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The Adult Bookstore

My crazy boyfriend and I had just broken up and I was feeling horny, so I headed to the adult bookstore that we had occasionally visited. I climbed the stairs to the booths and I chose a booth that I knew had a window on one side and a gloryhole on the other. I put money in the slot and I lifted my dress and began watching the movie. Within a minute a small dick (3 in)came through the hole. I said- what the heck and I began to suck it- he came within two minutes. He was quickly replaced by a slightly larger dick (6 in). I remembered the window and I pressed the button to raise the curtain- the guy on that side showed me his dick (probably 5 in)- he jerked off while I sucked the other guy. He too came fast. The next guy was also about 6 in, but thick. He was fun to suck because he lasted a long time- his cum dribbled out of my mouth and onto my dress.

There was a new guy behing the glass and he was huge- I wanted him. I signled for him to meet me in the hallway. When we got out- we I led him to the big booth in the back and began to suck him. I then laid down on the bench and I begged him to fuck me- which he did- he pulled out when he came and he shot it on my face- I left then and went to the car with cum on my face- I had an adventure at a rest area on the way home- I write about that later.

End of Story