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A party of Four and More

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Sherri and I were both excited and nervous. We had arrived at the swing house with another couple we had met recently. They had invited us to come with them as they had been there before. We both knew what happened in the house as they had told us some stories of what they had done there. Sherrie was my girlfriend for a couple of years now and we were close. We had talked about what we would be doing if we agreed to go to the house. She was a beautiful blond 34 years old with a great figure and a very pretty face. I am Jim and I am 37. There was a blast of warm air as the host opened the door and we went into the dim lighted room. We paid our $25 house fee and walked into the living room area. There were several couples sitting around talking. I was surprised at how normal it seemed, just like any other house party I had attended.

The other couples were all attractive and near our age, although some were younger. I noticed the other guys look up as Sherrie moved into the room and they all were checking her out. For a moment she had become the center of attraction. She noticed and flushed a little and took my hand and whispered I am very nervous. I said we can leave if you want. She said no we were there and she wanted to stay. She knew she would be on her back soon with a guy she had yet to meet. Until now she had only been with me and her ex and Ben. When we talked about coming here she knew what she was going to do tonight and was willing to explore. The other couple we had travelled with where Ben and Sam and we had swapped with them the week before and had fun. We did separate rooms with them, but tonight would be different as the house was wide open.

Ben disappeared and Sam said he will be doing his own thing and we sat down and looked around. I said I want to look around the house and left the girls sitting together and went exploring. I went upstairs and there were several rooms with the floors covered with mats and curtained off areas. I looked 9999999999999+9against skin and a woman moaning and a guy grunting. I thought wow I was hearing other people having sex for the first time and I got very hard. I went back downstairs to join Sherrie and Sam and they had disappeared. I went looking for them.

I found them in a room with a guy and stood outside to watch what Sherrie was doing. I was quiet and she was unaware I was watching. The guy was taller than me and was standing in front of Sherrie saying you are beautiful. Sherrie looked up at him and smiled with a yes in her eyes. She was going to fuck this guy. I could see it on her face. He reached out and unbuttoned her top and removed it. Sam was behind her and undid her bra for her. She stood there topless and he slid her skirt down and off, and then her panties. He undressed himself and she looked down at what he was about to give her. He was bigger than me and standing out straight. Her faced was flushed and I could see she was very turned on.

He lowered her to the floor and she spread for him and he immediately went into her. She gasped as he went deep. Her legs came up and around him and he fucked her. Sam just sat watching. I noticed her hand under her skirt. He was fucking Sherrie hard and she was moaning as he gave it to her. Her eyes were closed and her head moving side to side and she gave it up to him twisting and turning under him and thrusting back against his cock. He slowed down obviously not finished and waited for her to come down from her eye. I heard him say good girl. She opened her eyes and I could see the lust there. I heard her say you are very good. I was jealous for just a second.

He turned her over and she immediately got into position. It was her favorite position. He was poised behind her and she looked over her shoulder looking at his cock waiting. She had that look I knew so well. I want to be fucked look. He went back in and went deep and she shuttered and lowered her head and he went for a ride. I could see how hot she had become as she was grunting as he banged into her hard and fast. I heard her say oh yes fuck me, fuck me. Sherrie was being a very bad girl with this stranger who she was fucking for the first time. He rode her hard and she cried out and shuttering all over got off again with him.

He pulled out and stood up panting but still hard. Sherrie turned around and looked up at him and said here let me help you and reached out and took his cock in her hand and jerked back and forth... he reached down and pulled her face toward his cock and she opened her mouth and went down on him. If Sherrie is turned on enough she will swallow at times and she was going to swallow this guy. She sucked and jerked him, he went rigid and she jerked him fast and held his cock in front of her face and he grunted and exploded on her face and lips and she pulled him into her mouth and he kept jerking several times in a row as he squirted down her throat. Finally he pulled out and fell to the floor next to her. I stood watching and wondering, who is this Sherrie.

I was so hard I had to go find a place to put it and went back to the living room looking. There was only one person there a young girl sitting alone. I walked up to her and we both laughed and I said we are all that is left, shall we and she said yes. I asked what do you like. She was a little thing and looked up at me and asked will you lick me. I smiled and said oh yes if you will lick me and she nodded a yes. We found a place and she lay down in front of me and pulled her skirt up. Her skin was flawless and tight. I lay down in front of her and slid her panties down and off and she spread for me. I licked her and she shuttered and was very wet. I am talented at licking pussy and really worked her over. Her pussy was dripping wet as I tongued fucked her and she lost it and flooded my face as she got off. I stood up and began undressing and said I want to see you naked and she undressed herself.

She was beautiful with full breasts and her nipples standing out. I was poised hard inches from her face and she looked up at me and took my cock in her mouth. She knew what she was doing. I pulled out and said turn around and she got on her hands and knees. I moved behind her and she looked over her shoulder at my cock poised to go in her and I could see a yes on her face and went in and deep. She was very tight and I had to push hard to get in. She gasped moaning oh yes as I fucked her. I rode her hard. She gave me her all and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she cried out and got off again. I was grunting and pulled out exploding all over her butt and back as she looked around watching me squirt. I looked up and Sherrie had been watching and then disappeared. I asked her name and she laughed and said Beth. I said Jim it is always nice to know the name of someone you just fucked. She smiled and said yes Jim. We sat together for a time and she said I really enjoyed that did you? I looked at her and lowered my head down and went down on her again as my answer. So we did it again.

Afterwards I went looking for Sherrie and found her in the hot tub dr*ped over the edge with a different guy giving it to her from behind. I walked up to her and said having fun and she looked up at me watching her getting fucked again. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard as this guy was giving it to her. I gave her a long kiss and said I love you. Are you sure she asked? I have been a very bad girl tonight. I said I know and kissed her again and said have fun while the sun shines right? She began to moan and I grasped her arms as she gave it up to this stranger. She grabbed me and hugged me and whispered that was good. I said you are good you have proved that tonight. She climbed out turned and gave her partner a brief kiss and said thanks. She put her clothes on next to the tub and we went back into the house. She said that girl you were with was very young. I said yes in many ways. She was only 19 and her first time here. She acted much younger. Sherrie said looked like you had a good time. I said yes she was very open and gave me her all. I ended up doing her twice. Sherrie smiled and said she must have been very good then.

We sat for a time both recovering and I asked well what now. Sherrie said up to you. We could stay or call it a night. I said yes, but we are having fun right? She looked at me and said I have fucked two guys and hardy remember their names and yes I am having fun. I asked well do you want another one there are plenty here. She lowered her head and said will you still love me. I said tell you what. I love you enough to ask you to marry me. It has been two years and I think it is time we did that. She hugged me and was sniffling and said after what I did tonight I thought you would never want to marry me. I laughed and said it is because of how you have been tonight that I decided to ask you. I think we will have a lot of fun together and think we will probably be coming back here right? Sherri paused for a moment, thinking and said yes we probably will since we both like what we are doing and yes I will marry you anytime you say and yes I want to stay for a while longer if you want.

The door opened and a couple walked in and Sherrie said oh I know them from work. They are Jim and Suzy. I said this could get interesting. Suzy was a very pretty red head with hair down to her shoulders hiding her boobs. Sherrie said we talk a lot and are very friendly at work. We go to lunch a couple of times a week. I said well no hiding that we are here go say hi. Sherrie said yes I guess I had better. Suzy had a surprised look on her face when Sherrie walked up to her and gave her a hug. They moved to the side talking. Her husband just stood waiting so I walked over to him and introduced myself. Jim said to me wow what a surprise Suzy was worried we might run into someone she knows. I laughed and said well at least we all know why we are here. He said yes I guess it is; it is our first time doing anything like this. I said ours too. I lied a little.

Jim said you are Jim too and I said yep two Jims. I asked him you do know what kind of house this is right? He said yes. So you are here to have fun. He smiled and said well I am, not too sure about Suzy. She has her doubts. I asked him so you are ok if she does another guy. I watched Sherrie with a guy a while ago and it was a little shocking at first, but also very exciting. He said yes but only if she wants to do it. I said Jim I think you should know that women who come here know what this place is and want to believe me. She is only looking for your permission and she will. I made my move and said Sherrie and I will swap with you if you decide you are going too. He looked over to Sherrie and said she is very beautiful. I said I know I just asked her to marry me and she said yes. She is the best.

The girls returned hand in hand smiling. Jim pulled Suzy aside and they talked for a time, both nodding their heads and giving each other a hug. I was checking out Suzy and she flushed knowing what I had on my mind, but looked me over too. Finally Jim said can we talked for a little while we just got here, and I said sure how about a drink. We went out to the patio and sat talking and Jim looked over to the hot tub and watched a couple fucking, a preview of coming attractions he knew. Suzy said wild place and Sherrie you never will know and laughed and then again maybe you will. Suzy looked in my direction and flushed again and said yes maybe I will. I could see she was excited as Jim must have told her it was ok.

What a lovely woman she was to look at. Finally I said shall we find a place and we all stood up and found a room empty. It was low lit and we found a place to sit across from each other. Jim and Sherrie made eye contact and I could see the lust in his eyes and hers. They both knew they were about to fuck. I took Suzy by the hand and said we can go to the other side of the room and she got up and went with me.

We could still see Sherrie and Jim, but it was dark enough they were mostly shadows. Suzy said I am so nervous and so excited both. Sherrie told me what she has done tonight and I am wondering what it will be like. I said I am about to show you and she gasped and said I know. I said tell me what we are going to do I want to hear you say it. I pulled her in close and said whisper in my ear. She was trembling a little and put her arms around my neck and said ?fuck?. I said yes we are just going to fuck for fun nothing else. I said I will make you cum. She said oh. I asked will you cum for me and she whispered I will try.

I took her hand and placed it on the bulge in my pants and said that is for you as I unbuttoned her top and removed it. I moved my other hand down and up under her skirt until I reached her panties which were damp. I said you bad girl you are all wet. She moaned and said yes I am a bad girl and stroked my cock through my pants. I said do you want that and she said oh yes I am so hot. I unzipped and pulled my cock out and said turn around and she did and I pressed on her back and she bent over a little. I pushed her panties aside and slipped my cock into her pussy and held still. She was tight and I said you feel good. Suzy gasped and said you are so hard. I pushed in a little deeper and she pushed back and said oh yes. I fucked her. She fucked me back.

I pulled out and motioned for her to lay on the floor. I looked up and Sherrie was on her back and Jim was giving it to her. They were both naked and I said to Suzy I want to see you naked and took my clothes off and she did the same. She was on her back looking up at me and I could see the lust for me on her face. I moved down and licked her pussy and she gasped and spread wide for me moaning saying I love that. I worked my magic on her and she got very wet and jerking against my face gave it up to me flooding my face. Then I fucked her again face to face. We were head to head and she kissed me for the first time. I knew I had her then.

I said talk dirty to me I love fucking you. She said I have done that. I said you know how. She said my pussy is so wet and you are so hard and I will cum for you soon. I said see you know how. She said you are making me be bad. I said you already were that is why you agreed to be here tonight with me. I said fuck me bad girl. I flipped us over so she was on top and said fuck me girl. She pulled me close and kissing me more rode my cock like she knew how and grunting said I am going to cum and I could feel her pussy quivering around my cock as she got off. I grunted and exploded deep in her pussy. She collapsed on top of me panting. I said good girl.

We lay together recovering and Sherrie and Jim were still at it. He was behind her doggie and she was close and grunted and gave it up to him. He got off with her pulling out squirting all over her butt and back.

We sat together fully dressed ready to go back to the living room. Sherrie and I were done for the night and Jim and Suzy decided to go also. We exchanged phone numbers promising to get together again soon.

A couple of weeks later we got a call from Jim inviting us to their home the next weekend. We accepted. When we arrived Suzy met us at the door. I had forgotten just how lovely she was. I loved the red hair and still wanted to make sure it was real. I whispered in her ear and told her so and she giggled and said you probably will if you are nice. Jim joined us and we all went out to their patio and Jim got us drinks. They had prepared lunch so Sherrie and I walked over to the pool and she said Suzy is really gorgeous. I said yes and fun, too bad you are not Bi. Sherrie looked up at me and said do you want me to be Bi because I would if you asked me too. I have been curious from time to time and might like to try it at least once. I said it is entirely up to you, but I love the idea. I said talk to Jim when you two are together.

Lunch was good and Suzy was eyeing me with definite interest. Jim noticed and said to Sherrie want to see the rest of the house and she said sure knowing it would take a while. They left with their arms around each others waist. I said to Suzy you are so beautiful. I have been looking forward to this weekend. Sherrie thinks you are stunning. She would get up close and personal with you if you were interested although she never has before. Suzy said Jim wants me to do that. I have been thinking about it. I will talk to Sherrie later.

I said are you going to show me the rest of the house? She smiled and said sure and took my hand and led me to their other bedroom. as we walked by their bedroom door which was closed I heard Sherrie say yes I like that. Suzy said they will be a while Jim really likes Sherrie and has been waiting for you to get here. He told me she is fantastic and I am the only one better. I think he was just being diplomatic and laughed. I said I can only say you are one of the best.

Suzy stood in front of me and slowly undressed. Not like the first time I want to be naked with you this time. I said you are stunning. The light was much better and I was enjoying her large full boobs. Her nipples were hard. As she slid her skirt down she said well Jim you are about to see that I am a natural red head and slid her panties down and off. She was a red head and nicely trimmed and I could see some moisture visible on her pussy. She moved her hand down and played with herself as I watched. She flushed and said I am already wet for you. I walked over to her and said sit on my face and lay down in front of her. Suzy lowered herself over my mouth and I licked, sucked and tongued her. She looked down and we made eye contact as I did her. I held her butt in my hands as she grinded her pussy against my face. I could feel her pussy quivering against my lips and she shuttered and cried out and got off falling off and lying next to me with her legs shaking. Her eyes were closed and she was momentarily in another world. Finally she returned and opened her eyes. She said that is the first time I have sat on anyone that way it was incredible. I am still shaking.

I removed my pants and shorts and she looked down at my cock standing tall and I said now sit on it instead and go for a ride. She lowered herself down on my cock and I watched as she took me deeper and deeper until I reached bottom. She said oh what happen as she pulled up a little. I said I was as deep as you could handle. Do it again and see. She lowered herself down again and said wow what a feeling. I looked up at her and said fuck me. She went for a ride. She kept hitting bottom and would say oh good. She moaned and whispered oh you fill me up. She rode me hard. I reached up and tweaked her bouncing boobs. Her nipples were very hard. She started to shake and fell forward kissing me and moaning oh I am going to cum and shuttering held on to me and gave it up to me. Her pussy quivered around my cock still hard inside her. Except for her breathing she was very quiet for a time.

Finally she said that was impossibly good, you can have me anytime you want me. She said how about you and I said I will wait till later and catch you by surprise. She said I like surprises. We got dressed as as we were going out we could hear the headboard in the next room banging against the wall. Suzy said he can go a long time; I said that is why Sherrie likes him and smiled. Suzy said you know I will do anything you want. I said right now I would like you to talk to Sherrie about what you two might do. Suzy looked up to me and said I will do her for you and Ben if she is willing. I said she said the same thing. I asked you do know what women do right? Suzy said oh yes I have watched them in videos. I said I would love to watch you two down on each other. Suzy just flushed.

Sherrie and Ben joined us and Sherrie looked a little worn and had a smile. They invited us to spend the night in their bed. Jim and I had completely swapped wives for the weekend. Suzy was my wife for a couple of days and we acted that way Suzy and Sherrie went and got in the pool. They had their heads together talking. Jim and I had a beer and he said we really like you two and trust you a lot. I said us too. Suzy is wonderful and Sherrie really likes you. I think they are going to play with each other later for us. He smiled and said I hope so I have been encouraging her for a long time. I said I know they want to please us. It was getting time to fix dinner so the two girls went in the kitchen to get it ready. Dinner was good and we decided to with no surprise to anyone to go to bed early. We would be four in a bed for tonight. We all got into bed with the girls wearing see through teddies. They both looked hot. The two girls were in the middle. Things were slow to start as no one was in a hurry. Suzy was in front of me and I leaned forward and nuzzled the back of her neck and reached around her and slid my hand under her teddy and felt her up. I was hard pressed up against her butt and she turned her head and kissed me and said oh is that for me and I said yep you are mine tonight.

I felt a hand on top of mine and looked up and Sherrie had joined me under her teddy helping me feel her up. We made eye contact and I could see the lust in her eyes. I moved my hand on top of hers and we lay there with Sherrie touching a woman in a new way for her. Suzy leaned forward and kissed her whispering your hands are so soft. The girls moved closer together and there were more and longer kisses. Their hands began to roam over each other as they kissed. The kisses were getting hotter. I reached around Suzy and felt her pussy, she was very wet. Again I felt a hand on top of mime and moved my hand so I was on top of hers and she was feeling the only pussy except her own. I whispered to Suzy Sherrie is playing with your pussy and she moaned oh yes. I am playing with hers too, she is so wet. I pulled her teddy off and Jim followed my lead and the two naked girls moved closer kissing and fingering each other. Their boobs were pressed together and the kisses were with passion and tongues now. The two girls got lost from us guys into each other. We moved back to give them room. As I moved back I whispered to Suzy I want to watch you lick her pussy. She wants you too. The girls spent time fingering kissing felling butts and just exploring each other for the first time with another woman.

Suzy was the first to take the plunge and began to move down Sherrie kissing and licking as she went down. Sherrie lay back spreading for her knowing what was next. Suzy had no hesitation and licked her pussy and buried her head between her legs. Sherrie moaned and said oh yes good and opened wider and pushed back against her face. I leaned over and kissed Sherrie and whispered your turn, go down on her too. Sherrie and I made eye contact and all I could see in her eyes was desire and she swung around and the two girls were in a 69 eating each other. Sherrie rose up for a second and her face was all wet and she licked her lips and went back down on Suzy again. The girls stayed that was a long time totally lost in each others pussy, totally lost in each other. Sherrie was first as she rose up with her wet face moaning I am going to cum. Suzy grabbed her butt and pulled her in tight against her face and Sherrie gave it up exploding all over her face. That set Suzy off and she shuttered and gasping for breath was coming too and Sherrie pulled her pussy in tight and holding her in place with hands on her butt as she got off crying out oh yes good, good.

Suzy moved back to me holding me tight and whispering in my ear that was so good thanks as I slipped my cock into her slowly going deeper and deeper and then held still just feeling her pussy still quivering. Suzy said oh you feel so big in me. I looked over to Jim and he was in Sherrie and she was kissing him passionately. We slow fucked the ladies for a time and it was near romantic. We knew each other very well by now. She whispered hold still I will to get you off, as she began to move back and forth on my cock. She whispered I want you to cum inside of me. I felt her working her muscles around my cock. It was an amazing feeling as she released and contracted around my cock milking me. I just held still. She whispered this is my gift to you I have only did this for Jim until now. I love you Jim. She worked me over and it was a wonderful feeling. I got harder and harder and pulled her close and said yes now and quietly exploded deep in her pussy squirting over and over again until I was empty. She was kissing me though my whole cum and whispered it is so good to feel you cum in me. I stayed inside her and we both fell asleep. I looked over to Sherrie and Jim as I drifted off and they were both already asleep.

The next day was a quieter day we all were a little worn. Before we left for home Sherrie and Jim did do it one last time. Suzy and I were on the patio and I said one more time and she smiled and turned around and lifted her skirt and said yes of course anytime you want just let me know.

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