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Our Secret Picnic

My folks had bought a cabin by a lake some miles away, up in the
mountains, and it was decided that we would spend a week-end up there.
There wasn't enough room, I thought. Maybe Michelle and Mom would
sleep in the be
droom upstairs, and Dad and I would sleep downstairs.
Michelle and I had to sleep downstairs, me on a sleeping bag on
the floor, her on the convertible sofa. Mom and Dad slept upstairs in
the single bedroom the cabin had.
We had arrived late in the evening, and there wasn't much time to
do anything but unpack a few items and have dinner. Mom and Dad
explained the sleeping arrangements, and Michelle raised her eyebrows
with that strange,
laughing smile she had.
I took a quick shower as Dad started a fire in fireplace ---
nights got cold in the mountains, even during the summer. I came out
of the bathroom in my robe, and Michelle took her turn. My parents
retired early, eyeing
one another as they went up the stairs. Someone was going to get
nooky tonight, I thought.
I was three years older than Michelle, my little sister. She
wasn't even in high school yet.
I stood there, naked under my robe, rummaging through the
suitcase, looking for some underwear, pajamas, or what-not. Michelle
came out of the small bathroom, wearing a very short terry cloth robe.
"I thought you'd be in bed asleep by now," she said as she walked
toward the sofa.
"Can't find my bed clothes," I said.
She glanced at me with a quick grimace. "That suitcase --- I put
it upstairs in your parents' room." She hung her head, then looked at
me. "Sorry, I didn't think."
I shrugged and smiled, raising my arms out to the side. "No
She looked at the sofa. "How do you get this thing to fold out
to a bed?"
I walked over and began removing cushions. After unfolding the
musty bed, I noticed that there were musty sheets and one thin blanket
on it. I went to the closet to find the blankets. The closet was
"The blankets are upstairs, in the closet in Mom and Dad's room,"
I said.
"This is plenty," she said. "No need to wake them."
"It gets cold here at night," I said. "We're going to have to,
unless you want to freeze."
"I can wear some clothes, or this robe. No need to disturb them.
Besides, we have the fire."
I walked over and turned out the light. "Turn your head," I
said. She turned around, and I slipped out of the robe and into the
sleeping bag, my cock hardening for some reason.
"Now you," she said. I turned, and heard the rustling of her
robe and a squeak as the springs of the bed groaned in protest. She
may have put on some other type of clothes; I had no idea what she was
wearing, if anythi
ng. I lay there, tired from the traveling we had done, and slowly
drifted off to a fitful sleep, my cock bothering me.
I awoke. It was dark; the fire had gone out. There was someone
shaking me.
"I'm freezing," she said, and pulled at the edge of the sleeping
"I'll light a fire," I said.
"Just move over," was all she said, and I felt her cold body
slide in beside me. Shocked, I moved over in the bag as far as I
could. This was too much, I thought. Naked, in bed with my sister!
To my utter surprise,
she snuggled close beside me. She was wearing her robe, and I was
wearing not one damn stitch. Her hand brushed my inner thigh, and I
knew that her wrist had briefly come into contact with my hard cock. I
turned over,
my buttocks toward her. I could feel her legs against mine.
My cock was rock-hard, a raging hard-on that I knew wouldn't
allow me to sleep. She huddled against me, shivering, and I knew I
couldn't throw her out of the sleeping bag, either. She wrapped an arm
around me, squeezin
g her body close to mine, and I could feel her hand brush my lower
stomach. I shifted my position, trying to move the hard head of my
cock as far away from her hand as possible.
"Am I bothering you?" she asked.
"It is kind of awkward, you know what I mean? I mean, I'm not
wearing a damn thing, Michelle."
I heard rustling. "Here, the score's even, then." She pressed
against me again, and this time, I felt no robe. "Oh God," I
whispered. Then her arm went around me again, and this time, her hand
searched out the head o
f my cock.
I took a deep breath as she wrapped her fingers around my cock.
"Nice," she said. She stroked it slowly, going down to the base, her
fingers coming into contact with my balls.
"I never knew that a guy got his dick all hard and big like
that," she said. "Does that bother you?"
"No," I whispered.
She pressed her tits against me as I lay on my back. I couldn't
believe she was doing this. I moved my hand over and felt of her tits.
Her nipples were hard buttons atop two mounds of soft, round, budding
flesh. She
moaned softly as I caressed each nipple by rolling it gently between my
thumb and forefinger.
She increased the pressure on my cock, wrapping her fingers
around it tightly, stroking it faster and faster.
I moved my hand down to the smooth skin of her flat tummy, then
down beyond her navel to the mound of soft downy hair surrounding her
wet pussy. There was only a small tuft of hair at her pubes, and I
could feel just a
few short hairs running up and down each lip. I ran my fingers down
each lip, then inserted my finger between the lips and found her
clitoris. I touched it very gently, eliciting another moan of pleasure
from her.
We lay there, stroking each other alternately fast and slow.
Then, we both found a good rhythm that we both liked, and my
ministrations were rewarded with a soul-wracking orgasm as the muscles
in her stomach tightened a
nd she grunted. She continued stroking me all the way through her
orgasm, never missing a stroke. She reached over and cupped my balls
with her other hand, and stroked the sac of my scrotum gently.
"I can feel your balls rising up," she whispered.
Then I came, with her pointing my cock upward toward my belly,
where I came all over my stomach and chest beneath the sleeping bag. I
cleaned it up with my robe.
Early the next morning, we got up before my folks did. It
wouldn't have been a great thing for them to find out that we had slept
in my sleeping bag together.
We ran off, carrying a blanket and a small basket with us. I
told my folks that we were going to go an a little impromptu picnic.
We and found a small spot in the woods where there was no one around.
I spread the blan
ket out, and Michelle lay on it and looked at me with a big smile. She
reached down and slowly pulled her shorts down. Then, she sat up and
tugged off her shirt, followed by her small bra. Then, she pulled her
I could feel my cock jerking and thrashing in my shorts. I had
my clothes off in no time, and Michelle's eyes really lit up when she
saw my hard cock pointing at the sky.
"You got more hair than I do," she said.
I lay down beside her, and she grabbed my dick.
"You want to suck it?" I asked.
"No! That would taste awful."
"I'll do yours, though, if you'll just kiss mine a little," I
told her.
I moved my head down to her wet pussy. I stuck out my tongue and
moved it around her labia, and she came, grabbing my cock and pulling
it to her mouth. I felt her wet lips kiss my dick, and then, I licked
her faster an
d harder, and she came again. She was so excited, I guess, that she
opened her mouth and took my cock into it, sucking on it.
I shot my load in her mouth, a soul-wrenching orgasm with my cock
buried deep in her mouth. She gagged and spit it out, saying, "Yech."
It took us a while, but she got used to the idea. That day, she
sucked me again, and this time, she seemed to like the taste of it,
swallowing a truly heavy load of cum at least twice. We had our little
picnic, all rig

End of Story

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