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Wife First Bi Experience

We finally deceided to attempt to fill her first female sex experince, and had a lot of difficutly getting it done without involving another male in some touching capacity which we were not ready for.

Finally we were referred to a Lady, Pat who loved to swing, and was agressively Bi, and her husband did not partricipte as he disabled.

Arriving at the door a neat home in Oak Lawn, were were greeted, exchanged pleasntries, and then Pat, asked jen if she wanted to get it on....Nervously Yes..

Blankets laid on floor of recroom and the ladys sat, and sharted kissing and hugging and gently exploring each other, and then Pat said lets get these clothes off, and they stopped when both were in nylons, garters and bra..

Hot..Pat said to her husband, wow just we like them dressed, and they went and continued exploring and licking and 69, and dildo 1/2 hour or more' Jen opened my pants, and was pushed aside by pat who gave me a BJ while jen orally serviced her butt...WILD...

Jen said later, it was almost exactly the same as if she had sex with another Man... Several climaxs, Maybe next time

End of Story