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First MMF x 2

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We picked up my friend from the airport and headed back to the house. She was dressed like any mommy who drives a mini van. But her curves couldn't be hidden. Her 5'3" frame only held 112lbs but managed to provide her with the most beautiful 36c breasts and sweet round derriere. We chatted as we drove and the subject of modeling her new club outfits for us came up. She smirked but didn't really say much about it.

When we got to the house, sat on the couch and put our feet up on the coffee table. She brought us each a beer and we put on sports center. We thought she went into the kitchen to make us something to eat but we were pleasantly surprised to see that she had changed into a sparkling lavender club dress. She sashayed over to us and stepped up onto what was now obviously the stage and began to model it for us. She gave us glimpses of her sweet ass wearing a black t-back thong and she leaned towards us and shook her deep cleavage that was too much for the little patches designed to contain her breasts. She hopped off the stage and disappeared into the bedroom. She bounced back into the room with a sexy two-piece neon pink micro mini skirt, super cropped jacket style top, and 3.5? FMPs. The top was somewhat sheer and created a tantalizing mound of flesh that caused a bit of drool on our chins. She gracefully stepped up on the table and stood there with her hands on her hips smiling and peering down over her hard nipples straining against the somewhat-sheer material. We returned her smile as we took in the full view from under her skirt. She was not wearing any panties anymore. What a pretty vagina with a small neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair pointing the way. She swayed back and forth with a sexy smile. Then she tossed her hair and turned her back to us, she leaned over, placed her hands on her knees and slowly circled her hips giving us full view of her glistening love canal and pink backdoor. We reached for her and stroked her legs. I touched one and my friend brushed the other. We slid our hands up and softly felt the cheeks of her perfectly round ass ? lifting her ultra short skirt to create an unobstructed view of her luscious features.

She stepped down and noticed the bulges in our pants. I said we need some relief from the strain and unzipped my pants. She licked her lips smiled at me and flipped her long brunette hair over one should and bent over to pull out my aching member. My buddy placed both hands on her soft backside and gently massaged those cheeks. He spread her cheeks to see her perfect lips part and glisten with anticipation. He stuck his tongue in to her hole and she flinched at his deft flicking tongue. She now had me in her mouth and was bobbing up and down while my buddy lapped up her juices. After my rod grew even harder she stood up, wiped her mouth, and leaned over his lap and gave me access to her swollenness. She took him into her mouth as I slid myself into her wet box. She let out a moan as I entered her and she sucked him harder ? licking his shaft and drinking his pre-cum.

Now that we were both good and ultra hard, we all got up, and went to the bedroom. She kept the outfit and shoes on. She laid on the bed and her long gorgeous hair spread out like a fan. She turned towards me and motioned for me to put my cock in her waiting mouth. My friend again went straight for her sweet nectar. She moved her head as she sucked causing her breasts to jiggle beautifully, he licked her until she came. He stood up looked at me to make sure it was ok and then plunged his fat cock between her sweet lips. He pumped her slow and easy. She took her mouth of my cock and commanded ?Fuck Me!? Suddenly he lunged back and forth like he was trying to impale her ? she loved it. His balls slapped her ass due to the ferocity of his thrusts. I pushed her top back and flicked her erect nipples with my tongue as she sucked my rigid tool and got slammed by my friend. He came in a matter of minutes.

I said, "good now it?s my turn". I placed myself between her legs, grabbed her hips and pulled her to me so that her ass was hanging off the bed and was level with my cock. I shoved it in her wet pussy sticky with his cum. I didn?t wait for her to ask, I immediately and savagely pounded into her as fast and as hard as I could. She moaned in unison with my thrusts and the wet slapping sounds that our bodies made as they collided together. I lasted only a few minutes too but by now she had climaxed 3 times and was spent.

That was the afternoon.

Later that night we went to Tr*peze. We danced and drank and danced. Then we decided to introduce my friend to the backroom. We were back there and it was so crowded. Towel sharks were everywhere. She didn?t like the fat men or the old men ? they all seemed to have beady eyes. She took my buddy to the orgy room so he could see what it was like. To my surprise I found an open room and grabbed it as my wife came back to get me. Instead she went back and got my friend. We dropped out towels as soon as the door shut. She dr*ped her towel on the bed and laid on it. I took her spread legs as an invitation to feast on her luscious lips as he sucked her nipples. After bringing her to orgasm again, I got up and let him switch places with me. I put my cock in her mouth as he licked her until she had more little earthquakes. Then he turned her over, spread her lips with his fingers and slid himself inside my wife doggie style. I found that to be so hot. He was again going slowly, she barked for him to fuck her hard. Without hesitation he began slamming her mercilessly. It took longer than the afternoon but he came quickly again. After he regained his senses, I said ?I?m next? and moved in behind her. He hole was already open and waiting for me, I could see his cum starting to trickle out. I plowed into her and with a torrent of energy repeatedly slammed into her with all of my being. She moaned each time my cock slammed into the end of vaginal cavity. By now we had ravaged her so hard that her watch and necklace fell to the bed. I kept up my attack on her, then slowed down so that I could slip my thumb into her pink puckered anus. She said ?ohh ? I usually don?t like that but I?m getting used to it for you sweetie.? With that I shoved my thumb deep into her ass and felt the thrusts of my own cock in her sweet pussy. After a few thrusts, I pulled out my thumb, grabbed her hips pulling her hard so as to sink as deep into her as possible and the I came.

She collapsed on the bed facedown. As she lay there on the bed with her legs spread apart, cum began to stream out of her red gapping pussy and down towards the bed. It was quite the site.

That was her first MMF encounter ever. She told me she would consider doing 3, 4 or even 5 guys at once. I guess that means she likes it! I can't wait.

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