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Memories Of Stephanie, First Time Experience

I felt embarrassed at first, manly too, but none the less still surprised by what had just happened. The mother of my best friend only smiled, with a curiously appreciative grin, letting the weight of her naked body down on my leg, looking up at my eyes as I lay back against the pillows, the energy of my body released as she drew her fingers over cheek and above her lips, guiding the sticky white globs of my cum to her lips, licking the messy fluids as if they were the secret nectar of an unattainable pleasure as she held my throbbing cock like a trophy. I thought I knew of the intensity of my own sexual being, but I was suddenly awakened to an idea that there were women who could open my being to a sense of pleasure completely unknown. I had taken an awkward step in the march of adulthood that muggy summer evening, not really knowing what had just happened and what would immediately follow, the first lessons of an older woman, the first experience of the intimate act, the sensual nature of a woman that I would think and dream about my entire life.

It was the summer of my sixteenth year and my friend Robert had asked me if I would like to go on a hastily planned vacation up in northern Wisconsin that his family was taking. Robert's father had been tragically killed in a construction accident about five years earlier and he, his mother and his younger brother forced themselves to take a trip each summer that seemed to emulate the trips they had taken when his father was still living. They had rented a small cottage right on the water in Door County for a couple of weeks. My family was not well to do and my parents thought it a great trip for me. So one Saturday morning in mid-July I piled along with Robert, his younger brother and their mother into the family station wagon and we drove for hours north up two lane highways until we reached the small secluded cottage that was perched on the rocks overlooking the cool waters of Green Bay.

The first week was filled with hiking, sailing and just hanging out, most of which, Robert and I undertook without the rest of his family. Most evenings after dinner, Robert and I would walk the mile or so into town to hangout at an ice cream stand in search of the few girls who were vacationing like us. There was little to do in the small town and we often walked back to the cabin, not talking, quiet in the solace of the potential of meeting some girls the next evening. Robert's mom was young, I guessed in her mid thirties, and seemed cool with the routine we had settled into, kidding us about the girls we seemed to want to meet. She did convince Robert to take his younger brother on an overnight camping trip to an island that resided several miles off the rocky shores where our cottage resided. With the camping gear and two passengers, I would not be able to make the trip in the small sailboat that had come along with the cabin. It seemed a small price to pay for the hospitality his family had shown me to spend the day and a half reading or otherwise enjoying our isolated location and the cool breeze that came off the bay.

That afternoon, Robert's mother had left me alone for the most part. I made myself cozy on the large screened-in porch and read a spy novel that I had taken from the shelves of the cottage while Robert's mother spent most of the afternoon sunning herself in the small yard below, shifting the lounge chair from time to time as the sun moved, content with the pile of magazines she leafed through and the warmth of the sunny rays. It was quiet and pleasant, a nice breeze and the sound of the waves splashing on the rocky shores below the yard.

At one point in the midst of the afternoon I offered to bring a cool drink to Robert's mother, who waved above the back of the lounge chair and thanked me for offering with an affirmative.

As I approached her with the ice cubes rattling against the sweating sides of the lemonade filled glass, her legs were stretched out over a towel, her skin smooth and clear. I had never really though of her body in sensual terms until that moment. She was petite in comparison to Robert and his brother who were tall for their age, and she had short reddish blonde hair. She was wearing a white bikini that complemented her feminine shape, her two round breasts straining against the fabric as she reached up to take the glass from my hand.

You are sweet,... she said smiling from behind her oversized sunglasses. I hope you are not too bored today,... she added after a few moments.

You're welcome and I'm fine,... I tried to say politely as I couldn't help my eyes tracing over curves.

I'll make some dinner after I get cleaned up,... she said in reply at my awkwardness, almost recognizing the fact I was taking in the sights of her figure and perhaps enjoying the attention was almost revealed in her eyes. Can I get you anything else,... I asked, again trying to be polite.

Not right now,... she said after a pause, her lips curling into a smile as I watched her eyes tracing down over my presence, much as I had. Maybe, I'll think of something later,... she added, still smiling as she took a sip from the frosty glass, her eyes fixed on mine for a moment that seemed awkward.

I'll go back to reading then,... I said to break the trance of our eye contact and trotted back to the screened porch above the yard.

I didn't think much of what had transpired in the previous moments, returning again to the action of the book quite contently. Robert's mother rose up the stairs to the screened porch almost an hour later, the sun now lower in the sky of the late afternoon. She was wrapped in her beach towel and her skin glowed with the inner light of the sun she had drenched herself in for most of the afternoon.

Did you find a good book,... she said smiling as she paused at the door from the porch into the cottage.

Yes, I've always enjoyed reading,... I said looking once again at her figure in the door opening, her calves and bare feet smooth against the rough wooden floors. Don't tell Robert,... I said after a moment, realizing that Robert struggled with school and his mother probably knew it would be uncharacteristic of her son to be interested in reading for pleasure.

It'll be one of our secrets,... she said smiling. You're so cute,... she added after a moment with a curious grin, as she again watched me with some enjoyment as I couldn't resist looking at the shape of her figure, imagining what she would look like with her clothes off. It was almost as if she could read my mind I couldn't help think with her hand on her hip and turning her torso slightly to show herself off. She smiled at me for an awkward moment. We need to find you a girlfriend,... she said with a giggle as she watched my eyes, or maybe you'll let me be your girlfriend some time,... she added after a few moments as I watched her eyes travel over me, her body language exuding a very un-motherly sense of repose as she turned and disappeared from the porch into the cottage.

I didn't even know I could put my mind around what I was thinking. Was it possible that Robert's mother was flirting with me didn't seem possible. That was far fetched but I couldn't resist letting my sixteen year old mind flutter to other impossible thoughts as I daydreamed about her, her body and imagining her naked. Thoughts about wanting to touch her and have her touch me. I couldn't have imagined what would happen a few minutes later.

I decided to go inside the cottage which had a small living area. It was late Saturday afternoon and there would likely be a baseball game on TV. What better way to pass the time and divert my mind from the impossible, I thought, as I tried to get reception on the old TV that rested on a cabinet next to the stone fireplace. On the opposite side of the fireplace was the entrance into the bathroom and I could hear the shower and thought once again of Robert's mother as I rested back into the cushions of the wicker couch. I was seeing the game but my arousing thoughts still lingered. Maybe her signals were real, maybe she did want me in some strange way .should I be a man, take charge and force myself on her? It was all good for a sensual buzz in my mind and I felt myself getting hard thinking about it, but it was all just a fantasy and I then smiled to myself just wasn't rational. I decided I would think about it all later, before I went to sleep, a new fantasy I could dream as I pleasured myself, I thought about for a few moments before trying to let the action on the screen draw me back to reality.

I heard the shower stop and listened as Robert's mother rustled about the bathroom, no doubt doing the routine things she does to make herself presentable. I was surprised to hear so quickly the sound of her hand so on the door knob as she prepared to enter the room. The door suddenly opened and Robert's mother appeared, not knowing of my presence, completely naked, except for a towel which was dr*ped over one shoulder.

I'm sorry,... I said quickly, realizing she had not seen me at first as she moved towards her room, covering my eyes as I heard her shriek with surprise, the sound of her feet as she hid herself behind the open door to her room which swung into the living room shielding herself to my view.

I'm sorry,... I said again towards the door, I should have stayed outside,... I added after a moment of silence.

My fault,... Robert's mother replied quietly from behind the door. I wasn't thinking..., she paused for a few moments when you could hear your own heart beat, you are ok,... she said as I could hear her breathing, the awkwardness rendering us both immobile for what seemed like minutes as we both couldn't decide what to do next.

Maybe I was thinking,... she said from behind the door finally, giggling at herself after a long silent moment.

I don't understand, I'll just go outside,... I replied, wondering what she was saying, but realizing in the small room she wouldn't be able to shield herself completely if I moved towards the door to the porch.

It's ok,... she said, her voice softer, I mean, maybe don't go,... she added after another moment of silence, the awkwardness of the situation now seemed comical as she oddly tried to be serious, but giggled to herself as I tried to figure out what she was thinking.

The late afternoon sun streaked across the room from the west facing windows and the open door to the porch, the movement of the image on the small TV somehow now inconsequential to the events of the preceding moments as my eyes darted around the room while my mind was spinning.

Mrs. Louden,... I said in a curious tone as I started to rise in my seat, but hesitating to move towards the door to the porch.

It's ok,... she said again, the door moving slightly, her tone changing to a more serious voice. I meant that maybe in some odd way,... she was having trouble forming the words that connected with her thoughts, you know ..maybe I wanted you to see me,... she said with a somewhat reluctant but unapologetic tone which was followed by a long pause where I didn't know what to say. I mean I saw you looking at me earlier,... she said softly after the long pause, I know why you were looking at me I mean I think about those things .too,... she added as I was frozen, now standing as I had instinctively done, between the couch and the coffee table, my mind racing as I thought about the oddness of the situation. You do have those thoughts don't you,... she said to the quietness of the room from behind the paneled wooden door.

I don't know what to say,... I finally uttered after a long pause and sensing I needed to say something but truly feeling puzzled by the directness of her assertions. What was happening is all I could manage to think .desperately encumbered by my inexperience with women, I didn't have a way to make this rational or anyway to understand how I should act.

You don't have to say anything,... her voice announced from behind the door. I don't mean to,... her voice stopped. I mean, it's ok, I would never tell Robert,... she added as her tone was trying to sound reassuring but somewhat embarrassed. I was just thinking, I mean, you don't have to .but .I'm just going to come around the door don't need to avert your eyes,... she explained with a sense of curious commitment, I mean ..if you like what you see, and you want to ..and you don't have too... she paused and I could hear a tone in her voice that sounded unsure but filled with an odd energy, a tone that I had never heard from an adult woman, I know you are probably wondering to yourself and I know you probably have never done anything like this .but if you would like, you can come into my room with me,... her voice trailing off somewhat.

My mind was racing over the words I had just heard. It was all just impossible as I tried to imagine why this was happening and why to me. My eyes darted around the room and I couldn't see any objects, it was as if all I could focus on was the door and the puzzle of what was happening. I knew at that moment that I needed to say something, I needed to sound like an adult, I needed to sound as if I knew what I was doing, but after a long moment of silence, with all the brilliance that I could muster and Mrs. Robert's would laugh with me about later, I simply replied, Ok,... the uncommitted tone of which I just shook my head to myself in disappointment after it was said.

Mrs. Robert's giggled at my response. Are you ok,... she said softly from behind the door, you are so cute and innocent, do you even know what I am saying,... she giggled again.

I think .,... and my mind was blank with how to tell her that I did know what she was saying. I think you are asking me .,... I couldn't seem to get it out, finally resorting to just letting myself be myself. I know what you are saying .I don't know exactly why, but I do I mean I want to,... I finally let words out of my mouth as I stood there nervous of what would happen next.

Ok,... I heard her say quietly with a little giggle as the door swung towards me, Mrs. Robert's was leaning against the wall, unabashedly confident in herself, her nakedness startling at first, but her body relaxed as she held the towel to one side falling down, one end folding towards me on the floor, her eyes on mine as she revealed herself to me. I hope you like what you see, my hair is a mess,... she said after a awkward moment of watching my eyes travel down and back up again over the her feminine curves, the startling display of her nakedness as shocking as it was alluring.

I .I do,... I said embarrassed and looking down briefly, my hands twiddling nervously with each other as I stood before her sensual exhibition.

It's ok to look me, I mean that is what this is about,... she said reassuringly after a few moments. I want you to see me .and enjoy looking at me, I want to look at me, want to touch me,... she added, this should be wonderful, not embarrassing,... she went on as she watched me look up to her eyes, a woman's body is one of the most sacred things she can share with you and you should take her gift to you with respect for her, and with the understanding that there is a special connection between those who share their intimacy....

Her words were soft and sensual, filled with a thoughtful perspective based on experience and a tenderness of understanding of who she was and who she stood before. I couldn't say I wasn't nervous as I stood there at that moment, but I was surprised that the tension of the moment seemed to be receding as my eyes traveled again over her figure. I couldn't help my curious visual exploration and I sensed Mrs. Roberts enjoyed watching me take in the sight of her, her body seemed to feel my eyes upon her. She was petite with thin shoulders, her skin smooth and youthful, tan lines only faint on her creamy skin, her slightly rounded head perched upon a long graceful neckline. Her breasts seemed perfect with the shape of her figure, not large but they didn't look like they should be larger, each accented by the dark punctuation of an erect and protruding nipple that seemed to be yearning for a touch. Her hourglass shape and the curves of her hips blended effortlessly into the top of her slender legs, a small tuft of blondish red hair above the faint crease of her intimate skin. I could feel a gentleness in her brash display, a sensual playfulness in her relaxed posture as one foot leaned back against the wall, her arms completely at ease with her stance and I felt a connection with a woman I had never felt before.

I think you are beautiful,... I said as my eyes met hers, her eyes dancing with excitement as they communicated in a way that made me feel oddly safe with the moment.

Thank you you are too sweet and you shouldn't be afraid or anxious,... she said with almost no sound as she leaned forward slightly, smiling in an inviting twist of her head, pausing for a moment as her body language invited me to follow her, finally turning into the shadows of the door opening to her room, a faint giggle of pleasure and re-assuredness, her gate confident with a sensual lilt as I watched her disappear into the darkness of her room.

I hesitated a first, taking a deep breath and slowly moved the short distance to the threshold of the door, my eyes adjusting to the shadows of her room that had the curtains drawn. She sat on the opposite side of the large bed, facing away from me, running a brush through her short hair, her slender body perched on the edge of the bed, her smooth skin a perfect foil to the pattern of the bedding. Noticing the movement of light in the shadows, she immediately knew I was there, watching her as I paused just inside the doorway and she turned and lye across the quilt that covered the bed, leaning on her hand, her other arm and hand dr*ped over her hip comfortably, her posture inviting me to join her on the bed.

It wasn't until that moment that I felt the sexual stirrings within my own body. The preceding moments had seemed cinematic, almost as if I had been an outside observer, but now, the frame of reference had changed and seemed more three dimensional, more realistic and the anticipation completely possible. Robert's mother lay naked across the bed inviting me for a sexual experience and I could feel my body responding. I was nervous and aroused, feeling all of my sixteen years of maturity. I felt the desire to take my clothes off but felt embarrassed by that thought too as I instinctively moved towards the bed, Robert's mother smiling as approached, her free hand moving over the bed, inviting me next to her.

Have you ever been with someone like this,... she asked quietly, trying to ease any tension I might have.

No,... I said as I paused at first resting a knee on the bed and then letting my weight down on it.

This is all very natural, you shouldn't be nervous, but I know how you must feel,... she said as she reached out for my hand. Here, lay down beside me,... she said as she took my hand and pulled me down onto the bed.

As I moved closer, I could smell her freshness, an aroma that was intoxicating, she smelled sensual, she smelled naked, the closer I became, the more excited I felt. Her skin seemed to glow, and her body seemed more delicate, more feminine and more erotic. As my weight came down on the bed, I took on a posture almost mirroring hers, on my side, a foot or so from the warmth of her skin that I could almost feel. She played with my hand at first, squeezing it reassuringly, looking at my eyes and smiling.

Why don't you lay back on the pillows,... she said after a moment. There is no need to rush,... she added as she moved closer, I want you to be comfortable....

As I eased into the pillows, lying back in the bed, I could feel the warmth of her body against my side as she moved closer, her leg swinging over mine, her hand moving out over my chest, fingers spread in the fabric of the my grey tee shirt, her experienced touches sending waves of sensual pleasure to each of my extremities. I could feel my cock straining against the khaki trousers I was wearing and I wondered if she could see my arousal. Her body curled against me and she felt like a coiling sensual animal. I didn't know what to do at first. As I wondered about what to do with my hands, she slowly eased herself completely on top of me, spreading her legs over me, kissing my neck at first as I felt the first sensual roll of her body over my groin and up my chest.

Her breath was hot on my neck as she kissed my cheek and then my lips before rising up slightly, you can touch me too, put your arms around me,... she said with a quiet sensually pleading voice, her body continuing to ripple against mine, the electricity of her motion making me strain against the waves of pleasure.

As I put my arms around her back and let my hands out across her soft skin I could feel her respond and it suddenly made me more aware of our contact. She kissed me hard, her motions firm and her tongue invading my mouth to mine and I returned her advances, the passion of the moment filling me with a sense of desire I had never really felt.

As the kiss ended, she giggled, and pulled back to look into my eyes, I like kissing you,... she softly whispered, rolling her body again, deliberately pushing herself against my hard on. I can feel you,... she said with a sensual smile, rolling her body again and feeling me pushing back naturally. I am aroused too,... she said softly after a moment watching the reaction in my eyes and then pushed her body vertical, straddling me and pushing her hair back from her forehead. Give me your hand,... she said as she rolled again over the bulge in my trousers. I want you to feel my arousal,... she said as her eyes danced and she guided my hand to between her legs, raising up and leaning forward slightly, her face just inches above mine, her warm breath like a seductive fog that invaded the intimacy of the space between us.

Pushing my hand down over her intimate skin, I felt the curls of her hair first, she felt warm and she pushed me further, forcing my fingers against the softness of the intimate folds in her skin, the wetness of her entry bathing my fingers as I moved them slightly. I get very moist down there,... she breathed out as I continued to move my fingers against her.

I like that,... she giggled as I could feel her pushing back against my motions. I like you touching me,... she said after a few moments as she took in my touches.

Mrs. Louden,... I said instinctively as I could sense once again the way her body responded to being touched.

No she said in the breathlessness of her pleasure, looking down into my eyes, call me Stephanie, please, call me Stephanie .when we are like this,... she closed her eyes and rolled her self over my hand, her wetness coating my fingers as she quietly moaned sensual breaths of pleasure. I want you to touch my breasts,... she whispered out as I could feel her body heat, the wave of her motions beginning to have a tempo, a sexual tempo that seemed faintly familiar and yet strange and new to me. I had never experienced this perspective, an odd feeling that I could sense her pleasure too, a perspective of intimacy that was oddly revealing and made me feel pleasure in helping to make it happen.

Her breasts dangled down in the space between us and I pushed my hands up under each one, feeling her smooth skin and their contour against her rib cage, pausing slightly as I stretched my fingers around her, feeling her breathing. She pushed her body vertical again as I let my outstretched fingers glide over each one, gently squeezing them as I felt the firmness of each of her nipples, massaging these strange objects that I had only imagined touching. She squirmed against my touches, her hips rolling, her eyes closing and I could sense her pleasure. I hadn't ever imagined that, the sense of pleasure I could see her feeling and I began to rejoice in the idea that I could make that happen. However emboldened by this notion, it only made my own sensations rise too.

Your hands feel good,... she said as she rippled again over my erection which strained to be released and I tried to push back at her motions, feeling constrained by my clothing and clearly wanting to feel the intimacy of her skin against mine. I must have looked uncomfortable and she immediately sensed my feelings and pushed each of her hands up under the fabric my tee shirt. I don't want you to stop but why don't we get you out of your clothes,... she said smiling, her tongue playfully pursed between her teeth as she pushed at my top, forcing my hands away from their touches, her hands stretching over my chest.

She helped me wrestle out of the tee shirt and let her weight down on my bare chest. The feeling was electric as her breasts were against me and I could hear her sigh with the touch of our skin. She continued rolling on me and kissed me again as the sense of pleasure was over taking me as I held her against me, pushing my cock against her in a natural reaction to the desire to increase my pleasure and knowing it pleasured her.

You must be ready to burst,... she giggled out between kisses, I can take care of you,... came muffled out breathlessly as she kissed my neck, then the top of my chest, moving down my skin, slithering like a sensual animal I had never known. I didn't realize what was happening until she reached the beltline of my trousers, where she reached with both hands to unbutton as she kissed the bulge of my erection. I hadn't thought of her taking me like this but it seemed to be happening as she looked up between her kisses, giving me a reassuring smile before biting at the line of my cock in the fabric and then zipping the trousers down. I want you to relax baby,... she said as she pulled the trousers and my boxers down my hips, allowing my erection to bounce free to the air.

Stephanie,... I said softly and urgently as my cock stood rigid, trembling as she pulled the fabric of my clothing down over my knees.

MMMmmm ..,... she cooed out with a sensual drawl as her eyes took in the sight of it. You are very nice baby, very nice ..I will enjoy you inside me,... she giggled as she shook my feet free and started a cat like advance towards me her hands pushing along the inside of my thighs. You just lay back and let me take care of you,... she said breathlessly as her hands moved up on each side of my straining cock, massaging my balls with her thumbs as she first kissed the skin on my abdomen. It's ok,... she started say as she gripped me around the base at first, sending waves of electricity through my body. It's ok,... she went on as she sensed the sensual tension that seemed crushing to me. You have such a nice cock,... slithered from her mouth which sounded oddly perverse to hear her say it as she began stroking me slowly, watching herself working its length. You're going to make me feel so good,... her smile transforming to a more forceful look as she stroked me up and down more quickly for a few moments, licking her lips as she focused on working her motions.

Oh god,... slipped from my pleasure filled fog. I ,... I was clearly speechless, feeling the numbing pleasure of her hand around my girth, her feminine fingers, their carefully manicured nails stroking my boner so enthusiastically, the whole sense of my nakedness and hers and the softness of her hands on me.

It's ok ,... she forced from her lips as she moved her mouth close to the head of my cock, sizing it up as she stroked slower, licking the head quickly and then slurping her mouth over it, retreating and gliding her hand through the saliva and down my length, sending waves of pleasure cascading through my already overloaded body. Oh baby,... she said looking up at my eyes as she felt the strain in my body, you can cum if you want anytime you want, you can cum in my mouth if you want,... she teased out before taking my into the warmth of her mouth, humming with pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down on me, massaging my balls as she worked an oral magic against the straining pleasure engulfing me with each of her motions. She looked up to my eyes every several moments gauging me as the unexplainable motions of her hands and the twisting of her tongue seemed to send new strands of pleasure bursting like fireworks in every corner of my body with each building moment.

I was overloaded with sensations as I watched her mouth on me, taking me deep into her throat and the sensations she gave my most sensitive skin, her slender shoulders, her breasts hanging against the inside of my thighs, her hips beyond, and the whole way her body seemed to be involved in the way she gave me pleasure. I could feel my body climbing towards the inevitable, and images of Robert's mother flashed through my mind, seeing her in her bathing suit, the look in her eyes as she watched me looking at her, her sensual pose as she swung her bedroom door open, revealing herself to me. I had never imagined that it could feel like it felt, never could imagine a woman having the passion she seemed to possess and the desire to give pleasure the way she did, and the way she gave herself so freely. I was almost out of my body as I felt the sudden steep climb of pleasure starting to crest and I could see her sensing it too. I could never have imagined the depth of pleasure I felt, the urgency she created and the complete control she now exerted on me.

Let yourself cum, baby,... she moaned out as she stroked me intensely to the last impossible moment, quickly dropping her mouth over me and engulfing my throbbing member as I strained against the spasms I could feel building, trying desperately to fight them back, the ache in my balls, the last gulp of breath and I couldn't hold back any longer, releasing a powerful spasm which made me shake until I seemed to go ridged, the first jet of my fluids invading her warm mouth as she gurgled with pleasure, followed by another that engulfed me as I sent a powerful release to her willing mouth, overloading her ability to contain my cum, my white creamy emission cascading down the shaft of my cock over her hand. She expelled my length and licking down its length, grunting a pleasure filled sensual snort as she drooled out more of my fluids, stroking me as another release jumped out like a jet into the air heavy and landing on my chest, encouraging her further forceful motions as I pumped white sticky fluids out repeatedly as she urged me on like a sensual animal I had never seen, each emission of my salty grunt splattering indiscriminately on my stomach, across her cheek, face and in her hair, the cum bubbling from the tip of my cock and down over her stroking fingers for what seemed longer than possible and when it seemed like it was not possible for there to be more, she thrust her mouth over me and took me deep into her mouth when I released a last strong jet of cum into her throat causing her to almost gag as she tried to keep me deep within her. Her body shuttering against her natural choking reaction, her desire to give me the maximum sense of pleasure, her self imposed need to take it completely overcoming the reaction as I felt the flutter of the smooth skin of her throat as she pushed herself to take almost my entire throbbing length impossibly into her.

Oh Oh,... I was pleading, the arc of pleasure shattering as she finally released her oral clench, her face bobbing up into view, her eyes like beacons of an animalistic desire. I .,... I tried to talk as she gripped my glistening cock, my sticky fluids dotting the smooth skin of her face as she grinned with pleasure, licking the corner of her mouth, wanting to taste the thick globs that remained.

Baby,... she grinned out with an appreciative tone, drawing a finger over the mess on her cheek, emitting a sensual giggle, you really needed to cum,... she added with a comical pleasure, stroking my length slowly in the mess of cum and saliva as the buzz of my orgasm subsided gradually.

I don't know what to say,... I let out with a deep breath, pulling my hands limply over my chest as she rose up slightly, her hand squeezing the last drop of my emission, a little white bead on the tip of my cock that slowly dropped like a viscous white stalactite as she held my cock, smiling with satisfaction as she watched it pool onto the skin of my abdomen.

Do you feel better,... she cooed out as she slithered her body up mine slowly, her eyes fixed on mine, deliberately dragging her rounded breasts through the puddles of cum on my stomach and chest. I thought you were going to cum forever,... she giggled as her face approached mine, the moistness of the skin between us hot. I just wanted to swallow you whole,... she added with a grin before kissing me softly on the lips and then pushing her catlike tongue against mine, letting me taste my musky salt flavor as she passionately delivered her kiss. Filled with an erotic tension, I could feel the energy of her entire body, her warm skin moist from perspiration and my sticky cum like an electric conductor of her urges invading me.

That was incredible,... I muffled out as I returned the kiss, my mind being flooded with feelings of unknown emotions and sensation as I hugged her enthusiastically. I can't believe how fast you made me .you know,... I said to her bright eyes as she pushed herself up to see my face.

Such a good young man,... she said as she kissed my cheek and neck, her hips and body beginning a sensual motion against me again, a yearning motion that felt more natural, more erotic. Do you think you can make me feel as incredible,... she asked with a pleading voice after a few moments as I felt her energy rising, her moist body stimulating me in ways unkown. Stephanie arched her back slightly and I could feel her wet intimate skin now gliding along my still rigid cock and she felt hot as she worked her wet heat over me repeatedly for a few intense moments until I sensed her straining against herself. I want you inside me,... she added, rising to smile as she pushed her wetness more firmly along my length.

I want ..,... I didn't exactly know how to say it while her eyes search over my face. I want to make you cum,... I finally said as her body rippled over me. But, I don't I don't know how,... I stuttered out as she smiled at my words.

Don't worry baby,... she said kissing my lips and the rising vertically, you feel so good, I know I will cum,... she breathed out softly as she gripped her own breasts while rubbing her wet intimate skin along my length, the head of my cock pushed against my abdomen, glistening with her wetness as she closed her eyes and teased at her nipples with her slender fingers. I squeezed her thighs and then wrapped my hands around her slender waist, pushing my hips up against her motions as I could see the beginning of a pleasure invading her body.

Seeing her pleasure made me feel pleasure too. Her petite frame rolled over me as her motions rippled with sensuality, her hands moving on herself along with mine seemed almost musical in their rythym and pace, each touch followed by a note of pleasure expressed in the slightest movement of Stephanie's sensual smile or her brow as I watched her above me. Gone was the urgency of my orgasm, but I could feel my own sexual energy rising. I felt more in control, more able to sense her body, an ability and desire to make her feel pleasure that seemed different than any fantasy I had ever had, I was about to get fucked for the first time and it was like nothing I had ever imagined. Stephanie slowed herself and leaned slightly to one side as she gripped my moist hardness, pulling it towards her, aiming at her moist entry. She spread herself slightly with her other hand and then lowering herself gently on me, impaling herself on my length slowly, taking me entirely into her wet warmth as I looked down could see her curly hair meeting mine.

I was watching her eyes as they opened. A gentle purr of satisfaction seemed to roll from her chest as her eyes met mine. I couldn't possibly communicate to her how she felt, the sense of pleasure that wasn't urgent but that completely captured me. Her body seemed to melt on mine, my cock twitching as she held herself still for a brief moment, feeling my penetration within herself.

You feel so good, you are so deep inside me,... she purred out as she began to move up and down on me. I don't ever want to stop,... she added as she again closed her eyes and ran her hands over her body while her hips flexed with repeated motions as I squeezed her waist, wanting to push myself into her with each rocking motion.

I didn't know what to say as I watched the nature of the pleasure invading her body. She seemed in a place I couldn't see, her hands stretching across her own skin and her body rolling with waves of sensations I could see where ever they wandered on her figure. Her wet muscles seemed clenched on my hardness, releasing with each downward motion and I looked down to see her taking me completely with each rocking motion, her wet lips locked around my girth.

Do you like watching me,... she said as she noticed me looking at my penetration. You are so strong and hard, you make me weak with pleasure,... her voice seemed lost, her breathing loud as she leaned with her hands on my chest and worked up and down on me faster and more intensely.

I reached up and fondled her breasts, cupping them and stroking them when without thinking I leaned forward and suckled her nipple into my mouth, her skin salty as I licked around the firm flesh, making her moan as I teased it, holding her breast with my hand.

You are so good,... she moaned out as she arched her back, impaling herself with greater and greater urgency as I caressed her breasts, feeling her body energy building in a familiar way. Look how sexy you are,... she blurted out with erotic grunt as she leaned back, her legs spread out, exposing her intimate skin and my penetrating cock for my view and hers, gliding her hand just above wet slit and massaging the skin. You are going to make me cum,... she slithered out, rolling her shoulders, forcing herself side to side for a few moments as she raised herself more vertical, massaging herself feverishly, her sensual glare at me distant but focused. I was getting harder and harder inside her, my own pleasure building with hers as I watched her body and her eyes, seeing the waves of pleasure as I again wrapped my hands around her narrow waist and pushed at each of hers.

Yes oh baby, yes that hold me like that,... she almost seemed lost as her body slowed slightly, her breathing frozen as I could feel her going tense, her luscious wet muscles pushing me out of her, her hand frozen on herself, spreading herself slightly, a whelping breathless grunt punctuated the air as I felt a surge of her warm fluids flowing over me, her orgasm completely engulfing her. The wave of pleasure was like a buzz I could feel, her head was back and I could feel her shutter, frozen in the crest of her own bliss, the grace of her body completely focused as I could only watch until she pulled her hands up over her body, and let her head drop, her eyes meeting mine as she uncoiled from her intense sensations.

You look wonderful,... I said as she rolled her body, flexing herself against her own weight, a devilish grin overtaking the strain in her face, her eyes content and alive as she looked down at me before stretching her hands out over my chest to let her self down on top of me.

Her heart was racing and her breathing heavy as I could feel her giggle to herself as she kissed my neck, happy with herself and I hoped with me.

I feel wonderful,... she said finally as I wrapped my hands around her, her skin moist with her own sensual exertion that was uncoiling. I want to do that again,... she laughed out after a few moments as she kissed me and rolled to her side, pulling me along with her. I want you to cum again too,... she giggled out as she pulled me again as I came up over her body, her pearl skin below me, her bright eyes and excited expression inviting me to take her.

That's right my lover, its your turn to be in charge,... she giggled out as I felt her reaching down to pull me to her entry, her face bright with anticipation and I kissed her, naturally letting myself do so and it felt intoxicatingly sensuous. As I felt myself entering her warm body again, her heat almost pulling me along, our bodies interlocked in the oldest of possible rituals and I felt a sense of purposefulness and excitement that was both strange but somehow right.

I hope I do this right,... I said comfortably looking down at her as I began to move my hips, feeling for the first time the naturalness of the muscle movements and the pleasure they produced.

Stephanie's eyes watched mine, a curious stare as she saw me as the sexual aggressor. I kissed her in a way I didn't think I knew how too, wanting her to sense an expression of my desire for her and for her to know that I wanted to give her pleasure. Moments before, it had seemed so urgent, but now it didn't seem rushed or undertaken with any haste, it somehow was more experiential in a way I had not expected. I didn't move fast at first, pushing myself in and out of her with a deliberate set of motions that was about exploring the sensations together. Of course, I had imagined fucking a girl but had no sense of how it would really feel, the way I felt of her movements below me, the pleasure they induced in me, but mostly it was the intimacy of it all. This act was between two people and the reality of that awareness was like an erotic drug that made my mind buzz with unknown vibrations. I could sense that she could see it in my eyes as she looked up at me, it was as if she could see the thoughts forming in my mind, the discovery of the sensual connection between two bodies. She smiled a knowing smile as she saw me realize. She knew that I knew being inside her suddenly had an unforeseen sense of intimacy, not so much driven by my own pleasure, but the pleasure that we could have together, a kind of primordial sense of each other.

I think you're doing just fine,... Stephanie giggled out as she looked up at me, her hands reaching over my butt and pulling me into her with each of my increasing thrusts. Just keep giving me that long cock,... she let out quietly, her face straining somewhat as I could feel our energy building, her eyes on mine and then over my body, taking in the sight of me.

God this feels so good,... I grunted out between increasingly strained breaths as my rhythm increased with her pleadings, my head down, my eyes filled with the sight of her glistening skin, her breasts and torso moving below me, the hardness of my cock working back and forth against the silky muscles that seemed to flex against its movements with each push and pull.

You like seeing my body, don't you,... she said as my eyes met hers again, seeing me like this taking your hard cock into me, making me feel so good,... she added, her voice low and sensual, her eyes fixed on communicating with me intensely. I want you deep inside me ..all of that long cock ..way deep,... she gurgled out as I pushed myself more aggressively into her, feeling the rising energy of my body increasing with each thrust.

Stephanie was slowly becoming like a hungry animal, her appetite increasing with each of my motions. Her words and motions were like an incredible taste invading your mouth that caused you to salivate. It was becoming more involuntary as each moment progressed and each of her sensual pleadings made me want to fuck her harder and harder as I could feel my own sense of sexual energy expanding along with hers.

You look so good fucking me,... she blurted out between breaths as she looked to her side and giggled at the view.

I had noticed the mirrors on the doors of the closet, but had not thought to look at the reflection until Stephanie's acknowledgement and I turned my head to see the two naked bodies intertwined with each other, the odd sight of her legs up and the incredibly vulnerable posture of her body as she took me into her. The sight was intoxicating. Stephanie reached around and pulled her legs against herself, revealing in the reflection the sight of my cock entering her body, its erect posture and the odd geometry as I pushed it into her petite and receptive body. I was feeling it as I saw myself push its entire length into her and I felt my balls aching a familiar surge as the urgency increased as I turned my eyes back to hers.

Oh god, I love this,... she blurted out before she tried to kiss me as we wrestled our motions. I was pushing myself again more aggressively, feeling her take me deep inside her, the head of my cock burning with the heat of the depths of her warmth. Don't stop,... she let out after each deep push as I reached around her legs, pushing them against her more fully, gaining leverage, as I began to fuck her harder, looking over to see myself, the growing aggressiveness of my motions and the tension of my body building and building.

I could feel myself climbing that hill of sensations and I looked down to Stephanie's eyes which looked strained but pleasure filled. I could feel her pulling me as I pumped her, her body poised with sensations of my aggressive penetration. Each of my pushes met with the silken ripple of her wet receptor, each push sending us both towards the inevitable.

You're making me cum,... she slithered out of her intermittent breaths as my motions invaded her, almost fighting it back, her wetness contracting around my cock, pushing me entirely from her body with a surge of her fluids that squirt over my cock and abdomen. Oh more, inside me,... she uttered between convulsions as her hand moved over her intimate skin and she again spent out a gush of fluids into her hand and over her skin and mine before taking my cock in her hand and pushing it back at her entry. As I entered her, her velvet muscles quivered around me and her hips bucked at my advance. She felt hot around my throbbing member when I felt her muscles freezing me as the energy of her orgasm consumed the space between us, as I held myself at the maximum extent of penetration. God,... she said as she strained against herself, shuddering against the crest of intensity, her eyes focused while distant at the same time. I watched her expression and her body begin to recede from its peak with an odd sense of surprise and self confidence.

You look beautiful,... I said as her moment begin to fade, trying to say something I didn't really know how to say and feeling my own sense of urgency as I pushed myself again to her depths, her feminine heat surrounding my throbbing cock.

MMMmmm .God, you are so good,... she said as she squirmed against me. Just so hard and wanting to cum so bad, don't you,... she added as she wiggled her hips and I released her arms slightly, letting her move more freely, but keeping the leverage of my body to control my penetration.

You just make me crazy,... I said as I started to pump her again in earnest and feeling the flood of my own orgasm approaching.

That's right, I know you're ready to give it to me, aren't you,... she whispered out in an erotic voice as I looked down at the sight of my glistening member disappearing into her, the sight of her intimate skin enveloping the familiar sight of the bulging veins of my rock hard cock sending a visual shock through my overloaded sensory awareness. Gonna cum so hard, I can tell,... her sensual pleadings pushing me to the crest of complete loss of control as I pushed and pushed, trying to hold back what I knew I could not. Let me have all of it baby,... she pleaded as she looked at my straining posture, her feet and legs over my head, completely taking me, but clearly controlling me as well. Everything started to focus as I pumped her for just a few moments longer, hearing her pleading words, cum all over me spray your sperm all over me,... as her hands gripped my arms, cover me with your juices....

Everything seemed to move in slow motion, my awareness of the space beyond our body's a complete darkness. I was almost unaware of her pleadings, lost in the intensity of the moment as I released my arms from her and my cock slipped from her luscious entry, bouncing out and looking like a monster as it flexed against itself in the air above her body and the wet curly hairs between her long slender legs. A small squirt of clear fluids rippled from the end of my cock as it flexed in the air between us as I felt the power of the first spasm send an burning arc of sensation through my entire body and I released a serpent like heavy stream of cum out into the air that splashed down on Stephanie in a line from her naval up and over one breast. Her hand came around my length as I again released a jet of milky sperm out over her body as she started stroking me, urging my release as rope after rope painted her body with lines of my sperm until I couldn't release anymore, my body completely spent, grunting as I kneeled there between her legs as she squeezed the last molten glob of my cum out between her thumb and forefinger, displaying it to me before pulling it to her lips and licking it from her slender hand with a animalistic display of sensual crescendo.

You're going to make some girl very lucky someday,... she laughed out as she pushed her hands down over her hips, wiggling her torso. Look at all of your cum on me,... she giggled sensually as she proudly displayed herself and the remnants of my orgasm on her creamy skin. I just can't get enough of you,... she laughed as she then sopped my mess over her breasts, bathing her skin.

I like seeing my cum on you,... I said, surprising myself, as I looked down at my hard on which showed no signs of abating.

I'm not going to get any sleep tonight am I,... she laughed out as I leaned down over her, hesitating for a moment before I pinned her arms and kissed her.

Maybe not,... I acknowledged with my own little laugh as I let my body crash beside hers, her limp arm over my chest as we just lay in the glow of each other for the next few minutes.

Before dinner we both showered together, a cleansing experience that turned erotic as we couldn't resist each other. The warm shower splashing over us, tickling our urges on as I entered her from behind as she leaned against the shower wall, pushing herself on me with slow rocking dance like motions until I released myself into her depths.

We managed to feed ourselves, almost in silence as we each pondered what had happened and what might happen next. We went down to the water and watched the moonlight sparkling on the distant waves, holding each other and talking about what we had done, the freedom of it and the lines we had crossed. We shared the sensations and the desires we had felt. Stephanie was so open, and made me feel open about sharing my feelings. It was not about love or anything like that. What we had shared was about a pure desire that we had both shared, that we could both fulfill with each other. We talked until late, sharing intimacies that I never thought I would hear or ever say until it was time for us to sleep, exhausting ourselves one more time with each other before falling asleep in her bed, completely spent, each of us overloaded with the thoughts I didn't have the energy to even think.

When I awoke the next morning I wasn't sure where I was. I could hear the rustle of the wind through the trees and the fresh smell of the morning air as my mind fuzzy with erotic visions wrapped itself around the emerging awareness of my surroundings. The sun was up through the shear dr*pes and there was Stephanie, next to the window, sitting in the chaise beside the bed in her robe with her legs pulled up against her chest. Her look was caring, her hair a morning fuss as she watched me coming around to the morning.

I have been watching you,... she said softly, realizing I might hear what she would say.

What time is it,... I said, still fuzzy with the situation, my mind still trying to see the faint images of my dreams and the visions of the night before.

Plenty of time,... she said with a little giggle as I closed my eyes, not wanting to bring myself from the place of sleep to the beginning of a new day. You must have had some kind of dream baby,... she added after a few moments, pausing in the stillness, before giggling quietly to her self and then announcing you should really do something about that....

Just as her words penetrated my mind I felt the raging sensation of my own arousal and I knew there laying on my back under just the sheet I must have looked surreal and I could only open one eye and saw Stephanie's eyes twinkle between laughter and lust as she spied the tent in the sheets. I was so embarrassed I couldn't move, but knew there was little I could do.

When I wake up all excited, I just have to take care of myself,... she laughed out after a few awkward moments passed and it was clear that my cock wasn't abating from its current state. Why don't you stroke it for me,... she added, her voice seductive and arousing, her eyes reinforcing her request with a sparkle of desire.

I pulled myself up over two pillows, feeling my erection straining against the fabric as I looked over it towards Stephanie who was perched against the big pillows of the chaise, her legs now pushed out over its length, the dr*ped fabric of her robe loosely covering her body. She looked seductive,

I want to see you when you will be thinking of me later,... she said, her voice softer, her eyes communicating a feeling she didn't put words too but seemed readily apparent when she pulled her robe aside and pushed it over her shoulders, displaying her sensuality freely, her pose suggestive, legs slightly parted, one hand caressing along the top of her leg and over her abdomen, looking as if she wanted to touch her intimate skin, but resisting her desire to do so. I don't want our time like this to stop,... she said softly as she caressed herself again, touching her breast suggestively and then moving her hand down over the inside of her leg, her body coiling against her desire to touch herself. But I'll only be able to have you in my mind .,... she added, parting her legs wider to reveal her intimate skin to my view, her exhibition a pure erotic bolt of sensual energy that made my cock flex against the fabric. And I want you to see what I will be doing when I think about last night,... she said in a low seductive voice as her body flexed with a sensual wave against her desire to touch herself as she spread her legs further, raising her hips slightly as if to offer her pussy to me.

The sight of Stephanie was stunning. The creamy skin of her body seemed to glow as her body wrestled with each ripple of her sensual movements. I could feel her gasp when she finally let her slender fingers roll over her pink intimate skin, swirling several digits in a circular motion while her hips pushed against her touch. Her eyes were intense as she massaged her clit and the intensity of her self pleasure seemed to envelope her completely. She grasped her breast, pulling at her nipple as she dipped two fingers into herself as she smiled a sultry grin and bobbed her head, silently motioning me to touch myself. The sunlight across the room made a glowing tr*pezoid over my legs and abdomen, creating a spotlight on the bulging sheet that covered my cock. The air of the room was thick with the electricity of sex and my cock throbbed with intensity as I pushed the sheet down over it, letting it stand hard and ridged in the light as I held it up in the air. I could see Stephanie's body shutter as she pushed her fingers deep into herself as she stared at the bulging glands in the head of my cock.

MMMMmmmm ..stroke it for me,... Stephanie chortled out with a sexy drawl as she fingered her wet hole with greater intensity. Make your self cum for me,... she added, breathlessly pleading through the waves of sensual pleasure invading her body.

My balls ached as slid my hand along my length, watching Stephanie sink into the cushions of the chaise, spreading her legs further apart as she pushed her fingers as far as she could push them. My cock felt warm as I began stroking it slowly but methodically. Electric sensations seemed to flood my entire body as I watched her please herself with rising fervor, seeing her eyes on me, watching my hand massaging my hard cock for her. She was completely captured by her sensations and the sight of her openly pleasing herself made me begin to stroke my cock faster, my own pleasure taking control as I felt the intensity of sensations rapidly increasing.

You look so good baby,... Stephanie said softly. You look so sexy stroking your cock for me, thinking about me, thinking about fucking me,... she added breathlessly after a few moments, her body contorting with the waves of sensual pleasure overrunning her own ability to control the erotic moment.

You are sexy,... I said, watching her finger fucking her self intently, her hips rolling against the motion of her hand, maximizing her ability to penetrate herself, her other hand wrapping around her rounded ass, teasing the skin between her anus and her wet entry occasionally penetrating her ass with the end of her finger. I can't believe how you are,... I said quietly as the amazement of the entire situation seemed so dreamlike.

I reached to my mouth and took a large dollop of saliva and lubricated my throbbing member, making it glisten in the sunlight that streaked across the room as I lubricated its straining length. Stephanie smiled an erotic grin as she watched me giving myself pleasure, the feeling of the lubrication sending a burst of sensations through my body, and I felt a strong desire to stroke myself faster. I could feel my sense of the room narrowing as I watched her drawing herself along towards her orgasm as I felt myself climbing towards the inevitable. She was such a sexual animal is all I could think of at the moment and at the time I didn't understand how a woman could be so free and sexually expressive. The sight of her was incredible and we just watched each other intensely through the next moments, burning a picture of each other and the moment forever in each other's mind. I took another dollop of saliva and lubricated myself again, the pleasure sending a another surging burst of tension through my body as I stroked faster, knowing I was going to cum soon, the fog of Stephanie's sexual expression overloading me visually.

You are going to make me cum,... Stephanie blurted out into the air with urgency, her body convulsing as she raised her hips in the air. She gulped the air as she was overtaken, a sudden gush of clear fluid emerging from between her pink folds, the force and intensity surprising me and I think even herself, as she let herself release the sexual strain in her body and displaying it so freely to my eyes.

I couldn't hold back any longer with the sight of her, the first spasm of my own orgasm arching through my muscles as I held my cock still, a heavy jet of cum squirting straight into the sunlight and crashing over my thigh. I flexed my hand around my cock again and another milky emission of sperm shot out harder, followed by another as I began stroking myself again, releasing several more strong jets of sticky fluids until I was breathing hard and only a bulbous flow of cum dribbled from the tip down over the flared head and over my hand, dripping into a small pool on the skin of my pelvis.

Stephanie seemed completely pleasured as she watched my orgasm subsiding. She was quiet but her eyes danced with a reflection of my own sensations, her sexy body poised against the soft fabric of the chaise, her legs still spread and revealing. I knew her luminous skin must be moist like mine and we both wanted to move but couldn't, just letting our eyes communicate softly as the fading sensations uncoiled within each of our bodies. I felt completely at ease in that moment, completely comfortable with her and the sexuality that was transpiring. It was a connection I don't ever think I felt as completely with any other woman, and I often think that was probably her intent.

After a few moments of just looking at each other that morning, taking in thought of what had transpired between us, Stephanie crawled into bed. We didn't really talk much that morning about what it had all meant to each of us. Our communications was more intimate, more visual as we spent the last hours of our encounter together. It wasn't long and we were again interlocked in the most intimate physical expression two people can give to each other. Gone over the course of the hours that had transpired since the evening before was the newness of this simple act and it had been replaced by the slow deliberate motions of the pleasure I could give her and she could return.

Those few hours with Stephanie were one of my life's transition moments. I went to Wisconsin as one person and returned another that memorable summer.

Robert and I drifted apart when I went to college and I didn't see Stephanie much after high school except in my memories which were filled with the vision she implanted in me and I hoped she thought of too.

I did run into her several years ago, some twenty years from our short moment in time together. We were both older but I sensed her energy the same, I suppose more in the sense of connection than in a sense of lust even though I had dreamed of being with her again almost every day of my life. As we talked that day, she didn't say it, but I knew she felt the same.

End of Story

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