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Couple's First Meet With A Single Man

As a single man, new to the internet at the time, I was surprised to receive a special message. A husband, Jim(their names changed here), wrote to me on a swinger's website. He had read my profile, and he thought that I might be a good candidate for what he had in mind. He had been trying to convince his wife, Lisa, for some time to invite a man to join them in the bedroom. She liked the idea, he said, but she was too scared to do it. Jim wanted to know if I would work along with him to give her a chance
to experience a 3-some.

I thought about Jim's question for half a second, and said yes! He had sent me a photo of them, and she was a very sexy woman. Jim told me where he was taking Lisa for her birthday . . . a lodging by the ocean, South of San Francisco. I was to wait in the lounge, at the bar, around 7 pm . . .He would bring her there after dinner and
would introduce me as a business associate. That's the way we met.

They showed up at the bar about 7:30. LIsa looked like a sexy starlet in a short, black cocktail
dress . . .Hard to believe she was 45. They sat in a booth, and he didn't 'spot' me for about 15 minutes. When he did, Jim came over to the bar and invited me to the table. He introduced me to Lisa and asked me to join them for a drink. I sat, and we began our visit.

Lisa was quite relaxed, and as I looked at her, I couldn't
help wondering if she actually knew what Jim was up to . .
.maybe I was the one to be surprised! Jim went to the small stage
and asked the female singer to sing their favorite song
. . .he came back and asked her to dance . . .

Getting to sit alone as they danced gave me a chance to reflect on this situation. I realized
that I was enjoying this venture . .visiting with them . getting comfortable with them . . .
. my nervousness was gone(Scotch?) and I was finding them to be really nice, interesting people. I
watched them dance and finally allowed myself to think about what the husband wanted to
happen . . . and I started to get excited . . .REALLY EXCITED!

Lisa was looking so fine on the dance floor, and my heart was beating a little faster :)
After the dance, they sat and we talked some more . . .Jim asked me if I'd like to dance
with Lisa . . .I said . .'My pleasure'! Lisa was glad to dance with me . . .as we danced we
chatted . . . small talk . . .and slowly, I began to feet the heat rise in me(that 'thermometer' thing, Pam). The feel of her hand,
and the feel of her body in my other arm had me going. I made
very small moves to get her close to me without being aggressive and without pushing my hardening
'thingy' against her . . .she was a good dancer and followed my moves . . .soon, I had her
tucked into me very comfortably .

. . I wasn't pressing my cock against her on purpose . . .but . . .it was :) . . and
THAT song was way too damned short!!!

Jim and I took turns dancing with Lisa . . .she was having a good time . . .and so was I. I
had to keep thinking that maybe she knew of this 'scheme' and was in on it . . .but,
I could see no evidence of flirting on her part, so I finally
dismissed the thought.

Around 10:30, I told them I should get going. I had a long way to drive and I didn't want
to drink anymore and then drive. I then excused myself to go to the bathroom. You must know
that nothing was going to drag me out of
that place while there was a chance for something sexy to happen . . .However, I figured that
Jim might need some time to think of a way to keep this party going . . .and
sure enough . . .when I got back to the table, he told me that they
had a suite by the ocean and that there was a couch in the living room that would make
into a bed . . .that I should stay
at their place that night. I made some humorous remark to Lisa that she finally got
Jim to take her to the ocean, and he was already inviting guests to disturb them. She
replied that she didn't mind, and it would be safer for me not to drive. Believe me
I liked her answer, but I was
concentrating on trying to detect some flicker of awareness in her eyes or voice . .
. Lisa gave no indication of what we guys had talked about. I agreed to stay and ordered
another round of drinks!

A little after midnight, we went to their suite . . .it was
right on the ocean frontage . .with a patio out the living room sliding door . . .looking
right over the edge of the retaining wall which runs alongside of the shoreline .
. .The constant sound of the pounding surf was exciting, in addition to the blustery
rainstorm going on out there. Jim made me a drink . . .Lisa said she had had enough drinks
. . that she was going to soak in the jacuzzi by candlelight, in the bedroom. She mentioned
enjoying the sounds of the storm and the ocean. She told me that it was nice to have met
me, and then she went over to Jim, kissed him with a twinkle in her eyes, said, 'don't be too
long, honey'
. . . I remember thinking at the time that if I were Jim, I'd be chasing her right into that

With Lisa in the next room, we were finally able to speak of what was going on. First, I
asked Jim if Lisa really didn't know what was going on. He assured me that she had no idea.
When they were dancing at the lounge, he said, he had kidded her about maybe they could kidnap
me, and she scolded him on the dance floor . . telling him not to bring it up in front
of me . . .that she would be too embarrassed to talk of it, much less do it! She promised him
that someday she would be ready to do a sexual encounter with another man or couple,
but that she wasn't ready yet.

Jim assured me that they had been discussing and fantasizing about doing a threesome
for a long time, and he was thoroughly convinced that she liked the idea . . just scared
her, to break the ice. Jim said that he was going to bed, and he would work at getting Lisa
over heated . . . that he would
give her more foreplay than usual and try to get her into an agreeable mood . . .then he
would start to tease her about inviting me into the bedroom with them . . .If she would agree,
he would come out and get me. I wished him good luck , and I REALLY MEANT IT :)

Jim went back into the bedroom, and I made myself another
drink and cracked the sliding door to the patio . . . the surf was wild with thunder . .
and the blustery rain felt good on my face. I was working up a fever over this
whole situation . . .I was nervous . . .I was turned on to Lisa . . .Phwwww . .
I was HOT. At the same time, I was worried that they might end up in a battle Royal!

I settled down on the couch. In a half hour or so . . .it sounded like they had just
gotten out of the jacuzzi . . . Jim came out to get himself another drink
and just said . . .'We are finally going to bed!' and laughed . . .. The next
hour was really something . . .On and off, I could hear them
in the bedroom . . .sounds and moans and unintelligible
words . . .movements. .. . ocean and storm sounds made it hard to understand
anything they were saying . . . .

Things eventually got quiet, and after about 15 minutes of
silence my heart sank. I realized that they must have fallen asleep
. . . and I was struck! My hopes had been high early on . . .and as the hour passed by,
they faded . . . Now. Puff!! The disappointment was intense. I even thought of going
into the bedroom to see if there would be any 'invite' . . . No guts :) .
. . that was out of the question!

I went to the sliding door, opened it and let the blowing rain sting
my face . . .I needed to 'snap out of it' . . the sadness of
having lost this golden opportunity was very heavy. As I returned to the living room, I
heard some sound again, and it was Jim coming out of the
bedroom. Jim told me, in a low voice, that he had teased Lisa
so much and for so long that she got mad at him for not
fucking her and she told him she was going to sleep . . . .Hmmmm, so, that's why things
quiet in there!

Jim said for me to go back to the bedroom in his place . . .that she was too hot to
hold out on 'him' for very long
. . .he would wait in the living room. I asked him if Lisa had agreed to this arrangement, and he
said no, but assured me that he was positive that she was ready for it. The fire in my groin
pushed me to agree to try it . . .IF he was certain she wouldn't go
crazy on us when she found out. He said, 'It's now or never, John . .
. . I told him, 'I'll give you 'til I finish my drink to change your mind' As he grinned
at me, I gulped the remainder of my drink and moved towards the bedroom door. It
was only opened a crack . . .there was light from a candle
in the bedroom . . just enough to show Lisa's form under
a comforter with one foot showing at the end of the bed. I decided to get on my knees and
move to the bed. As soon as I
went thru the door I was stunned with her wonderful aroma
in the room . . . I moved to the bed, and I took that one bare
foot into my hands to massage it. Lisa immediately pulled her foot
away, and she said, in a very soft but stern voice, 'Don't bother me,
unless you can get around to fucking me this time . . .it's
too frustrating, when you make me wait' . .Lisa had
been on her side and she rolled on her back as spoke, but didn't
raise her head to get a look at me crouched at the foot of the
bed . . . . I made a very weak moan of approval, as I slid under
the cover . . .chancing that the ocean noise would mask my
voice . . .and it did. It also masked my pounding heart . .
.I swear, she could have heard it, but for the outside noises!

I folded my hands abut Lisa's manicured foot, and I proceeded to massage
her toes, arch and ankle. This time she didn't resist,
and she gave a little moan of approval. I started moving
my massaging hands up over her calves. I kissed her foot
and played with her toes with my tongue. My hands slid higher
on her legs as I advanced up under the cover, very slowly.
Her legs felt so smooth, and soft and warm. There were so
very many good tastes to Lisa. Her
aroma was pure magic . .and her skin against my face and tongue was heaven!

Soon, I was moving my body up over her feet, and I could feel
her spreading those beautiful legs ever so slowly, as her
toes tickled at my balls and swollen shaft. My fingers were
now doing some very light tracing on her inner thighs upwards
over her belly. I purposely only brushed over her wet center
with my fingers . . just enough to make her hips rise a little
. . I loved it when her crotchraised upwards . . letting me
know that she wanted more attention in that area. Lisa
moaned from beneath the pillow that she had placed over
her face. She was on her back and moved her knees farther apart.
My mouth moved past her inner knees, and my tongue found
that first wonderful taste of her inner thighs . . . . Now, she opened her thighs wider to
encourage my advance . . . I kissed and licked those soft inner thighs. I reached around
the outside of her legs and closed them slightly, so as to encompass my head in a magical,
heated, cushion of her flesh . . .I could now stimulate both of
her inner thighs with my tongue as I licked my way towards her sexual heat! I moved
my hands around to hold her ass cheeks as I got closer to her
furnace . . .Her ass is so smooth and warm that I spent time
kneeding it with my fingers, as I passed my tongue very lightly
over her wet, pulsing sex lips . . . back and forth.

Lisa moaned lazily, as she reached down to my back with her
hands . . and as she was feeling my back, she all of a sudden
gave a big gasp, lurched and her body began to stiffen! I
knew this was the moment of truth . . when she had just realized
that I wasn't Jim . . .I pulled on her hips hard, so as
to slide her sweet love organ down onto my advancing, hungry tongue .
. My face was only a few inches from her pussy when I did this,
and her delicious love organ sucked on my tongue. I sensed that
she had surrendered to the moment when her thighs clasped hard around my head and
her groin pushed against my face, reaching for more tongue . . .With
my tongue inside of her, and my lips massaging her sex lips,
Lisa gave a violent shudder against me as she orgasmed on
my mouth . . . My tongue was lapping at her clit and my lips
were receiving her wonderful juices . . .that was heaven
for me, no doubt!!! Lisa gave me lots of sex honey, as I reached upwards and massaged
her stomach and breasts . . . Her hands held my head as she
rocked her center into my face . . .what a wonderful, magical
motion! She finally started to pull on my head and dig at
my back to move me upwards . . . she was determined NOT TO WAIT
any longer for what she wanted . . . COCK! I then saw Jim coming
to the side of the bed, holding his erect cock. He told Lisa
how proud he was of her and how sexy she looked . . . she reached
out with her beautiful, sensitive hands and cradled his
balls and cock. Lisa massaged them with those slender, erotic fingers. I almost came as
she licked and sucked on Jim's balls. The visual was the
greatest I had ever experienced . .it was erotic, but also very loving. Lisa
drew his pulsing shaft to her pouting, lips . . . her tongue
reached out to snake itself around his glistening sex muscle.
LIsa sucked Jim's hot, throbbing love muscle into her mouth. Guteral, moaning,
demanding sounds came from deep within her!

I had slid upwards on Lisa to lick her breasts and neck and
to get a close up view of her mouth fucking Jim. As my cock slid between her thighs,
she closed them some to guide it to where she wanted it. Lisa was
very wet. When my swollen cockhead touched her pussy lips, her groin pulsed up against
me, and I buried myself very deep into Lisa with one pulsing movement. I pressed gently,
but strongly inside of Lisa, making a very slow, rolling, movement
against her groin . . . In this manner, I could enjoy the feeling
of her movements and reactions to this incredible scene.

Lisa controlled both of our cocks, with her very accomplished
movements . . .her body knew exactly how she wanted to
experience . . . .this Double Pleasure Merge. Her sounds were
wild, but muffled, moans and squeels. Lisa's body
thrashed on that bed, while absorbing the meat of her two men :)

Jim was beginning to groan also, as his cum welled up inside of him. He softly held her head
with both hands, as he did a slow, gentle fucking motion into
her mouth. I pumped my aching, hungry shaft into her sooo
deep . . .very deep . . . and slowly . . our groins meshed together . . . Oh, the heat and
excitement . . .Cannot be described well enough. Lisa's mouth
was so damned sexy, as she sucked on Jim's glistening cock
. . . I'd never been that close to a mouth sucking on a cock, and it was HOT!

Lisa's face was so very erotic. As I whispered lustful things into her ear, her
expression became one of . . .exquisite anguish . . .wanting more and more and MORE! I
ran my tongue down and around Lisa's neck to search out and suck on her swollen
nipples. They were hot, they were swollen long, and they were sweet tasting. I licked and
sucked her breasts and nipples, as I continued my slow pumping action inside of
her(I ESPECIALLY wish I were under your comforter NOW, Pam). . . At this, Lisa convulsed
again with another orgasm . . . Jim groaned loudly as he spewed his cum into her mouth.
. . Lisa was so excited that lots of JIm's cum came oozing out around her lips.
She sucked, moaned, rocked, clung and clawed at Jim. She wrapped her
legs around me, and squeezed very tightly. Lisa drove her soaking wet, hot love muscle
upwards, grasping, gripping and devouring my steamy shaft, over and over again . ROCKING!!!

I could hold back no longer. I wrapped my arms around Lisa. I held her hips tightly against
mine and made strong, growling sounds, as I offered up my large
load oflove potion to her . . It was sensational(!!!!!), to say the
least . . . feeling our combined love juices flowing out into our
groins . . .I was just barely able to hold myself from flying
off the bed with energy, as we all came together.

We held close together for a long while, as our heart rates
slowed down. Lisa was beautiful, as she lay there on her
back . . . wet all over. She was making little sounds, quivering
and oozing cum out of both pairs of lips . . .She let her legs
spead apart lazily, as her tongue moved around her lips, licking
at Jim's cum on her face . . . I moved down and licked at
her wet inner thighs. My my tongue and mouth found her swollen pussy,
and I sucked on those hot, swollen sex muscles gently, as my tongue
slowly slid inside of her. Jim had moved over to a chair to watch us.
He made encouraging comments to Lisa, as he sipped his drink. I
could hear the happiness and satisfaction in his voice . .

Lisa and I finished this session by turning around into a
69 position and gently licking each other's bodies. We
slowly slid against each other, until we were face to
face . . murmuring our delight with each other . . hugging and
complimenting each other . . . playing like two kids . . .
and finally . . . A kiss to die for! :)

Later, I was treated to watching Jim and Lisa make some very
passionate love together. I sat in a cozy chair in that candlelit
room, with the sounds of ocean and storm raging outside.
I watched in total appreciation of being allowed here . . . as they discovered
each other all over again. I felt like a King . .

.on top of the world! I WAS!!!

I sipped my drink, and I watched . . . I was so very pleased
with this new friendship . . .that is could be so good . . and
hoped it could last forever . . . When Lisa and Jim became quiet, I
joined them in bed. Lisa was radiationg heat, as I slipped in
behind her under the covers. She turned her head and gave me a very
sweet kiss. I reached around and
cupped her breasts. She reached over to Jim, who was on
his back, on the other side of her. Lisa snuggled her left
hand into his moist crotch. At the same time, she reached back
with her other hand, and snuggled that hand so as to gently
cup my very satisfied balls and cock. She was at ease
now. LIsa was sandwiched between her two lovers, as we
drifted into sleep.

We have had many wonderful nights together, since that time, but
i've NEVER has such a sweet sleep :)


End of Story

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