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It was about 6 PM that Saturday night. Sally, my wife and I had just finished dinner. She went to the bedroom to shower and get ready for bed. I was cleaning up the kitchen when there was a knock on the door. I dried my hands and walked to the door. I looked out the peep hole and there stood Gary.

Gary had a sort of girl friend he sometimes visited who lived not to far from Sally and me. Either before or after seeing his friend, he would stop by our house for a short visit. Gary always had some crank with him when he came by. Needless to say I was always glad to see him.

Crank is one drug that Sally and I enjoyed. We didn’t have it very often, so when Gary did stop by Sally and I both enjoyed seeing him. I quickly finished the kitchen and Gary took a seat in the living room and filled his pipe.

Gary asked where Sally was as he melted down the crank. I told him she was in the shower and should be done any time. I heard the water turn off just as he handed me the pipe. I took a couple of big rips and yelled back to Sally that Gary was here.

Sally answered back, but I really didn’t understand her. I handed Gary back the pipe and fixed us both something to drink. I brought the drinks into the living room just as Sally came back from her shower dressed for bed.

Sally said she didn’t understand what I said when I yelled to her a minute or two earlier. I told her I said Gary was here. She saw Gary taking a hit on the pipe and sat down next to me on the couch. Dressed for bed, she had put on her pink teddy. I liked it because of the low cut in the front. It really showed off her tits and allowed for easy access.

Gary had seen Sally in many of Sally’s other outfits and she was fairly comfortable sitting on the couch with him in the room. Gary gave the pipe to Sally. She took a couple of hits and gave it back. She thought it was empty. Gary pulled out his bag and refilled the pipe. He then handed it back to her.

Sally took about three more hits and passed the pipe to me.

She got up from the couch and went into the bedroom to brush her hair. As she was leaving for the bedroom I asked her if she wanted something to drink. She said yes, so I went to the kitchen to fix her one and freshen up mine and Gary’s at the same time.

I handed Gary his refilled glass and asked him to take Sally’s drink to her. He got off the chair and walked down the hall to the bedroom with her glass. I took a hit from the pipe and decided to go back there as well.

When I walked into the bedroom Gary and Sally were talking. He was sitting on the bed while she was brushing her hair in the mirror above the dresser. I put my glass down on the end table and asked Gary if he wanted to see the latest photos I had taken.

I would take pictures of Sally in some of her different outfits and save them on my computer.

Gary and I went next door to my office and I turned the computer on. While was warming up when Sally walked in and started to protest. She said she knew Gary had seen her in some outfits, but told me I shouldn’t show him all my photos. Reluctantly I said OK and turned the computer off. We all then went back to the bedroom.

I handed Gary the pipe and he filled it again. After taking a couple of hits he gave it to Sally. She needed a lighter and Gary handed her his to use. She took two or three more hits off the pipe. I could tell Sally was starting to loosen up a little just from the way she spoke and moved about.

Sally, who was now 43, let me take some photos of the two of us together. Usually when she had on an outfit I liked. They never turned out as well as I planned. I either took the photos in a reflection from a mirror, or set the timer on the camera. The ones from the mirror always had a flaw. With the timer set on the camera the pictures were better. At 55 I really didn’t like the way I looked in the pictures next to Sally.

Sally passed the pipe to me and I had another hit. I had mentioned a couple of times to Sally we needed another person to photograph us together. At least that way the pictures would be decent. I handed Gary the pipe and took a drink from my glass. She had never agreed to letting another person take the pictures, but then I never asked her, just mentioned it in passing.

I decided now was the time. As Gary passed his pipe to Sally so she could take another hit I asked her. I said something about maybe having Gary take a couple of photos of us. I added maybe then I could finally get the shots I liked. Sally didn’t answer for a second as she drew the crank into her lungs. When she exhaled she said she supposed it would be ok, but he was not allowed take anything sexual.

Her answer caught me by surprise. I never expected her to say yes to anything like that, ever! I just about ran to my office to get the camera. I noticed my cock was getting excited. I guess the thought of Gary taking some photos of Sally and I got me excited. It felt fairly good.

I took off my shirt and stood next to Sally with my arm around her. Gary started by taking pictures as we moved in different poses. When I reviewed the photos I didn’t like any of them. I guess I was just too much out of shape for the pictures to be appealing.

I was disappointed to say the least. I asked if anyone wanted another drink and went to the kitchen to fill them a third time. When I returned Gary had filled the pipe again and was taking a hit. I gave Sally her glass at the same time as Gary gave her the pipe. As she took a hit I asked if Gary would mind standing in for me and I would take a couple of photos. I figured they would turn out much better as he was younger (about Sally’s age) and in better shape.

I waited for Sally to refute my idea but she never did. Instead she gave me the pipe after taking about three hits. She took Gary by the hand and asked if I was ready. I picked up the camera and asked Gary to take off his shirt and put his arm around Sally.

I took three or four photos with Gary and her in that position. I took a quick break and check out the pictures. They were much better than I had expected. I wanted to take some more. I transferred the pictures to my computer and came back into the bedroom. As I got set to take some more pictures, I noticed Sally’s left strap had fallen off her shoulder. I don’t know if she realized it or not. By now she was really flying high from all the crank and more than likely didn’t care anyway.

Once again I asked Gary to put his arm around Sally. This time I asked him to stand on her right side. By standing there with his arm over her shoulder he was almost resting his palm on the left tit. It was a great photo. I felt my cock twinge as I asked Gary to move behind Sally. I almost ordered Gary to reach around Sally and put his hand on her left tit. He moved really fast and I took the photo before Sally had a chance to react one way or the other.

I could tell Sally was caught off guard. Yet at the same time her nipple got hard and reacted all by itself. It looked as if she got off on Gary feeling her tit! I suggested she change into a different outfit and I would take a few more pictures. She took a big hit from the pipe and asked which outfit I thought she should put on.

I suggested the tan short sleeve see thru top I had purchased for her a couple of weeks earlier. Sally got a funny look on her face but she said OK and went to put it on. When she came out I couldn’t believe how hot she looked. I really was a knock out top. By the expression on Gary’s face, he liked it too!

Sally’s top was about as sheer as could be with little off white designs. The designs didn’t do much to cover her nipples or tits. She might as well have been topless, and she said so. Now my cock started to really press against my pants. I moved Gary and Sally into a little better light so I could capture the full effect of her sheer top and started to take pictures.

I took two photos and asked Gary to move behind her again. This time he was to use his right hand to reach around Sally and grab hold of her left tit. I saw Sally start to move, but then she stopped and let him reach around and take hold of her tit. I told them to hang on a moment. I wanted to put in a new battery. Gary’s hand never left her tit as I opened the camera and then replaced the battery. In fact, I thought he began to play with her tit a little. I took the photo.

For a moment there was just silence, then I broke in and asked Gary to do something else. I said that we had been ignoring Sally’s right tit. He needed to lower her top until the right tit came free and then grab hold of it for the next picture.

I heard Sally let out a slight gasp, but she remained in position while Gary lowered her top and reach around to her tit.

By not Sally’s nipple had really wrinkled up and she could no longer restrain her excitement. She asked Gary to refill the pipe one more time so she could have another hit. While she took a couple of hits I found another outfit for her to change in to. This time I chose a white night gown having a medium low cut and a heart just below the neckline.

This one had more “class” the previous two and I knew Sally would like it better. She came back out just as Gary and I were finishing off the pipe. I took a couple more pictures, then I asked them both to get on the bed and kneel facing each other. I went into the office and saved my photos from the second outfit to the computer.

When I returned, Gary and Sally were still facing each other, only Gary’s pants were off and Sally’s night gown was pulled down around her waist. Gary’s dick was at full attention and his hand was just approaching her tit as they began kissing.

I don’t believe they saw me enter the room, but I started taking photos right away. It was a very erotic scene as Gary began playing with Sally’s tits and she reached for his cock and started stroking it.

It took Gary no time at all to finish slipping off Sally’s night gown and pull her on top of him. He began to rub and suck on Sally’s tits as she continued stroking his cock. Mine was straining to get out!

I kept taking pictures as they were playing with each other. Gary then reached for Sally’s shoulders and sort of eased her down his chest. She kept stroking his cock and kissing his nipples and stomach as she inched lower and lower. Finally I guess Sally couldn’t stand it any longer. She took hold of Gary’s cock and forced it down her throat as far as she could all the while she was sucking as hard as I’d ever seen her!

I knew Gary shot his load as his cum started dripping from Sally’s mouth, down his cock, and onto his balls. She still was continuing to pleasure him by now licking and stoking his dick. When Sally was done, she positioned herself on either side of Gary’s legs and slid his cock into her pussy while he reached up and began sucking on her tits.

Sally began to slide up and down Gary’s cock with more and more enthusiasm. I couldn’t stand it any more. I finished taking out my cock and started stroking it faster and faster. I think we all came about the same time.

I hadn’t realized how turned on I had become watching my wife with Gary. When I shot my load it went farther than I can ever remember landing on Sally’s back. When they were finished the fell into each others arms and gave each other one final kiss.

I heard Sally whisper into Gary’s ear that they should do this again sometime. I spoke up and said I agreed. We split one more pipe load before Gary left to visit his girlfriend.

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