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Sherri Uses Her "Head"

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Sherri had lots of talent that she developed over the few years of our relationship. I saw her use them lots of times and one of her best was her mouth. She could really use her mouth, tongue and throat for anything she wanted to get or get someone to do what she needed. She could give men and women more pleasure with her mouth than almost anyone I had ever seen. Whenever we had friends over for a party or even just a couple drinks she found reasons to give pleasure to our friends. Collette and LArry were good friends and even though Larry knew about Sherri's pleasurable life Collette was rather conservative and Larry had not told his wife about her so when they came over one evening and we had a few drinks and Sherri got up and took off her blouse abd bra Collette was shocked to say the least. She sat back down and was sipping her drink and her nipples were hard. Larry was getting hard as Sherri carressed her nipples occasionally and massaged my bulge that was growing. Larry was trying to massage his wife's titties which were about 38C but she kept telling him to wait till they get home.Then Sherri spoke up, "Oh fuck Collette, let him do what he wants, we are all adults and he is your husband." "Are you serious?" She said. Sherri looked at her and stood up taking off her shorts and panties and then Sherri sat down naked next to me. Larry was obviously getting hard and Collette was red as an apple. Larry told her, "Come on Babe, get with it, we are all friends and adults." She sat there for a min and asked for another drink. Sherri got up and made her a very strong screw-driver, in fact it was barely orange at all and almost straight vodka. She took it to Collette and stood in front of her while she drank it down, handing the glass back to Sherri she got her another. Larry had pulled out his cock and mine was hard as a rock too, Sherri took it out for me and was massaging it slowly while Collette watched. Larry and I stood up and shed our clothes and so that Collette was the only one dressed. We all looked at her and she finally said, "So you expect me to strip too?" Sherri told her she should and that she had a great bod so why not. She stood up and almost fell down from the drinks, and took off her clothes, blouse, jeans, bra and panties hit the floor then she sat back down, legs locked together hiding her nicely trimmed pussy and her hands over her nipples. Sherri had another drink in Collette's hands in a second. As she handed her the drink Collette had to let her titties go and Sherri commented, "Those are some nice boobs sweetheart." Collette sat there and Larry reached over and took one and began massaging it, pinching the nipples. I was behind Sherri rubbing my hard cock against her ass and she spread her legs, then leaned forward and took the other titties in her mouth. Collette gasped out, "What are you doing? and she grabbed her blouse. I have always wanted to taste you Sherri said. Larry looked at her, Come on, relax and let it happen. Collette was confused, "No I can't she protested. Then Sherri dropped to her knees in front of Larry, "Well this hard cock is not going to waste she said and sucked it into her mouth. Collette watched as Sherri deep throated his 8 inch cock, taking it all the way down to his balls. I can't believe this is happening she said. My cock had slipped into Sherri from behind and the three of us were enjoying the situtation. Collette seemd frozen and just watched. Slowly she leaned forward, watching Sherri suck her husbands cock. Larry was telling Sherri how good it was and that he was cumming very soon. I sped up so we could all cum at the same time. Sherri was sucking Larry deep and then drove it down her throat while he swelled and filled her throat with cum. Collette watched as I unloaded in Sherri's pussy from behind and Sherri shook with her own orgasm. Sherri collapsed in front of Larry and cum dripped from her mouth and pussy as I came out of her. Collette had stopped herself and was visibly excited as her legs were apart enough to see her pussy was wet. My god, that was crazy she was saying over and over again. No sherri told her, it is only crazy that you are joining us and she moved over to her on the couch. Oh no, please, I can't do this she was protesting as Sherri sat next to her their bodies touching. Collette Sherri said, What, Shut the fuck up and she plnted her mouth on hers, Larry holding his wifes shoulders so she could not move. Finally herstruggling stoped as Sherri sucked her titties and was massageing between her spread legs. Collette was responding even though she did not want to, her hips moving with Sherri fingering. Then Sherri dropped to her knees and planted her mouth on Collettes pussy, she gasped and spread her legs more...Humping Sherri's face she was finally given up to the lust that surrounded her. Several orgasms shook her body and then I got between her knees, licking her clit as Sherri sat on Larry hard cock watching me eat Collette. She still had her eyes closed and said Sherri's name several times. Then sherri kissed her and told her to look. She saw me eating her pussy, Oh no, I am ruined, oh no, just go ahead now it is too late. and I ate her thru a couple more orgasms. Her pussy was delicious and kept soaking my face. Then with Sherri rideing Larry and watching us, I got up and Slide my cock into her pussy...she reluctantly put her arms around me as I sank it into her...her hips moving against mine showed that something in her wanted to do this but she kept saying that she was ruined now. We all had a wonderful cum including Collette and laid on the floor...Sherri was kissing Larry and massaging Collette's titties. I was licking Collettes pussy again. Collette looked at Larry, "Am I a whore now she asked him?" He looked at her and kissed her, "No, now you are my wife more than before, now we canreally go on and enjoy sex." It was that Collette was an ice burg before, never really enjoying sex. Somehow the barrier had broken down. Sherri, she said, Show me how you sucked Larry so good please. Sherri smiled and Collette sat next the her while she took Larry into her throat again...Then Sherri moved over, there now you..It took a while but she managed to begin sucking Larry so that he was moaning...then Larry told her he was going to cum..she began to move but sherri told her, This is the best part, take it and swallow...She did, even though cum came out of her mouth,,she was swallowing all she could. I was hard as a rock and Collette said, I need more practice and Sherri pointed to me. Collette got between my legs and took in my cock..her tongue was good and her taking it deep into her throat was getting better..Sherri was coaching her and she got better...I am ready I moaned and Collette did as Sherri told load stayed in her mouth..she got up and went to Larry and sat on his lap hugging and kissing...he was carressing her all over, Yes I love you Baby, yes I do, this is all okay. I wanted you to do it. They sat and we had a couple more drinks. Then Sherri got up and ordered pizza, we all waiting and began laughing and the booze began to take effect again...the door bell rang, Collette and Sherri went naked to the door..the guys mouth hung open and they paid him. Can I give him a tip Collette said to Larry, Sure he told her and Sherri pulled him inside the door and closed it. Collette was on her knees and pulled out a average size cock, her mouth took it all and he moaned. He shot a load quickily and they shoed him out. Thanks he said as he left. We sat around the couches and ate and drank more. So this has been happening for how long Collette asked, YOu mean me fucking and sucking Steve's friends? Yes, how long. What, three years she said? All this time you have been sucking Larrys cock? No, just about what four times? Yeh I told them, not toom much, but Larry wanted you to join us so we set this up. What if I say I like it and wanna start doing it more she asked Larry. Then we have a lot more friend he said laughing. Come on Sherri told her, Where are we going she asked her. Lets go next door, Here put this towel around you and they went out and knocked on the neighbors door. Carol came to the door and let them in, we followed them. Carol took the towels and saw that the party had started long ago. ON the floor already Sherri ate Carol and Collette was with her massaging her titties and kissing...then the two women turned over Collette and devoured her for over and hour. Carol came over to Larry afterand kissed him and we all went to the hot tub in caorls apartment. Collette began going from one to another of us the rest of the night. She was totally ready to swing now.

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