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Seduction of my Asian wife

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(It is about couple)

John, Yuk and Chris had met for dinner before. John is tall, muscular and has a big manhood. Yuk has a good impression of John. This time they had an engagement in a local hotel for dinner. Yuk has no idea as to what is in-place for her. Only John and Chris is planning the seduction script.

At dinner, Chris order some wine. Yuk usually doesn't drink wine. This time Chris insist that she drink a few glasses. This would make her more sociable. A few drinks later, Yuk feels kind of dizzy. Chris accompany her to a reserved hotel room for rest. She lay down on the bed and taking a good rest.

Meanwhile Chris and John is at the dining room talking about their plan.

Chris enters the hotel room seeing Yuk still asleep. He begin slowly kissing her on the mouth. His hand starts to caress her breasts and pinching softly her nipples. Yuk gives out a little moan. Chris's hand slowly move down Yuk's belly and then landed on Yuk's crotch. She moans a little louder.

Chris slowly remove Yuk's pant and put a finger or two into her pussy which now is getting wet. As Chris continue to stroke Yuk's tiny pussy, her head begins to turn side to side, feeling the excitement and the high. She continue to lay on the bed twisting and turning with more expectation from Chris. All this time, she has no ideas that John is watching her eagerly with desire. His manhood is hardened. He has a burning desire for her. Another word, he really wants to fuck her.

Chris now waives to John and removed himself from Yuk. John now comes over to the bed. He begins to put his mouth on Yuk's and begins to kiss her passionately. Yuk tried to resist. But her 5 feet 2, 105 lbs body is no match for his 6 feet 2, 220 lbs frame. Yuk twists under John's musular body. Her breasts press tightly against John's chest. She can feel her cunt is pushing against John's cock. She feel excitement throughout her body and yet she is scare. She has never let another man touch her this way before. John holds her two hands backward on the bed. He continue to kiss her mouth, fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples. At the same time, he is rubbing his cock against her cunt. John wants to tease Yuk so bad that she would beg for fuck. John forces Yuk's mouth open and sucks her tongue into his mouth. Yuk's mouth creates a moaning sound. She begins to grap onto John's muscular body. John slowly caress Yuk's body downward from her breast to her tummy to her pussy. He could feel Yuk tremor under his touch. John start to remove the clothes from Yuk's body piece by piece. Now Yuk is lying completely naked in bed and waiting for John's sexual advance. She is 45 years old but has the body of a 30 years old. Her cunt is small and clean with very little hair. John obseves Yuk's lovely body intensively, trying to find the best way to seduce this sexy Asian lady. John begins by kissing Yuk's lovely mouth. His right hand fondling Yuk's right breasts. The fingers of his left hand insert into Yuk's clit, stroking slowly in and out. Meanwhile, Yuk closes her eyes, moaning and slowly turning her head. John sucks on Yuk's left nipple and pinches her right nipple at the same time. Yuk let out a low cry. John get more demanding and starts to insert two fingers into Yuk's pussy. He begins to slide the fingers in and out of Yuk's pussy. Yuk feels the wetness comes out of her pussy and she is about to climax. John suddenly slides himself down to Yuk's cunt, start licking and tougue fucking her. His mouth is so big and his tongue is so long that he covers her tiny pussy completely. She had never received such a brutal kisses from Chris before. She begins to cums and let out a loud moan. Her pussy is soaking wet. Yuk is competely at John's command.

John turns himself around and establishs a 69 postions with her.Yuk realizes a hard 7" cock is hanging infront of her face and her clit is being tongue fuck and finger fuck at the same time. She has never put such a big cock in her mouth before. But since her crotch is being eaten. She has to learn how to blow John's big cock. She slides the cock in and out of her mouth and licks it at the same time. A moaning sound comes out of John's mouth. John is now thrusting his big cock in and out of Yuk's mouth, fucking her deep and hard. They were totally entangled in the 69 position for ten minutes. John pulls away from the 69 position with Yuk. He gently put Yuk on her back. Raises her legs and spread it wide so the tiny hole of her cliteris is directly in front of his cock. Yuk begs John not to fuck her because his 7" thick cock is too much for her. It will split her cunt apart. John assure her that everything would be all right if she just relax and enjoy. He begins to tongue fuck Yuk again to relax her cunt muscle. He then slowly inserts his cock into Yuk's cunt. He could feel his cock is being suck by Yuk's tiny pussy. He feels the pleasure from the intercourse.Yuk feels the excitements too, She turns her head from side to side, moaning louder and louder and cums more and more. Her cunt is so wet that 6 of the 7" cock is inside of her. She moves her hip to meet John's every thrust. Her cunt juice come out more and more. John is thrusting faster and faster and Yuk is asking John " Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Then Yuk asks John to let her be on top. Now Yuk really gets wide. Her cunt devowed John's cock. Her cums flows down the cock shaft. John resists in shooting his load. So his pulls his cock out to let it rest for a few minutes. John wants to try different positions with Yuk. He begins wiith the side postion, in which he is fucking her from behind, caressing her breasts and nipples and kissing her at the same time. The doggy position which John fuck her from behind. With two hands, he would fondle her small breasts at the same time. Suddenly, Yuk look-up and saw Chris sitting at the corner of the room, enjoying himself. May be about to shoot his load. She realizes what happens. He wants her to fantasy being fuck by another man. Now it happens for real. The seduction has worked.

John comes back to the bed side again. Yuk is getting really tired. She wants to resist John's cock again. She push on John's chest. She doesn't want anyone to shoot his load into her cunt. She is no match for his strength. John is pinning her to the bed again. It's like John is raping her.John's whole body is on top of Yuk. John has found her naked pussy again. John begins by finger fucking her to get her pussy wet. He raises Yuk's two legs in the air and begins to mount her. He knows he can easily slide his 7" cock inside her. This time, he let his cock stay inside Yuk's pussy, and start kissing her passionately. He speaks softly to Yuk at the same time.Yuk suck John's tongue into her mouth and lightly kiss it. It turns John on even more. John fuck Yuk harder and faster.They kisses and slow fucking each other for about 15 minutes. Finally, John asks Yuk, " Have you had enough?" Yuk said, "Yes" John starts fucking Yuk faster and faster for 5 minutes before shooting all his load into Yuk's cunt. She seems delighted.

John has fulfilled his mission - the seduction, He leave the room. Chris has enjoyed the seduction. He comes back to make love to Yuk again. Everybody's happy.

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