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my sex life chap 4

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my sex life chapt 4

She looked back at me with cum dripping out of her mouth and told me she wanted to be on her back when I shot my load in her. So I pulled out and she laid on her back. I slid back inside her and fucked her long and hard. She grabbed me and moaned as she came. I wasnt far behind and filled her with what felt like a gallon of cum. This is how my sunday started!

Another girl, another fucking. Tom was a close friend, When his wife told him she wanted me to fuck her because she had heard from many girls I was good at fucking, she wanted some of my 11 inches, he set up the playtime; knowing I was only 15 yrs old at that time.

I started my sex life at 10, my babbysitter was watching dads porno movies when I got up to get a drink, & caught her! She begged me not to tell my dad, she would do anything I wanted! I had seen the movie a little, & said I wanted her to do what that girl was doing, and I wanted her to do it alot!, she took me over to the couch, pulled down my pj's, laid me on the couch, & started to play with my cock, she rubbed it, & kissed it, & it started to grow. when it was half way up she put him in her mouth, & sucked on him, she used her tongue to lap around his head, & to suck him deliciously; she was only 13, but was good to me. I saw her hand in her panties, & told her to take them off, which she did fast, I could smell her scent, she dug her fingers in her pussy, & it was dripping. She could hardly get my full grown cock in her mouth now.

She told me to lay still, reached into my moms sewing box, & pulled out her measuring tape, & measured me from the bottom of my cock to the tip, telling me I was 7 inches long by 2 inches around, not bad for being only 10 yrs old. She went back to sucking me, as my body became excited, I could feel my insides getting hotter, I held onto her head as she stroked him faster, & faster. My cock increased in size just before he exploded in her mouth, she gagged a little, but did her best to swallow it all. She started to moan at the same time, & I watched her splash her cumm on the floor as I shot my load in her mouth.

After we were done she got up to get a warm wash cloth to clean me, her, & the floor of all the cumm marks. She sat down with my legs on her lap, & just stroked him as we talked; she told me I was her first blowjob, & asked me if she was any good? I told her yes she was ok, & held up my thumb to show her. She smiled, her playing with me made him harder again, & she asked me to lick her wet pussy, but wanted to go to my bed to do this. I followed her into my bedroom, knowing mom 7 dad were hours away. She got on the bed after shucking her clothes off, laid down, & spread her legs, showing me to lay in between them, then taking my head, she guided my lips to her wet opening. I licked a little to taste this new found scent, found it to be good, & became good at licking her. She sqirted her juices on my face & in mky mouth 3 times,before she brought me up to her face. I laid on her as my hard cock poked at her virgin vagina.

She kissed me & asked me to put my cock in her, I told her I never did this before, she then laid me down, & got on top of me, guided my cock into her pussy, & slowly pushed him to her virgin hymen. I felt the stopper, & asked if that was all she had, because I was bearly inside her? She was pumping him just to her hymen, then out again, she said shhh, & started to sit up pushing him in, & finally tearing the hymen in one stroke, she yellep, but kept getting higher, & higher untill she was sitting straight up, she started to fuck him royally, bouncing now as she dug her small nails into my chest. I could feel her bursting, & flooding my cock every 3 minutes, & this went on for almost an hour, then she said I should shoot too, so I started to buck upwards to her thrusts down on me, & I shot my 2nd load of the nite deeply in her pussy.

We were sweaty, & took a shower then together, she told me she was going to tell her best friends how good I was with her tonight, & I would have no problems with any girls in school anymore. She then got out & took a towel, & started to wipe me down, as she got to my cock she playfully sucked it again, & it started to grow again! She put me in bed, & I fell asleeo quickly. When mom & dad came home, mom came into my room to ck on me, then dad took her home.

While dad drove he asked kim if she enjoyed the movie! Kim thought to herself MY GOD, I FORGOT TO REMOVE IT! She told my dad she only watched a little, & not to tell her parents. Dad said only if you let me play with you anytime I want!

She said ok. dad turned the car into a dead end, pulled out his cock, & told her to suck him. She bent over the seat, & began to suck, & pump him into her mouth till he came. Then dad rolled her onto his cock, found her very wet already, & sat her down so she had his enormous 14 inch cock in her vagina. His size hurt her at first, but after a few pumps, she got very pleased with him inside her, & told him she would gladly fuck him anytime he wanted, as she came & came on his cock while jamming him up inside her. Dad filled her with his seed , & took her home.

Mom & dad were swingers, but I didnt know this till later in life, One day while I was in the shower mom waited outside. After I got out she dried me--then told me my manhood was nice to see, & feel, this made my cock jump & grow. Mom stroked him for a few minutes till he got hard, she asked me if that felt good, remembering kims words I said yes, she was smiling as she stroked him. Then she asked if she could kiss him? I of course said yes. She started to kiss him all over with her tongue. then she took me to her bed. She told me she was going to let me have a release for stress, little did she know about kim! She laid me on the bed, took my cock into her mouth & started to give me a great bj. All the while playing with her pussy, she kept licking her very wet fingers all the time too. As I grew in size, she slowly started to pump him al;l the way down her throat. I told her I was feeling funny, she took him out just long enuff to tell me im going to squirt now, & let her have it in her mouth, she then shoved it all the way down her throat, holding him at the base with her teeth as I unloaded my first load of my cum down her throat. mom was way better than kim too. Mom told me I should have this done by her 3 times a week from her, from now on. I said ok. I asked her if I could see her vagina? She laid on the bed, pulled up her dress, told me to go ahead & touch her vagina, lick on it, even put my fist in it! I did all that, I licked her good, i robbed it, then she said to pump my fist in her fast, & when I did she squirted all over my face & screamed my name! After she relaxed, she brought me up to her face & cooed, I will give her that weekly; I said yes mom


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