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Her First Time Anal

well Linda and I had been dating for a year we had talked about getting married . Well one after noon we were inthe bed room having sex i had just ate her to a mind blowing orgasm. we lay there just talking while she caught her breath. Then she said "thhat that was the first time she had ever cum completly while I was eating her".We then begin to reminess about our time to gether she reminded me that i had made her suck her first dick and how she was a little scared the first tme, but after I came and made her swallow it , she then confesed that she liked it. I asked her if she wanted to do another first and she said what could trhat be. I said do you want to take it in the but, she hesitated and atated if you be easy and stop when I ask you to I said ok she then turned over on her tummy I got up and went into the bath room and she said where are you goingI said to get some lube, she said ok. When i got wback with the KY i started kissing her and playing with her but, finally I got a fingure in her ass and put some KY on her in her and on me . I got behind her and she said be easy, I rubbed the head of my rock hard 7 incher up and down her crack she was very hot , and then said do it i eased the head in and she gasped and the I stoped with just the head in so she could get use to it then she said go ahead we kept this up until the whole thing was in her after a few seconds I started pumping her slowly at first and then faster she screamed a low moan and sad damn you I am cumming again after a few more strokes csme severalsquirts after that we lay there for a while she sucked me hard again after she cleaned me up and said try it again, we now have anal regulary waht next!!!

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