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It was close to two o'clock in the morning, and Amy Parker had been
driving for six hours across the rolling Texas prairie, heading toward
Dallas. It had been an hour since she passed the cities of Odessa and
Midland in the Permian Basin country, and now the headlights on the
interstate were the only visible signs of life.

She didn't like driving so late at night, but she had been one of the
presenters at the awards banquet after the sales conference, so she
had been at the head table and unable to sneak out until the dinner
was over. She was glad that she had taken the time to change into a
comfortable tube-top and gym shorts, because the air-conditioner in
her car wasn't working and the hot, dry air rushing in through the open
windows of her car did little to keep her cool. In her business suit she
would have been sweaty and miserable - as it was she was just
sweaty and a bit uncomfortable.

She saw the glow in the dark night sky behind the shadow of a hill
before she saw the actual signs and lights of the truckstop. Then she
was over the hilltop, headed down, and the truckstop was a bright
oasis above the off-ramp about a mile ahead of her. Suddenly she was
hungry, and she thought that a cup of coffee wouldn't be bad, either.
She signaled for the ramp, although there were no cars within sight in
her lane at the moment.

Amy parked her car outside the little truckstop diner, noticing as she
got out that there was only one tractor-trailer rig parked in the lot. She
smiled - at least the place wouldn't be too crowded. She hitched up the
front of her tube-top as she headed for the door, then tugged at the leg
of her shorts so they wouldn't be stuck to her ass quite so tightly when
she went inside.

The inside of the diner was lit with bright fluorescent overheads. She
looked around and saw that there was no one in the booths, and only
one man sitting at the counter. She opted for the counter, and sat
down a few stools away from the man.

He glanced at her and called out, "Hey, Joe, ya gotta customer."

Another man came out from a room behind the counter, smiling and
wiping his hands on a dish towel. "Sorry, Miss," he said to Amy. "I was
just back there getting some dishes done."

Amy smiled at him. "No problem, I just walked in. What all do you have
to eat at this time of night?"

Joe pointed to the menu board on the wall behind him. "Anything you
want offa there, I can fix it. We're not like Mickey-D's, where you can
only have breakfast when they think it is breakfast time. You want
some coffee?"

"Yes, please. And two eggs over easy, hash browns, and ham. Now
that you mention it, a little bit of breakfast sounds pretty good."

Joe poured her a cup of coffee, then went back to the kitchen, and
Amy turned to catch the other customer looking her over. He didn't
seem embarrassed at being caught - in fact, he just grinned and kept
on looking. Amy didn't mind a bit. She worked out at the gym in her
office building every day, and was proud of her body. If the man had
been an obvious scum-bucket, she would have felt differently about
being so openly ogled, but this guy's dark hair, tanned good looks, and
brawny build attracted her. She smiled back at him.

"Hi, I'm Amy."

"I'm Tom."

Amy stretched her arms forward, up, and back, giving Tom a good
look at the movement of her breasts, naked under the thin knit tube-top.
She knew without even looking that the air-conditioned chill of the
diner had hardened her nipples, although she expected that they
might have hardened anyway at the thoughts that were going through
her head, as she checked out the hunk who was checking her out.

"It sure is nice to get in here off of the road for awhile," Amy told him.

"I'm glad you chose this place to stop. What brings you through here?"

"Business trip. Big sales conference down in Las Cruces. You know."

"Oh, I see ... sales conference, eh? You stay pretty busy?"

"Um, yes, most of the time." His question seemed odd to her for some
reason, but Amy wasn't sure exactly why.

"Lots of those sales guys looking for a good time away from home, I'll

Then she had it. This guy thought she was a hooker, a prostitute! Well,
she thought, with the way she was dressed and with her nips sticking
out through her top, she probably looked the part. She almost giggled,
but choked it off into a sort of snort-gasp-cough.

"You OK?" Tom looked concerned.

Amy wondered idly whether he would catch her if she faked a swoon
and fell to the floor - after all, she could hardly be blamed for being
tired after a busy sales conference! She stifled another giggle.

"Oh, yes, I'm OK," she answered. "Just got a little bit of coffee down
the wrong way."

He nodded. "So where you headed now?"

"Dallas." She decided to tease him a little bit. "That's where I usually
work, when I'm not having to travel for these conventions and so forth."
Perfectly true, although not the way he would probably interpret it.

"Dallas." He rubbed his chin. "Big city gal, huh? You work on your own
there, or with one of those big-time operations?"

She grinned, wondering how long she could stretch out this little
game. "It's a pretty large, um, organization," she told him, "but I have a
lot of independence in what I do."

Just then Joe brought out Amy's food and refilled both of their coffee
cups. She smashed the eggs and stirred them into the hash-browns,
then ate a forkful and smiled at Joe. "Delicious," she told him. He
smiled back, then turned and went back to the kitchen, leaving Amy
and Tom alone at the counter. Amy started cutting her ham into bite-
size pieces to eat along with the eggs and potatoes.

She looked back at Tom, who was just sitting and watching her eat.
She wondered if he was getting up his nerve to ask the price of a lay.

"Are you, uh, working now, or just traveling?" he asked.

Amy chewed that over with her food, then swallowed. "Just traveling,"
she told him. "But like I said, I'm pretty independent. I can work
whenever I choose." She carefully looked down and away from him.
"Anytime I get an offer I like - you know how it is." She stretched again,
twisting her body from side to side to work out the travel kinks and give
Tom another good look at her tits.

She turned back and saw him counting through his wallet. He noticed
her looking and covered up by taking out money to pay for his meal.

When she finished her own food, Joe came out again and she paid
him and left a good tip. Then she stood up and did some leg
stretches. She put one foot up on the stool she'd been sitting on, and
bent down to grasp her toes and touch her chin to her knee. She was
looking straight down her leg at Tom, knowing that he could probably
see right up the leg of her shorts to her panties, as well as down the
front of her tube-top into her cleavage.

She decided to tease him just a little bit more. "I guess I'm ready to get
on my way ... unless there is any reason you know of not to leave just

He clearly recognized that as a challenge. "How does a hundred
dollars sound?"

She looked at him closely and saw the desire in his eyes, and the
apprehension that all the money he had might not be enough to buy
her favors. She looked him up and down - he was big, and good-
looking, and seemed clean, and ... what the hell, he was horny, she
was horny - she decided to go ahead with it.

"Sounds pretty good to me, since I'm just traveling and not really


They went out to his truck, and Tom showed her the sleeper
compartment mounted behind the cab. He helped her climb in,
switched on a small reading-light, and they sat together on the tiny
bunk. Amy wondered if he would tell her what he wanted her to do, or
would just expect her to give him "the usual".

She had heard that most hookers didn't like to kiss on the mouth, but
she was yearning to kiss him. She settled for leaning over against him
and kissing his neck instead. He put his hands on her waist and pulled
her closer, squashing her breasts against his ribs. She put one arm
around his waist, and with the other began to unbutton his shirt, one-
handed. She kissed her way down his neck to his chest. He hardly
had any chest hair, so she was able to freely lick and nibble his flesh.

When she had his shirt unbuttoned, she undid his belt, then the fly of
his jeans. She could feel the hard bulge of his prick through his cotton
briefs, and deliberately drew her fingers across it as lightly as she
could, making him press upwards against her hands to maintain the

She pulled away and slid down to kneel on the floor by the bed, pulling
off his boots and working his jeans down over his hips and then off.
She gently stroked his cock and balls with both hands, still touching it
through the thin briefs.

Then she stood and with one motion pulled her tube-top down around
her waist, baring her magnificent breasts. She moved to straddle his
lap, and pulled his head down so that his face was between her
boobs. He took the hint and began to lick and then suck her nipples.
His hands rose to hold and squeeze her tits while he sucked.

"Oh, yesss," she groaned, bumping and rubbing her pubic mound
against his washboard stomach.

Tom looked up at her and his voice was husky, "I want to fuck you
now." He grasped the waistband of her shorts on both sides and
pulled them down, along with her panties, over her hips and down her
legs until she could step out of them.

Amy pushed her tube-top down and off also, and stood naked before
him. "Take off the briefs, stud - or do you want me to do it?"

"You do it." He stood to make it easier for her.

She knelt again, reaching up to slowly, slowly, pull his briefs down
over the bulge of his erection. It sprang free and waved in front of her
face. She pulled the briefs all the way down and Tom kicked them off,
then stood silently. Amy reached up again, with both hands, to hold
and stroke Tom's long, thick organ. She cupped his balls in one hand
while pumping his shaft with the other, and leaned close to plant a kiss
on the tip. She opened her lips just enough to let him feel her tongue
on the bulbous head of his cock, then licked slowly up and down the
shaft. She was just preparing to try taking his cock into her mouth,
wondering if she could even suck one so large, when he patted her

"Get up, babe. That's real good, but I think I'm hard enough already,
and I want to get inside that hundred dollar pussy of yours."

She had almost forgotten that she was supposed to be a hooker. She
got obediently to her feet and knelt on the bunk, her back to him and
both hands up against the wall. She looked back over her shoulder at

"How do you want me?" she asked, wondering if he would take her
"hundred dollar pussy" or her ass. Men always seemed to want to do
her anally, which was not her favorite way, but she reminded herself
that she was just a hooker and that she had to do whatever he wanted.
She wiggled her shapely ass at him, glad that she had never shirked
her Stairmaster workout.

"That looks just fine right there," he told her, resting one hand on her
waist as the other quested between her legs for the wetness of her
cunt. He slid two fingers into her, and she squeezed them just to show
him that she could - she never shirked her Kegel exercises, either.
"Geez, you are wet - and tight, too." He stood behind her and guided
the head of his dick into the opening of her cunt, then grasped her
waist with both hands as he began to drive it into her. One push, two,
three, and he was buried in her all the way, her extreme wetness
making it an easy entry.

Amy gasped as Tom's cock filled her pussy like it had never been
filled before. Not even that beefcake lifeguard she had fucked one
summer had filled her cunt like this, and he had been hung like a
horse. Then Tom began to thrust, moving his big prick in and out of
her, his hard abdominal muscles bumping against her ass with each
stroke. He moved his hands up and around to hold her breasts,
teasing her nipples with his thumbs.

"Oh, God, that's so good," Amy moaned, wondering if whores were
allowed to voice their pleasure. "Fuck me harder!"

Tom obliged by speeding up his pace, pulling his cock almost out and
then slamming it back in again. Amy slumped down so that her face
was on the bed, her ass high in the air. She reached back with one
hand to stroke her clit, feeling the orgasm coming closer and closer,
and then it came and she cried out as her pussy spasmed around
Tom's thrusting prick, "Oh yes, oh yes, I'm coming, oh that is so
good." Tom kept right on fucking her as she hit her peak and came
down, then slowed his thrusts and finally pulled out of her.

She caught her breath and looked back. Now he would want to do her
ass. They always did. She grimaced at the thought - but then her
pussy was still creaming from the great fucking he had given her, so
maybe it would be worth it.

"I want to come in your mouth," Tom mumbled, as if ashamed to ask.

"Oh yes," said Amy, turning back to face him, glad that she wouldn't
have to take his big prick up her ass.

Tom sat on the bunk while Amy slipped to the floor and again took
hold of his tool with both hands. She licked all around the head, then
up and down the shaft, enjoying the taste of her own juices on him.
Finally she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his bulging
cockhead, bobbing her head up and down as she licked and sucked
that sensitive knob. She opened her lips as wide as she could and
tried to work more of his cock into her mouth, but could only get about
half of it in before the tip hit the back of her mouth, and there was no
way she was going to try throating that monster. She backed off a little
bit to give herself room to work, and bobbing her head up and down
over as much of his cock as she could take, licking her way down and
then sucking hard as she drew her lips back again. She let some
saliva dribble down his shaft, and with that lubricant she pumped him
with both hands, jerking him off into her mouth.

It didn't take much of this treatment before Tom was breathing hard
and gasping out, "Here it comes!" as he pumped a full load of jism into
her mouth. Amy swallowed quickly, and then again as another jet of
come followed the first. The third gush was more than she could
handle, and a big glob escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin.
Amy continued pumping Tom's cock with her hands until she had
milked out the last of his semen, swallowing every drop, then wiped
the come from her face and licked it off of her fingers. Then Tom
collapsed backwards on the bed, literally drained, and Amy
contentedly rested her head on his thigh.

After awhile he started to get up, but she pushed him back into the
bed and crawled in on top of him. She lay on his stomach, face down,
with her thighs pressing down on his softened prick and her tits
mashed down on his chest. Her face was only inches from his as she
smiled down at him.

"That was nice," she said. "Do you have to leave soon?"

"Ah, no, I've got until seven Ay Em before my mandatory rest stop is
over - but, ah, well, I don't think I can afford any more of ... well ... uh

He rolled to the side, almost toppling her to the floor, and dug his
wallet out of his pants.

"Here is the hundred dollars, but that's all I have. I'm plumb tapped
out. Not that I wouldn't mind a little more time with you, but I just plain
don't have the cash." He seemed relieved once he had finished making
the statement.

Amy took the money and looked at it, three twenties, three tens, and
two fives. About half an hour's consulting fee for her - probably a full
day's net earnings for him.

Tom spoke again. "How would I get in touch with you, uh, you know, if
I was passing through Dallas?"

"I'll give you my card." She leaned over to dig in her purse, pretending
to put the money away as she dug a business card from her
pocketbook. She tucked both money and card into the pocket of his
shirt. Wouldn't he be surprised when he dug them out and learned
that she was an Assistant Vice President of Marketing at one of the
biggest sales consulting firms in Dallas?

Then she snuggled up against him, wiggling her hips and feeling his
cock throb in response against her thighs. She leaned forward to kiss
his cheek, then the corner of his mouth, then square on his lips.

"Let's just say the rest of the night is on me - although I don't mind
being on top, if that's what you want."

End of Story

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