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Life Can Be Funny

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Four years ago when my ex husband suggested swinging, I was outraged. We had been married for 23 years and he was the only man I had ever been with. Now he wanted to share me. He said that he loved me. How could he suggest something like this? I shut him off and our relationship quickly went down hill and we ended up getting divorced. I bought him out of his half of the house and he moved out of state, met a new woman and was re married with in a year. I joined a gym and started working out to help with my frustration. I quickly went from a size 10 to a size 5 and was feeling pretty good about myself. It took me over two years but now I was ready to move on. Several friends set me up on dates but things never worked out. The dating scene had changed since I was young and I did not realize it. Men seemed to want to have sex after only a date or two and when I turned them down they would stop calling. Meanwhile my hormones were raging and I was masturbating regularly to help ease my frustration I even bought myself a dildo and started using it. Still, I held out trying to find just the right guy.

One day, I signed up for an online dating site. In my profile I explained that I was looking for a long term relationship with someone who had high morals and was not willing to just hop in bed with anyone. That did not seem to matter. Most of the emails were from younger guys just looking to get laid. Some from older men but none of them seemed my type. It was very frustrating. After an extremely disappointing date I wrote to one of the women who seemed to be online a lot and asked her if she had any luck on here. She said yes that she had met lots of fun guys. After exchanging several emails she suggested that we get together and she could give me some pointers. We agreed to meet the following Saturday for lunch

Karen is an attractive woman about my age with short black hair and a shapely body, I recognized her as soon as I walked into the restaurant. We had a few drinks over lunch and chatted. She too was divorced and was now dating. When I explained my frustration she looked at me in disbelief. "How long has it been since you had sex?" She asked. The people around us got quiet and I could feel my face turn red. "It's been three years" I whispered. "Why?" she asked incredulously. Once again all the conversations around us stopped. Karen looked around and said with a laugh "Gail, We need to find a place to talk in private. We're providing entertainment for all these people. If you want, we can go to my house. It's really close by." She insisted she pay and I followed her to her house.

Karen' house is a modest house not too far from mine. She showed me around. It was nicely decorated but had an air of sensuality. On the walls of her master bedroom I was surprised to see that she had erotic paintings of people having sex. One was very explicit of a fair skinned white woman having sex with a huge black man. He was deep inside of her and her pussy lips were stretched wide to accommodate him. I must admit that I could feel a tingle in my pussy as I studied the picture. Looking closely I realized that the woman in the panting was Karen. I could feel my face turn red. "You like that?" She asked. "A friend of mine did that from a photo. He did all of these and yes that's me. Come on let's have some wine and we'll talk"

She poured us each a glass of wine and we sat by the pool. She told me the story of her divorce. He too had wanted her to try swinging; when she refused, he got himself a girlfriend. Karen found out and they divorced. Like me she went for quite a while trying to find the right guy. Nothing ever panned out and she became frustrated from having to pleasure herself. She found the online dating site and soon she was dating some of those younger guys and having the time of her life. "I now have sex whenever I want, at least three nights a week. The irony is I am doing what my ex wanted. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner". She then looked me in the eyes and said "My point is, the only one stopping me from being happy was me. You're a sexy red head! I have some friends who would love to meet you and the best part is, there is no commitment. So put away that dildo and have some fun!"

Maybe it was the wine, but her logic made sense to me. I could feel myself getting wet and suddenly I felt sexy. "You really think your friends would find me attractive?" I asked. "Are you kidding?" she asked. She was staring at my nipples which were now poking through my shirt. 'Think of how nice it would feel to have someone licking those nipples." "MMMM" I let out a moan and suddenly she was kissing me. I resisted for a second and then surrendered as I opened my mouth and returned her kiss. I was so excited that I was shaking as we kissed. Her hands caressed my nipples through my shirt and I moaned again. She led me to her bedroom. I followed, too excited to resist. As we entered she turned and we kissed again and then undressed each other. In no time we were on the bed naked. Karen looked so sexy to me. She has big breasts topped with huge nipples. Her pussy is shaved smooth with a small lightning bolt tattooed just above it. Her hand found my wetness as we kissed. "You're so sexy" she said and then moaned as I caressed her bare pussy. She brought her fingers up to her lips and licked my juices off of them, and then she kissed her way down my neck to my sensitive nipples. As she licked and sucked my nipples, she rubbed my pussy with her hand and I opened my legs wide for her. She then continued down my body and climbed between them rubbing her pussy on my leg as she positioned herself. She teased me for a minute kissing everywhere but where I wanted her to. I arched my back and moved my hips trying to make her lick me. She giggled and said. "You seem to want something. Tell me what you want." I moaned "I want you to lick me. I want you to lick my cunt!" Holding my lips open with her fingers she dove right in. "Ohhh, Ohhh that feels so fucking good" I cried as I pressed her face into my pussy and raised my legs over her head. I no time I came with a squirt and Karen hungrily licked my juices. She crawled her way up my body and we kissed. I licked my juices off of her face as she ground her pussy into mine. She then lay next to me and opened her legs. I knew what she wanted and started kissing my way down her body spending several minutes suckling her breasts. Karen gently guided me toward her pussy. I had an orgasm as I tasted her for the first time and she opened her legs wide for me. I loved the feel and the taste of her as I licked, sucked and fingered her to orgasm.

We spent most of the afternoon exploring each others body. I let her shave me and when she was done she rubbed me with oil and we rubbed our bare pussies together. We drank more wine and soaked in the hot tub "When's the last time you had some cock?" She asked. "It's been almost three years" I replied. I kissed her and said "This is all I need" and I rubbed her pussy. "Honey when my fiends are done with you you'll agree that pussy is just a nice dessert. I'll be right back." I watched her ass as she walked away. She returned in a few minutes with a joint in her hands. "Do you smoke?" she asked as she handed it to me. "It's been a while" I answered and took a hit. We had several hits and enjoyed the high as we relaxed in the water. The pot was starting to make me horny again and I leaned over and kissed her. I made her sit on the side of the hot tub and I opened her legs and kissed my way down her body and began licking her again. She brought her knees to her chest and put her feet on the side of the hot tub giving me full access to her sweetness. She pressed my face into her cunt as she squirted. As I lapped up as much of her juices as I could it sounded as if she were talking to someone.

"Very nice" said a man's voice that came from behind me. Startled, I turned around. Two tall black men stood there watching us. In a panic I sank down to my neck in the water. Karen remained on the edge of the tub. Her knees still at her chest and her pussy completely exposed she made no attempt to cover her self. "Hi guys, I'm glad you could both make it. This is my new girlfriend, Gail. Gail, meet Allan and Anthony. Anthony is the man in the picture with me. Why don't you guys join us? Gail, why don't you sit next to me and let the guys see how beautiful you are while they get undressed." Feeling a little self conscious I climbed out of the tub and sat next to her being careful to keep my legs closed. Both guys focus immediately went to my tits then down to my crotch. Since I had my legs closed just the top of my slit was visible. Karen reached down between my legs and said "Come on sweetie, give them a peak. They're going to see it soon enough". I opened my legs and both guys focused on my puffy lips and slit. "That's it" she said as she gave me a rub and spread my lips a little for her friends. "Isn't she sexy?" she asked as both guys nodded in agreement. As they removed their clothes I was soon staring at two of the biggest and blackest cocks I had ever seen. Karen seated them on either side of me. We were soon smoking the rest of her joint and I was beginning to feel horny again. "Gail hasn't had a cock in three years" she told them. "We'll be glad to help her with that!" Anthony said as he reached down and felt my pussy. I let out a little moan and Karen instructed me to fondle both guys as they sat next to me. Their hard cocks felt so nice as I stroked them. Karen climbed out of the tub and grabbed a camera that was on a table. "Smile" she said as she took a picture of me between these two guys. I opened my legs a little more so that my pussy which was being rubbed was in the picture. Allan kneeled in front of me and started licking my pussy while Anthony knelt next to me and offered me his cock. I opened my mouth and was just able to get his massive head down just past his glans in my mouth. All the while Karen was snapping pictures telling me how hot I looked. While Allan ate me I sucked and stroked Anthony for all I was worth. I felt him tense. He tried to pull away but I kept on sucking and was soon rewarded with a huge load of cum in my mouth. Allan stopped licking me and kissed his way up my body and as we shared a cum swapping kiss. I could feel his huge cock at my opening. I raised my feet to the side of the tub and moaned as his cockhead started into me. He slowly inserted his cock into me and I came hard before he was halfway in. Slowly he worked his way inside of me. Finally he was all of the way in. He let me adjust to his size. I could feel my pussy stretching further than it had ever been. There was a little pain mingled with the pure animal lust that I was feeling. "Oh yea, that feels so good" I heard myself saying. "Oh, Oh fuck, fuck me" Allan started moving in and out. I swear I almost blacked out as he fucked me with his monster cock. I could hear Karen urging us on as she took pictures. It only took a few minutes for me to cum again this time Allan stiffened and I could feel him pulse as he shot a huge load inside of me.

I was out of breath as Karen ordered us into the bedroom. I was soon lying between these two big guys and their hands were all over me. This time Anthony climbed down and licked my cum filled pussy. Soon we were kissing and his cock was sliding into me. I was under him with my legs wrapped around his waste. As his cock reached bottom he moved his hands under my knees and forced my legs onto his shoulders. I was moaning as he hammered himself into me. I could feel Allan's cum running down my ass as Anthony's cock forced it out of me. He began to sweat as he supported himself with his hands. I reached up wetting my hands on his sweat covered chest and rubbed his sweat all over my chest rubbing it into my nipples. Soon Anthony grimaced and added his load to his friend's deep inside of me. "That was so hot" Karen said as she put down his camera. The three of us watched her as she masturbated for us on the bed. Soon Allan had his cock buried deep inside of her. We watched as he fucked her for what must have been twenty minutes. While they were fucking, Anthony nuzzled behind me and I could feel his hardening cock on my ass as his black fingers rubbed my sensitive nipples. He was soon entering me from behind and pounding my like a pile drivers as we both watch Allan and Karen fucking on the bed. Allan and Karen came together. I came as I watched him pump his seed deep inside of her. Anthony was soon to follow adding another load into my well fucked pussy. We all lay in the afterglow and I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to find the boys gone and Karen sleeping next to me on the bed. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and we kissed and held each other. We spent the night sleeping in each others arms. That was six months ago. I have since sold my house and moved in with her. We share the same bed. We still see lots of men and women together and apart and have attended several swinger parties together. Our friends treat us as a couple and our love life together is fantastic. The ironic part is that if I had known how much fun this lifestyle is I would probably still be married to my ex. I am happy that things worked out the way that they did.

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