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All Tied Up (Terri Fulfills another Fantasy)

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Terri always had a fantasy of being tied up, helpless and naked and in a place that people (men) would come by and see her in her situtation and see what they would do, untie her and help her or take advantage of her. Well, we took a weekend and traveled to a place we knew of in North Georgia that had trails and paths that were fairly well traveled and took along some rope and heavy duty tent pegs and a couple other toys that we would use. We took the camera and I mounted it where I could see everything that went on and intervene if I had to. We found a clearing that was off a path that was just right for us. I mounted the camera about 4 or 5 feet off the ground in the bushes and then we lined up a blanket in the middle of the field of view. Terri stripped and I tied her spread out naked on the blanket. There was enough shade so that she would not get sun burned and we were sure the path was traveled enough so that there would be a good chance of fun. I stayed out of sight and in a position that I could tell her if someone was coming down the path. I was watching when our first guy came along, I signaled her and she began moaning and begging for someone to help her. The guy turned aside and came to the clearing and saw her. Please, help me she moaned. Please. What happened lady he asked her. My husband tied me here and he said he was leaveing me here all day. I have been r*ped by 3 men already, please help me. He stood there looking her over then dropped his pants, Make that 4 lady he said as he mounted her. He pumped her fast and shot his load and got up. Oh please don't leave me she begged. He did just that and walked on. Terri whispered that that had just made her hotter. A little while passed and two guys and a girl came up the path, she began her moaning. Oh please, please help me. These looked to be in their early 20s and stopped. The girl looked nervous but the two guys were interested and moved closer. ONe got on the blanket and began stroking Terri's titties. Man these are huge he said licking his lips. Please she moaned, help me, let me up. Maybe we should the girl said. No, I don't think so the other guy said, his cock getting harder. Please, I have been r*ped and need help. The guys looked at each other and soon dropped their pants. The girl stood there watching not knowing what to do. Soon two hard cocks were pounding Terri deep. They both filled her pussy then one guy got by her head, Suck this for me he demanded getting into the bondage of the event. She refused and he forced his cock into her mouth and she sucked it till he filled her mouth. Now she began pretending to cry..PLease help me, don't leave me please. Lets go tell the others what is here one guy said. Yeh, lets do it. They disappeared and went back down the trail. Soon 6 other guys came back, all athletic looking, tanned and ready to help Terri. They dropped their shorts and pants and one after another dropped between her legs filling her with cum. The more she begged the more they all seemed to get excited and fucked her again and again. Several forced her to suck them off, making her swaloow their loads. After about an hour they got up one at a time and left. Terri was in heaven, her pussy being used hard and rough. Being forced to do what she enjoyed doing. After a little while 4 men came up the trail looking around as if expecting to find her. Sure enough, there she is one said as he came to the clearing. What happened lady. Please help me she begged again and again. What happened, how did you get here. My husband did this to punish me. What for lady he said. Because I would not have sex whith him whenever he wanted it and I could not suck his cock off.Well, lady, guess what you are going to do. Oh no please, help me let me up, untie me she moaned as his cock disappeared into her pussy and another in her mouth. Suck it lady, suck it good. Her hips betrayed her real feelings and one said, Hey guys, she is fucking me back. check it out. Her hips were thrusting up to meet his and her words had become, oh yes, fuck me please fuck me. Now they really began pounding her pussy hard. Then one said, I want her ass, untie her and turn her over and they did. Her ass in the air as she moved so they had the best aim at it. She took all of them again and her ass was filled with cum. After that was over they laid her on her back again and tied her down again. Well lady, hope you can handle the rest of the day. Another couple came up the path and passed by as if scared and then later a group of campers passed by. It looked as if that might be all for the day when a group came up the path, men and women. Damn check it out. Looks like a pussy stop one guy said. Without any other words he dropped on his knees and fucked her and filled her again. Then one after another did the same. Someone untied her and now she was a willing participent in the orgy. Cock after cock went in her pussy her mouth and ass, each one filling her. We don't know how many fucked her that day but the film was good. The only problem is that when she watches the film she wants to go do it again. Some time later I arranged for men to cum to the apartment in shifts sort of. 4 at a time all night. Each group doing all they wanted to and Terri having orgasm after orgasm. Now almost anywhere she went if she disappeared I knew she would return with a pussy or mouth full of cum.

Pages: 1

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