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First Time Fisted

I have to say it was an experience. My partner and I were talking about it one night. He said his hand was too big and he could never do it. I said well maybe someday I would let you try. Well that night was last night. I was tied up in bed like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Legs in the air, spread wide. Hands tied above my head. My partner says" The code words are Yellow for take a minute get your breath. Red for STOP and NO going back. He proceeded on with his task. I had some minor discomfort. He was telling me during the process 2 fingers in 4 fingers in, all in now the wrist. Okay I should have said RED, but my stubborn pride wouldn't let me. He was that far in might as well endure the rest. I will say it was painfull at the end. I felt myself tear.Even though I am very tender today and sore I wouldn't change a thing. Why? Cause I did something with a man I truly love. I gave him something from me. I know he will never love me but thats the breaks. Will I ever do it again? Hell No.

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