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True Stories

Merrian and I talked about our experience with Sara and Sam. It was a wild night.

I asked Merrian how she was doing with the swinging. Merrian said she was surprised at herself. I said me too. She said she had really had a good time, but was concerned about how I felt about her doing other man. I said you have surprised me as well. Mostly I am surprised that I am as ok with you fucking other men as I am. Actually it turns me on to watch you. Does that seem strange to you. Merrian said, well we are both doing it and there are no secrets or anything hidden. So I guess we are doing ok. Do you still love me and I laughed and said I will always love you no matter what. I love you to Jim.

So I guess for now at least we are swingers. She said yes we Are swingers.

I added that I thought that once a month should be our limit and she agreed that was a good idea, I had one other question. You and Sara had a wild time. Is that going to be part of our future. Merrian said I really liked that part and yes I would like to do it again. I said great as it had been one of the best times for me.

I was still talking to my friend Dan and telling him what we had been doing and he wanted us to get together again sometime and I said we will, but we had been busy and still had one more couple interested in meeting us and after that we would set a date to get together.

We had finally heard from the second couple from the ads we ads responded to last month, they were Bobby and Bobby. There letter had a phone number so I called.

Bobby lady answered the phone and said we had been wondering if you would call.

I said we had been a little busy but was glad we finally made the call. We talked for a while and I asked her how long they had been swinging and she said that they had met with one other couple. I asked how did it go. Bobby said it was different for sure and laughed and said we decided not to meet them again as they had been in the life style for several years and wanted us to swing that evening after just meeting them and we were not ready to move that fast.

I asked her if they were still interested and she said yes they were, but needed time to get to know people a little before anything was going to happen. I said understand that as it was our preference as well. I asked if they would like to meet for a drink. She said here let me give you my husband. Bobby guy said hi Jim how are you and I said great and you? We talked and we agreed that we would meet for a drink with no expectations.

We set a date for the weekend.

The next day Bobby guy called me back and wanted to talk. He asked how long we had been doing the swing thing and I told him a brief history. He said they had not been with another couple yet but were excited about the idea of swinging. I said we had been as well and were having a great time so far. I asked if swinging was his idea or both of you.

He said they had talked and both wanted to try it. I said lets meet and see how it goes.

We all met at the bar for a drink. It turns out they spelled their names different . Bobbie was they lady. They were obviously nervous and we were as well as meeting someone new was the most exciting part of swinging as we were discovering. Their ad had said that Bobbie was bi-curious. So Merrian was real curious what that meant. I said to Bobby lets let the girls talk, so we went over to the bar and left the ladies at the table. Both bobby(ies) were very attractive and so that wasn?t going to be any problem. She was slim and had small boobs like Merrian, he was my height and had a beard.

I asked was he really ok with the idea of his wife having sex with another man, as that is what we are talking about at some point along the way if we hit it off. He said as long as he didn?t have to watch her doing it. I said we preferred separate room as well, although I had watched Merrian with another man and found it a real turn on. Your ad said Bobbie was Bi-curious I asked? I said Merrian has been with another woman twice is all. He said that Bobbie had had a one time experience as a teenager and liked what happened and had been curious about it for several years, He said all they did was do some kissing and feeling each other up, and it had really turned her on at the time.

So I asked him what he thought of Merrian, and he said she is beautiful and I love the red hair. I said it is natural and maybe you will find that out one of these days and laughed. He said oh I will? and I said think about it. We rejoined the ladies. I asked Merrian to dance and asked her well what do you think. She said her and Bobbie had hit it off and she really liked her. I said Bobby seems like a nice guy as well. Shall we invite them over for dinner. She said sure. So we invited and they accepted.

They arrived and we offered them wine and had dinner. So we talked and I told them about our get to know each other spin the bottle game and were they interested. They were a little nervous but agreed it might be fun. The rules are that during the one minute alone you can do what ever you want or not do anything you do not want to do. They agreed. On the first spin Merrian landed on Bobbie and off they went. I told Bobby to relax and that he and Merrian would have fun as that was the goal. I said get to know her she will let you. He said oh ok.

Merrian told me that when her and Bobbie were alone she pulled her up close and gave her a long kiss. Bobbie was immediately turned on and kissed me back and soon our tongues were involved and we just kissed and kissed and than the minute was up. Bobbie said I have wanted to do that from when we first met.

The next spin I landed on Bobby and we left the girls alone and went into the other room.

I asked him if he understood that Merrian will fuck you if you want at so point. Probably not tonight as there will not be time, but you can play with her in other ways and she wants you to get her hot. He said oh ok.

We rejoined the ladies and I could tell they hadn?t been idle while were gone. I said no we didn?t do anything but talk and laughed, not into guys. Merrian said maybe you should try it sometime and I said no thanks, but you can if you want and we all laughed.

On the next spin Bobby landed on Merrian and off they went. I asked Bobbie how she was doing and she said I really like Merrian and I said Merrian really likes you as well, so you may have an exciting time with her one of these times and she said I hope so.

Merrian said that when he and Bobby were alone she became the aggressor as he seemed confused as to what to do, I kissed him and rubbed his cock through his pants and finally while we were kissing he played with my but and I could tell he was hard.

On the next spin I landed on Bobbie and when we were alone I kissed her and moved mt hand to her butt and pulled her in close and told her she really turned me on and I was looking forward to doing her someday if she would let me. She said oh, well you mean have sex and I laughed and said yes as that is what swinging is about.

On the next spin was for 5 minutes and Merrrian landed on Bobbie again and off they went. Merrian told me when they were alone the kissing started and I played with her butt and told her to play with mine and she did. We got hot and I laid her down and played with her boobs and she was so turned on and continued playing with my butt and all I wanted to do was get naked and eat her up, but not enough time. Before we returned she said that You had told her you wanted to do her. I said I am sure he does and I want to do Bobby and I really want to do you, you really make me hot. That is what swinging is, right? She said oh yes.

So my 5minutes with Bobbie was fun. I put my hands all over her. Slipped my hand up her skirt and got my finger alittle wet before she pulled away. Placed her hand on my cock through my pants and whispered that is for you sometime. She didn?t pull her hand away and felt my cock.

Next was Merrian and Bobby.

When we were alone I took my top off and he got excited and played with my boobs and I unzipped his pants and played with his cock.

He got real hard and played with my butt. I whispered in his ear I want to fuck you but there isn?t time now, But if we meet again we will fuck, would you like to fuck me?

He was a little shocked by what I was saying and the words I was using. He said yes I would. I realized I like to talk dirty sometimes.

That was it for the evening. After they left I asked Merrian do you think we will see them again and she yes I hope so because I really liked Bobbie.

I called them a couple of days later and asked how they were doing. Bobby said good and they had had a good time the other night and thanks for the patience we ha shown them.

Bobbie really likes Merrian and You as well. We were a little shocked at what happened as you probably could tell. I said yes. We were wondering if we had been to blunt. He said no it was just different than they had expected, but they had liked our honesty.

He said we talked and realized it had suddenly gotten real and did we really want to have sex outside our marriage. He paused and said we are sure we like you and Merrian and if we were, you would be the two for us. So we have decided if you would like to with us we will swing with you as long as it is in separate rooms. I said great ok with us. So I set a date to meet them at their house in a couple of weeks. I told Merrian, and all she said was I can?t wait to do her, I think she is hot. Merrian was no longer bi-curious.

We arrived at their home. They were obviously a little nervous, as this would be their first Full swing experience.

So we sat and talked and had some wine and it became obvious they had no idea how to start. I had brought a xxx movie and asked if they would like to watch it. They said sure.

So Bobby put the movie on and with the ladies in the middle and Bobby next to Merrian and me next to Bobbie we watched the movie. It wasn?t long before we were all turned on by the action in the movie. I had told Merrian that we would probably have to lead the way and would ask Bobbie to show me the house. Which meant I was going to be gone for a while and she and Bobby could do their thing and she could tell Bobby that we would be gone for awhile and that I was going to be doing his wife while he was doing mine.

So after the movie was over I asked Bobbie if I could see the rest of the house, and she said sure. I said after we were out of sight, that it wasn?t the house I wanted to see but her. She laughed and said I figured that out. So we went into the bedroom and I asked her if she was ok. She said yes and I asked you are willing and she said oh yes, I approached her unbuttoned her top and removed it, then her bra and then her skirt and finally her panties and she stood there naked. I said very nice, your are beautiful and I want to fuck you. Bobby told me that is what Merrian had said to Bobby the first time we met and we agreed that is what we are doing, fucking and I said yes it is and I am going to fuck you right now and she said I am going to fuck you right now. I got my clothes off and we got on the bed and I was inside her in a minute. She opened up to me and said umm feels good. I slow fucked her for awhile and she grabbed hold of me tight, kissing me hard and said cum and I felt her pussy tighten and she climaxed. I slowed down and allowed her to recover and she said wow wasn?t sure if I was going to be able to do that with you, but I am so turned on by this. I turned her over and mounted her from behind and rode her hard and she squealed and came again. She said wow I did it again. So we slowed down and she got on top and rode me in slow motion. She was a great fuck and I was getting close to my cum and told her, she said cum inside of me I love that and increased her pace in her ride and began kissing me and riding me hard and I told her her it cums and squirted inside her and she came again.

Merrian and Bobby

After you and Bobbie left I suggested we go into the other room. He was different this time and clealy had the intention to fuck me. He asked me if I could talk dirty to him again because it had really turned him on the other time. I said I want you to fuck me and lick me and I will suck you off before we are done as Jim is doing that to your wife and her to him. Jim is fucking your wife right now and he entered me at that moment. While I was talking to him he had removed my panties and had his cock out which I hadn?t noticed as I was maintaining eye contact with him while I was talking. I realized as he was trying to slip into me, that this guy was really big. Not in length but in with and I was having a problem allowing him in. I said wait and turned over and with my ass up in the air I said now and he managed to get inside me. Wow what a feeling. I felt filled up in a way as never before and came instantly. He continued fucking me and I was having a great time. He lasted a long time and I felt him tense and knew he was going to cum and pushed back on him and felt his balls slapping against my ass and he came and I came with him. We laid there nearly panting and he said thank you and I said no thank you.

Wow what a fuck that was.

Bobbie and Jim

Bobbie and I laid there after our cums and talked about her first swing experience. I told her she was wonderful and fun. She said they had decided if they were going to do this it only made sense to enjoy themselves or why bother. She said I had a great time with you thanks and I said me to and thanks as well.

We went back to the living room fully dressed and waited for Bobbie and Merrian to return. Soon they arrived. We had more wine and some finger food and just relaxed and recovering from the action.

Merrian and Bobbie

Merrian said ?Bobbie? hey why don?t you show me what you were showing Jim earlier as I haven?t seen everything and Bobbie laughed and said sure I would love to show you everything and off they went.

When we were alone I was already hot an went over to her and told her, I have been hot for you from when we first me and I want to do everything to you. Do you want me to tell you what I want to do? Bobbie said yes I want to know. I kissed her hard and put my hands on her ass and whispered in her ear, I want to undress you, I want to kiss and suck your boobs, I want play with your pussy and finger fuck you, I want to lay you on the bed and suck and lick your pussy until you cum in my mouth, That is what I want to do. Bobby said yes. So Merrian proceeded to fuck Bobbie and Bobbie let Merrian do what ever she wanted and Bobbie did cum in Merrian?s mouth twice and laid their panting.

Bobbie said I knew it would be like that and I have been wondering if it would ever happen and now it did. That was wonderful ?Merrian?.

She looked at me and said now my turn to do you. I know what to do now as you have just showed me.

She began giving me hot kisses and moved down to my boobs sucking and kissing them and slowly moved down to my pussy and slipped 2 fingers in and finger fucked me. I was so hot by this time I came on her fingers. She paused for awhile leaving her fingers in and allowed me to come down and than began to lick my pussy. She licked for a long time and I knew I would cum again soon. She turned me over and said raze up and I was on my knees fully exposed and she continued licking and sucking my pussy and I felt my cum approaching and began to jerk and wiggle my ass and started to cum and suddenly she moved her mouth and licked my ass and I crashed and burned and came as hard as I ever had in my life. No one had ever done that to me before. She had just rimmed me.

She told me afterwards that she did that for Bobby as he really got off on it and she liked doing it because she felt like a really ?bad girl? when she did it. I like being a bad girl.

I said I like you being a bad girl and you can be a bad girl with me anytime and we both laughed.

The end of the evening

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