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Blind Date with Swingers - First Time (bisexuality, swinging, FMF 3-some)

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Part 1 of 3

I was always the ?sweet and innocent? type. Consistently, I was told I looked young, and I often heard I looked like a china doll. I dressed conservatively, went to church regularly, and even visited the elderly at a nearby nursing home. I believed in following the rules in society and generally was ?a good girl.? Being a good girl included earning first a college degree and then later a law degree to make my parents proud. I also got married because I thought that was what good girls did.

When I turned 35, things began to change. I found myself divorced and lonely and turned to the internet. It took a while, but I advanced from mainstream dating sites to more erotic and alternative ones, but once I did, I was addicted. I?d spend hours chatting with people who were often faceless bodies ? and often the female only ? attached to a boring profile about what they were seeking. I?d also read erotic stories and enjoy what I?d always called ?naughty? pictures.

It took months to build up enough nerve to actually meet someone from one of the sites. I chose a couple who seemed to be educated and professional. I chose a couple because my biggest fantasy was being with both a man and woman at the same time. Something I had come to think about often, yet never had come close to acting out the fantasy.

The day for us to meet finally came and I was worried about what to wear and how I would know who they were (we had only exchanged g-rated faceless pics, and just the day before, we exchanged cell phone numbers, just in case something came up and we were unable to meet). I also wondered if the people would be as I expected?as they had represented themselves? Would I be attracted to them and would they be attracted to me?

As I drove to the restaurant where we would meet, my heart began to beat very fast. I could feel the heart beats begin deep in my chest and then send reverberating waves throughout my body. ?I?m really doing this,? I thought to myself.

I walked through the door to the restaurant and immediately began looking for a blond couple with the physical descriptions listed on the website. The wife, Lexi, told me she would be wearing a red skirt, but nearly everyone was seated and it was hard to see the color of clothing below the waist.

Before I had time to worry what the hostess would think of my looking around, I was startled by someone. Jim, the newest partner in my law firm grabbed my arm and said hello. All I could think about was what lie I was going to have to make up to explain why I was meeting a married couple. My mind raced. What if the couple found me while I was still talking to Jim. What if they said something to give away what I was doing there? I was horrified. After all, I was a good girl and everyone knew it.

I honestly started to feel a little faint. ?Sweetie, are you okay?? I remember hearing. It was Jim?s wife, Anna. I had met her at the firm?s Christmas party, so I remembered her face. I didn?t see her behind Jim until I nearly passed out. She must have been walking a few steps behind him but them jumped to my aid when the room began to spin for me.

I was hastily shuffled to a nearby chair. My face was flushed, I was hot and my heart was beating even harder than it had beaten in the car. I began to realize what was happening and the scene I had made. I was actually worried about what people were thinking about me when I noticed Anna?s skirt. It was red. Red? Is it possible? Wait, they do both have blond hair. ?Oh, my God, he?s 6?1? and she?s 5?7? and she?s wearing a red skirt? I thought. Now, I really was ready to pass out ? good thing I was seated. ?Is this really possible?? I thought.

?Get it together? I thought to myself. ?Jim?s wife is Anna, and you?re supposed to meet Lexi and Michael.?

I had begun to convince myself Jim and Anna couldn?t be the internet couple when my phone rang. As I answered it, I heard a voice say ?Where are you? We wanted you to know we ran into someone we know.? I didn?t say anything but just looked at Anna and at the same time she looked at me. Both with phones in our hands, she realized she was talking to me on the phone.

That moment seemed to last for an eternity. I just looked at her with a deer in the headlights look. Jim finally said to Anna, ?What?s wrong, hon??

?Nothing, I just have to go to the bathroom? she said as she closed her cell phone. Then she asked if I would join her. ?Wrong number? I said as I put down my phone.

As the two of us strolled off to the Ladies Room, I realized I was at a loss for words. What would I say to her once we reached the other side of the restroom door?

I managed to ask innocently as we walked, ?Your name?s Anna, right??

?Of course my name?s Anna. Anna Alexis.?

As the restroom door closed, I realized it was just a one-stall bathroom. Anna locked the door behind us. ?You?re Lexi and he?s Michael?? I asked.

?This isn?t an easy situation is it?? she said.

?What are we going to do? Jim doesn?t know, right?? I asked.

At that moment her face changed, and the respectable wife of the big time partner attorney said, ?I don?t care what he thinks. You?re hot and I?m bi. Do you think I?m hot??

?I?ve never been with a woman. Oh that?s right, I?ve already told you that. I forgot that you?re not only Anna but also Lexi.?

?Call me what you want, but oh, how I?d love to have a kiss from you. May I??

?Here? In the restroom??

She giggled. ?You are conservative. Just wait until he figures this out.?

?Don?t laugh at me,? I snickered back. ?It?s just that a restroom is a dirty place and ??

Before I could say more, she grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss, gently twirling her tongue around mine. I suddenly felt hot enough to pass out again, but I realized I wasn?t faint, I was just turned on. Really turned on. Kissing a woman was so different than kissing a man. She was so soft and gentle and the way her breasts rubbed up against mine as she pulled me close was getting me exited. I could feel her nipples hardening through her shirt. And I could feel my own nipples become erect and feel the blood rush to my crotch.

Wow, this gives new meaning to the idea of women going to the restroom together, I thought. Why had I never kissed a woman? This was an incredible feeling and I wanted more. I surprised myself my reaching under her shirt and grabbing her left breast through her bra.

?No, touch my skin. I want you to touch me? she said. I pulled the bra upward and both breasts sprang forward as if to reach for me. They were so soft, so soft and warm. I cupped my hand around her breasts, first one and then the other and then I took her nipple into my mouth.

Just then a knock at the door brought us both back to reality.

Anna quickly pulled down the bra and turned to look in the mirror to check her appearance. ?I?ll handle this with Jim. Let?s meet in the parking lot. We?ll find you at your car in just a few minutes. Just give me a couple minutes to tell him.?

I bolted out of the restroom, wondering what on earth I had done ? or was doing ? or was going to do. Jim was my boss and was very respected in the firm. Would I be able to look him in the eye again? Would I have to quit my job?

It didn?t take long for Anna to approach my car minutes later. I asked how Jim took it and she said he was so excited that she was almost jealous of me for it.

All I could do was alternate giggles with the shaking of my head to say I couldn?t believe I was doing this. Then I said, ?How long have you been swingers??

?This is our first time? she said slowly and seriously.

To be continued?

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