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Aiko's Awakening

I'm not quite sure how to start this. I haven't written any stories like
this before and this really isn't much of a story, its just what happened
with me and my wife. We've been married for a little over five years now,
have been together for almost seven so, while she's really quite beautiful,
our sex life had gotten to be somewhat routine. Maybe a couple of times a
month without any real enthusiasm. It had become a matter of relief more
than anything else. I find it hard to believe, really, considering how much
we fucked when we first met. I was in Japan and, being Japanese, so was she.
When we got together we had sex at least twice a day, sometimes more. My
dick was constantly sore and raw but it was worth it. She is a little taller
than your average Japanese woman, but with slightly smaller than average
breasts, somewhere between an a and a b cup. I guess her breasts are my
biggest complaint. I like them larger--though not obscenely large, and she
has inverted nipples so there's really not much you can do with them. And
she's kind of reticent about giving head. I mean she'll suck, and she sucks
fairly well, but she won't swallow and its kind of obvious that she's not
enjoying it all that much, which takes a lot of the fun out of it.

So anyway, that's how our life had been progressing for some time, we were
both quite happy with our relationship as a whole, we practically never fight
and enjoy being around one another but both of us were more than a little
frustrated with each other when it came to sex. It got to the point where it
was all I could think about. Everyone I met became a fantasy, and while I
wouldn't cheat on her, I thought about it all the time. Apparently she was
in a similar state.

This was the way things were when Dave came to visit for the weekend, I think
at that time we probably hadn't even had sex for about six weeks. We talked
and ate and drank and drank some more, and eventually it was suggested, I
forget by whom, that we play Jenga. The three of us sat on the floor around
the coffee table Japanese style and were playing for a little while when it
became obvious that all the beer and wine had started to go to Aiko's head.
She had the Asian burn and her face was a bright red. She was talking too
loud and laughing too much, but we were all buzzed and it made her seem all
the cuter so I didn't care. But it was definitely affecting her Jenga game.
She had to sit up and lean over close to the stack of blocks, slowly pulling
one out, swaying and weaving the whole time. I glanced over at Dave, with a
rueful smile as if to say "here's my drunk wife making an ass out of
herself", but he didn't notice. The reason, I soon discovered, was because
his eyes were glued to my wife, or rather to the inside of her shirt.

My wife was wearing her regular around-the-house clothes, just jeans and an
old, grey long-sleeved shirt. The thing was, the shirt was so old that the
neck had become kind of stretched out, and when she bent over like she was
doing now, everything was revealed. Furthermore, as I said before, she has
pretty small breasts, so when she bends over her bra falls away and you can
see everything to the tip of her inverted nipples.

So now I realize that Dave has a clear view of my wife's breasts. And, the
way he was sitting, with the lamp right behind him, her breasts must have
been lit up like they were on stage. Dave too apparently had become more
than a little intoxicated and had lost all sense of caution. He didn't even
think that I might catch him, and ignoring me altogether, he kept staring
directly at her breasts as they jiggled and swayed along with the rest of my
wife's body. I thought he was going to burn a hole through them. Then the
inevitable happened. I saw my wife glance up and catch Dave unabashedly
staring at her tits. My wife is very self-conscious and always concerned
that she might find herself exposed as she did now, and just as I expected
she tensed and pulled back slightly. But then, just as I saw an expression
of disappointment start to cross Dave's face, she relaxed again! I couldn't
believe it! Not only was she not trying to cover up, she even managed to
arch her back a little, to make sure Dave could get a clear view.

This was not at all what I had expected. I mean, I had no idea how to react
to the situation, I had never even considered that something like this could
happen. I thought I should be jealous and angry, but oddly, I wasn't. My
breath got caught in my chest when I saw her *deliberately* expose herself to
my friend right in front of me. Of course she had no way of knowing I was on
to her game, but that is what made it all the more exciting. I could feel my
dick start to harden as the sexual tension in the room grew exponentially.
As we each took our turn Dave finally caught on that Aiko was deliberately
exposing herself to him. He glanced up at her once while she was taking her
turn to find her looking right at him, a faint smile on her face. Out of the
corner of my eye I saw him react: a bright red flush and a wide smile crossed
his face before he hurriedly looked down and tried to cover it up. Then he
looked over at me to see if I had caught on but of course I pretended that I
saw nothing and was intently pouring myself another beer.

Finally Aiko said that she was going to get changed for bed so I assumed the
show was over. Still what I had just seen was too intense for me to let the
opportunity pass and I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. It only took
me about 30 seconds to bring myself to come in a huge torrent, visions of my
wife exposed in front of Dave dancing before my eyes. Wiping myself off and
washing my hands I came out to discover that my wife had changed into her
pajamas--and was back playing Jenga! Only now she was wearing no bra beneath
her even wider-necked pajama top and Dave was being treated to a view of
everything from her neck to her belly button! I glanced down at Dave's lap
and, while he was always bragging about how big his dick was (maybe that was
why my wife was doing what she was doing), I could see that it wasn't just
bravado. His lump was very obvious and very large. I'm quite sure that my
wife had noticed it before I had. I noticed that he had stretched out one of
his legs under the table and his foot was resting lightly against my wife's
thigh as she knelt over the table, making her move. I picked up some glasses
and empty bottles pretending to clean up a little and waited to see what
would happen next. She finished her move--I swear she seemed reluctant to
put her breasts back out of sight, the bitch--and settled down again, sitting
on her heels in Japanese fashion. I looked down and saw that, not only had
she not pulled away from Dave's foot, she had managed to scoot forwards a
little so now his big toe was pressing halfway up her inner thigh. I don't
know how they could have thought I wouldn't notice something this obvious,
but apparently the alcohol had gotten the better of their judgement.
Strangely I still didn't feel jealous or angry. I did feel a little hurt,
but more than anything I was tremendously excited to see how this would
develop. I decided to give them an opportunity. I told them that had had
too much to drink and wasn't feeling very well. I said I was going to go to
bed before I started to feel sick. Aiko looked over at me with a look of
disappointment on her face. I knew that she intended to look sympathetic to
my plight, but I also knew that the real reason for the look was because she
thought this spelled an end to the evening and an end to her exhibitionism.
I looked at her and Dave and told them to keep on drinking and playing as I
could sleep through an earthquake when sober and, being drunk as I was, they
could tear the place down and I wouldn't wake up. This was no exaggeration.
As my wife well knew I was an extremely heavy sleeper and often had to be
physically shaken awake. So I went into our bedroom and closed the door, got
undressed, turned off the light, and climbed into bed.

They were quiet for about five minutes before I heard laughing and giggling.
I climbed quietly out of bed and peered through the small grating at the
bottom of the bedroom door into the living room and saw my wife sitting
topless in front of Dave! He muttered something to her and she giggled
again, loudly at first but then quickly covering her mouth with her hand and
looking over toward the bedroom. She said something to Dave and stood up
putting on her shirt. I quickly made my way back into the bed and feigned
sleep, something that wasn't very easy considering my pulse was racing and,
despite having jerked off no more than ten minutes earlier, I had a raging
hard-on. She crept into the room quietly and said something like "are you
feeling ok?" to which I of course didn't respond, being deep asleep as I was.
She crept closer and repeated the question in a slightly louder voice. I
didn't stir as she came even closer and listened to the sound of my
breathing. Satisfied that I was indeed asleep she turned around to leave the
room. I cracked my eyes open and saw Dave standing there in the doorway to
greet my wife as she left the room. He asleep? She nodded and, without even
closing the door, began to strip off her top again! Dave finally reached over
and pulled the door quietly shut as they went back into the living room to
continue their "game".

My mind was racing. Obviously this was going a lot further a lot faster than
I had expected. Had I been completely sober I probably would have never let
it get this far, and certainly would have stopped it now. But all I could
think about was how fucking exciting it was to see my demure, almost prudish
wife strip in front of Dave. I quickly crept back to the grating and she was
sitting on his lap, her bare breasts rubbing against his chest giving him a
long, deep kiss. His hands were all over her, on her ass, caressing her
back, squeezing her tits, squeezing the life out of her tits. She arched and
threw her head back as he took her right nipple into his mouth sucking like
mad. Her eyes were closed in obvious ecstasy and I saw her reach down with
her left hand and start stroking his dick through his pants. This was all
the encouragement Dave needed as he got up and unzipped his jeans. He had
not been joking about his dick. It was sticking about an inch and a half out
of the top of his jockeys and was at least twice as thick around as mine--and
mine, while average, is nothing to be ashamed of. Aiko literally gasped when
she saw the dark purple head, glistening with a thick layer of pre-cum, make
its appearance. Before he could finish stripping off his jeans she was there
in front of him on her knees. Using her tongue she licked all around him,
from his belly button down, over and around his dick, sliding her tongue into
the elastic band of his underwear to reach his shaft. After cleaning away
all of the pre-cum that had seeped out of his dick and on his stomach she
slipped his underwear down to his knees, effectively immobilizing him.

Dave just stood there, the expression on his face was one of confused bliss.
He didn't know what was going on, but he was certainly enjoying it. She
caressed his balls and flicked her tongue all around. She started off
licking the length of his shaft--a good nine inches at least. Hungrily
stuffing the swollen, dripping head of his cock into her mouth she sucked for
all she was worth. I could see her cheeks first collapse then expand as she
sucked and shoved his dick further into her mouth, I could imagine, almost
taste, his cock as it coated the inside of her cheeks, her tongue, her mouth
with his sperm. She pulled her head back, letting his cock, now shiny and
glistening, slide out of her mouth, strings of saliva and sperm still
connecting his cock and her lips. She craned her neck and, opening her mouth
as wide as she could, let his left nut fall right into her mouth. Closing
her lips gently around his sack I could see and hear her sucking and licking
his balls like a madwoman. Dave was ecstatic and had to rest one of his
hands on the table in order to maintain his balance. I couldn't believe it.
I mean, not just because here was my wife cheating on me while I supposedly
slept in the next room, but here she was sucking cock like a pro. Why the
hell didn't she ever do that for me?

So you can well imagine my surprise when she let his balls out of her mouth,
dripping and shiny, and muttered something to him that I couldn't make out.
Apparently Dave was a bit confused as he just looked at her and asked her to
repeat what she had said. She did and again I couldn't hear, but Dave
apparently understood this time and turned around so that she was facing his
ass. She said something else and, while I couldn't hear this it was pretty
obvious what she had said as Dave bent over, his asshole exposed, no more
than two inches away from my beautiful wife's nose and mouth. She grasped
his heavy balls in one hand and without hesitation, plunged her tongue into
his asshole. My dick almost exploded right then. Unfuckingbelievable. My
wife was cleaning out Dave's asshole, her tongue lodged deep in his anus, her
face covered in his hairy ass! Her right hand slowly fondled his nuts like
those chinese meditation balls and her left hand was down her pants, busily
working away at her own pussy.

She shifted her left hand from Dave's balls to his long, stiff cock and
stroking it rhythmically up and down, licking his ass. This was just too
incredible. Never did she come even remotely close to anything like that with
me. Only after considerable urging could I get her to suck on my balls and
she never got into it and would approach it with the attitude of "let's just
try to get this over with as quickly as possible." Had I ever suggested she
lick my asshole she would have looked at me like I was some freak, yet now
she was, without the slightest reserve, plunging the depths of Dave's anus
with her tongue. Of course by now my dick was rock solid and dripping
pre-cum all over the carpet. I grabbed a box of tissues from off the desk and
started stroking away myself, though slowly trying to take in as much of this
scene as I could before I blew another load.

Dave seemed to be having similar problems, and he couldn't take much more of
this ass licking. Standing up straight, leaving Aiko tongue extended in mid-
plunge, he turned around to face her again, his dark purplish cock head
slapping her on the cheek as he did so, a thin line of pre-cum and saliva
dripping onto her chest. As he struggled to remove his underwear the rest of
the way she didn't hesitate and went back to licking his cock with obvious
enjoyment. As soon as he got his jockey's off Dave pushed her head away.
"Get undressed," his voice was hoarse and serious, there was no fucking
around any more. Aiko hesitated slightly, but Dave, while tall and lanky and
not particularly fit, was strong enough to pull her to her feet and, in one
movement, yank down both her pajama bottoms and her underwear.

Aiko gasped, but if I had any illusions about her trying to remain faithful
to me up to this point they were utterly destroyed now. It was clearly a
gasp of pleasure and not shame or fear. Even from my position some eight
feet away I could see that she was sopping wet. Her pubic hair, soaking in
her cunt juice, stuck to her pussy. Instead of stepping back and away from
Dave she merely spread her legs a little and bent her knees so that her
dripping cunt would be in easy view and reach of Dave. He wasted no time
and, dropping to his knees, started lapping away at her cunt with the same
degree of energy she had demonstrated earlier. She sighed and, eyes closed,
kept her balance by thrusting her hands into his hair and holding on for dear
life. Dave mumbled for her to sit on the couch and she obeyed with alacrity.
Had I not known better I would have swore she was a gymnast she spread her
legs so fucking wide. Her gash stood out like a pink neon light amid her
pitch black pubic hair and lightly tanned skin, the little pink bud of an
anus twitching in expectation. Dave reached in and slowly massaged her clit,
how many times had I done the very same thing? Gently pulling back the
sheath of flesh that concealed her clit he brought his face up to her
pussy--the smell must have been overpowering as I could clearly make it out
from where I was. Lovingly he nuzzled her cunt, running his nose and tongue
its entire length before letting his lips settle on her clit. I looked up at
Aiko and saw a familiar expression on her face. Her mouth slightly open,
eyes closed tight, head moving slightly from left to right, she was rapidly
approaching an orgasm. I was, among other things, curious how she would deal
with this as she was usually pretty loud when she came. She reached down
with one hand and literally shoved Dave's face into her pussy and held it
there as she grabbed her left tit with her other hand. Squeezing and pulling
on her tits the shaking of her head became more violent and I could see that
Dave was having a hard time keeping up with the bucking and thrusting of her
cunt. Then it happened. With an enormous yet quiet groan she clamped down on
her tit with all her might and pushed Dave's face into her cunt even harder,
not even giving him enough room to breathe, every muscle in her body
clenched. She was like this--utterly motionless, soundless--for about five
seconds before she let herself fall back onto the sofa. With an enormous
smile on her face she looked down at Dave who had just removed his face from
her pussy. He smiled back, his nose, mouth, lips, cheeks all glistening with
my wife's juices.

Dave stood up, his thick dong swaying and bobbing with each movement, trails
of pre-cum being tracked all over my sofa, my carpet. Before Aiko could
react her grabbed one ankle in each hand and lifted, causing her to slide
down with her ass in the air and only her back resting on the seat of the
sofa. Without a word he grabbed his dick and shoved it into her. I say
shoved because, despite the fact that she was sopping wet, it was so fucking
thick that it couldn't just slide in, it had to be forced in. Aiko looked as
if she were going to say something but he just thrust in two inches and all
she could do was gasp. I thought she was crying as little squeals escaped
her with every panting breath but she made no move to pull back.

"C-c-condom," was all she said, looking up at Dave with an expression that I
can only describe as worshipful.

Dave shook his head and with a grunt, forced his cock the rest of the way in.
Instead of objecting to this irresponsible, unsafe sex--Dave was famous for
fucking anything he could get his hands on--she merely let out a whimpering
groan as she took the full length and girth of his massive cock, her pussy
being stretched beyond anything I had ever given her. All I could do was
watch. It was too late for me to do anything now. Dave's cock pistoned in
and out of her, slowly at first, but quicker and quicker as my wife's pussy
slowly expanded to accommodate his size. It would no longer be a perfect fit
for me. I wondered if I would even get to fuck her again. As if to mock me,
Dave's freshly licked anus winked at me every time he pulled back, only to be
covered by his hairy ass as he plunged back into my wife. Each movement was
accompanied by air being alternately forced in and sucked out of her sopping
wet cunt. Her whimpering was getting louder and louder. I could just barely
make out the words.

"yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..."

It was like a tantra. Dave reached down and with one of his proportionately
large hands, pulled her tits together by her nipples, his fingers sinking
deep into her flesh. She groaned in ecstasy and Dave's thrusting increased
in tempo. The sound of slapping flesh and the smell of both Dave and Aiko's
sex filled the air. Though utterly humiliated I couldn't take my eyes off of
it. I was entranced, I started stroking my cock in earnest, keeping time
with the sight of Dave's balls slapping into Aiko's ass, just above her pink

Then suddenly Dave stopped and pulling back quickly stood up and leaned over
Aiko, stroking his cock with ferocious speed. With a loud, animal-like grunt
the first shot sprayed out, a thick layer of cum streaking across the left
side of Aiko's face, gluing her left eye shut and dripping down her nose,
covering her nostril and onto her lips. The next shot found her with her
mouth wide open and tongue fully extended, dripping off her lips and slowly
making its way down her chin and onto her chest. She sat up quickly and
shoved his dick, now coated with his sperm and her own pussy, into her mouth
as he let loose with another blast. I could see her cheeks bulge as she took
the blow and she gagged slightly as she tried to swallow it all. She was
unable to keep up and pulled back to catch her breath, cum streaming from the
corners of her mouth when Dave shot again, nailing her right on the nose. My
demure, quiet, resigning and pure wife sat there panting, mouth open wide,
cum dripping from all parts of her face, and accepted another two shots of
cum in her face before Dave, with the deepest and longest sigh I have ever
heard, stumbled back and sat down on the carpet with a thud.

The sight of my wife's face, the face I have woken up next to every single
day for over five years, coated and dripping with another man's cum was too
much for me. Stroking my cock for all I was worth I let go into the handful
of tissues with one of the deepest orgasms I have ever had. Finally sated I
looked through the grate once more and wished I had held off a few seconds
more as I saw my wife scoop up the globs of cum and greedily slurp them up
and into her mouth. She mumbled something to Dave who laughed in response
and they both got to their feet.

I got up to get back in bed and, in my haste, tripped on the box of tissues I
had strategically kept next to me the whole time. I didn't fall but my left
hand came down hard on the desk with a loud thud. All sound in the next room
stopped, I held my breath not daring to move. After five seconds or so I
heard my wife, my sweet wife, in a trembling voice quietly call out, "Joe?"

I froze. Without thinking, and without knowing why I was doing what I was
doing I kicked the box of tissues under the desk where they wouldn't be seen
and scrambled into bed. I looked over at the nightstand and spotted the
history book that I had been very slowly working my through over the past
month or so. Quickly placing it on the floor I rolled over on my side and
stuffed the soiled tissues I was still gripping into the pillowcase where,
hopefully, they would not be noticed. I closed my eyes and once again
feigned sleep when I heard my wife--who had apparently needed some time
herself to get cleaned up, crack open the door.

"Joe?" She almost whispered my name. Her voice shivered with nervousness and
fear. Obviously she was afraid that her wild fuck had awakened me. I don't
know why, but I felt compelled to hide my knowledge of what had happened. I
know its stupid, but I was embarrassed, ashamed. As if *I* had done
something wrong. Also I was afraid. I was not ready to lose my wife, I had
to think things through before I confronted her. I didn't know what the fuck
to do.

She took a couple steps further into the room, slipping through the barely
opened door--as if she didn't want me to see what was in the living room, or
as if she didn't want too much light to reveal her undoubtedly dishevelled
state. "Joe, are you awake?" she said again, a little louder this time, the
quiver in her voice painful for me to hear. She was shaken, there was no
doubt. I pretended that she had awaken me.

"Mmph... Huh? What is it?" I sat up, my eyes squinting, feigning
disorientation. "What was that noise? I heard a noise." "Noise? What
noise?" Again I pretended to be confused and looked around the room. I
"chanced" to notice the book lying on the floor next to the table. "Oh, I
must've knocked the book over, I don't know."

She sighed a long, quiet sigh. So quiet that it was really more felt and
seen than it was heard. Every second of that sigh was a knife being twisted
in my heart. She thought that she had escaped. There was no remorse,
penitence; it was a sigh of relief--nothing more.

"Y-you coming to bed now?" I asked, my voice catching in my throat.

Thinking that I had been asleep the whole time, there was no longer any trace
of that fear or shame in her voice. Instead she spoke with great confidence,
a self-assurance that I had never heard before crept into her voice. "No,
I'm going to sit up a little longer, maybe take a shower before going to bed.
I'll be in soon. Go back to sleep." The danger, now that it had passed,
had given her even greater confidence. Obviously she was not the slightest
bit troubled by the moral aspects of her behavior. The only thing she seemed
to fear was being caught, the fact that she had betrayed me and our wedding
vows, our seven years together--none of that seemed to matter at all to her.
My stomach clenched up as a wave of loathing and sadness racked my body.
But, no sooner did she sneak back out and close the door with a muffled click
than were these feelings replaced by mental images of Dave waving his thick,
bulbous cock in my wife's face, her mouth agape as he sprayed her, coating
her with his cum. I felt my dick harden again. What the fuck was going on?

Not thinking about the risk (why should I be thinking about risks?) I snuck
back to the grating. I knew before I left the bed that I was not going to
see anything that would comfort me, but I had to look all the same. Sure
enough my wife had settled on the couch next to Dave. They were both still
clothed--this gave me some slight relief--and were wearing profoundly
satisfied expressions on their faces. The sound of the Tonight Show or David
Letterman or something came from the TV. Figuring that they had probably
been scared off of any further action this evening I was about to stand up
and make my way back to bed when I noticed that they were holding hands.

I know this is going to sound really odd, but the sight of their holding
hands was more painful to me than anything and everything else I had
witnessed that evening. Aiko's delicate, white fingers were engulfed in
Dave's large, unpleasantly hairy hand. His thick thumb stroked the back of
her hand as they sat there, wordlessly, enjoying the feel of each other's

I didn't want to see anything else that night. It took me a long time to get
to sleep, as you might expect. I saw my life falling apart before my very
eyes. The dreams I had of us as a happy family, kids, house, dog, all that
shit was down the toilet now. Strangely I didn't hate her, though. I was
just sad, profoundly sad. At some point, I don't know when, the alcohol in
my system took over and I fell asleep. I didn't hear Aiko take a shower or
come into bed, I slept straight through till about eight or so when my
bladder woke me. Rolling over I saw Aiko next to me, her face peaceful in
her slumber. It took a few seconds for the events of last night to return to
me, but my mind shuddered from the impact when they did.

Like a detective looking for evidence I lifted the blanket and sheets from
Aiko's body. She was lying on her side, facing away from me, and was
completely nude. This was not a normal practice for her. In fact, I think the
only times she slept nude before were when we had gotten drunk, fucked and
fell asleep as we were. I suppose this time was no exception either, only it
wasn't me who she had fucked. I looked over at her brown, inverted nipples.
Maybe the size of a quarter they looked like they might melt in your mouth.
I could see slight scratches around her tits, no doubt from Dave's energetic
kneading the night before. I slid down the bed a little further. Because of
how she was sleeping her ass was sticking out towards me. I slid down in the
bed until my face was level with her ass. I lifted my side of the blanket
slightly so I could see. Her ass has always been my favorite part of her
body. The temptation to kiss it, tongue the small rosebud of an anus that was
less than an inch from the tip of my nose was almost overwhelming. But I
didn't want to wake her, so I just looked, and inhaled. To say the scent was
pungent would be an understatement. She reeked. Apparently she hadn't
showered last night after all. I could see by the little pieces of toilet
paper stuck to her pubic hair and around her asshole that she been satisfied
with simply wiping herself off, as she might after taking a piss or a crap.
Looking closer I could see where Dave's semen had dried onto her crotch and
pubes. I put my nose up to her pussy lips, not quite touching. I could feel
the heat emanating from her cunt and the smell was unbelievable, choking. It
was not just her smell, but was mingled with the sour smell of semen, of
Dave's semen. Once again, inexplicably, my dick was rock hard.

I forced myself to get out of bed before my explorations woke her and made my
way into the bathroom to take a shower. Passing through the living room I
saw Dave sprawled out on my inflatable bed, in my living room. The room was
quite warm and he had kicked off his blankets and sheets over the course of
the night. Like Aiko, he too was completely nude. The offending organ
snaked across his stomach, now sleeping. Soft, Dave's cock wasn't nearly as
impressive as it had been in action. Still, the head of his cock, as it rose
and fell with Dave's every breath, was almost hypnotic. It blossomed outward
like a mushroom, increasing the diameter of his cock by a third at least. It
retained the angry purple color it possessed last night when I watched my
wife hungrily stuff it into her mouth, as if desperate for the taste of the
pre-cum that freely flowed from it.

I can't explain what I did next. I have no attraction to men, never have and
even when I was doing this it didn't occur to me that it might be conceived
of as homosexual behavior. Certainly I didn't intend it as such. Call it
curiosity. Dave's light snoring was easy evidence that he was, like Aiko,
fast asleep (no doubt worn out by the previous night's labors). Setting the
clothes I was carrying on the carpet near the bathroom door I tiptoed over to
where Dave was sleeping, and knelt on the carpet next to the air mattress.
The danger of what would happen, of what everyone would think were he to wake
up at this moment set my heart racing, but I never considered giving it up.
Instead I slowly, quietly leaned over his mattress and examined his cock. I
could see it throb lightly as the blood pulsed through the veins and
capillaries. I could see streaks of white, where his fluids and my wife's
had mixed and dried. I leaned closer, looked at the edge of his circumcised
head, examined in minute detail the boundary separating shaft and meaty head,
peered at, almost into, the slit at the tip of his head. Know your enemy, I
guess. It must have been some masochistic urge that made me bring, once
again, my nose up to his slightly parted legs, next to his balls and crotch,
only millimeters from his anus. I inhaled deeply. The smell was identical
to the stench emanating from Aiko's pussy. I mean, I don't know if it was
really the same smell or if it was just my mind fucking with me, but it was a
shock. I pulled my head back from his sweaty crotch with a jerk and
hurriedly stifled the bile I felt rising up from my stomach. I backed up and
made my way to the safety of the bathroom, picking up my change of clothes on
the way. Gently pushing the door shut, I heaved a long, tortuous sigh. All
I could think was, "What the fuck is going on?"

Dave was still asleep when I got out of the shower. His dick was not only
still visible, but it had grown tremendously in size in my absence.
Apparently the morning erection was setting in and it was quite a sight to
see. I mean, of course it was the enemy, but its still a pretty fucking
impressive enemy. It had practically doubled in length, passing the bottom of
his belly button, the thick head so wide around that it lifted the shaft from
his stomach, making a little triangle with his shaft, stomach and cock head.
I looked away quickly and slipped into the bedroom where Aiko was just
getting out of bed.

"Dave awake yet?" she asked. No "good morning" or "hi" or "how are you
feeling." She bent over to pick up the clothes she had thrown on the floor
the previous night, all but shoving her pussy in my face as I walked by. Was
she taunting me? Was she so secure in her belief that everything had gone
undetected that she could fuck with me like this? I felt anger start to
gather and boil up in the pit of my stomach.

"I don't know, I didn't look," I lied. "He didn't say anything so yeah, he's
probably asleep." "I'm going to grab a glass of water." She said and, before
I could do anything she slipped on her pajama bottoms and top--no bra or
underwear--and slipped out of the room. Of course now I remember that Dave's
dick is displayed in all its glory, and of course my wife is getting an
eyeful. She certainly must have stopped for a good, long look as it took her
a full minute and a half to come back with the water. She handed me the
glass, now half-empty and I noticed that her face was slightly flushed.

"He awake?" I asked. "No, still sleeping. We should stay in here, let him
sleep." So kind, my Aiko. Always looking out for other people. I grunted
my approval and, draining the glass, put it down on the bedside table where
the history book usually lay. I pulled Aiko close to give her a kiss. At
the touch of my hand she recoiled slightly before catching herself and
allowing me a brief peck on the lips before turning her head away and resting
it on my shoulder. Looking at her jet black hair I could see spots of Dave's
cum here and there that she had missed in her cleaning up. Dried a crumbly
white, they glued strands of her hair together. The anger welled up inside
me once more, I felt my face getting hot. Still I didn't know what I wanted
to say, how I wanted to react. Instead I said nothing.

Wordlessly I pulled Aiko's top and bottom off of her, stripping her naked.
She was oddly docile, as if all of this was happening to someone else. This
only made me more angry. Had she resisted or did or said something I would
have had the opening I needed to confront her. Instead she let her clothing
be removed, neither helping nor hindering the process. I guided her over to
the bed and laid her down on her stomach.

"Stick your ass up." I said, my voice harsh with a combination of anger and
lust. She started at the tone of my voice and my words--I hardly ever spoke
during sex, and never tried to command her. Still she meekly complied,
bending her body so that her ass rose up slightly, the back of her thighs
resting on her heels. I leaned forward and inhaled again. The scent was
stronger than ever and I could see that Aiko was getting wet again. Well at
least she wasn't completely opposed to the idea of sex with me. Unable to
resist any longer I sunk my face into her exposed pussy. The smell and taste
was dizzying, no longer really aware of what I was doing I plunged my tongue
as far into her cunt as it would go, savoring the sour combination of smells
and odors that Dave and Aiko had produced together. Aiko too was not
displeased by my performance, she twitched and moaned slightly as my nose
pressed against her asshole each time I drove my tongue into her cunt. I
pulled by head back, the heat of her pussy dissipating rapidly as the cold
air of the room washed across my wet face. Quickly I stripped off my
T-shirt, sweatpants, and underwear. I maneuvered her into a sixty-nine
position, with me on the bottom.

If I expected her experience with Dave to transform her into a sexual dynamo
with me I was disappointed. I *was* disappointed. She held my dick loosely
and stroked it half-heartedly while brushing her lips across the head, which
was now leaking pre cum all over the place. I was no Dave, but my dick was
nothing to be ashamed of. A good six inches it isn't lacking in length, but
in girth it is probably less-than average,. Anyway she wasn't approaching it
with anything near the enthusiasm with which she had attacked Dave the night
before. This pissed me off even more, angrily I shoved her knees apart, her
pussy fell with an almost audible thud onto my face. My mouth was filled
with her thick, wiry pubic hair. Bits of toilet paper, dried mucous, semen,
god knows what filled my mouth, and I greedily slurped them up. Since she
wasn't doing anything interesting with my dick anyway I had her straighten up
so that I could move my mouth to her pussy. She immediately relinquished my
dick, letting it fall back to my stomach with a quiet thwack and leaned back,
grinding her crotch into my face. This not only afforded my tongue easy
access to her labia, clit, and warm, pink pussy but, since I have a kind of
big nose, it also had the effect of impaling her asshole on my nose. This
was an entirely new experience for us, but she was definitely getting into
it. She revelled in the knowledge that my nose was being shoved up her ass
and bounced lightly atop my face, pushing my nose deeper and deeper into her
ass. She twisted and wriggled, putting all of her weight on me, pressing my
head deeper into the mattress as my tongue struggled to keep pace with her
gyrations. My dick was so hard now it ached, but she gave me no relief.
Ignoring my needs entirely she rocked back and forth, occasionally slipping a
long-nailed finger between her mound and my chin to finger her clit while I
massaged her cunt with my tongue. Rivulets of her pussy juice and saliva
leaked down my cheeks. She rammed her pussy back and forth atop me, her
sopping cunt brushing the base of my nose with a wet slap before being pulled
away only to be replaced with her anus driving itself downward, filling my
face with the smell of her ass. The tempo increased and finally she gathered
herself and, with a muffled groan, pressed down on my face with all her
might, utterly smothering me with her pussy, shuddering and trembling as she
came long and hard. I couldn't breathe and the pressure of her full body
weight upon my face was starting to make itself felt in my neck, where my
muscles were beginning to weaken and tremble with exhaustion. Just when I
thought I wouldn't be able to endure it a second longer she lifted her
crotch--no, more like peeled her crotch--from my face. I inhaled deeply, the
cold air mingling with the smell of her pussy, her ass, filling my lungs.

I was pretty much stunned. She had always been so passive in bed, now she
was getting off on dominating me. Where last month she pulled back at the
touch of my tongue on her asshole now she was drilling my nose into her anus.
I don't know. I looked up at her, trying to wipe away the sticky juice that
coated my face from forehead to chin. She was already out of bed and was
pulling her clothes back on. The fact that my dick sat there still hard as a
rock, soaking in a copious pool of pre-cum didn't seem to matter to her in
the least. This would not be. This definitely would not be. I reached over
and tugged at the arm of her pajamas. She looked over with a smile--I swear
it was a sneer and not a smile. That fucking bitch, she cheats on me. She
fucking drives my nose up her ass, she gets off on me, and now she's going to
let me fucking sit here! What the fuck! Where did my docile, obedient,
loving wife go? Who was this evil bitch that had replaced her? I grabbed
her wrist and yanked hard, she fell back onto the bed, or at least half onto
the bed, her ass and legs still hung over the side so that she was
semi-kneeling on the carpet, her tits and face mashed against the sheets of
the bed. She was trying to say something but I was oblivious, totally
consumed by my unsatisfied lust and accumulated anger. I got up and yanked
her pajama bottoms down, not unlike Dave had done the night before. Her
asshole and pussy gleamed with my spit and her juices, and both gaped slight
as a result of the treatment they had just been afforded. I crouched down
and like a dog slid my dick into her slick, saturated cunt. As I had feared
her experience the night before had stretched her out, my dick slid in and
out. It still felt ok, but the firm grip her pussy used to have on my cock
was gone, replaced now with a flaccid handshake.

This was really the last straw for me. I mean, I was half out of my mind
already with desire and outrage, and this disappointment was all that I could
take. With a violence I have never felt or expressed prior to or since this
incident, I pulled her hips back so her ass was fully exposed and, shoving
one ass cheek as far to the side as I could with one hand I used the other to
stuff my dick up her ass. She had never had anal sex before and was
unbelievably tight. The head of my dick was being crushed by the pressure of
her anus. She seemed to be trying to expel my dick with the muscles of her
rectum like it was a piece of shit, but I ignored her. I shoved harder and
harder, my dick, coated with pre-cum and her pussy juices slowly but surely
made headway as it disappeared up her ass. I suddenly realized that I was
speaking. "Take it, take it, take it..." I was repeating over and over again
in a quiet voice, almost a whisper. She seemed to hear me and, with a
sob-like groan, loosened the ring of her anus and leaned back, impaling her
soft, fleshy ass on my rock hard cock. After a minute long struggle I was
finally completely buried in her ass, the thin black hair surrounding my
belly button brushed against her ass, setting off the light brown color of
her skin. Just as she managed to accommodate me, I pulled out an inch or so,
and another groan escaped her. I shoved my dick back in, determined to get
vengeance in one form or another, and pulled back again. She was silent now
as I thrust more and more quickly. The warmth of her ass wrapped around my
cock like a glove, clamping down on my shaft and stretching the skin of my
cock as I pistoned in and out. It didn't take very long for me to come and,
when I did, I thought the life was being drained from my body. I rammed
myself in as far as I could driving Aiko's face into the bed with the
pressure of my thrust. It seemed as if everything inside my body was
exploding outward through my dick as I dumped load after load of cum into
Aiko's ass. Finally, shuddering and spent, I pulled my dick, already soft
and shrinking, from Aiko's ass. It emerged slowly, the skin of her asshole,
I could now see quite clearly, was stretched to its very limits, bulging as I
pulled my cock from her depths. With the tip of my cock came a long, thin
stream of semen still connecting my dick and her ass. Finally it too broke
and fell atop her ass, dribbling slowly down the crack of her ass to the
thick, black hair covering her pussy and inner thigh.

Aiko pulled herself slowly onto the bed and lay down on her side in an almost
fetal position. The sneer with which she had looked down at me earlier was
replaced by an almost blank look, tinged with a combination of fear and
wonder. I sat down cross legged by her face.

"How was it?" I asked matter-of-factly, as if we were talking about a movie
or a salad. She hesitated and thought. Finally she nodded slightly,
"Warukunakatta..." Not bad, she whispered. It must have been painful as hell
for her, but she either didn't care or didn't care to admit it. I wasn't done
with her yet, however, I lifted her face and guided her mouth to my dick,
which was desperately in need of a cleaning, leaking cum all over the sheets,
and possessing a distinct odor. She looked up at me and I looked right back
down at her. Without a word she lifted my dick with her right hand and
covered it with her mouth, licking and sucking every trace of our ass-fucking
from my cock.

Afterwards she got up and gingerly pulled on her pajamas and went to take a
shower as I crawled back in bed. Apparently she wasn't entirely cured as
there was another long pause between the closing of or bedroom door and the
closing of the bathroom door. She could not get enough, it seemed, of Dave's

I lay in bed, finally emptied of lust and anger and pondered the situation.
I had revealed my hand, as it were. She must know that I know by now--for
the above was hardly a typical lovemaking session for us. Still, I hadn't
said anything. Nor had she. I could probably persuade her that I didn't
know a thing about last night. It wouldn't be that difficult, she would want
to believe it. It would be precisely the type of thing she would want to
hear. But why? I thought about that for a while. I had nothing to lose
now. Our relationship would never again exist as it had before. The trust,
the honesty, the respect. Those were all gone forever. But something held
me back, I could think about divorcing her, but I could never do it. She was
everything to me. No, it was better to wait. Wait and see how this would
develop. After all, I had nothing more to lose.

End of Story

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