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My Next Door Neighbor

Let me tell you a little about myself and where I live. I am 6'1" and about 200 pounds, I am 46 years old and I have been told that I am very handsome. I live in a small subdivision in South Carolina and have lived there for a little over two years. My neighbor moved in the subdivision about the same time that we did. My neighbor, I will call her Cathy, is 38 years old and very pretty and sexy. She is about 5'6" and about 120 pounds with brown/blonde hair and a very sexy tan. We have always kind of looked at each other and smiled and flirted a little between us but neither one of us ever acted on anything.

But one day I was out cutting my grass and she came out to cut her grass also. After I cut my grass and I was putting my mower back into the garage she came over and asked me if I would like a cold glass of tea and I said of course but I was going to take a shower first she then said ok thats fine just come on over after you get out of the shower she would leave her front door opened and for me to just come on in. Well I took a shower got dressed and headed over to her house as expected the front door was unlocked I walked on in to her house. Her husband was at work so I hollowed I AM HERE she hollowed back I will be right there I am just getting out of the shower. She walked in with a very thin gown on and she was so hot in that I just knew that I was going to explode right there. She went into the kitchen and opened up the frig and got out the tea and poored us a glass. When she came back into the living room she sat down on the couch and her gown rose up her leg and was about to flip out when I saw that she did not have any panty's on. I will finish the story later to be continued!!!

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