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Our first time together and then with other another couple

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"C'mon Barb. You've got to help me. I really want to go out with this guy but I don't know him well enough to go by myself. He's got this friend from out of town so even if your pride is hurt by going on a blind date, you'll probably never see him again. Please!" My friend Lauri begged.

"I don't know Lauri, my folks are gone and I really just wanted to stay home by myself tonight. Have you seen the guy?" I asked.

"No, but Bill assures me he's good looking."

"Yeah, I'll bet. I've seen those good looking blind dates before. Five foot three, a hundred pounds, glasses and a bad case of acne."

"Oh Barb!! Bill is a good looking guy, so I'm sure his friend is to. Just this once - for me - pretty please with sugar on top!"

"Okay, just this once. If this guy is a jerk I'll never forgive you."

"Okay, Okay. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We'll be by at about seven and head for the show from your house. See you in a few."

That is how I met Ted, and as it turned out, he didn't want a date either but was were doing this as a favor for his friend Bill. Boy was I surprised when he arrived at my door. Ted was totally different from anyone I had ever known. I was an eighteen year old, shy - wall flower type - virgin. Ted was twenty, an executive in a bank, tall, dark, handsome; and, to me, the most suave, sophisticated, man I had ever met; however, that first date didn't go to well. I was scared to death.

The show we were supposed to go to had a long line, so we bypassed it and went to Ted's house. The story about him being from out of town had been fabricated since he didn't want me to think he couldn't get a date on his own. Once we got to his house I think he could sense my apprehension so he took me home quite early. He did ask me out for later in the week however, to see the show we had missed on that first date.

My sexual experiences at this point in my life ranged somewhere between few and none. After the show - on our second date - we arrived back at my house, and after Ted pulling into my driveway we started a fairly long conversation. Eventually, he pulled me to him and we shared our first kiss. This was not my first kiss (technically), but in many ways it really was. Ted finally got my mouth open, and of course inserted his tongue, then our kisses became what I now know are KISSES. This was the first really passionate experience of my life. I remember rolling over partially on top of him and feeling my pubic mound against his leg. The pressure stirred feelings in me I had never felt before.

On our third or fourth date, I can't remember which, Ted took me to his house where we proceeded to his downstairs rec room. Technically, this was a basement, but a basement to beat all basements. It had a stereo, fireplace, bar, pool table, bed - and what I remember most - a couch. I'm sure there were other pieces of furniture, but I only remember those few things. Ted started a fire, put on some slow, romantic music, and led me to the couch.

Our kisses almost immediately turned passionate, and before long we were laying side by side on the couch. I felt Ted's hand on my leg, and moved my legs apart a little to allowing his hand to move to between my knees. Before long, his hand had strayed up from between my knees to between my thighs and my legs moved apart accordingly. I had on a skirt and sweater, and this was in the days of girdles, so Ted's hand soon encountered mine. His tongue in my mouth, and his hand rubbing my clitoris - even through my girdle, was having its effect. I was feeling things I didn't understand, but knew I didn't want to stop.

"Why don't you take your girdle off?" Ted asked.

"Why?" I responded.

He looked at me kind of funny, and said "Doesn't that feel good?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Well, it will feel a lot better without that damn girdle on."

"Oh. Okay," I answered meekly. My skirt had already risen up to the tops of my thighs, so Ted just had to slide his hands up either side of my hips and start pulling from the waistband. I raised up to allow him to pull it over my hips, down my legs and completely off. I soon became aware that my panties had gone with it.

We began kissing again and Ted's hand moved this time to my naked hip bone, then slowly sideways and down until it was sliding through my pubic hair and resting at the top of my outer pussy lips. I don't think there is any way to describe the feeling I felt when he touched me for the first time. I had never even masturbated, so my clitoris, vulva, and the rest of my private parts, had never been touched, or explored in a sexual way at all. I mean, this was really virgin territory. Unbeknownst to me, I was well lubricated and Ted's finger slid easily down inside my outer lips and began to rub my clitoris. I don't know if his massaging caused me to have an orgasm or not; but, I do know that at this point in time, he could have done anything to me he wanted. I was in heaven. His finger continued to explore me and soon started to enter my virgin vagina. I was so hot and wet that it slid in easily as I eagerly pushed against him to feel more.

Ted must have unzipped his pants and taken his penis out, for he soon rolled over between my legs and placed it against my vaginal opening. Ted was wonderful. I don't know if he knew I was a virgin or not, but he was so slow and gentle that I didn't experience any pain or discomfort at all. He pushed the tip of his penis in just a little bit, taking it back out every fraction of an inch or so and making sure he was well lubricated before making more penetration. It wasn't long however, before I felt like a knob, or ball, had moved inside me (I now know the head of his penis had entered me) and I felt my vagina wrap around it as whatever discomfort I had felt soon left. He pulled back out, then slowly pushed the rest of his erection all the way in. My legs had found their way around his hips, and I was pulling to get more of that wonderful, hard, hot thing moving inside of me.

I remember saying, "We shouldn't be doing this, we're not married."

"Does that really matter?" he asked.

"No, I guess not."

"Just let it feel good."

"Okay," I said, and did.

It wasn't long before we were both out of control. Ted was kissing my face, ears, cheeks, neck and all over my upper body; and, his penis was moving in and out at breakneck speed. I didn't know what I was driving towards but knew that I was feeling better than I had ever felt before and didn't want it to ever stop. When I finally came, it was as if my whole concentration was centered between my legs. Ted and I came at the same time and I remember feeling like I wanted his whole body inside me. I'm sure I yelled out as thousands of spasms shook our bodies and I felt that sought after release that was to be the first of thousands of wonderful orgasms to follow.

For the next couple of weeks, Ted and I were inseparable and made love at least once, and some times more, each day. I was a willing student and learning, and he was the wonderful teacher.

Then all of a sudden my world came to and end when he left for six months of active duty in the Marine Corps. The last thing he said to me was, just forget about me and go find yourself some nice guy to date.

However, with the help of the U. S. Post Office, our relationship continued by mail, and when he came home four months later he asked me to marry him. We were married almost a year to the date from that first blind date.

Ted had taken a job in the deep south, so the day after we were married, we left the Midwest for places unknown. We lived in the South for a couple of years, and it was here that we played our first game of "strip poker" with another couple. It was a year or so after we were married, and we were at their house playing cards. Someone suggested that we play strip poker, and after laughing about it we all somehow agreed. I didn't think the other wife would play, and I don't think she thought I would, but we agreed as long as we could stop when we got to our panties. The fellows said okay, they would also only strip to their shorts.

We played for awhile, and when she and I both got down to only our bras and panties, I thought we would quit; however, she lost the next hand and proceeded to take off her bra. I remember she had great looking breasts, very firm with - at this point in time - very erect nipples. I lost next so had to take my bra off also. The guys proceeded to strip down to their shorts, so I figured okay, the game's over.

It became obvious that the fellows didn't want to stop yet, and someone suggested that we change underwear (in a back bedroom) with the other couples spouse. I can't tell you why, or where, this idea came from, but before I knew what was happening I was following this relative stranger back to his bedroom.

When we I got to the bedroom, I remember watching him pull down his shorts and trying not to look at his penis. Of course, I couldn't help but almost stare at it since it was the only one I had ever seen except Ted's. I was embarrassed but couldn't help but watch his beginning erection spring outwards when released from it's cotton binding. He just stood there, completely naked now, with what had become a very big hard on, and watched, as I took my panties off. I won't say I did a strip tease, but I did slide them down real slowly - while watching his eyes - as he became engrossed in looking at me. I felt the elastic of my panty waistband slide over my pubic hair and felt kind of a thrill as I slid them down my legs and off. I held them out to him, dangling off of one finger, and he handed me his shorts. I swear I could see his penis twitching as we stood there, both completely naked.

My panties were of course much to small for him, and when he put them on, his big erection strained every fiber of the flimsy nylon. I have to laugh now at the picture we all must have made, the guys wearing our much too small panties (with their rock hard penis' straining at the fabric), and the two of us girls, more covered up in their shorts than we would have been in practically anything else we could have worn.

Nothing else really happened after that, we all sat around laughing, and not really knowing what to do next, so before long, we were back in the bedroom changing back into our own underwear. When he and I were completely naked again, I had the feeling that he wanted to take me in his arms, and I think I kind of wanted him to; however, we were both apparently afraid to make the first move and so proceeded to just get back into our briefs. Ted and the other wife went into the back bedroom and did the same, then shortly afterwards, we went home.

We never did this again with them, or any other couple, and moved from the area shortly thereafter.

The second time we played strip poker was some four or five years later. We were at our house (back in the Midwest now) with another couple, Tim and Lana. As before, somehow we started to play this stupid game. I remember stripping down to only my panties, then Lana loosing both her bra and panties in two hands. When she took her panties off, a new threshold had been crossed.

I'll never forget seeing Tim's penis when he lost and had to take his shorts off. It was still soft, but quite a bit longer than Ted's and I was kind of mesmerized by it. I couldn't help but wonder what it would look like hard, and feel like inside me. After we were all completely naked, Ted stood up said "lets put some music on" and took Lana by the hand and went into the living room where the stereo was. He put on a very slow song, and when it started playing, Tim pulled me up and we started to dance. This was a completely new experience for me. Not only was I naked in front of a man other than my husband, but in his arms with the full lengths of our bodies rubbing together. It wasn't long before I felt his erection pushing against my stomach and eventually start to slide between my legs.

After a dance or two, we lay down on the floor and Tim started kissing me, then fondling my breasts and sliding his hand down between my legs. He eventually rolled over on top of me, between my legs, and I took his penis in my hands and started rubbing it against my clitoris. Obviously it was feeling good and I was thinking about how different he felt in my hand than Ted. Eventually I put the head in a little, but for some reason, at this point my guilt overcame me and I asked him to stop. Tim promptly obeyed, rolled off of me, and we stood up together. I called to Ted saying that I couldn't continue with this, and after a few minutes he and Lana came back into the family room. We all got dressed then, and Tim and Lana went home shortly afterward.

Ted and I made very passionate love that night after they left, and I know thinking about Tim's penis having been where Ted's was heightened my excitement - my orgasm was out of this world. Ted and I talked about the evening later, and I discovered that he had penetrated Lana more than Tim had me, but I had interrupted them before either one had had a climax.

A few days later we got together with Tim and Lana again, along with another couple who's names I can't remember. Anyway, we all ended up playing strip poker again, and the six of eventually ended up naked and dancing together. I don't know why, but Ted and I left before any swapping actually took place. Based on comments made by Tim and Lana later though, I think they all ended up changing partners. We didn't see Tim and Lana much after that, and once again, moved a short time later.

During the next couple of years, we may have played a little strip poker with one or two couples, but nothing like the Ted and Lana evening ever happened again. We moved a couple of times during this period, but finally landed and stayed in one place for about five years. Ted had changed jobs, and it was through his new job that we met Pete and Laura.

Pete was a a rep for a company that Ted represented and they lived in a small town several miles away. I had met Pete and Laura a couple of times at business functions. We had a lot of fun together, and eventually began to spend a lot of time together - even week-ends at each others houses. For a long time, our relationship was purely celibate; however, one long week-end changed all that.

We were at our house, setting in the family room with music playing in the background when Ted asked Laura to dance. Pete and I also danced, and then sat down on the couch together and began to talk. I don't know when I realized that Ted and Laura had left the room, but I guess it was when Pete's arm went around me he kissed me. I was startled, but when I realized Ted and Laura weren't there, I relaxed a little and let him continue. What started out as a gentle kiss, soon turned into several more passionate ones and pretty soon my mouth was open and accepting his tongue in as far as he could get it.

It wasn't long before I felt his hand slide inside my sweatshirt and move up to my breasts. I didn't have a bra on, so he had instant access to my aching nipples. It wasn't long before he slid my shirt up and when one of our kisses broke off he moved his mouth down to one of my exposed breasts. As he began to suck and kiss my nipples, I could feel the pulling sensation all the way down between my legs. I was obviously getting hot, and was not only enjoying this, but pushing my throbbing flesh back against his open mouth.

Pete eventually moved one hand down to rub me between my legs and I pushed against him to try and get some relief for my burning desire. With my jeans on, it was kind of hard for me to feel much except pressure, and Pete obviously wanted to feel me more intimately.

Pretty soon, he raised up and asked, "Why don't you take your clothes off?"

"Pete! I can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Well, for one thing, what if Ted and Laura come back?"

"Do you think they will?"

"I don't know, but I'd hate to be sitting here without my clothes on if they did," I kind of laughed out.

"Well, let's just unzip your jeans then?"

"You know, we really shouldn't be doing this."

"I know, but don't you want to?"

"Maybe, but we still shouldn't be."

"Well, if it makes you feel better, Ted and Laura are probably doing the same thing in the other room. Why don't you just let me unzip your jeans. I think you want me to touch you. Don't you?"

"I'm not sure, Pete. I'm confused" "About what?"

"Well, it felt good when you touched and kissed my breasts, but no one but Ted has ever done that to me before - and we are both married."

"Doesn't it matter to you that they are doing it in the other room?"

"We don't know that for sure."

"Do you want to go see?"


Pete kissed me again and said "I want to touch you so bad I can't stand it."

"I know, I guess I want you to too."

"You were sure pushing against my hand pretty hard."

"I know."

"Let's unzip you pants then?"

"Okay, but we can't get carried away."

I straightened out to let Pete unzip my jeans, and he immediately slid his hand inside my panties and down over my pubic hair. We were kissing again and pretty soon his hand moved farther down between my legs. I must have spread them a little because all of a sudden his finger was rubbing up and down against my clitoris. It wasn't long before I was pushing my wet pussy back against his finger and was straining against it to feel more.

"Feel good?" Pete asked, after breaking off another passionate kiss.

"Yes," I answered.

"Are you glad we unzipped your jeans?"

"Yes," I answered again.

"You know I really want to do more than just touch you with my finger."

"Such as?'

"How about make love to you."

I turned to look him in the eyes and said, "You've got to be kidding."

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"


"Well, do I have to ask you if I can?"

"You know I would have to say no."


"For a lot of reasons."

"Such as."

"As I said before, we are both married, and our spouses are right in the other room."

"Would it make a difference if they weren't?"

"Probably not, I have never made love to anyone but Ted before, and don't think I should start now."

"Even if he's making love to Laura?"

"We still don't know that."

"No, but I'll bet they are."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, what else would they be doing. They were dancing and moved off down the hall and then disappeared. If they're not screwing, they have probably gone at least as far as we have, and will continue - just like we are."

Pete was still rubbing my clitoris while we were talking, and I was getting hotter and hotter. All of a sudden, we heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards the family room. I was able to pull my shirt down over my unzipped jeans, but just barely, before Ted walked in. He came in to make himself a drink, smoke a cigarette, and made small talk with Pete and I while doing it. When he finished, he just left the room again like it was perfectly normal for me to be siting next to Pete with his arm around me. I couldn't believe it.

"Well, what do you think now?" Pete asked.

"I really don't know."

"How much do you want to bet that was an "after love" making cigarette?'


"What else would it have been?"

"Well, maybe they're just talking and he came in to get another drink and smoke."

"Right. Do you really believe that?"

"Probably not."

Pete had moved his hand back inside my jeans soon after Ted left, and it was starting to have an effect on me. All of a sudden, he moved his hand out of my panties and reached down and started to unzip his pants.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm about to burst inside my pants. If I can't make love to you, won't you at least touch me while I'm touching you?"

I didn't answer, and Pete continued to unzip his pants and released his throbbing erection from the restraining clothing. I looked down as his penis sprang to life and soon after we began kissing - with his hand back against my clitoris - I reached over to feel his now unbound hard-on. As my hand went around him and I felt the hard, smooth skin of his penis, I knew that I wanted to feel him between my legs. However, each time we started to get really worked up, the scenario of Ted coming back into the room was repeated. We managed to get ourselves back together before he actually walked into the room, but each time we had gone just a little farther.

On one occasion, Pete and I had really gotten excited and he had pulled my jeans partway off to about half way down my thighs. When we heard Ted coming this time, I was unable to get them all the way up; and, when he came into the room, I know that he could see the bare skin between my shirt and the top of my jeans. However, once again, Ted seemed oblivious to what we were doing.

It was probably this last time, when Ted left and my jeans were still pulled down, when Pete said, "I've can't stand this anymore, I really want to make love to you."

With that, he took my hand and placed it on his penis again and said, "Don't you want me to?"

"I think so, but I still don't how can we do anything with Ted and Laura in the other room. Especially with Ted coming in here every few minutes."

"Ted just left, so he won't be back for awhile. Besides, we already talked about what they are doing?"

"I know."

"If they haven't made love yet, I'll bet they're not far from it. Ted just keeps coming in here to get more drinks. He saw that your jeans were half way to your knees the last time and didn't say a word. I don't think he cares if we make love or not."

"I know. You're probably right," I agreed. "Don't you mind if Ted makes love to Laura?"

"Not as long as I can make love to you."

"Oh God Pete. I've never done anything like this before."

"Does that mean you don't want to?"

"No, no. I think I do. Oh, I don't know. I'm so confused," I said. "Oh hell, lets stop talking and kiss me again."

With that, Pete kissed me, then stood up and reached down to pull my jeans off. I didn't object, and accommodated him by raising my hips and letting him slide them, and then my panties off. After he took my clothes off, I lay back on the couch, but still had my left leg over the side with my foot on the floor. In this position, my legs were obviously spread and it was pretty obvious that I was waiting for Pete to move between them. I watched as he took off his slacks and shorts and saw again the throbbing penis that I had been playing with for such a long time.

After he got his clothes, he didn't waste any time moving between my legs, and I felt his penis rub against my clitoris, slide between my pussy lips, then down towards my vagina. We must have been working up to this for at least a couple of hours, and I was so hot and wet that when his penis touched my vagina, the head and almost all the rest of him slid in me completely with that first thrust.

"God you're hot," he said. " I can't believe how wet you are." "I know, I can't believe it either."

"Feel good?"

"Oh yes, just like that."

"I can't believe we waited so long to do this. Are you sorry now?"

"Not now, just don't ask me in the morning."

"You won't be then either."

"I hope not - oh yes, just like that," I said, as he pulled out and then pushed back in again.

"I hope you're going to come soon. I think I've been about ready to explode for an hour or so. I don't think I can stop it," he murmured.

"Don't even think of stopping it. I almost came when you first pushed inside me. I'm going to come any second."

We stopped talking then, and as Pete was making love to me, I couldn't help but think of how different he moved and felt from Ted. For some reason, I guess I had thought making love would be the same with everyone; but, Pete moved completely differently from Ted, and the excitement of this was driving me crazy. It wasn't long before his thrusting overcame both of us, and we came together with an urgency built up over the several hours of foreplay.

Pete lay in my arms for a long time, then we got up and I finally went in the other room to find Ted. He and Laura were sitting on the couch, and when I came in, Laura got up and went into the family room with Pete. The couch in there was a hide-a-bed, so they made it up and went to sleep.

The next day was really fun??????????

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