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The Club

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Getting out of our car in the parking lot, we could faintly hear music coming from inside the building. We had not been here before and were not sure what to expect once we entered. We had known couples in the lifestyle, but had not had any exposure to it ourselves.

Once in the building we got escorted around inside, the manager showed us all of the rooms while explaining the house rules. I felt awkward during the tour, as if all eyes were upon me. It was as if I had a big ?newbie? sign pinned to my back.

The dance floor contained a couple of poles but only a few people were dancing. The pool room was full and the bar area was a whirlwind of activity. It looked similar to other bars we had frequented except that each room contained a television screen which showed porno movies.

The tour was finished and we took our drinks and sat at a table in the bar area. A few people said hello as we made our way through the room. We felt more comfortable now that the tour was over. We didn?t speak much as we watched the activity around us; I think we were both a bit overwhelmed with the whole scene.

At the table beside us were two couples, the women were kissing passionately while the men watched. They seemed oblivious the rest of the people and I felt myself becoming aroused as I watched them. I had never had an experience with a woman before and wasn?t comfortable with the feelings I was having.

At the other end of the bar was a group of people doing shots and talking loudly. At the table beside them were two single men, not talking, watching the tv screen. It was an interesting mix of people.

A while later I headed towards the bathroom, feeling slightly lightheaded from the drinks. While in the stall I heard women moaning, I could see their entangled legs beneath the door. I didn?t know if I should go out or stay in until they were finished. Again I felt aroused ? and tried to look at them through the crack in the door. I reached inside my blouse and touched my breast inside my bra. My nipple immediately hardened and I pinched it out of instinct. With my other hand I reached up under my skirt and touched myself through my panties. I rubbed myself more and instantly became wet. Their bodies occasionally knocked against my door which turned me on that much more. I leaned against the stall door, my hands still feeling my own body. My pussy throbbed and I let out a slight moan as I inserted two fingers deeply inside the wetness. My fingers slid in easily and I knew I was close to cumming. Apparently the gals heard my moan because they asked me to come out. Putting myself together I opened the door and walked out, not sure what to expect.

The brunette instantly led me towards the wall and put her mouth on mine, her tongue probing my mouth open. I kissed back and found myself taking hold of her hair, pulling her in deeper to me. The blonde came over and I felt her hand go inside my shirt. I moaned again and practically melted beneath her touch. Her touch was different from a man ? her hands soft and fingernails gently scr*ped against my skin. The kiss continued and my tongue played with her tongue ring as I took in her perfumed scent. A hand went under my skirt and I parted my legs allowing her access. I felt my panties being pulled down and felt myself weaken with anticipation. A moment later I felt a tongue licking my pussy, her tongue teasing my clit. I reached inside her shirt and felt her hard nipples against my hand. I squeezed her breasts and lowered my head to the erect nipples. Licking and sucking her breasts, I shuddered as fingers pulsed in and out of me. I was going to cum and knew I couldn?t hold back much longer. We kissed again and I reached up her skirt, where I was pleasantly surprised to find her with no underwear, and pussy wet. My fingers immediately went to her clit and I felt her body shift to my touch. She moaned and told me she was going to cum. As I felt myself let go, my hand became soaked from her cumming. She continued to lick my pussy as I came a couple of more times. A moment later all three of us exchanged kisses and they each disappeared into a stall. I washed my hands, freshened up and went back into the bar.

I didn?t know how long I had been gone but he smiled at me when I sat at the table ? as if knowing the secret I had not yet shared. I kissed him and pulled my stool closer to him, putting my hand on his thigh when I sat down. We did a shot and he guided my hand to his crotch, where I could feel his erection. He asked if I wanted to go upstairs to the sofa and I agreed.

We carried our drinks up the stairs and one of the three sofa?s was empty ? the two single guys who had been at the bar earlier were each on a sofa still watching the porno. I was oblivious to them and was anxious to give that erection some attention. We sat down and I unzipped his pants, reaching my hand around his cock. It hardened more with my touch and I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him right then. He said yes and reached under my skirt, pulling my underwear to the ground. I straddled him, guiding his hard cock into me. I was still wet from my previous encounter and my pussy eagerly took him in. He had a grip on my head as I slid my body up and down on him. He groaned and I told him not to come yet. I lifted my body away ? to make him last longer ? only to find the two men from the sofa?s watching us. I asked if they wanted to join in and they said yes.

Things happened quickly but within moments I was sucking my guys cock while being fucked doggy style by another. Another guy was fondling my breasts and fingering my clit. I felt myself cum but knew I was far from being finished. When I came, my guy let loose and he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and rubbed his pulsing cock against my lips. A minute later there was another hard cock in my mouth and I was being fucked hard. My guy was coaching (for lack of a better word) the other men and all of us continued shifting positions, some sucking, some fucking, but everyone doing something. While in the doggy style position again I heard him say he was going to cum; I told him to fill me up and he emptied himself into me. I came at the same time and felt his cock pulsate inside me.

Breaking the silence in the car I asked if he was ok with everything that had happened. He reached over, took my hand, kissed it, and said ?hell yes.?

From that moment on we were hooked on the lifestyle. We?ve frequented the club and met many new friends. I have had more bisexual experiences and we have loved living out our sexual fantasies together.

Swinging ? you either get it or you don?t. It?s not a fix for a broken relationship but it?s one hell of a ride if you want to enhance something that?s already good!

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