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A First Date

It's early in the evening on a nice late spring
day when you arrive to pick me up for our date.

You arrived and I came down to meet you. I was
wearing a nice flowing skirt that accentuates my
legs and a nice loose fitting blouse that just hints
at my cleavage beneath it. you are taken by my warm
friendly smile and you feel your face blushing slightly at
having thought and fantasized about me previously. You
hand me a single rose you had been holding behind your
back and You see I blush a bit in response to the
unexpected gift. We move to the car and you open the
door for me, helping me into the seat. You catch a
glimpse of the lace tops of the thigh high stockings
I was wearing underneath the skirt and you felt a
stirring begin in your loins. Before you closed the door,
I looked up at you and said, "I hope that I'm dressed
alright, since you wouldnt tell me where we're going I
had no idea what to wear."

"Believe me Dee, you look great! Dont worry about
it." If I was hoping for a hint as to our
destination, I didnt get one. You closed the door and
went around to the drivers side. After getting in, you
turned to face me. "Dee, you know that I would
never do anything to harm or hurt you, right?"

"Yes, I get that impression of you....why?" I asked
somewhat hesitantly.

"Then trust me. I want our destination to be a bit of
a secret for you until we get there. Because of that,
I'd like it if you wore this..." and you showed me a
black leather blindfold you had sitting beside the seat.
"You have my word nothing bad will happen to you."
I loooked at you with a curious look in my eyes and
then decide to go along and try it. I take the
blindfold from your hands and put it on. You look at me
then longingly while you start the car. Hoping that I
had no idea of the somewhat lecherous looks you
were giving my body.

As we drove, you began playing some soft jazz cd's
in the car. Without my sight, my other senses
became heightened as we drove. I could feel the
warmth of the sun on my body through the car
windows, warming me. The gentle motion of the car
was relaxing to me and the music helped to soothe me
even more. I became completely relaxed entering
my own little world where my mind wandered freely.
You noticed a small smile playing across my lips and
you reached across to place your right hand on the top my left
thigh. I smiled more brightly and
closed my hand around yours. The warmth of my skin
against yours was in its own an aphrodisiac to you and you
didnt want my touch to ever end.

We arrived at our destination and I felt the
car come to an easy stop. I started to reach up to
remove the blindfold, but you gently stopped my hands.
"Please, not yet...give me another 5 minutes and then
I will get you when you can take it off, okay?"

I seemed slightly puzzeled, but lowered my hands away
from my eyes. Silently I wondered if other people
could see me sitting there blindfolded and if they
did, what they were thinking. I could feel the car
shake as you opened and a few minutes later closed the
trunk. I strained to hear anything that might give
me a clue where I might be, but all that I could
hear was the music still playing on the radio in the

Finally I heard you open my door and you gently
took my hands to help me out of the car. I was
slightly concerned of emerging from the car
blindfolded, but while you were holding my hands---I
didnt have too much choice. I got to my feet and
you felt the need to kiss me. You bent in and inhaled in
my scent as your lips move towards mine. I sensed
you leaning in and I raised my head to seek out your
lips in return. Our lips touch. My warmth feels
wonderful against your lips. An electricity flows
through you as you drink my sweetness in. You pull back
slowly ending the kiss at a sweet appetizer. You reach
up and remove my blindfold then.

I squinted my eyes slightly as my eyes get
used to the light. I look around and find us
to be outside. We're in a large clearing that
resembles a park. I look down and on the ground I
see a large red and white gingham table cloth spread
out with a picnic basket, a few lit oil lamps and a
chilling bottle of wine. As I look out.... then I
realize why you brought me here. As the sun was
setting against the horizon, the sky was painted in
glorious shades of red, orange and purple almost
glowing neon as they fade into the blue above us.

We sit and eat amid laughter and occasional offer
touches to each other as we grow more comfortable.
Finally dusk falls. You take my hands in yours as you
stand up, lifting me with you. The smooth jazz is
still playing on the car and you pull me close to you as
we begin swaying softly to the music. Our hands
gently explore each other as our pulses quicken at our
closeness. We melt into each other becoming one as we
move in time to the music. After several minutes, You
stop and look down into my lovely brown eyes that sparkle. We
each see a longing in the other's eyes that is both
haunting and beautiful. We stop swaying and bring our
lips together again. This time, there is no stopping
at a soft kiss. This time we open our passion to each
other as our tongues dance hungrily in each other's
mouth. Tasting the sweetness the other has to offer.
We kiss deeply and passionately, our hands moving over
each with minds of their own. Our teeth occasionally
bumping, our kissing moving to each other's necks and
shoulders before finding our way back to our mouths.

You drop to your knees and pull my skirt up over your
head. You breathe in my sweet, lovely scent of arousal
as you exhaled over my panties already seeing a small
damp spot appearing. Your hot breath on me makes my
knees go weak for a moment and I grab onto your head
to hold my balance, inadvertently pushing you deeper
into my waiting pussy. You start licking at me
through my panties, tasting my sweet nectar
through them. You stop and reaching up begin to peel
them down and off of my legs. I move and lay down
on the empty picnic blanket spreading my legs so
seductively before you. You lay down and begin softly
kissing my now fully exposed pussy before you.
Softly licking my slit from bottom to top, sucking
my lips into your mouth, drawing them out a bit. You
then focus in on my clit and start tonguing it
softly. You start altering that with your teeth grazing
my little nub sending shivers throughout my body.
Then you figure that you want to hear me really moan, so
you suck my clit into your mouth where you tease it with
your tongue, lips and teeth all at once. I start
involuntarily thrusting my hips up towards your mouth
as my excitement builds. When you think I am
about to cum, you stop and start opening your pants, pull out your
hard cock and I can see your pre-cum dripping from your
engorged head. You take each of my legs in a hand and
spread me wide open as you line your cock up with my
wet, juicy slit. Once you find the spot, you lean forward
thrusting hard and drive yourself completely into me
burrying yourself to your balls in my divine love
tunnel. I inhale sharply at the welcome invasion to
my body and we each remain still for a few moments,
just drinking in all of the incredible sensations
flowing through us. You then ease my lovely, silky
smooth legs up onto your shoulders and after a few easy
gentle strokes in me, You suddenly bolt forward into a
push-up like position almost bending me over double.
This way you can pound your cock straight down into me
nice and deep and this is what you start doing. Our
bodies making slapping sounds that fill the night
around us as you drive yourself into me soldily, over and
over again, spreading my lips with each thrust, my
wetness glistening on your rod with each withdrawal
stroke. Soon you have to take a brief rest and you
reluctantly withdraw from my silky folds. I want
more though and I turn over on all fours offering you
such a delicious view that you know no man could ever
refuse. You come over to me and grabbing my hips you
find your way home again inside me. As our rhythm
quickens, I begin pushing back hard against you with
every forward thrust of yours. The sounds of our
bodies making such violent, wet contact echo all
around us mixed with our own assorted grunts and
groans. You reach forward with one hand and grab my
gorgeous hair and use it as a rein to hold onto while
you drive more solidly into me. You feel my orgasm
starting to wash over you and you can feel my pussy
gripping your pistoning cock as my body shudders in a
wonderful wave of pleasure that shakes me from head
to toe. Feeling me clenching you to tightly inside, you
cant hold off any longer as well and you drive into me
one last time as deeply as possible, using your hands to
spread my lips as far apart as you can so that you are so
deep in me-- your balls are covered by my lips. You
feel your cum rushing through you like a freight train
heading for its escape. I feel your cock swell
slightly inside me and then it starts twitching
uncontrollably as your load starts spurting deep inside
me. Soon, we both collapse, completely spent on the
ground staring up at the stars so far above us.

The same thought drifts through both of our minds at
the same time, "If this is our FIRST date, I cant wait to
see whats in store for the second one!"

End of Story

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