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The 32 year old Virgin

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My husband Stephen and I have been swinging a little over two years. He spent a good four or five years slowly talking me into it. I wasn?t into the idea at first, but as he would coax and tease me about it more and more over time, I became curious and then finally very interested in trying it. We started out doing MFM threesomes and I was amazed at how hot it got me. We 'graduated' to other couples after a few months and things have been very fun from there.

Swinging has never been a 'lifestyle' for us? it?s been more of a ?hobby? per say. No one in our 'regular' lives know we swing and that?s how we want to keep it, but one night something brought those separate lives together.

My husband has a friend named Sean. Sean is a sweet and quiet guy who has had very little luck on the dating front. He?s not a bad looking guy and he makes a nice living as the owner of his own business, but Sean is very, VERY, shy and nervous around women. He?s been on dating websites, speed dating nights, blind dates, set-ups? you name it. However, nothing has really worked.

It was at the wedding of a mutual friend that the subject of sex came up at the wedding party table. My husband and Sean were ushers and the champagne and alcohol was freely flowing when one of the bridesmaids blurted out that she had lost her virginity at the age of 15. That started a round-robin where everyone had to admit the age they lost their virginity at. When it came to me, I mentioned that I had lost my virginity at the age of 18 to my husband (who I was dating at the time). So far I was the one who waited the longest. The average age seemed to be 15/16 years old (although one of the girls admitted she gave her 18 year old babysitter a blow job when she was just 13!). When it got to Sean, he turned beet red. Some of the others at the table kept pressing him, but he was saved by the announcement of the Bride?s dance with her father. The subject was forgotten for the moment.

At the end of the night, a bunch of us wound up at a bar, continuing the party atmosphere. I was at a table with my husband Sean, one of the other ushers named Brett and one of the Bridesmaids named Tina. Brett, who was a very close friend to my husband and Sean, kept pestering Sean about the age he lost his virginity. Sean kept declining to answer. Finally, Tina dragged Brett up to dance with her and Sean headed to the bathroom. I looked at my husband and asked him about it.

"Why do you think Sean doesn?t want to answer?" I asked.

He just looked at me and arched an eyebrow.

"Why do you think?" he replied.

"Well, I don?t know unless he nev-" I broke off understanding what the reason was. "Oh shit... Sean?s still a virgin... isn?t he?"

"As far as I know, yes." Stephen replied. ?Now you can see why he might not want to admit that."

"Oh God Steve? we?ve got to get him laid!" I blurted out.

"We?ve tried my love, we?ve tried." he told me. "But Sean will not go to an escort and doesn?t feel comfortable enough to just fuck someone we set him up with. You know how he is around women."

"So find someone he could be comfortable with." I said. "Don?t we know ANYONE from SLS or the swing club we could hook him up with?"

"We might." Steve said. "But getting Sean to do it is another story."

Sean was on the way back to the table so we stopped the conversation. After a few minutes Tina and Brett came back to the table and got everyone to do a few shots except for Stephen, who was driving that night. I then jumped up and grabbed Sean?s hand.

"C?mon Sean, come dance with me." I insisted.

We went up to the dance floor and danced a little. A slower song came on and Sean looked ready to head back to the table.

"Oh no, you have to dance with me to this." I said. "I love this song."

"Ok." he said, but his vice sounded a little doubtful.

During the dance I felt why he was hesitant to slow dance. I pressed against him at one point and could feel his cock hardening against me. Sean was clearly embarrassed but I leaned closer and whispered into his ear that he shouldn?t worry and that every guy I knew got a little exited during a slow dance.

He looked at me and smiled and relaxed a little. Being a little drunk I made sure to brush against his cock a few times and even pressed my breasts a little harder into him. He managed to keep his composure, but I could tell it was affecting him.

Now what happened next was partly a result of the amount of alcohol I had consumed? but was also because I was just in a bit of a wild mood after a fun evening.

Everyone was basically on the way out when I whispered into Stephen?s ear that I was way too drunk to drive, and that I thought maybe Sean was a little too impaired also and we should drive him home. He nodded and talked to Sean who did not argue.

When we got to Sean?s we asked if we wanted to come in for a little bit. We knew we had plenty of time with the babysitter who was watching our kids and I told Stephen I wanted another drink. We all went in and Sean hit the bathroom. Stephen looked at me with a knowing glance.

"Tell me you?re thinking of doing what I think you?re thinking of." he said.

"I am." I admitted. ?He?s drunk. I?m drunk. He?s 32 years old and need to get laid.?

"You realize we?re crossing ?the line?... right?" Stephen said. "Mixing our ?separate? lives?"

"Yes, but I think we?ll be able to trust Sean with it." I said.

Stephen nodded. "I think so too, but getting Sean to do this might not be as easy as you think."

"Oh Stephen my love... trust me." I smiled. "He won?t know what hit him."

"Hit who?" Sean asked coming into the room. He had a bottle of tequila, which he knew was my drink of choice, in his hand and three shot glasses.

"I?m driving." Stephen said.

"Just have one." I said. "We?ll stay long enough for you to get over it."

He nodded and we all did a shot.

I kicked off my high heels and motioned to Sean. "Let?s have another."

He poured one for all three of us and we all did one more. Stephen said that was enough for him and sat back as Sean and I did two more each.

I settled back for a moment and smiled.

"I?m drunk and I?m hot." I said. "I need to get things panty hose off."

With that I leaned back more, reached up and peeled off my stockings. Sean?s eyes went wide. I had no panties on under the stockings. He was able to see when I hiked the dress up to grab onto the sides of the stockings.

I rolled them up and plopped them on the couch next to me.

"So Sean." I said. "You never answered the virginity question."

"Yeah... well..." Sean stammered.

"Don?t be embarrassed." I said, moving closer. "I?m honestly curious."

"ell..." he replied. "You see... well..."

I slid right next to him and put a hand on his thigh.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked.

"Well, I?ve done some stuff..." Sean said. His eyes looked like they were popping out. I put my hand on his chest, His heart was racing like it was going to explode. I looked into his lap and his hard on was quite evident. I slide my hand down his chest and rested in over his crotch.

"Have you done this?" I asked. Pushed him back and unzipped his pants. He started to say something but I shushed him reached into his open tuxedo pants. I pulled the fabric of his boxer shorts aside and his cock popped out.

"Oh my God, Alicia..." Sean started to say. "Steve... Shes... Oh God."

Before he could protest I lowered my head and took his cock into my mouth. He groaned and his body shook a little. I sucked the head and shaft for a moment and moved my head up and down, taking him in and out of my mouth. After a minute of this, I unbuckled his pants and slid them off along with his boxers. I slid my hand up and down over his cock very slowly and came up and kissed him. He was shaking.

"Relax Sean, its ok." I said. "Right Honey?"

"It?s ok Sean." Stephen said. "Just sit back and let he work her magic."

"I... I... I..." Sean was stuttering and had no idea what to do. I kissed him again and went back down on him. After another minute of sucking on his cock, I lifted my head and said ?Steve, unzip the back of my dress.?

Stephen got up and pulled down the zipper. I sat up and pulled the dress up over my head. All I had on now was my strapless bra. I got up and sat in Sean?s lap. Then I leaned forward and kissed him. Out of the side I could see Stephen going through my handbag. He pulled out a condom and whistled. I looked up and he tossed it to me. I opened the wrapper and shifted back a little? then started to roll the condom over Sean?s cock.

"Alicia I... I don?t... I mean..." Sean was totally flustered.

I got the condom on him and lifted back up and slide myself down until his cock was totally inside of me. I left out a moan and Sean convulsed. For a second I thought he came right then and there.

"You ok?" I asked.

He looked up at me and shook his head.

"I don?t know." he admitted. "I can?t believe you are doing this. I don?t know what to say or do."

I started to slowly move up and down. His cock stayed hard so I guess he hadn?t shot yet. As I rocked, carefully fucking him, I told him all about us being swingers and how I felt it was time that he had gotten laid.

I moved my hips back and forth for another few seconds when Sean groans ed went rigid.

"I... I... OH FUCK!" he threw his head back and this time I knew he was cumming.

He bucked up into me a few times then went slack. I smiled at him and kissed him deeply.

"I... I... shit. Sorry." he said.

"Why? Because you came?" I said. "So what? Guys who have been fucking for years come fast the first time. You need another go to really get into it anyway."

I lifted myself enough for his cock to come out of me and kissed him again.

"Now sit and watch and get your mojo back." I said. I then turned and motioned to my husband who came over to me. I undid his pants and pushed them and his underwear down and took his long, hard cock into my mouth. I was still sitting on Sean so he was kind of pinned down. I opened my eyes for a second and saw him watching intently.

I blew Stephen?s dick for about five minutes and got up off of Sean. I sat down next to him and spread my legs.

"Give it to me me." I told my husband. "Fuck me hard. HARD."

Stephen got on top of me a rammed his cock into my pussy. I gasped and almost screamed. He knew I loved it hard and fast and he obliged. He slammed in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me.

"Oh God, Fuck me Stephen, Fuck me hard!" I moaned. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

I looked over at Sean and saw he was already starting to get hard again.

"Go wash yourself off and come right back." I told Sean. He got up and almost ran into that bathroom. I think he didn?t want to miss anything.

Stephen laughed at me and slowed his rhythm down. "I cannot believe you just do it like that." he said.

"Hey, I didn?t give him the opportunity to back away." I said. "I think it?s working out fine."

Sean came back a few seconds later carrying a few towels. I reached back and up hooked my bra and let it fall away from my chest. My tits popped out, free from the constraint. Sean?s eyes bugged out again. I smiled, motioned for Sean to close closer and patted my hand on the couch next to me.

"Stand up on here." I said.

He did as I instructed and I leaned to the side enough to get his cock into my mouth. I used one hand on his balls and gave Sean head while my husband continued to pound my pussy.

Stephen?s body stiffened and I knew he was about to cum. He grabbed one of the towels and pulled out of me. I?m not always too keen of being cum on and I also think Stephen didn?t want any ?friendly fire? going Sean?s way. He moved over on the other side of me. I reached out and grabbed my husbands cock and started beating him off. It only took a few seconds and he came into the towel.

Stephen rolled off the coach onto the floor. Left let Sean?s dick fall out of my mouth and I laid onto my back. I then motioned for Sean to get on top of me. I only had the one condom in my bag and I knew Sean wouldn?t have any. I also knew he wasn?t going to give me any STDs also since this was his first time. Since I was on birth control it was safe to go bareback. The only reason I gave him a condom the first time around was to make it last a little longer.

I pulled Sean forward and took a hold of his cock.

"Come fuck me Sean." I whispered. He was totally under my spell for the moment and slide into me. I moaned with delight and wrapped my legs around his ass.

Sean pumped me and I whispered into his ear how big his cock was and how good it felt. I kissed him and dragged my nails up and down his back. His cock slid in and out of my pussy slowly. We fucked like that for a few minutes and I could tell he was getting close to cumming again.

"Where do you want to cum?" I asked him, looking him right in the eyes. "Tell me."

"I... I..." he stuttered.

"Tell me!" I demanded.

"O... on your tits!" he almost shouted.

"Then do it. Come all over my tits Sean." I breathed, wanting to make this the best experience I could for him. "Pull out and let me jerk you off all over my tits."

Sean?s breath was coming out hutched and he pulled out and moved off the coach a little, half standing half crouching. I slid down a little and took his cock into my hand and jerked him off. Within a few seconds cum came flying out and covered my chest and tits. He came a bucket load it seemed like. I moaned the whole time and Sean?s eyes took it all in. When he was done cumming he fell back. Stephen handed me another towel and I cleaned myself off.

"I don?t know what to say." Sean said staring at my nude body with obvious desire.

"You don?t have to say anything.? I said. ?Did you like it?"

?Oh God yes.? he replied. "Oh man. Thank you SO much."

"Oh you are VERY welcome." I said. "And this is our little secret."

"Yes!" Sean said. "Absolutely!"

I went into the bathroom to clean up. When I came out Sean and Stephen were dressed and Stephen was reassuring Sean it was all good. I smiled to myself. Little did either one know that I was going to get them to do something I had never done before myself. I wanted to try Double Penetration and I thought that Sean was the best one to try that with.

But I?ll wait to tell you and that until next time.

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