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Good Wife University 1 7

Darlene didn't want her marriage to end. She and Dwayne were
still together after twelve years "for the kids" but they fought
constantly. Marriage counseling didn't help. During one session,
Darlene broke down, crying, "I want to be a good wife. I just
don't have any self control." The counselor said that he
couldn't give Darlene self discipline. They gave up counseling.

Oh, they agreed on some things. They scrimped and saved to buy
the kids a computer for Christmas in 1993 before home computers
were 'in'. Now everyone has a computer. Although the monthly
cost strained their budget, they subscribed to an on-line

While the kids were in school, Darlene set aside time to learn
how to use the computer. Once she felt comfortable with it, she
began to explore on line and found a group discussing marriage
problems on a local bulletin board. She read a lot and posted a
few times. Then, among the spam, she found an e-mail message:

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1994 18:51:08 -0500
From: anonymous
Subject: GWU
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

If you're serious about becoming a good wife and mother,
reply to this message. We can help.

Expecting some sales pitch in the next message, Darlene hit the
reply button. Now, three months later, she was signed up to
attend a twelve week long class -- starting tonight.


Kim was enjoying the evening. Roger said that she needed 'wife
training' if they married. At first she objected but gave in
when he issued an ultimatum. Her three previous marriages had
failed, at least partly because of her. She was determined to
make this one work. Even though their courtship lasted only a few
weeks, she felt she had found her soul mate. They had been
married one month and one day.

Roger was sophisticated, liberal, masculine, sexy, and everything
else Kim wanted in a husband. He was dark complected and
handsome with a rugged, squarish jaw and piercing inky black
eyes. At five-six, he was a nice match for her five-one if you
rounded up a half an inch. With her EurAsian heritage, they made
a striking couple.

This was supposed to be the beginning of her wife training but it
looked more like an ordinary cocktail party to Kim. Everyone was
dressed up but very different. Dan, Debbie's fiance, wore an
$800 suit and $200 shoes. Dwayne's suit came from a discount
store and his well worn shoes weren't even polished.

Discussions centered on the foibles of modern marriage. Kim
admitted past mistakes and told stories about why her previous
marriages failed when once she discovered that everyone else was
also having problems. Kim admitted that she pouted and withheld
sex when she didn't get her way. Other women said that they had
done the same.

Chris said that a wife should always be available for sex. She
argued convincingly that a good wife should drain her husband
sexually using every trick in the book, describing how she played
'dress up' and 'dress down', bondage games, masseuse, hooker,
dominatrix, and even sexually promiscuous daughter for her
husband. Kim found Chris' stories strangely arousing.


Laura felt out of place in the elegant country home. This was
supposed to be the start of a course in wifery. As she looked
around, she felt frumpy, overweight and under dressed. The only
thing she and Bill had in common with the other couples was
marital problems.

Their sons were grown and gone. Both boys graduated college and
were starting successful careers. Both married wonderful young
women and Laura was looking forward to grandchildren. Her
favorite daughter-in-law, Sissy, recommended this 'wife course'
when Laura confided that she and Bill were stuck in a loveless,
sexless, going-nowhere marriage. "I want us together for the
grand kids," Laura tearfully confessed to her daughter-in-law.
"I don't know how we're going to make it." So here she was,
frumpy, dumpy, chubby - well, fat - and willing to try anything
in a last ditch effort to hold their marriage together "'til
death do us part."

Two months ago, she applied for admission to GWU. She and Bill
both completed very explicit and personal surveys, instructed to
keep their answers from each other. Then they underwent thorough
physical exams. Finally, on Friday, June 7, she stood before a
notary and signed up.


"Let's get together," Clarice yelled, clapping her hands in the
middle of the room to get everyone's attention. Clarice was
living proof that older women are sexy. Slender and dressed in a
black dress that few twenty year old women could wear, she was
stunning. Generous cleavage showed above a tightly laced bodice
that hugged her narrow waist. Her shapely legs were displayed by
a slit that went from the hem all the way to the top of her thigh
and showed peeks of stocking tops.

Clarice looked her age, 52. Wrinkles showed in her face and her
dark brown hair was flecked with grey but she was noticed by
every man in the place. Her sensuous grace was complimented by a
perpetual smile. She flirted with every man there. Now she took

"Find seats and get comfortable," she called out, not quite as
loudly now that conversations were quieting. "It's time you
ladies found out what you've gotten yourselves into."

Conversational cliques, mostly men with men and women with women
broke up. Couples rejoined and found seats together on the
sectionals in the home's great room. The middle of the room was
open with everyone facing the center where Clarice stood. "Thank
you all for coming. I'm happy you're here. We'll start with a
symbolic gesture, placing the 'chains of love'. Husbands, please
shackle your wives."

Two women passed out leg shackles and each husband knelt and
closed the steel cuffs around his wife's ankles. Darlene and
Debbie felt a shiver of fear as cold metal pressed against their
nylon-clad ankles. Kim felt something else, a twinge of arousal.
Laura's husband gave her a sensuous kiss, a deep Frenching that
embarrassed her. She tried to pull away. PDAs always embarrassed

"It's too late to back out now. For the next twelve weeks,
you're prisoners of love. Your experience will be far better and
far worse than you've imagined. I know you're wondering what's
going to happen to you. Well, it's time to find out. I think I'm
a good wife but it took a lot of work to become one," she
continued. "Pleasing my husband is my life. I'm ecstatically
happy now that I've learned how to please him. All of you will
learn to please your husbands."

She paused, looking at the new women knowingly. Then she
continued so softly that everyone had to listen intently to hear
her. "And one thing that you are uncomfortable with is sex.
Sex. S - E - X. In twelve weeks, you'll love sex and your
husband more than you can imagine."

"I'm going to put on a little demonstration," she snickered, "I
do this for my husband. He loves for me to play his 'slut wife'
once in a while. It's supposed to shock you. Don't worry. You
don't have to be as nasty as I am to be a good wife and you
won't ever have to do what I'm about to do." As she spoke, she
pushed the straps on her dress off her shoulders and reached
behind her back to lower the zipper. Smiling, she let her dress
drop away to display sagging but still attractive breasts that
tilted up, topped by chocolate colored and very erect nipples.

The newcomers looked on in shock as she pushed the dress down
her hips to display a garter belt and stockings, her only
undergarments. "Come on, hon'. Time to dress mommy," she
grinned, gesturing to her husband. He held a corset clutched in
one hand and a pair of boots in the other.

Kim jumped up, yelling, "That's it. I'm out of here."

"Too late," Chris said. "You agreed to complete the course.
You're ..."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Kim shouted, starting toward the door but
hobbled by the shackles. "And take these gawd damned things off
of me right now."

Three women calmly got up. Peggy, the oldest at 55, went to a
case against the wall and returned with leather cuffs and other
bondage implements. Chris snatched Kim's arm and twisted it
behind her, bending her arm painfully while the other two buckled
the leather cuffs around each wrist. Kim screamed obscenities
until a harness was buckled onto her head and a red rubber ball
was pressed against her lips. She clenched her teeth to resist
the gag, still mouthing a string of cuss words through her teeth.

The other women were too shocked to move. Clarice told them, "It
often starts this way. You all agreed that we may use corporal
punishment and restraint to get our lessons across. Ladies,
there's no escape now. Your education has begun. You can either
enjoy learning new things or you can spend the next twelve weeks
in bondage with you body striped with whip marks. It's your
choice. Now back to my demonstration."

Redmond, Clarice's husband, laced the corset tightly onto her
body, then relaced it three times from top to bottom until her
fifty year old figure was hourglass shaped and her breasts were
pushed up into delectable mounds of flesh, erect nipples showing
over the top of the cups. Then she sat on a cocktail table while
he laced boots to her feet.

When she rose, the new women couldn't imagine how she could walk.
Her toes were pointed straight down with stiletto heels that
looked a foot tall just behind the pointed toe tip. But she
stood gracefully and accepted a sensuous kiss and hug from her
husband before walking back to the middle of the room in short
swinging steps.

"So who'd like to be fucked and sucked?" she asked, looking
around the room. Her eyes stopped on Laura. "Your husband is
aroused. His cock is hard. He's ready for sex. Will you strip
yourself and give your husband the relief he needs?" Laura just
blushed and shivered in embarrassment. "Hon', I know your
hubby's cock is up. He'd like sex right now. Just a few minutes
ago, you wouldn't even let him kiss you. In a few weeks, you'll
be able to do this and enjoy doing it."

Clarice gracefully fell to her knees in front of William and
opened his fly. He was so hard that she had to unbuckle his belt
and unfasten his pants to free his erection. She smiled at Laura
as she pursed her lips and slid them down onto Bill's prick. Then
Clarice flattened her back and pushed her body forward so Bill's
average but still substantial erection disappeared completely in
her mouth until her lips were buried in his thatch of pubic hair.
Her nostrils flared and after a few moments she had to withdraw
enough to breathe, slurping up and down his shaft. "You can do
this," she whispered to Laura as she pumped Bill's cock with her
hand. "You can please your husband sexually and oh, you can't
imagine the rewards."

"Oh, Lord!" Bill groaned as Clarice returned to sucking him. It
took only seconds before he thrust his hips forward and emptied
his sperm into her mouth. She looked up at him, grinning around
his softening cock, gently licking and sucking it clean for
several minutes until it limply slipped from her lips.

Although the new women didn't think it was possible in those
shoes, Clarice tilted herself backward and gracefully rose
straight up to a standing position and tip toed over to Dan. She
turned her bottom toward him. "Fuck this old pussy, stud. I need
it. It'll make Red horny and happy too. Please, oh, please fuck
me. Do it hard!"

"If you want, you can strip yourself and beg him to take you
instead," Chris told Debbie. "You need to lose your inhibitions
so you can compete with sluts. Do you want your husband to fuck
you? Right here? Right now?"

Everyone looked at the poor girl. "I don't.. I.."

"It's all right," Chris said clearly. "The old lady wants to
show off, don't you Clary? We all start out inhibited. Go on
Dan. She's ready for it." The young man looked at his fiance
uncertainly, then at the slender buttocks framed by the corset
and hose tops. "Is it OK, Deb?" Chris asked in a stage whisper,
"Wouldn't it be hot to see your young stud fuck an old lady?
You're not married yet. It's not even adultery."

Debbie passively let Chris take her hand, unbuckle her fiance's
belt, and then open his slacks. Debbie was in a daze, mesmerized
by what was happening. Dan was hard and ready. He kissed his
future bride, then knelt behind Clarice. He positioned his cock
head at the entrance of Clarice's hole and thrust forward.

"Aahh, yes," Clarice gasped. "All the way. Go." In two swings of
his hips, Dan was buried inside Clarice, his belly pressed
against her butt. "Don't move," Clarice panted. As everyone
watched, the older woman's gluteal muscles clenched and relaxed
rhythmically, causing Dan to groan, "Oh, gawd, what are you

"She's milking his cock with her cunt muscles," Chris explained
softly, not wanting to break the erotic spell. "At an age when
some women are incontinent and wearing diapers, Clary can milk
the spunk out of a man without moving anything but her internal
muscles. She's incredible. I'm still developing my muscles in
there and I'm getting pretty good, aren't I, hon'?"

"You sure are," Bruce, her husband, agreed.

"But one of our rules is that the man is always right," Chris
whispered to Dan. "If you want to fuck her hard, go ahead.
She'll love it!"

"Gawd!!" Dan screamed shrilly, twitching in a way that let
everyone know that he was filling the older woman's pussy with a
big creamy load without thrusting at all. A few seconds later he
fell back, his softening but still large prick gleaming with a
coating of his spunk and Clarice's juices.

"Thanks, stud," Clarice whispered, swiveling around on her knees
to gently lick and suck his cock clean. "Now I'm going to be
selfish," Clarice said loudly, again standing. "I need to get
off. I need a triple fuckin' gang bang to end my demo. Who wants
my cunt?"

Roger needed no prompting. Dwayne laid on his back on a sturdy
cocktail table so Clarice could stretch a condom over his rod
before she settled onto it with a moan. She urged Roger to
penetrate her bottom hole, finally just ordering him to "fuck my

Chris, Peggy, and Doris stripped so each could please her own
husband. Chris offered Red relief but he declined, saying he
loved 'sloppy seconds' and was especially fond of getting his
wife off when she was super turned on by one of her 'slut wife'
acts. Darlene, Debbie, and Laura were invited to participate but
they remained in shock, unable to move or speak, much less
participate. All were aroused even though they were also
disgusted and shocked by Clarice's demonstration. In twenty
minutes, every penis in the room was limp. Dan went again, using
Clarice's back hole for his pleasure at her prompting.

"It's time," Peggy announced. "Come here, candidates," she
ordered the newcomers. Three of them joined her in the middle of
the room. Chris drug Kim over. The rubber ball was now deep in
her mouth. "Strip," Peggy ordered.

Laying on her side on the cocktail table, Clarice advised, "You'd
better obey. Otherwise you'll end up like your friend there."

Chris held the chain joining Kim's cuffs up high to bend the
woman at the waist. Peggy used a seam-ripper to cut the stitches
that held the dress together. Then she used scissors to cut off
Kim's panty hose. The little EurAsian woman was naked.

The other newcomers felt humiliated by the unaccustomed public
nudity and sex. Every one of them was also sexually aroused.

"I can't do this," Laura sobbed. Never in her life had she
exposed her body in public. Being caught nude in public was a
nightmare when she was a child in school. She just couldn't
strip herself.

"Help her," Chris encouraged Bill. "I'll help too." She took his
hand and put it on the top button of his wife's dress.

"I.. Maybe we should cancel," Bill said, looking at his wife,
the woman who shared his bed for over twenty years.

Clarice got back up. "Maybe my little demonstration was too
much. I'm me. My husband and I both get turned on when I play
'slut wife.' For us, it's fun. We do it a couple of times a
year. But it took us twenty years of marriage to discover that
we both had fantasies about this and another few years before we
got up the courage to act it out."

"We're not going to turn your wives into sluts like me. There's
no way one of your wives will ever do something like this unless
both of you want it," Clarice told the men. "You and your wives
need to talk about what turns _YOU_ on, each of you individually
and both of you together. One of you might like being tied up,
another wants a spanking or maybe it's you that wants a spanking.
My demonstration was for shock value. So is stripping right here
in front of a crowd of strangers. This is the start of basic
training, a kind of initiation, like for a sorority. We even
call it 'hell week'. So get those clothes off ladies or we'll do
it for you."

Much quieter now, Clarice explained, "You can only learn so much
about sex from books or films. You may pick up a technique or
two, but the best teacher is experience. In the next twelve
weeks, you're going to practice sex by yourselves, with each
other, and with your husbands. You already consented in writing
in front of a notary public. You also agreed that we can use
physical restraint and corporal punishment to ensure compliance
with our rules. So please remove your clothing so we can

Bill kissed his wife's forehead tenderly as he unbuttoned the
dress all the way down the front and slid it off to reveal a
long, white, 'industrial strength' foundation garment over
pantyhose. Laura's humiliation grew as he peeled it down until
Chris had to unlock the shackles so he could pull it off.

"OK, guys. Kiss 'em good bye. Have a last fuck if you can get it
up again," Peggy crudely told them. "You won't be getting any
for at least a week, maybe more."

"Very good," Clarice encouraged when Roger laid Kim down on the
coffee table and kissed her exposed pussy, licking her clit so
she moaned and grunted around the rubber ball gag, then entered
her violently and pumped out another load of sperm.

"I love you," Dwayne told his wife.

"You, too," Darlene whimpered to Dwayne, praying that no one
could tell how aroused she was at that moment. She wanted to be
fucked, right then, right there but couldn't bring herself to
admit it.

"Take me home. Please," Debbie and Laura begged their SOs.

"You all agreed to this," Clarice reminded the nude women.

"I agreed to learn to be a good wife," Debbie whimpered, "Not
to.. to.."

Clarice snickered. "You _will_ learn to be a good wife. Now out
to the van." They filed out to the van, goose bumps rising from
the chill of the evening air. Red and Bruce lifted them in since
they couldn't step up in their shackles. They took places on
benches in the back of the van which had dark tinted windows.
"I'll leave your hands free if you promise to behave," Debbie
told the group. "Otherwise you'll be restrained. Anybody want
cuffs and a gag?" When no one answered, Peggy buckled Kim's seat
belt and the van was off.

End of Story

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