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The three day slave

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A friend of the wifes we will call her Ann, came to the house last saturday and said she was in a bind as far as cash, in todays world who is not. The wife was not home so I listened to her sad story about her old man leaving her and she was broke and would do anything if she could just borrow a little cash to get buy. Well Ive know her along time so I said sure and gave her a few bucks, she hugged my neck and said thank you and she would get it back to me as soon as she could, Yeah right I thought but I helped out someone who needed it I thought. Well the wife comes home later and I tell her what went down about Ann and she just laughed and said that bitch! She then filled me in on what Ann had been doing hitting on all of her friends with the same BS story and that she was just lazy and would not work. I told her to just forget it and not to have her around anymore but the wife would not let it go, she gonna pay me back that bitch she said agian and then told me of her plan. Monday I called in sick from work and she told me Ann was coming to clean the house when she showed up I played dumb to why she was there, she didnt seem happy about working and after a few moments she asked me if there was Anything else she could do to pay us back, sticking to the plan I just unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and said well Ann you could clean this. She wasted no time going to her knees and sucking my cock and licking my swollen balls I was ready to face fuck her and fill her mouth with cum when the door opened and the wife said well well whats going on here I winked and she smiled Ann was frozen on her knees with my rock hard cock inches from her lips, don't stop bitch the wife told her I want you to finish. The wife sat on the sofa and lifted her dress and began to rub her wet cunt, When you finish him get over here and lick my cunt, hearing that I pushed Ann away from my cock and said you heared her do it and smacked her ass hard. She started licking my wifes sweet pussy and the jucies were starting to flow and the wife pushed her head down harded and told her to eat that cunt you dirty bitch lick it make me cum, I could tell Ann was getting hot from this her nipples were standing out and her shorts had a big wet spot forming I told the wife she likes liking your pussy baby, the wife started cumming and shoved Ann's face between her thighs shaking as she held her there cumming on her face. My cock was a time bomb ready to blow and was leaking precum what about this I said ? The wife pushed her slave away and told her to strip and spread her legs wide and I slid right in fucking her hard fast and deep until I filled her cunt with what seemed like a river of cum. Ann stood and watched us and was rubbing her own pussy now and piching her nipples I looked back at her and then whispered in the wifes ear make her clean you up.

I pulled my cock out of her hot cunt and cum started to flow Get over here bitch and clean this up You better lick this pussy clean Ann went down and started licking my cum from the wifes dripping pussy never missing a spot thats right bitch the wife said get it all all my cum and his too lap it up like the slutty bitch you are, the more abuse the wife threw at her the hotter Ann was getting, her jucies where now dripping down her thighs and my cock was growing hard agian. The wife was loving it being in control and getting her freshly fucked pussy licked clean on the verge of cumming agian looked at me and said Honey why dont you fuck that bitch with your big cock I was shocked at the offer but the wife didnt care she was gonna make this bitch pay, Fuck her ass she said I want you to push that big fat cock into her lying ass and get your moneys worth. I ran my fingers between and thighs and she almost came when I did. Her jucie sticky and I pushed them into her mouth and said lick and she did then pushed her back down on the wifes cunt get her ass to Ann she loves it Then as I lubed my cock with Ann's jucies and spit I slid my cock into her tight ass, she begged for me to go slow but the wife and I laughed, I pushed into her wanting to tear her apart balls deep in one push and stayed there, Ann screamed and the wife got on all fours and told her Lick my sweet asshole Ann you lying bitch, dirty whore, fucking cunt lick it yelling it at her, Ann's ass was now relaxed to where I was fucking her at a good pace balls deep each time and twisting her nipples hard , Ann's face was going between my wifes cunt & ass licking widley I was ready to cum but stopped and pulled out of her ass and told her suck this cock thats been in your ass shoving it into her mouth, Thats right dirty bitch suck your own ass and I might let him fuck your starved cunt, she sucked and knodded her head almost begging to be fucked I pushed her off my cock and grabbed her by the ankles shoving my cock into her hot cunt fucking her a good 25 strokes until filling her full of hot cum. She lie spent on the floor my cum leaking out of her. The wife looked at me and smiled and said Ann I hope you dont have plans for the next couple of days you have a lot more cleaning to do and you can start with this as the wife stood over Ann a steady flow of pee began to cover Ann's body running off her tits and down her belly, I stood watching and stroking my cock hard again it was gonna be a fun next couple days. More to cum.

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