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Hot Shower

One cold winter night my husband and I were out dancing and
drinking, just having a great time. Of course we closed the place down and decided he should drive home. In the parking lot this guy was having a problems starting his car
so we offer him a ride home. We all lived on the lake and it was starting to snow real bad. We decided to not try to make it home so we got a motel room. After we got comfortable inside the room I decided to take a shower. As I was in there washing my body down the shower curtain opened up and this guy and my husband were both getting in the shower with me. I looked at my husband and he shook his head yes. We had always fantasized about doing shit like this but damn it was about to happen.My husband lifted me up in that shower and put my clean pussy
over this guys mouth and he begain to like my cunt and clit ever so gently. He handed me over to this guy and he continued to hold me up in the air against the shower wall
and ate my pussy up. By now my husbands cock Is fickin hard as a rock and he says we need to move this into the bedroom. It wasn't long before my husband big cock was pumping me good while I suck this guys cock off. His cum ran out my mouth , down my breast and my husband lick it all up. This has fucking HOT as hell. I think we had sex in every nook of that room. We had hot cum everywhere. Our DNA wsa definitly left in the room. I had that cum in my hair, My face, my breast,puusy, hell maybe even my toes. It was a night to remember. By the way this guy is still my friend 33 years later.

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