t usually last long when she?s got them like this. True to form, Matt starts to moan and begins pumping faster. As his moans get louder, Ann tilts her hips up and down, milking his cock with her pussy. Finally he throws his head back and thrusts deeply into her, emptying his balls.

Ann immediately looks up at Jerry and Darryl and says, ?Have I been ignoring you two?? with an innocent yet sly look in her eyes. Darryl answers immediately to laughingly tell her, ?Why, indeed you have!? She slides up and turns around to sit between Jerry?s legs with her back against his chest, his cock cradled between the top of her ass cheeks, Then she turns to Darryl and says, ?Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?? as she grabs his cock. She then pulls Darryl close and begins to kiss him deeply. Jerry, behind her, begins to kiss and suck on the back of her neck. She loves this and shudders, kissing Darryl even deeper. Eventually, she lays back onto Jerry forcing him to lay back onto the pillow. She slowly slides up his body, grinding her ass against his cock as he reaches around and plays with her hard nipples. I should?ve seen this coming! Darryl has the bigger of the two cocks and Ann has strategically put these two right where she wants them! Ann wants Darryl to suck her pussy but I can tell he?s not having any of that! Jerry?s balls are way too close! LOL Darryl slides two fingers into her pussy and begins to slowly finger fuck her. Ann?s juices are running out of her pussy and down over her asshole and Jerry?s balls. Ann sits up slightly so that she can reach down between her legs and starts rubbing Jerry?s cock as she asks me for the lube. I hand it to her and she squirts some on Jerry?s cock and starts to work some into her ass hole. Ann likes anal when she?s really worked up and this is her favorite position. She grabs hold of Jerry?s cock, lifts her ass up and slowly lowers her ass down over his cock. Almost as soon as her ass completely swallows Jerry?s cock, he tells her to stop moving. I can tell he?s ready to cum and is trying to hold out. Ann stops moving until he regains control. She?s still got hold of the base of his cock and is squeezing hard to help him control. After a minute or so, Ann releases his cock and lays back against Jerry. He?s buried to the hilt in her ass and I can still see her juices flowing out of her pussy. When she lays back, it totally exposes and opens her pussy and Darryl doesn?t waste any time. He spreads her legs out to make room and drives his cock all the way into her in one hard stroke. Ann gasps as it slides in. She tells him to stop for a second while she acclimates to having two cocks in her at once.

Finally she looks down at Darryl and says, ?Now. Fuck me good!? Darryl starts to fuck her. Jerry can?t move at all but every time Darryl drives his big black cock in he pushes Ann back and forth on Jerry?s cock. Ann has only done one DP before but not in this position and I can tell she?s really loving it this way. She?s moaning almost as soon as Darryl starts and is getting louder as he picks up speed. ?Oh yeah. That?s it fuck me!? ?Oh, yeah. Your cock feels so good in my ass!? ?Fuck me Darryl.? This is so hot! We?ve gathered a bit of a crowd. One of the other ladies has left by now so there are extra guys waiting for their turn, but in the mean time they?re watching the show. I turn back to watch and see that Carl had stepped up alongside the bed. Ann?s head had fallen back over Jerry?s shoulder on that side and she turned to see Carl?s enormous cock staring at her. Her left hand was thrown back and was wrapped around Jerry?s head so with her right hand she reached out and starting stroking Carl?s big cock. It was already semi hard and didn?t take long to be totally hard again. When it was Ann pulled him in closer and wrapped her lips around the head. She couldn?t move very well with Darryl hammering her pussy, so she just sucked on the head. Airtight!!! Another first for this night!!!

Ann can?t take it any more so she releases Carl?s cock. Darryl is slamming his hips all the way in hard and I can tell Jerry is ready again. Ann is moaning loudly. Jerry suddenly moans out loudly and drives his hips up against Ann?s ass, shooting his load into her. At the same time Ann yells out, ?I?m cumming, I?m cumming. Oh fuck yeeeeaaahhh!!!? All of this is too much for Darryl and he yells out that he also is going to cum. Ann slides off of Jerry to a sitting position, pulling Darryl?s cock out of her and curls herself forward to swallow his load. She rubs his cock against her face until he spews his load onto her face. After the first two squirts hit her face she sucks his cock into her mouth and starts gulping the rest of his load. Darryl lays back away from her, spent. One of the other ladies sits down on the side of the bed and tells Ann, ?That was so fucking hot! Let me clean you up.? She starts licking the cum off of Ann?s face and the two of them start sharing the cum with a deep passionate kiss.

After a couple of minutes, Ann disentangles herself from the other lady and tells her that she needs to take a shower. Then as she gets off the bed she says, ? My hubby has taken care of me so well tonight and been so patient. Would you take care of him while I?m gone?? She tells me to have fun and then turns to Carl, smiling, and says, ?I?m not done with you yet. Would you mind helping me clean up? No fucking?just cleaning!? She laughs.

Since I?m sure none of you care to hear of MY exploits(even though I was awesome! lol), I?ll skip ahead to when I again found Ann. ?

Upon completely confounding one of the other ladies and leaving her laying exhausted in the other room due to me extreme sexual prowess(lol), I went into the connecting room to find Ann sitting on the end of the bed talking to Carl who is standing in front of her. She is still naked but has put her 6? heels back on after showering. If you don?t remember Carl, he was the black man who Ann had started her evening with. Great guy and I hate to admit it but I really like the guy. The reason I hate to admit it is that I had fully intended on, once again, being the owner of the largest cock in the place! Unfortunately, Carl showed up! The male ego is such a fragile thing!!! Muuaahaha!

Anyway, I walk up and ask Ann what she?s been up to with a smirk on my face. She tells me, ?Taking a shower and a short break?. I answer with, ?I?ll bet?! That?s when Carl chimes in and tells me that she?s telling the truth. I can tell by the chagrin in his voice that he?s not happy about it! I laugh. Ann says, ?I saw you were having fun though.? What can I say?I was! I laugh again and ask her if she?s all rested up now. She looks up at Carl?s face then down at his gi-normous cock and says, ?I certainly am!? At that point, she just slides off the end of the bed and squats down in front of Carl.

His cock is flaccid now so she tilts her head back and, coming from underneath, slides her lips up over his huge cock. She continues up and slides her mouth all the way to his root. I can tell Carl?s cock is rolled up in Ann?s mouth because both of her cheeks are filled with it. She doesn?t move but just starts sucking hard on his cock and playing with his balls. As his cock grows her head gets pushed back off of his stomach. Ann hasn?t yet gotten the deep throat thing but by the time Carl?s cock is fully erect, she still has about half in her mouth. He is thick and her lips are stretched out to the max. Saliva is dripping down his shaft as she tries to get as deep as she can. She straightens her legs out so that she is bent over at the waist and starts sliding her lips up and down his big cock. Since she is bent over and I?ve never been one to pass up checking out a fine ass, I sit down behind her on the bed. I?ve got a perfect view of her asshole and her pussy. Her pussy lips are normally large but now they are really plumped up nicely from all the action she?s gotten tonight. Once again, there is pussy juice running down the inside of her thighs. I?ve never seen her as wet as she is tonight. For somebody who was really hesitant, she was really having a hell of a time!

Anyway, every time she slides her mouth down around Carl?s cock her pussy kind of flexes. I think to myself that it?s a shame that nobody is paying that hot pussy any attention and decide to take matters into my own hands?so to speak. I lick my finger to moisten it up and start sliding it up and down her wet slit, hitting the clit every time I hit the top. Ann moans around Carl?s cock and tilts her ass up some. I slip my finger into her pussy and start massaging her g-spot. She wiggles a bit and moans once again. She is starting to move her lips faster on his cock and I can see saliva dripping down his cock. Carl has his hands behind his head and his head tilted back, enjoying Ann?s blow job. I pop in a second finger and start to finger bang her, massaging her g-spot each time I come back out. I also reach around with my other hand to play with her clit. My cock is hard as a rock again and I?m just thinking about slipping it into her pussy when I notice she?s moaning louder and starting to move her pussy on my fingers. Carl starts to really respond. I think the moaning is feeling good on his cock. All of a sudden Ann pulls her mouth off of Carl?s cock, reaches around and digs her fingers into his ass cheeks pulling him in close and yells out? ?Oh fuuuccckkkk!!!? ?Fuck yeah, do it!? I then feel a gusher squirt down over my hand. There is pussy juice running down my arm, down her legs, all over the side of the bed and onto the carpet! She just fucking squirted!!! She?s never squirted before! Ann?s legs are quivering so I pull her back to sit on the bed between my legs. I look over her shoulder and can see that her pussy is still flowing. If she wasn?t sitting half on my lap I would totally be sucking that pussy right now!

Enter Matt 2! Matt 2 because there was another Matt earlier in the story. Matt has been the party?s clown. Great sense of humor. One of those guys who wants to make sure that everyone is having fun. Anyway, he must?ve been reading my mind because right then he jumps in and starts sucking Ann?s pussy. She shudders and screams out with her orgasm. I don?t know if it?s another or still the same one but hey?way to go Matt2! He moves from her pussy and starts licking and sucking the juices from her legs and feet. He starts at the bottom with her feet and cleans all the way up. When he reaches her pussy he goes right back to sucking her clit lightly. She shudders and moans loudly again. He goes back to the other foot and repeats the process. When he sucks the pussy cum from her toes she shudders again. All the way up and, again, he starts to very lightly mouth her clit. Her clit is so engorged it?s driving me crazy! As her body starts to relax, Matt2 starts to lightly lick her clit again. His tongue alternates from a rapid up and down motion to a back and forth motion. Ann starts to grind her hips into his face and moan, first quietly but very quickly she is screaming again and fucking Matt2?s face. ?Oh God yeah!? ?That is so fucking good!? ?Yeah, yeah, that?s it!? ?Lick me! Lick my fucking pussy!? Lick my fucking twat!? I almost start laughing?there?s another story behind the twat word and I know that even in the middle of her orgasm she threw that in to get at me! She collapses. Matt tries to stay with her but she pushes him away and says, ? No way! I can?t take any more right now! But damn that was great!!!? She leans forward, grabs Matt2?s face and kisses him deeply. She?s kind of laughing/giggling so I know she just had a great orgasm. She always gets a little giggly afterward. lol

She looks up from Matt at Carl. He?s kind of standing there with a stunned look on his face. I know it?s my wife and all so I may be prejudiced some, but that was so hot that everyone was kinda stunned. A second later though Carl?s face changed and I knew it was on. The male ego being what it is?he was not about to be out done by Matt2! He looked down at Ann and said, ?I have GOT to fuck you right NOW!? Ann is not really a sub but she does like when someone takes control! She?s still sitting on my lap. She looks over her shoulder at me with a smirk and says, ?Excuse me Darlin? but I do believe Carl is in need.? I laugh, slide out of the way, bow and, with an arm sweep, let her know that the bed is hers. She then looks at Matt2 and says, ?I believe I owe you also!? Matt laughs and jumps up on the bed. He lays on his back with his head on the pillows. Ann has already turned around onto all fours and she looks back over her shoulder at Carl and says, ?Well?? Carl is staring at Ann?s pussy which is still leaking all over, although it has slowed some. I can just about read his mind as I have the same view. That is one hot, wet, inviting looking pussy! Carl steps up and in one slow stroke plunges that huge black cock into Ann?s pussy. He goes balls deep! As I said earlier, Carl has one big dick. I?m guessing 9?. Not the 9? that guys say they have because they start the tape measure at their asshole! This is an honest 9?! And thick! Ann cringes a little and tells him to slow down some. Carl starts to fuck her doggie style. It is so hot watching that dark black cock in contrast to Ann?s hot white ass.

Ann turns back to Matt2 and starts to suck his cock. He is not hung very well?average if not a little less. He has a good perspective on it though. When Ann starts sucking it, Matt says, ?Hey it?s perfect for ass fucking and DP.? She laughs and says, ?That it is!? It?s such a stark contrast to watching her suck Carl just minutes before. Her lips, rather than being stretched to the max are now almost pursed to get good contact but I can tell she?s enjoying sucking his cock very much. After the great orgasm he had helped give her, she was going to make sure he had fun! Carl is really starting to fuck her hard again so she looks back and asks him to take it easy again. ?Hey, that pussy has been through some stuff tonight Tiger!? He laughs and tells her ?Yeah, I remember doing some of that damage myself!? He shortens his stroke but keeps up the speed.

Now that he?s not slapping into her, she is able to focus on Matt2?s cock. As I said before, Ann has not mastered deep throat but on Matt?s smaller cock, she is able to get the whole thing into her throat. She is gagging some but not bad. I look under and see that she has managed to get her tongue out and lick his balls also. She is not sliding up and down his shaft but staying all the way to his root. The motion of Carl fucking her is what is giving her deep throat movement. Matt is going wild but he knows enough to not move his hips. Everything else in his body IS spasming though! He?s holding his fists against his face trying not to start screaming. Ann reaches up to his face and jams her middle finger into Matt?s mouth. He starts sucking it. Ann loves her fingers sucked?for whatever reason. She pulls her finger from his mouth and puts it at the entrance to his ass. She slowly starts circling his asshole while exerting pressure until it pops into Matt?s asshole. She shoves it in the rest of the way and starts to massage his prostate. Matt spasms and drives his hips up into Ann?s face. She anticipates and rides him up smoothly, swallowing his load directly into her throat. She gags and pulls away, stroking the rest of his load directly into her face. Soon Matt starts to relax and drops his hips back to the mattress. Ann grabs hold of his cock tight just below the head. She has Matt?s cum all over her hand and, using it as lube, puts the flat of her hand straight down onto the tip of his cock. She pushes and starts to rub his cock head in circles. Matt starts squirming and yelling out, ?Oh, yeah! That feels so fucking good!? ?Oh, fuck yeah!? She then slid her mouth over just the head and starting sucking as hard as she could. He started yelling again. ?Fuck. Oh, fuck! Yeah suck it!? When he got acclimated to this new move, Ann shoved her head down to his belly, taking his whole cock into her throat. He drove his hips up into her face again, yelling, ? Oh fuck yeah! FFFuuuuccccckkkk!!! I?m cuuummmiiinnngggg again!? At that she drove her face down into his belly as hard as she could, forcing him slightly deeper into her throat. He shot another load deep into her throat! Two loads in about two minutes! Damn! Ann slides her mouth slowly off Matt?s cock, sucking the whole way. There is some cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth and she is smirking around Matt?s spent cock. It finally drops out with a popping sound and she smiles up at Matt. ?Are we even?? Matt can barely answer but he manages to nod and laugh some.

Carl is still fucking Ann from behind and, now that she?s done focusing on Matt?s cock, she looks back at him and says, ?Okay, our turn. Let?s do this!? Carl starts fucking her harder. She seems to have acclimated to his size again and is taking his big cock balls deep. She takes one of the pillows, rolls it up and puts it under her hips. She then puts her face between Matt?s spread legs in the other pillow, ass up. I am so fucking hard that I could drive nails with it! I feel a hand on my cock and look down to find that one of the other ladies has seen my plight and is aiding. She is standing behind me giving me a nice reach around hand job. I turn my head back over my shoulder and tell her that I would love her to suck it. She smiles and swings around in front of me but instead of facing me she turns away, bends over, reaches back between her legs and guides my pulsing cock into her pussy. Holy fuck! I?m fucking this hot lady while watching my wife get savaged with a monster black cock. Can life get any better than this!?! Like I said before I?m no slouch when it comes to size so I start slow but as I realize she?s all good, I start giving her my cock good. Carl and I have matched paces and are both slamming these two fine pussies hard. I look down and see that Ann and Linda are holding hands, sharing the fucking they are getting. Linda starts moaning loudly. She looks back over her shoulder at me and tells me to pull her hair. I grab it and pull it back arching her back. Ann has now reached back and has hold of Carl?s hands pulling herself back onto his cock. He?s pulling her in hard with every thrust. He gives it one last thrust and shoots his load into Ann. She is hanging on tight, pulling him deep into her. Ann collapses as Carl pulls his cock out.

Ann turns on her side so that she can watch me fucking just as Linda starts yelling. She?s now humping my cock, milking it real good as I slam into her. Girl has got skills! She yells out one last time. ?Oh fuck yeah! Give me that big cock!? ?That?s right! Fuck me hard!? ?Oh ffuucckkk!? She suddenly sprays her pussy juice all over me. I?m still fucking her hard and every time I slam into her ass her pussy juice gets pushed out from between us. It?s spraying all over me?and her?and just about every body within 5 feet! LOL Holy shit! This is more squirting than I?ve been around in a long while! It is too much for me! Her pussy is so wet and hot! I shoot my load deep into her pussy as I drive in one last time. Linda slowly slides off my cock and climbs up onto the bed to collapse. I sit back onto the other bed behind me, completely sated.

Ann, laying on her side, says, ?Damn, I got nothing left.? At that point Will, the only black guy there who Ann had not played with says, ?Whoa! I?ve been waiting to get with you all night! You can?t stop now!? (Hahaha! Thought we were done didn?t yuh?) Ann slowly turns her head towards Will and looks him up and down. ?Okay, but I?ve got to warn you. I don?t have much left. You?re going to have to be a fucking machine to get me into it.? He laughs and climbs into the bed. Ann is laying on her side with the bottom leg straight out and the top leg drawn up towards her tits. Will straddles Ann?s bottom leg and smoothly slides his cock into her pussy. He starts to fucking. I?m thinking to myself ?good luck Will. She looks done to me.? I?m still pretty chill from my recent orgasm so I?m not really paying much attention until I hear Ann starting to moan softly again. I?ve lost count of how many times she?s cum tonight but, c?mon, again? lol I start paying attention and have to admit, Will is really working that pussy. With each stroke he comes in from a different angle. In from the left, in from the right, down from the top, up from the bottom. He?s coming from every angle hitting every spot on the inside of Ann?s pussy. I can see that she?s getting into it.

By now only two of the ladies are left, Ann and Linda. Linda is done?she has moved over to the other room and closed the door. Many of the guys are gone also. Carl is putting on his clothes?so is Matt. There are still four of the guys watching the action though. They are all standing around the bed stroking their cocks. While Ann is getting into fucking Will, I can see that she has no interest in anyone else joining. The guys seem to sense this also. Ann is really starting to get into the groove again. She takes the drawn up leg and lifts it over Will?s head so that she is facing him. She then pulls the other leg out from under him and puts them both on his shoulders. Her feet are almost up over her head she?s bent back so far. This really gives Will great access to her pussy and he starts to pounding her pretty good. His cock is only average, not like Carl?s, but he knows how to work it. He?s still working the different angles and Ann is responding. She?s moaning loudly and started to get verbal again. ?Oh fuck yeah! Your cock is so good! You?re fucking me so good!? I realize I?ve got my cock in my hand now and am getting hard again. As Will is fucking her there are now five of us standing around the bed stroking our cocks. I hear the door from the other room open and Linda walks in. All the noise had drawn her. She makes it obvious that she wants no attention from the guys but crawls into the bad and kind of wraps herself around Ann, getting a front row seat.

As soon as Linda climbs into the bed, Will pulls his cock out and stroking it shoots his load all over Ann, from pussy to neck. A few seconds later one of the guys, I realize it?s Matt1, shoots a nice load across Linda and Ann?s tits. Over the next five minutes all of the guys poured hot jizz over the two ladies. One actually took off Ann?s shoes and finished with her feet, shooting his load all over them. When the last of us had finished the ladies turned towards each other and began kissing. They then started licking each others bodies, cleaning up all the drops and strings of man cum. It was the perfect ending to an awesome night!

Looking back?still can?t believe it! Ann?s first gang bang included so many other firsts?a fantasy cum true. It was the first time Ann had ever been with a black man?actually, make that four?or was it five! It was the first time she had ever squirted! Her first time air tight! What a fucking great night. We haven?t been to another one yet but gang bangs are definitely on our list of things to do! Probably won?t be long till we try another. It?s definitely going to have a lot to live up to though!

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