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A Hard Days Work

So, I went on a job interview today (Wednesday). The prospective employer wanted another copy of my updated resume. So,I said "no problem." I plugged my flashdrive into his personal assistant's computer. The display looked different than it does on my Dell, so I clicked the wrong option. I clicked view pictures, instead of view documents. To my dismay, all types of sexy pictures popped up on the screen. Some were me bending over showing my neatly shaved lips, others were me twisting my own nipples & much, much more. I felt a presence behind me, but when i turned around, his assistant had already ducked in another room to revel in my sexy splender. I was mortified! Needless to say, I made an excuse & got the heck out of there. The employer called & stated I was a good candidate for the job. Hope it is not related to my oiled up buns.

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