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Her 1st Black Man

It all started a October 2005. Names are changed for protection. All
of this has transpired over the last 3 years, it did not happen over
night, so be patient, please.

My wife Jane(46, reddish blonde hair, 5'6 120 lbs) and I Dewayne have
fantasized about her being with another guy for years, just never
acted it out. We have cammed with other guys and IM'd, but never had
the courage to go through with it. She always said she would if the
right person, time, and place came along. Well read on.

I am a Supervisor at a Company in the North Florida area. I have
about 20 people under me and one, on my shift, is a black guy named
Anthony,(Jane has fantasized about for a while) Jane, and I have
known each other since high school. He has been divorced and single
for about 15 years. I had only been working at this job for about 2
years and we had not been in touch with him for a long while.

My wife really likes horses, she rode all her teen life and owned
till we got married, 27 years ago. Anthony, come to find out, is a
real cowboy. He owns 3 horses and likes to ride a lot. This is where
the connection comes in.

Around last of October 2005 Jane and I took a vacation to the Tenn.
Mountains and we were just leaving when I got a call from Anthony. I
don't like to drive and talk on phone so I let Jane talk to him. Well
I guess it all started there. She told him where we were going and
talked about numerous things for about 45 minutes. When we got to the
mountains she called him and tried to get him to come up of course
with my knowledge. Well they continued to talk every night while we
were up there, mainly horses. Jane and I would discuss things and act
out roll playing like him in bed with her(that would make her cum
very quick)hmmmmm. When we got back from the trip every thing sort of
started happening.

As some of you know working all night a lot of times you get bored
and conversations lead to different things, including sex with a
bunch of guys. Anthony and I had been talking on and off about
different things at work, mainly he likes to talk about horses and
such. He mentioned that if he remembered correctly that Jane liked to
ride to. And I assured him she did(no pun intended). We also got into
conversations about sex. And he would tell me certain things he liked
about women and that he liked white married women the best because of
no strings. I would relay to Jane our conversations and she really
seemed interested. I would tell Anthony some detailed parts of Jane's
favorite things and would try to not look to obvious but plant some
ideas in both of their heads. We would go out and eat at a local pub
together and clubbing some. She likes to dance I don't LOL. I would
be doing this matching thing knowing full well that Jane would never
go for him just a lot of talk. Well little did I know what was going
to happen.

Right before Thanksgiving Anthony called Jane and told her about a
trail ride they were having on the weekend we were working. Anthony
took off and I was to work. When I got home Jane ask me about going
and I told her I was working. She said she knew that but that she
really wanted to go, that Anthony had a extra horse and she could
ride it. She said she would be gone all day Saturday and most of the
night, something about a moonlight ride. I would be sleeping most of
Saturday because I worked the Friday night before 6 PM to 6 AM and
would have to be back in Saturday night at 6 PM so I would not get to
see her. Well I just told her to have fun.

While I was on my way to work I called her cell phone, about 5:00 PM.
She answered and we talked. She said they were on there way back to
his house to let the horses out and to eat. I told her I would see
her in the morning to call me if she needed anything. And then she
stunned me and ask me if I would mind if something happened . She
said it hadn't yet but it might. I thought she was just teasing and
laughed. But she said she was serious. So I said what ever, if it did
I would at least like to listen in, and she said she would try. At
about 9 pm that night I hadn't heard anything from her. So I decided
to give her a call. I got her and she said they had just ate and were
watching a movie. My gut was in knots! I was really asking myself if
this is what I wanted. But it was to late to tell her because my cell
dropped and I tried a couple of more times, I got her once and she
answered, I heard laughter in the back ground (she told me later
about that) and tried to talk but it dropped. I finally gave up.

I finally got her about 12:00 that night and she said she was on her
way home she said we would have to talk in the morning .

6:30 in the morning I got home, got a shower, got into bed. She
reached over and gave me a kiss. I immediately went down on her and
ate that pussy like never before. She came and came. Then I got the
shock (talk about guts in a knot). She told me in detail what had
happened, and I did not no what to think but I had the best orgasm
ever while I was fucking her, as she was talking to me.

Her story: They went horse riding that day, they did not ride that
night, it got called off. They got to his home about 6:30 that night,
put the horses up and ate. She said they watched a movie and had a
few beers, by then she was feeling no pain, as she had been drinking
on and off all day. She also talked to me on the phone. About 10:30
She said she got ready to leave and got up from the couch, was
looking in her purse for keys and he came up behind her and kissed
her on the neck. She said she just lost it and said she wanted to
suck his cock. I had told Anthony she did like to suck cock and was
the best in one of our conversations earlier, and he said that he
would not fuck a woman unless she sucked his cock. Well that's
exactly what she did. She said he wasn't as thick as me but longer
and tasted better than me. If you only knew what was going on in my
head WOW!. But then she told me something that just freaked me out,
he pulled her up, took a rubber out, made her put it on, grabbed her,
took her to the bedroom , bent her over, and shoved it in. She said
it really scared her because he grabbed her hair and started fucking
her so rough! But what surprised her was that she really enjoyed it
and came 2 times while he was fucking her like that. Then she told
him she wanted to ride and he turned over and she slid on it. She
said he touched pussy that I had never touched. He ask her if it was
the first black cock she ever had and she told him yes. Anthony said
she would be back, maybe not soon, but eventually! What really made
me shoot my load is when she was riding him and Anthony was about to
cum, he told her to look into his eyes when she started cumming, that
she was his now! He did not want her thinking of her husband with her
eyes closed, he wanted her thinking of him and only him. So she
opened her eyes and looked straight into them and told Anthony im
yours take me when you want me, and he came real good. Geez I lost
it! She said when he was done he pulled out his cock and made her
take the rubber off and clean him up with her mouth off. She just
looked at him a second and he told her he meant it, so she pulled it
off and licked and sucked him clean. Anthony wanted her to stay the
night but she had mixed feelings about the whole episode and was a
little nervous, she later told me when we were trying to sort through
our feelings. (which is another story about dealing with feelings and

And the laughter on the phone (earlier) was when she was sucking him
off and trying to talk to me, he thought it was funny..

And that's the story. What's next? Its been over a year since then
and she has seen him a couple of times when we were out together ,
She did kiss him a couple of times and feel him but that's all. I can
answer all questions if you have any. Thanks for hearing me out.

End of Story

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