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The Plumber

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"You handle it". That was the response he always gave. They had barely been in their hotel room an hour and the plumbing in the bathroom sink was backed up. This was supposed to be a chance for them to get away, but as always she had to handle the problems at home and now it seemed on the road too. Katherine had recently married her long time live in boyfriend Brian. He was always on the road, but with an upcoming trip to Chicago, his new wife put her foot down. "Alright" Brian said, "you can come, I'll be in meetings from the moment we land until we leave, but it will be a chance to get away". He was right, Brian was out the door as soon as the bellman dropped off the bags in the room, leaving Kat, as she was called, by herself in that hotel room in the windy city.

After the long flight from Los Angeles, Kat wanted nothing more than a hot shower to relax and begin to plan her exploration of her new surroundings. The water falling across her breasts made her nipples hard, and as always, her thoughts drifted off to when she and Brian had first met. The sex was electric then, and they were adventurous, doing the deed in as many public places as possible, trying out outfits and toys, and playing out fantastic scenarios that only new lovers engage in. But now seven years on and married, the two had begun to act as if they had been married twenty seven years and Kat often resorted to taking care of herself. Now, there in the shower, where her release so often came she begun to touch herself. This time however, she wasn't imagining Brian doing those things to her, she other lovers in mind. Kat's hands ran over her breasts, stopping to pinch each nipple.That always got her going. Her fingers found her clit, and while one hand was squeezing her breast, the other hands' fingers were busy, alternating between rubbing her button, and digging deep into her pussy. With the stream from the shower and her fingers working their magic, Kat came quickly-and hard. She let out a loud growl as the orgasm shuttered though her and she nearly passed out, grabbing the shower handle and holding on tight until she recovered.

While the great sex with Brian was a thing of the past, Kat was committed to her new marriage, and she had begun to look into how she could spice things up. She went online and bought some bondage gear. Of all the things they had tried, unbelievably, tying each other up never occurred to them. It wasn't until Kat spoke to a girlfriend about what was going on at home, was that even suggested. Brian was the take charge type and Kat never thought he would go for being submissive to her, but she was willing to try.

Of all the items she bought the one thing that got her excited were the handcuffs. They were advertised as the real deal and when she opened the box they came in she couldn't wait to put them on, to feel the cold steel against her small wrists. Of course she had the key in one hand as she clicked the braces around her. The feeling of helplessness was exciting to her and she hoped it would be to Brian as well.

Now as she emerged from the shower, still reeling from her thunderous orgasm, she put on the comfy hotel robe, walked over to the bathroom sink and turned the water on. As she was brushing her teeth, Kat noticed the water wouldn't drain. She called Brian to bitch about the situation. "You handle it", he said "I'm about to go into a meeting, call the front desk, they'll send someone up, I've got to go", and with that he abruptly hung up. Kat called the front desk to report the problem. "I'm so sorry for your inconvenience" was the reply, "We'll send someone up right away". As Kat waited for the help to arrive, she walked to the window of her room overlooking Lake Michigan. Kats' thoughts began to drift off to how she would lure Brian into a situation where she could unleash her new found excitement. A devious smile came across her face as she looked out across the landscape, but she was startled back to reality with a knock on her hotel room door.

"Who is it?" Kat inquired. "Engineering ma'am, the front desk informs me you have a plumbing issue?" Kat opened the door quickly, as she did so the belt on her robe loosened slightly opening the garment more than she would like. "Come in, it's the bathroom sink, it won't drain".Her eyes found his. He was slightly taller then her. He had on a white jumpsuit with his name embroidered on the left hand side. "Daniel, is it?" "Yes ma'am., thats me. Let's take a look at that sink, it's probably just a clogged drain." "I hope it won't take too long to fix, I've got some exploring to do". Kat said. "We'll get it taken care of right away" he said as he brushed past her his tool bag sliding against her thigh. Daniel ran some more water into the sink and sure enough it wouldn't drain. "I'll have to remove the trap", he said. With that he opened the cabinet beneath the sink and while lying on his back, slid into the cavity. "Excuse me can you hand me that wrench?", he said. Kat, was happy to oblige. Daniel was pretty good looking and that jump suit was starting to turn her on.

Kat was starting to think bad thoughts and as Daniel worked on the pipe, she walked to her bag and got the cuffs. Kat came back over to Daniel, fully aware of what she was about to do. It had to be done. The episode in the shower wasn't enough and she was determined to try out her new found confidence on this hapless victim. All she needed was an opening.

"Uggh", Daniel groaned as he plied the wrench against the pipe. "How do they get put these thing together with gorillas?" Kat laughed as she held the cuffs behind her back, waiting for her chance. Just then the pipe let loose and water splashed across Daniels face. "Shit!", he cried as the nasty effluent blinded him. Kat saw her chance. She grabbed his wrist and snapped one side of the cuffs around it. She the grabbed the other wrist and cuffed that one as well, fixing both hands around the still solid pipe. "What the hell are you doing?" Daniel cried out. Kat grabbed a towel and wiped Daniels eyes, removing the dirty water from his face. "I'm doing an experiment", Kat said "And you are the lab rat".

Kat had total control now. Daniel could not free himself from his predicament, and he was half lodged beneath the sink. "Just relax", Kat said. "I think you're going to love this experiment", and with that Kat started to unzip the front of Daniel's junpsuit. "Oh no", Daniel muttered as Kat slowly slid the zipper down, his hardness pressing against the leg of the jumpsuit. "Oh yes", Kat snickered as she brought the zipper to his crotch. Kat reached inside and felt the biggest cock she had ever had in her hands. She immediately freed the monster from his jumpsuit prison. It was so much bigger than Brian's, it's long veiny shaft terminated by a large spongy head. Kat bent over and ran her tongue along the shaft, Daniel's moans were off in the distance, Kat was in her own world. She was possessed with a lust she had never known and with one fell swoop consumed the head of Daniel's cock with her hungry mouth. Her sucking elicited more groans from her prisoner, but she took no notice, this guy was to be used for her pleasure Kat's hand was fixed around the shaft as she slurped her way up and down sliding her hand along the slick shaft from the balls and over the large head. Up and down she went, mouth followed by hand driving Daniel crazy. Kat held fast as Daniel writhed beneath her. She could feel the pulsing in his cock and in his balls and her timing was perfect and she removed her mouth from his master pipe just as her upstroke brought forth a stream of come the likes of which she had never seen before. "Ahhhhh!" Daniel cried as one, two, three, jets of hot seed sprang forth from his sizable manhood, the last going so high Kat was able to catch the load with her face on the way down. Daniel struggled so hard against the drain pipe, Kat thought he might break it off from the sink, but it held fast and she continued her manipulation of Daniels cock. The power she felt was unlike anything she had experienced, but she was far from done. Gingerly now she licked the come from his cock, Daniel was in heaven. "What, what is you name again?" Daniel panted. "Katherine, but my friends call me Kat." "My God Kat that that was fucking incredible. I've never been anyone's prisoner before". "I'm not through with you yet." said Kat, "I want this monster in ME!" And with that she started to suck Daniel back to life.

It didn't take long, as the blood flowed back into Daniel's cock until the veins burst forth. Kat grabbed the shaft and as she straddled Daniel's pole, the robe that had become progressively looser throughout Kats raping of Daniel now fell completely of,f as Kat, now over Daniel, positioned herself to be properly impaled by the master cock.

Kat grabbed the shaft just below the head and sat down on it. The soft helmet pushed open the now soaking wet lips of her pussy. Although she had not had anyone this large before, her excitement took her beyond any feeling of pain as she took him into her in one long forceful motion. With a grunt she sat on him taking every inch until she could feel him bumping against her cervix. "Ahhh, Ohhh, fuck my God!" Daniel cried as Kats pussy enveloped his swollen shaft. Kat ground herself against Daniel's pubic bone as her pussy was being filled completely. Kat's swollen clit rubbing against the base of Daniel's shaft. As she began to raise herself on him, the thickness made it difficult. Kat literally had to push herself up until her pussy lips were kissing his cockhead. Up and down she wen,t jamming herself on him. Again and again up and down, as a foamy froth lubricated her pussy. Daniel tried to hold back, but the sight of this vixen having her way with him while he was totally powerless to do anything was too much for him to take and with a groan he uttered "I'm going to come again!" With that Kat rode harder until she felt his come shoot up into her. Kat felt every pulse and it sent her over the edge and she screamed as she came, her own ejaculate squirting from her pussy, soaking Daniel's cock, her eminence dribbling down Daniel's balls. Kat lurched forward and caught her breath. Daniel was beyond words, his blank stare a testament to the carnage that was unleashed upon his cock.

As Kat recovered from her second thunderous orgasm of the day, she composed herself, and as she pulled herself off of Daniels cock, a great sucking sound came forth. Daniel's spent cock falling from Kat's still swollen pussy with a dull thud.

Kat got up and got the key. As she unlocked the handcuffs and zipped the jumpsuit back up, she whispered in Daniels ear, "If you mention that any of this happened, I'll get you fired. If you keep your mouth shut, You can have me the rest of the week,.understand?" Daniel nodded and with that she unlocked the handcuffs. Daniel was stiff from having his arms over his head for so long, but it was nothing compared to the welts on his wrist. Without saying a word Daniel continued to fix the sink as Kat put her robe back on and turned on the TV. When the drain was cleared, Daniel cleaned up and made his way to the door. Kat followed him there, and as Daniel was leaving, she gave him her cell phone number scrawled on the hotel stationary. "Thanks for fixing my broken plumbing. You have an extraordinary pipe. I think I might need you to unclog me tomorrow. Do you think you can help me out?"

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