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Fun With Friends

Well we had all been friends for some time, so it was just
natural that we would get together for drinks and a game of cards just to pass the time, and while we all appreciated that we were young and good looking, we had no idea where the drinks and the evening would take us.

While Jean was not that well endowed, an "A" cup, her nipples were awesome, and very beautiful to look at and
even better to kiss and suck on. My friend Bob's wife was
more well endowed, Denise had "D" cups with smaller nipples, but the size of those breasts were the real attention grabbers and Bob and I were very lucky in that
both women had shapes to compliment their busts, and didn't
mind wearing the short shorts or the halter tops to keep
our attention and I am sure they didn't mind the admiring
glances they got from the othere fellows when we were out
in public.

Well after getting bored with the usual hearts and spades,
we graduated to poker and since I had never actually seen Denise naked, and since I was also sure that Bob would
like to see Jean without her clothes I suggested strip poker. Well the women put up a little concern, but after
our pleading, both wives agreed and we got down to some serious playing. Luckily both women were bad players, or
at least they acted that way, and Bob and I were sure to
give them kisses to show that we were having fun and enjoying the show, as they both quickly were down to their
panties, and started making noises that it was unfair that they were doing all the showing. Well Bob and I arranged to lose a few hands, so that were soon down to our underpants, with both of us having raging hard-ons that
protruded through our shorts.

The ladies started giggling and joking that we would soon have to come up with different items to lose as we were
now all down to our last items of clothing so Bob suggested
that we would come up with ways for the loser to satisfy
the winners and we continued the game.

Well Jean was the next to lose, as she took her time rolling her panties off, yet giving Bob and me the show that we had been waited for, a show of her neatly trimmed
bush and her now moist pussy. She sat cross legged, giving
us a few peaks from time to time as she reached for her cards, and Denise was the next to lose and she also took her time, removing her panties and by this time Bob and I had decided that we had sen enough and needed some immediate relief, so he pulled his wife over to him and
proceded to start a make out session that progressed to
them making love in front of us.

Jean and I didn't need an invitation, so while we started
our own session we were also able to look over and watch
Bob and Denise in their session and it was not long before
the four of us were all coming together, as the sight of Bob thrusting into Denise, along with the feel of Jeans pussy around my dick had me coming in no time at all, and
obviously the show and excitement had worked for Jean too,
as she was cumming right with me.

Well after we all came down from our sexual highs, we realized we could use a drink and something to snack on, so Denise asked if I would help her get some things from the kitchen. I had always enjoyed watching her, and the though of seeing her in the kitchen light without her clothes had me replying with a quick yes, and jumped up to follow her in.

I had always wondered what she would look like, and now my questions were answered as she made no effort to hider herself from me, in fact she she was doing everything she could to make sure that my eyes could see every inch of her. Well although I had just cum, it didn't take long for my dick to respond to that sight and I soon found myself standing in their kitchen with another hard on, and when she looked over her shoulder from peeking into the refrigerator, and asked if I saw anything that I wanted, well the answer was obvious and I replied yes, but I did not want to do anything that would offend her or my friend
Bob. She said that they had discussed such an evening and that whatever I wanted was fine by them, and that I should not be worried about offending anyone. Well with that I walked over to her, stood behind her, and let my rod rub up the crack of her ass. I was also able to reach around her and place each of my hands on a breast and asked if
this was what she meant as available. She nodded yes, and reached between her legs and quided my dick into her wet
pussy and started rocking into me and grabbed onto a refigerator shelf for balance. Well it was as good as I
had thought it would be and she had me coming again,
and when I was spent, she turned and gave me a tremendous
kiss and said we needed to get back to our partners.

We each grabbed a couple of bottles of coke and some chips and dip and headed back to our spouses, and found that they had been busy on their own. Seems like Bob had wanted more than just a show, and head had Jean up on all fours,
and was plunging into her from behind.Well Denise and I
looked at each other with a grin, and stepped back to give
them their privacy and enjoy the show. Well that enabled me to cop a few more feels of Denise's awesome tits, while she repayed my efforts by stroking my dick and enjoyed the show before our eyes. And if Bob and Jean ever knew we
were there and watching, they never let on, as they continued their efforts non stop and soon had each other
over the top, with Bob shooting his load into my wife, and my wife screaming out another man's name for the first time in our marriage. Well once they climaxed they realized that we had returned and not knowing that we had
also been doing the same thing, at first seemed shy and
embarrased, and then called us over to joing them, with Bob cuddling his wife, and my wife pulling me down to her.

After everyone had regained their composure, we all chatted
about what fun we had just had, and that while this had been fun, there were a lot of other ideas that we could try since we had now broken the ice.

More to follow

End of Story

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