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My story of sex, couple, First time oral

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My Story of Sex Pt. 1, First Time Oral

Please sit back, relax and enjoy the first installment of my Story of Sex:

It all started shortly on my 13th birthday. I was doing something that I think now was quite silly, but that at the time was an impulse I could not control.

It was a lovely, warm, summer day, a Memorial Day weekend that had almost everyone else out of town except my family. My mother was "on call" at her job as a nurse that weekend and so we had to stay around the house.

Bummed out that I wasn't at the beach like nearly everyone else, I was in the park across the street and around the block from my house. Nicely out of site of home but not too far away for comfort. I had recently found a new thrill that I didn't understand but couldn't seem to keep from doing and I had snuck off alone to try it again. I was pole humping.

Sounds sort of homo-erotic, I know, but it wasn't anything like that, really.Anyway, what I was doing was climbing and re-climbing the pole on the slide. It excited me, though I had no idea why at that time. I had recently begun to feel a "thrill" in my crotch that I had never felt before in all my years of climbing up and down poles on all sorts of park equipment and I just could not stop reaching for that feeling.

So I was repeatedly and slowly, every so slowly, climbing up that pole, wrapped around it tightly and savoring every little slide up that thing, then relishing the thrill I got as I would get to the top, where I would let go and slide back down the pole, feeling it slide against my genitals ever so thrillingly along the way.

I imagine I was making quite a spectacle of myself, though the park was empty of anyone except me it was quite visible from the surrounding houses. However, I could not stop myself and barely realized at the time that I should be embarrassed about what I was doing.

You see, I had lived quite a sheltered life. My parents had split up when I was four years old and even though I was now 13 I had never even seen a girlie magazine, much less a live, naked girl. I had no real idea about sex beyond that it was how babies were made. My mother had never told me anything and my father was usually nowhere to be found. I had never masturbated, didn't even know it could be done, wouldn't have known how if I had heard of it. I was quite the naïve child, actually. I had two older brothers, but they were constantly off some place with their friends and weren't the least interested in telling their little brother about anything as interesting, or as important, as sex. And let's face it, you didn't learn much about sex by watching TV in the late 60's, or even the early seventies.

I was at that awkward stage of the early teen years, gawky, gangly, not quite coordinated yet. I was 5 feet 3 inches tall, had long blond hair (remember this was the early 70's), blue eyes and was quite thin.

Recently my genitals had begun to grow bigger and had sprouted some short, fuzzy, curly blond hairs. My cock had gotten somewhat larger, though it wasn't "big" by any standard yet, while my balls had engorged to about three times their old size. I've had rather large balls since I was 13, my wife loves them. Also, my cock had begun to spring to life and get ragingly hard all by itself, with no provocation on my part believe me, and usually at the most inopportune times. Like whenever one of the girls I thought was pretty were around. Or when the wind blew...

So there I was, wrapped tightly around that pole, sliding up and down it and humping it for all it was worth. Reaching for a feeling I didn't understand but couldn't seem to quit trying for.

After one particularly slow, grinding drop down the pole I was sitting at the bottom, savoring the delicious feelings I had experienced, when I heard a voice ask me a question. Startled, I looked up through my haze and saw Karen, an acquaintance of my oldest brother who I knew pretty well, looking down at me.

Ah, Karen. She was lovely. Not beautiful, not knock down, drop dead gorgeous. None of those describe her. What she was can only be described as "cute". She had wispy brown hair, longish, about mid shoulder, classic 70's style haircut, falling in layers over her shoulders. Her big blue eyes were perpetually hidden behind rather thick glasses that were always sliding down her sort of thin nose. A tiny mouth, but always pursed in a smile that can only be described as "knowing".

She was quite tiny, 4 feet 11 inches tall, I'm guessing about 90 pounds, smaller even than I was at 13 but curvy for her size. She had a set of B cups pushing out against the rather tight black and red Kiss T-shirt she had on, on a girl so small they looked quite a bit larger than B cups. She had a tiny waist, tapering out to a rather impressive tushy on a girl so small, tucked into a skin tight pair of Levi's.

She was also very smart. She had been tutoring me in algebra, which took me a while to get but eventually, when I finally took my eyes off Karen and started looking at the problems, I began to get pretty good at.

She was eighteen and was just about to graduate from High School, while I was just going to start the next year.

It took me a second, sitting at the bottom of that pole in a daze and staring up at her beauty, to remember she had asked me a question. I honestly hadn't heard what she said, I was a bit distracted you see, and so I said, "Huh?"

Yes, I was an eloquent child.

"I asked you, "What are you doing"?" she replied.

I was flustered and embarrassed though I had no idea why. "I don't know", I mumbled while turning my head and looking down.

She gave out one of those little half laughs that people who know darned well what you are doing but asked you anyway will make. "I know what you were doing; I used to do it all the time myself".

I looked back up at her, still sitting on the ground, wrapped around that pole. I must have looked a little confused at the moment, because without any answer from me she then said, "Listen, why don't you come over to my place with me? You really need to get out of sight when you're doing that and maybe I can help you figure some things out." And she held her hand out to me, obviously offering to give me a hand up.

I'd know Karen for quite a while now, as I said, and she had always been nice to me. Friendly, at least, where most of my brother's friends, especially the girls, had treated me like you treat your friends kid brother that you don't want around.

I didn't even think about it, really, a pretty, older girl had just asked me to go with her, I just said, "OK. Sure.", and followed her to her house. I would have followed her to hell, if she'd asked me.

Her house was about two blocks over and we got there pretty quickly, amiably chatting about nothing in particular while I tried not to ogle her too hard, or at least not too obviously.

The place was empty, being 18, the age where no teenager wants to spend a day with their own parents in a bathing suit, her parents had decided to leave her home rather than drag her along unwillingly to whatever beach they were going to for the weekend.

We landed in their family room, it was rather large, with dark wood paneling, deep beige shag carpeting, a large console TV with a VCR (VCR's were almost unheard of back then) and a large "pit" style sectional of dark, satiny brown material that covered about half the room. It was a typical early 70's "love pit".

She grabbed us some lemonade from the kitchen, setting it on the voluminous coffee table in front of the sectional, within easy reach of where we sat side by side on the sofa.

She leaned over to the stereo, turning it on to a hard rock station and setting the volume only a tad too loud for normal conversation, then as she sat back down on the sectional she very frankly asked me, "Do you really not know what you were doing back there in the park?"

I stammered a bit, hemmed and hawed, but had to finally admit, "No, I really don't know why I've been doing that. I've been doing it a lot lately. It makes me feel really good, down there..." I stopped speaking and looked down at my crotch. I was red faced, and being blond and very fair of skin when I say I was red faced, I mean my face was probably as red as a lobster shell.

Karen reached her hand over, cupping my chin and gently tilting my head up to look into her face. She spoke very softly as she asked me, "Don't you know anything about... well... about sex?"

I must have looked confused, because she again went on without any answer from me. "No, I guess you don't know. Do you?"

At that point, I blurted. I don't do it much any more, but I was young and so I hope I can be forgiven for blurting this once. "No! I have no idea at all about sex! No one will tell me anything! Whenever I ask, my mother turns red and then avoids me for days. My brothers just laugh and say I'm too young. I only see my so called father once a year whether I need it or not, so I'm not about to ask him. I don't know ANYTHING about sex!"

I was nearly hysterical at this point. I, of course, didn't know it but I was as horny as hell, had been torturing myself for weeks with my pole humping escapades, which had only thrown gasoline on the fire, and was on the verge of a total blowout.

Karen grabbed my shoulders and shook me a bit, which served to at least snap me back to sanity. "Whoa, there!" she said. "Take it easy."

She leaned back a bit on the sofa, absentmindedly running her hands through her hair as she seemed to size me up for a minute. Then she said, "Not knowing about sex isn't a crime, but not telling you, at your age... What are you now? Thirteen?"

I nodded.

"Thirteen? Really?"

"Yeah, I turned thirteen today in fact. It's my birthday."

"What? No shit? Wow. Why aren't you having a party?"

"My mother is "on call" so we had a family get together a couple of days ago. No big party plans because it's Memorial Day Weekend and no one is around." I tried to sound nonchalant, but I probably didn't pull it off.

"Well, Happy Birthday!" She seemed pleased. "Not knowing about sex is easy enough to fix. And your birthday is sure a perfect day to fix that."

She suddenly scooted to the very edge of the sofa, grabbing my leg just above the knee and squeezing it gently. My little brain was in overdrive, but I didn't really know what to think so I just smiled goofily at her.

"Stay here for a minute, I'll be right back." She said as she got up and sort of trotted up the stairs leading up to the bedrooms, holding up her index finger in the classic "wait a minute" pose as she went. There was some mild banging for a minute but then things were quiet. Very shortly she came jogging back down the stairs, holding a large pile of magazines in her arms as she did.

She walked back over to me, flopped the magazines down in a heap on the coffee table and sat down again saying, "These should help."

I looked at the pile of magazines. I didn't recognize the one on top, which was all I could see of course. It had a picture of a pretty girl in a bathing suit who was posed rather provocatively and crooking her index finger as if to say, "Come on". There was writing all around her and the bold title on top said, "Playboy".

I had never seen one before.

Karen turned to me, looking very earnest. She said, "We have to do one thing before we go on. You have to PROMISE me that you're not going to tell anyone, anyone at all, that I told you about sex. I need to know that this will always be between just us. You can't tell you friends, not even your best friend, not your parents, brothers, anyone at all, ever! Do you promise?"

I would have promised anything at that moment. I was finally going to learn what this whole "sex" thing was about.

"I do. I promise that I will keep this a secret." I said, very quickly. I was lightheaded. I could not believe this was finally going to make sense to me.

"OK. I believe you. Here we go."

She reached over and picked up the Playboy. "Have you ever seen a naked girl?" "No." I answered.

She flipped open the magazine to the middle, where she did the most curious thing and pulled open a page that made the magazine wider. She turned it to face me and there on the page, in full color, was a magnificently beautiful girl. She had long brown hair on her head, a tiny patch of brown curls around her genitals, and hugely large breasts with big, pointy red nipples just staring me right in the eyes.

I was, of course, immediately enchanted. I just sat there, staring in amazement at my first sight of a naked woman.

After a minute or so Karen asked me, "Nice, huh?"

My little pecker had immediately swelled to its full size in my jeans, though I had no idea why. Not that it was a very impressive stiffy, not at 13 and about four and a half inches (trust me, guys know how big it is, always) but it seemed to be trying to burst its way right out of the zipper.

She was looking at it. Right at it.

I was looking between the naked centerfold babe and Karen. Knowing she was looking right at my hard on didn't make me very comfortable, but even if I didn't exactly know what to do about it at least I knew better than to grab it or try to cover it up.

Karen flipped the magazine back towards her and closed the centerfold. She turned the page and glanced at if for a moment, then turned it back towards me. I saw the same girl, mostly naked, displayed in different poses, all of them provocative.

I remember rubbing my palms on my thighs to wipe off the sweat. I was so nervous, I don't know if I can tell you just how nervous. It wasn't a bad nervous though, not at all, it was a very good nervous. But I wasn't used to good kinds of nervous and what with Karen being an older girl, five years older and what I considered hot, it wasn't helping to make me calm that she was showing me naked pictures and was going to talk to me about sex.

Karen kept flipping pages until there were no more pictures of the first girl she showed me. She flipped through a lot of pages of advertisements, some pages of articles, and then she hit another spread of a naked girl. We looked at her together, without saying anything. She was as beautiful as the first girl, also posed in provocative ways.

This went on for some time. Every time we had looked at all the pictures of the naked girls in one magazine, she picked up the next and we would wordlessly start again. After a while, and about half of the pile of magazines she had brought down, she picked up one that said "Penthouse" on it instead of "Playboy". These pictures were different; the girls weren't quite so airy looking, more raw and somehow closer to real life. I didn't really understand the differences at the time, but I knew I liked these pictures better.

After a couple of Penthouse magazines, we hit one that had an entirely different kind of pictorial. One of the spreads in the magazine had two girls, naked, together and they were kissing and hugging and then, well, they were squeezing each others breasts, kissing and licking each others nipples, and then they had their faces in between each others legs and they were kissing each other there too.

My face must have turned about a thousand shades redder than it had been before, and if it was possible my little cock sprang up even harder, pressing even more dangerously against the zipper on that poor pair of jeans that was trying its best to hold him inside.

Karen definitely noticed, she had been looking almost as hard at my crotch as she had at the pictures in the magazines. She smiled and said, "Well, we know now that you're a typical, red blooded American boy. You all like watching two girls together."

I asked her, without even thinking about it, "Have you ever done that?"

She smiled at the pictures for a minute and answered, as if from a distance, "Not yet."

That made my brain creep around even more inside my skull, and did some interesting things to the tightness in my jeans, but I didn't really know what else to say and so just kept looking between the pictures and sneaking what I hoped weren't too obvious of peeks at her lightly rising and falling breasts and the crotch of her way too tight jeans as she sat Indian style, leaning forward and turned towards me on the couch.

We finished looking at that magazine then Karen reached over and moved a portion of the stack to one side to dig down a bit deeper. She picked out a thinner magazine, one that wasn't as flashy but was even glossier both front and back then either the Playboys or the Penthouses had been. The picture on the front was of a nubile, very large breasted blonde girl. She was wearing a red, lacy bra but the straps and cups were both pulled down so that her massive tits were displayed nicely above the bunched lace. She had on a pair of thigh high nylons held up by lacy red garters that lead up to a red lace belt that went around her waist like it had been painted on. You could tell she was in motion as the picture was taken, something about the way her tits were posed, literally defying gravity, told you at a glance that she was at the top of a bounce, just before she would plunge back down. Her big, pink nipples were hard and inviting, pointing right at you as you looked down on her from slightly above. She was smiling, a dirty, sex ridden invitation of a smile, her lips red with gloss.

Can you tell this picture made a burning impression in my mind?

She was falling back down onto what I know now was a massive cock. I didn't really have anything to compare it to at the time, except my own, but even in hindsight I knew this was impressive hardware. Its tip was lodged inside the very pink, shaved lips of the blonde girl above him. She was sitting on him, facing the camera, smiling that feral grin as she rode his cock. His hands were wrapped around her hips like they were handles, you couldn't see his face or anything about him in this shot, he was hidden behind the buxom blonde except for that cock and those hands.

The title said, "Co-ed Screw" and that was it. There was nothing else on the front of this magazine. It was as down and dirty of an early 70's porno magazine as I've ever seen, even since then after watching decades of dirty porn.

I must have been slack jawed. This was the first time I'd ever seen another penis with a hard on that wasn't hidden behind at least a bathing suit and it was the first time I'd ever seen a penis and a vagina in that close of proximity to one another. I just didn't know what to think, really. My brain just buzzed for a minute as I stared.

Karen was watching my face, which didn't help me any to try and get less red there. I knew she was watching my face at the time, but I had something in sight that wasn't to be ignored by a 13 year old boy with a hard on. I was focused on that picture and if she wanted to look at my face, well that was just fine with me.

After some time Karen cleared her throat and pulled the magazine a bit closer to herself. She opened the front cover and there were no ads in this magazine, no photos of whiskey bottles or cigarettes. In this magazine were a series of photographs that started with a younger looking but obviously late teen/early twenties boy and an even younger looking girl doing homework in a library. It was a very fake looking library, but I guess that's not really important.

She was the goddess from the cover, dressed in a black and red checkered, very short mini-skirt parody of a catholic school girl's outfit. She was wearing what looked like red tights, but we know better, with black patent leather high heeled shoes. She had on a tiny jacket with one button on the front that did nothing to cover up the lace bra that was busy pushing up her ample cleavage.

The boy was dressed in a leather jacket, white T shirt and blue jeans with sneakers. His hair was long and feathered, the typical tough boy image.

It was all very vampish looking, very 70's. There wasn't even any dialogue, no captions, nothing, just a comic book style, serial sequence of the boy and girl both looking up from their books, meeting each others eye, then meeting half way at a large, empty table. They fall into each others arms, they kiss, he feels his way up her short skirt, and they begin to undress each other.

She pulls his pants down as she falls to her knees in front of him, his massive prick falls into her hands; she is wide eyed in wonder at it all. She pulls open her jacket, flings it aside, pulls the cups down on her bra, picks his prick back up and instantly swallows it whole while looking straight up into the camera which is looking right down at her as if you are receiving this homage.

Get the picture? It goes on from there, but I have a more personal tale going on here. I was just setting the mood.

Karen flipped the pages on the magazine, looking up at me the whole time, watching where my eyes were so she knew when it was time to turn another page. The couple went through oral sex with each other, then an imaginative screw in every conceivable location of their faux library and in positions that I still think had to have been done by professional contortionists, ending up with the young blonde taking his throbbing member out her pussy just as he begins to erupt and jerking him off right across her face, with her mouth wide open, and then she directs the flow down onto her tits as he contorts his face in what was either agony or intense pleasure.

I know now what it was, but you've gotta admit sometimes it sure looks like they're in pain.

OK. OK. Get back to Karen. I hear you.

As the images reached their climax (go ahead, groan, I did) Karen was studying my face. When I had viewed the final picture one last time she closed the magazine and put it down. She was a bit flustered, even I could tell, but she went on.

"So? Did you enjoy that?"

After a few seconds, and clearing my throat three times, I finally managed to squeak out an insightful "Uh, huh."

"That's what sex looks like. That's how you do it."

She turned back to the pile of magazines and pulled another one out. It had that look to it that I have come to associate with "raunchy" over the years. You know, "the good stuff". I still don't know, to this day, where she got the porn but I was very glad she did.

She flipped open the magazine, this time there were two girls with one guy, all very sexy looking. Karen was going to be a bit more talkative this time though.

"OK. You see them all kissing, kissing is fun. Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"Um..." Tell the truth or lie? OK, truth, she's never laughed at you before. "No."

"I didn't think so. Oh, don't get me wrong!" She saw the hurt look on my face. "I think it's sweet. You're way too young to have done anything like that. Or were." She gushed at me, putting her hand on my shoulder as she tried to assuage my hurt feelings.

She turned to me, looked me square in the eye, grabbed my other shoulder and pulled my face down to hers (I was a bit taller than her, I think I've mentioned she was tiny). She kissed me, full on the lips, hard. She gave me the full, mouth closed kiss treatment.

I loved it.

When she finally pulled away I was still puckered up with my eyes closed, just like a scene from a movie, wanting more. She laughed a tiny laugh, pecked me hard once again but then pushed me back onto the sofa.

"There!" She crowed. "Now you can never again answer "no" to that question. You have been kissed, and quite well, by a girl." I was sitting there with a strange grin on my face, staring at her. She kindly didn't mention it.

"Now, back to what we were doing." She picked the magazine that she had let drop onto her lap back up and opened it to the first page again. She leaned back towards me saying, "There they are, kissing. Now here they're undressing each other. See how they're taking their time, kissing each part as it gets exposed, stroking it and playing with each other? You want to be even gentler, do more teasing than they're doing here. Girls like it when you take your time, but I guess it doesn't make very good pictures. Even so, you go slowly and let her enjoy herself and you'll be much happier in the long run. OK, now the one girl is starting to suck the other girls' nipples. Most girls like that a lot. You definitely need to start out gently there though. You want to play with them, stroke them with your fingers, and just kind of tickle them at first. Then when you do start to kiss them you start out very lightly, gently kissing around them before you do any heavy biting or nibbling.

"Again, girls like it when you take your time. I can't tell you that enough." She coached me.

And it went on like that through the entire magazine. She described every sex act in that book, telling me variations on each, what to do, what not to do, in each situation that those three lovers in the magazine were kind enough to demonstrate for us. She told me that all girls are different, but that most of them liked sex at least as much as guys do, they just want it to mean a little more, be more special.

I sat and watched and listened in absolute wonder as Karen laid bare the entire process of having sex to me. And not just sex, she explained a lot to me about how to treat a woman too, how to make her feel better than anyone else does and how that way they'll always make it special for me too.

It was probably one of the nicest, sweetest things anyone ever did for me and my wife still thanks this woman she's never met before to this very day for the excellent advice she gave me that afternoon.

But she gave me much more as well. I hear you howling out there, "get to the good stuff", and now we're there.

When we got to the end of that magazine, where the girls had sucked each other into oblivion and the guy had fucked them both hard, long and often and had then squirted across their open faces as they licked each others tongues and tasted his sperm, she closed the book, looked right at me and asked, "Any questions?"

I didn't even say anything, I just looked her in the face for a second, and my eyes traveled down her body all on their own, following her tiny curves, then back up again. She smiled sweetly at me and answered with, "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine."

I could not believe it, so of course I said, or more like whispered, "Really?"

She nodded, "Really. And just to prove that I mean it..." and she sat up straight then pulled her T shirt off over her head in one swift yank, her hair falling in wisps back down onto her naked shoulders and across the tops of her tits pushing up from inside her white bra.

"Now it's your turn." She commanded.

Who was I to argue? I jumped up off the couch and whipped my T shirt off over my head as fast as it would go. I didn't stop there, I kicked off my tennis shoes, yanked open my belt, button and zipper and my pants went down in record time.

When I looked back up, Karen slowly reached around behind herself and pulled open her bra. She slowly peeled it off of her shoulders, letting the cups stay up in front of her breasts, holding it there and teasing me with her slowness. "Remember," she said, "girls like to go slowly. There's no need to rush. We've got plenty of time."

"Sorry!" I moaned.

She grinned at me for a moment, and then she dropped her bra away, revealing her lovely, perfect, perky breasts, capped with tiny pink nipples with rings around them so pink you almost couldn't see them.

"It's OK." She purred. "Just relax and enjoy things."

"Now," she continued "slowly take down those briefs, let's see what you've got hidden in there that looks so eager to come out."

I was still entranced by her pink nipples, but I somehow managed to drop my white cotton briefs from the not so big cock they were tenting around. My balls, however, were quite large. Karen let out a gasp of disbelief when she saw them. She later told me they were the biggest balls she'd ever seen. I've heard that a lot.

I'll trade, by the way, with any of you guys with a big dick and small balls. My cock is not small, at 7" now I'm quite proud of it, but if it matched my balls I'd be a porn star millionaire and not a writer wannabe/computer nerd.

C'est la vie.

It was Karen's turn to be entranced. She was staring at my balls with a hungry look on her face that I know now is one of the very best kind of looks a guy can wish for. She said, very quietly and more to herself than to me, "Oh, my. Oh, my, my, my."

After a few awkward seconds where she kept repeating that I couldn't help but finally prompt her by saying, "Uh, Karen? I think it's your turn now."

She smiled, licked her lips and then looked back at my face. "Oh, you bet it is."

I was kind of confused but she didn't let me think about it too long, because she immediately pried open her belt, then the button on those impossibly tight Levi's jeans. She stood up, pulled the zipper down slowly, then hooked her thumbs up under the waistband of both her jeans and her white, cotton panties and pulled them downwards as she wiggled her hips back and forth.

Her tiny, pink, peach fuzz covered pussy came out and peeked at me. She kept her light, fuzzy brown pubic hair shaved off her lips, but with a fuzzy down artfully trimmed short with her razor at just the right length on her mound (I watched her do it later, that's how I know how she did it).

When she was totally naked, except for her white socks, she walked slowly towards me until she was directly in front of me, almost but not quite touching me. My hard cock was a mere inch away from her soft skin. She was so close that for the first time ever I smelled what a hot, horny female smells like. I could feel the heat coming off of her body as I looked down on her perfect breasts, her tiny pink nipples were so hard they looked like they were going to pop, down the gentle curve of her belly button to the fuzz on top her mound. It was all right there but my inexperience held me back more surely than any cage could have at that moment.

She leaned in slowly, not touching me with anything but the very tips of her breasts against my chest, and kissed me softly on the lips. I kissed her back and after a few moments her mouth suddenly opened and I felt her tongue tentatively probe against my lips. She had mentioned "French kissing" to me during our earlier run through of the magazine, so I knew what she was doing and opened my lips.

Her tongue darted in quickly and explored my mouth, I responded by pushing back against her tongue and chasing it back inside her mouth, where I let mine explore. It was very hot, my cock was actually throbbing as we did this and I still hadn't actually touched anything.

She slowly reached out and took hold of my wrists, leading my hands up to her breasts where she placed my open palms firmly down on her soft peaks. She began to move my hands around in circles and my brain finally kicked in and I began to gently squeeze and rub her tits on my own. Once my hands got moving she dropped hers back down along my arms, to my waist, where she reached back, cupped my ass cheeks in her hands and pulled me tightly up against her. Her kisses got frantic and she rubbed into me hard, pulling me tightly against her, squashing my still clutching hands between our bodies, not to mention my throbbing cock up against her soft belly button while my balls dangled down into the ticklishness of her light pubic hair.

My dick immediately began to throb at an alarming rate. It had never felt anything quite so nice before and it was reacting in a typical first timer fashion.

Karen, however, must have felt the painful throbbing of my aching cock against her, because she quickly disengaged by pushing me back and breaking the kiss. My hands were glued to her breasts and nipples, but she didn't even try to stop me. She looked down at my still throbbing member and said, "Someone needs some relief. I don't think this poor boy is going to do us much good in the condition he's in. Now is he?" She asked me that as she was dropping to her knees in front of me. I think I tried to stammer some kind of reply, but she said, "Shush. Don't answer that. You just hang onto those titties nice and tight while we get something out of the way."

She pushed me backwards, fortunately onto the couch. I fell backwards across it, losing touch of her breasts for a moment but practically leaping back up to a sitting position to grope them back into my palms. She smiled at me, obviously enjoying my handling of her breasts and adjusted her position on the floor in front of me.

"This won't take long and that's just fine this one time." She said as she leaned forward and up, kissing me as I squashed her boobs in my hands. "You just relax and enjoy this. This is your first ever cum, right?" she asked.

I answered with another insightful, "Uh, huh!"

"Oh, this is going to be so good." She said, looking me straight in the eye. Then she suddenly dropped her head into my lap and engulfed my dick all the way down to the balls in her tightly clasped mouth.

One of her hands had found its way up between my legs and at the same time the head of my cock met the back of her throat and her palm wrapped around my balls, gently cupping and squeezing them up close to my body.

I hate to admit it, but she was right. It did not take long. I think one second would be pushing it.

I erupted. I gushed. I plain old fashioned exploded into her sucking mouth with my first ever orgasm. Her tongue was swirling furiously around the front of my cock and her hand was doing its gentle massage of my scrotum as I blasted jet after jet of cum up into her waiting mouth, yelling my head off the whole time without even knowing why and clutching her tits as tightly into my palms as they would go.

She tried to swallow it. It got away from her after a short time, though. I've mentioned a few times that my balls are quite large. I found out that day that they were really a bit smaller than I thought, but were quite filled up with a backlog of sperm. There was an absolute gusher full of cum built up in my poor, aching balls that all spilled out and into Karen's eager mouth.

A lot of cum fell past her lips when she couldn't swallow it fast enough and dribbled down my quickly deflating shaft. She made up for that loss by waiting until she had sucked the last drop of sperm out of my pulsing dick, then licking up the rest from all around the base of my cock and off of my now slightly smaller ball sack.

I was still clinging to her breasts and she was taking her time, enjoying my newfound feeling of afterglow with me rather than rushing me through it.

After a short time she crawled up my body, trailing kisses on her way. We made out for a short time but then she pushed me back down onto the sofa and continued moving up over me until her breasts were right in my face. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to lick and suck on that treasure.

I made love to her breasts for a while as she moved them back and forth so I could pay attention to them both.

She then climbed up onto the sofa further, straddling my body and allowing me to kiss a trail down her stomach to her mound. Once she got herself kneeling down over my face, with her legs on either side of my head and her pussy directly over my mouth, she lowered her clean shaven pussy lips down onto me and began to give me instructions on how to lick and suck her.

She took her time, and so did I, letting me get used to licking on her before she ground herself down onto my face and began to call out, "Oh, yes! Lick faster. Lick harder! Suck it, suck it! Oh..... Geez!" and began to buck and thrust as she squashed my face with her pussy and her juices gushed out all over my face and chin.

My little prick was once again ragingly hard so she taught me the pleasures of sixty-nine, where we both gushed directly into each others mouths at the same time. Then when my dick got hard yet again, she taught me about between the breast fucking which she finished up by allowing me to squirt cum all over her face and tits, like they did in the magazines.

What she did not do, that day or ever, was fuck me with her tiny little pussy.

She told me she loved all the "fooling around" as she called it, but she was not going to let anyone fuck her until she was married. She meant it too; she was still a "virgin" on her wedding night, five years later.

Karen spent the summer teaching me all about how to please a woman. Not just with my body, but with my mind and my heart too. We weren't "in love", we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, she said to call her my mentor in love.

Karen and I remained friends for quite some time, though we only fooled around for about six months. She went away to college at the end of the summer, which was a huge bummer, but she came home for weekends and holidays and at first we had a lot of fun.

We had our last "fooling around" session on New Years Eve when we sixty-nined and came in each others mouths as the ball dropped on TV.

When she got back to school after that she met another girl and fell "in love" with her. She broke the news to me on her next visit home that she wanted to be "monogamous" with her new girlfriend. She did it quite gently but it still broke my heart. We could remain friends, and we did, but no more "fooling around." And that was that.

Well, until my next birthday anyway.

Next chapter, "The Twins" or "How I finally got me some pussy and it was almost more than I could handle".

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