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Journey's End

The small car is full of noisy teenagers, all coming home from
the "social". That's another word for a country dance in the part of
the world I grew up in. There are too many of us squashed in, and that
has led to some sharing of seats. My partner for the evening - she's
older and not my girlfriend - is sitting on my lap. All I can think of
is holding her and trying to get comfortable. Je-sus, she has a bony
ass! Then I realise the inevitable is happening - at age 17, and with
hormones coming out my ears, I am getting an erection. And I know it's
going to be a big one.
"Oh, God!" I think to myself, "not now!" But it has no effect
on what's happening, and soon, too soon, I have a big problem. In the
dark and chatter of the slow journey, in the foggy conditions, I feel
her shift her ass - there is a little intake of breath that only I can
hear. Then I feel her move again; she is exploring me with her butt.
I have one hand round her back, one hand across her lap, underneath her
half open coat. My right hand is close to her left breast, and her
imperceptible squirming has brought my finger tips into contact with
the swelling undersurface of that exciting mound.
In the dark I kiss her ear lobe gently and she snuggles closer
to me. I get a little bolder and start to caress her breast through
her sweater. "That's nice," she whispers, so I slide my hand under
her sweater into more direct contact. She hums gently into my ear and
almost unnoticeably arches her back to press against my actions. I
move my finger tips to the hot swelling skin and, sliding the cup down,
caress her nipple. She bites my ear lobe gently and then moves her
head so as to kiss me properly, sliding her tongue between my lips as
she does.
We kiss deeply and at the same time I flex my hips and penis
against her bottom. She breathes deeply and I can see her eyes closed
in the dim, reflected light of the headlamps. We continue to kiss
passionately as I slide my hand down her naked tummy to the waistband
of her skirt. I move to her stocking legs and, under cover of darkness
and of her coat, move up her leg to the tops of her thighs. She eases
her legs slightly to let my fingers burrow upwards into the silky warmth
of her centre. I slide a finger up under the edge of her knickers and
encounter a warm wetness that is heaven. I slowly collect some of that
beautiful dew on my finger tip and, as she opens her eyes and watches,
bring it gently to my nose and lips. As I take in that heady aroma she
watches me lick my fingers and feels me twitch in excitement.
At this point I become aware of my own wetness from the intense
arousal of the situation. I slide my hand back up her skirt and find
she has moved her legs further apart so as to allow better access to my
questing fingers. I move my hand under her now damp knickers and caress
that furry heaven with my finger tips. We kiss as I do so and she makes
me aware of her arousal, biting my lips and tongue gently as I reach
into and excite her most sensitive spots.
We start gently as the driver says to us, "Nearly there, you
two." Damn - we had both lost track of time on this most pleasant of
journeys. The car slows down at the entrance to the driveway of my
home. My partner draws her coat round a little more closely.
To gently humorous catcalls from the back seat, she says to
the driver, "You'll be back this way in twenty minutes - I want to say
goodnight properly."
"All right," he says in reply, "see you in a little while."
She gets out first and I follow quickly, closing the car door
behind me. We stand in the darkness as the car drives away, lights
fading quickly in the fog. She turns and hugs me, then gives me a deep
kiss. I am slightly shocked as she slides a hand down and feels me
through my trousers. "Oh, God - I want that tonight!" she says. We
move back to the low wall and I sit on it, startled now as she unzips
me and reaches to pull my penis into the cold night air. I caress her
hair gently as she kisses the tip and then takes me gently into her
mouth, savouring the wetness of my arousal. It is becoming too much,
too quickly, so I ease her head gently away from me and upwards. We
kiss and I taste the liquid of my arousal still on her lips and tongue.
She stands up and puts her hands on my shoulders as I run my
hands up her legs, taking her skirt with them. I slide her panties
gently down, and she lets go of my shoulders and, as I steady her, she
steps out of them and puts them in her coat pocket. I run my hands up
to caress the hot, dripping lips of her desire. "Oh yes!" she sighs as
I run my fingers along that wonderfully wet aroused area. Our breathing
is becoming more ragged as our passion takes over.
I move forward to the wall, sitting on the edge so that she can
move astride me. She holds her skirt high and then she grips my shaft
gently with one hand, steering me into that almost unbearable heat. I
can just about say, "Condom?"
But she shakes her head and says, "No need," as she sinks slowly
onto me, keening gently as she slides down, slowly driving me home. I
move my hands to her back under her sweater and unsnap her bra. As it
slides back out of the way, I bring one hand round to the front to knead
one beautiful breast and hard nipple.
We start to move and she gasps in pleasure as we set up a deep
but gentle rhythm, rising quickly in intensity as our already inflamed
desires take over. Quickly we pound to a shattering climax in the dark
foggy night. We catch our breath, me still pushing hard into that white
heat, she kissing me deeply and holding tight to me as we come slowly
down from on high.
In the distance we hear a car approaching. She says, "Oh,
shit!" She grabs her knickers and puts them back on, hopping on one
foot as she does.
The lights appear in the fog as she does her jacket up. She
gives me one last quick kiss, then I open the door and she gets in.
Just before I close it I say "Thank you" to her father for the lift
home. He bids me a cheery good night.

End of Story

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