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i take your left hand and lead you into my bedroom, as i open the door u anticipate what might be waiting for u behind the door, my soft left hand grabs for the door handle as i turn and look back at you and kiss your lips softly... i open the door slowly ...... when we enter u see a the mauve curtains blowing in the wind, a hunter green comforter with fluffy pillows leaning up against the headboard .... red blue yellow and green scarfs laying on the bed....theres a mauve blanket laying over the footboard the room is softly lit with green and mauve candles, the scent is very sweet smelling ... in front of the bed is leather chair with a round table next to it .... on the table theres a few things laying on it but u r unable to make out what they may be..... you slowly walk towards the table when i step in front of u i sit u nicely on the bed as i look deeply into your eyes i bend over and slowly undress u .... our eyes never leave eachothers.... your mind is racing wondering what i may have in store for u this evening .... but u r unable to tell what is on my mind i slowly lay u back against the fluffy pillows ... i reach for the scarfs and i pick up the yellow one and place it behind my neck as u watch ... the green on i place on my right wrist... the red one i place on your right wrist and lightly tying a loose knot and placing it around the cannonball on the right of the headboard the blue one i loosly tie my knot and place it on the your left wrist and again tie to the the left cannonball of the headboard .... u watch my eyes ... u r getting very excited ..... the softness of the comforter feels nice on your back side .... you r sitting up wondering what i may do with the yellow and green scarfs ....i am now standing at the edge of the bed you watch ever step i make i slowly remove my blouse ... u see my red bra sparkle in the candlelight..... i unbutton my jeans and reveal my belly button and slowly pull down to my thighs and then u hear them hit the floor i i slowly remove my red bra and red panties ... i then take the red scarf and tie up your left ankle, to the footboard and the blue scarf i tie to your right ankle to the footboard... i walk to the side of the bed for u to enjoy the sight of me .. you r very much turned on by what u see ... i approach the table and i reach down and grab an object off the table i pull the chair to the side of the bed so that u r able to see me... you now see that i have a 7" dildo in my hand ... u r now intrigue of what i may be preparing to do with it .... i slowly tease the tip of the dildo with my toungue going round and round licking the shaft getting it all wet with my mouth ...i place in my mouth sucking on it, u watching the dildo go in and out of my mouth as u lay there unable to do anything but watch ... watching me stroke it in and out of my mouth teasing u.... i place my left leg over the side of the chair opening myself to u ... revealing my hard clit to your eyes i place the dildo on my clit teasing it ... rubbing the dildo back and forth on my hard clit... i then place the dildo in my pussy stroking it back and forth feeling the enjoyment of having u watch me as i stroke my smooth walls back and forth ... hearing the moisture with every stroke .... watching your eyes watch my toy go in and out of me ... hearing my voice shake with every stroke... moaning enjoying very inch as it penetrates me deeply .... i then release the dildo and stand .. i lean over the bed to touch your lips with my hot wet dildo and tease your upper lip with the taste of me ...your body is tense with every light stroke of my dildo going round and round your mouth ... i then place the dildo in your mouth to have you taste all of my juices ... u moan with excitement ... i place the dildo to the right side of your ribcage ... i walk over to table and pick up another object... i place it to the left of your ribcage and i climb on the bed.... standing over i slowly sit on your chest as u watch my every move i lean over and kiss your mouth .. still tasting all of my juices all over your mouth ... i lick your lips... sucking on your tongue... slowly backing off as u r getting hotter and hotter with every stroke of my lips ... i scoot down sitting on your belly ... running my hands over your chest ... looking deep into your eyes and i slowly move over your hips... i stand up and squat over your cock ... i slowly place the tip inside me then the head ... then the shaft .... the back of my thighs resting on your hips... i slowly move up and down feelling every stroke of your cock going in and out of my moist hot coochie ... you watching as i take all of u in and slowly go up releasing u little by little...i begin to move faster ... the moisture is building up.. u feel it releasing all over your cock down your balls as i stroke faster and deeper taking all of u in ... my legs get tired as i bounce on your hips ... i slowly fall to my knees... still holding u snug inside of me ... i then move back and forth riding your hips ... i grab the object that is resting by your left side ... u hear a noise you now relize that its a vibe and u watch with desire and wonder ... i then open the lips of my coochie to let u watch as i place the vibe on my clit.. as i move back and forth on your cock... u can feel the vibration as i stroke u deep inside of me ... i let you know that i am ready to release all of my juices to you and your eyes get big awaiting for the wettness to release all over you .. you try to maintain focus but the excitment of me cumming all over you is too much to wait ... so u watch my eyes... you hear me moaning with pleasure... you feel my muscles tighten up all around you ... the hot moisture is pouring out of me and your hot juicy load releases itself to me.. i sit on you hips and enjoy the heat from our bodies... i then slowly move up and release you out of me ... i place my hand under my pussy and let drain us juices flow out of me onto my hand as u watch it flow out of me ... i then go and kiss your mouth very deeply and i sit on your chest looking deep into your eyes ... i slowly take the tip of my tongue and lick all of our juices off my hand...... i stand then face your feet releasing the scarfs showing u my ass i then face u and slowly reach over and release your right hand ... then your left hand grab onto my hips tightly and pull me close to u ...

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