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The New Me

You called me on a rainy afternoon saying that you
needed me to come over and give you a hand with a few
things. You didnt ask me if this was alright, you
demanded that I get there within a half hour of the
time you hung up. I looked at my watch as the phone
clicked back onto the receiver, starting a mental
stopwatch and realized that I didnt have hardly any
time at all to spare! I wouldnt have time to change,
so I hoped that my old jeans and tee shirt would be
alright. I jumped in the car and hurried over,
counting down in my head and hoping I made it before
your deadline. You could be so demanding at times
when you wanted to be. I'd also be lying if I said
that I didnt like that side of you too.

I arrive and walk up to your door as I try to cover my
head to keep from being drenched in the downpour
outside. I ring the bell and wait, but no one
answers. I try a second time and I'm greeted again by
no one at the door. I resort to knocking loudly on
the door and calling out your name trying to get a
response. Finally, I hear the lock click on the door
faintly but the door doesnt open. A few more seconds
pass before I hear your voice say icily from inside,
"It's open." I then enter and look around for you,
but cant find you anywhere as I stand there dripping
in your entranceway. I close the door behind me and
continue to look around for you in vain. I hear your
voice again coming down the hallway then, "YOU'RE
LATE!" you say as you come around the corner and into
view for the first time and I realize just how much
'trouble' I'm going to be in.

You stand there with your hands on your hips, staring
at me intently until I instinctivly feel the need to
look down under your gaze. "Look at me when I am
talking to you!" you say in a very stern tone. I
start to allow my eyes to travel from the floor up.
You're wearing a pair of black patent leather ankle
boots with 5 inch stiletto heels that lace up the
front. On your legs are a pair of shimmery thigh high
stocks that almost look liquid on your skin, a black
seam running brazenly down the rear of them. You're
wearing a black leather thong with zipper on it
covering your gorgeous mound that I have never seen on
you before. My eyes continue the trip upwards to your
red and black striped leather corset which you have
cinched tightly giving you a severe looking hour glass
figure. Further up my eyes travel to meet your face.
Your usual warm smile was replaced with a stern look
in your eyes and tight line across your mouth. Your
makeup, usually so light and natural was done much
heavier then normal, but your hair still feel free
about your face and shoulders. Regardless of how mad
you looked at me, my cock couldnt help twitching
immediately to life at the sight of you dressed like a
wet dream come true for me.

"I'm sorry..." I started to say in way of an
explanation. You quickly cross the distance between
us and slap my cheek firmly, but not maliciously.

"I did NOT give you permission to speak! When I want
you to say anything, I will ask you directly!" You
say as you look at the pink mark your fingers left on
me, I feel the heat coursing through me, strangely my
cock continues to grow and ache in my pants. "Now get
out of those wet clothes before you drip all over the
house! I'm going to show you what happens when you
show up late for me." As I begin to disrobe in front
of you, I can see a sinister smile crossing your
lovely, painted lips. Soon I am standing before you,
completely nude and waiting for your next words to me.
"Not bad, but a little quicker next time..." you purr
to me as you step back and across the room from me.
"Now get down on your hands and knees and crawl over
here to me to beg for forgiveness for being late."
You say as you sit down in a large chair in the center
of the room. I get down on my hands and knees and
staring at your leather covered pussy slowly crawl
towards you. My cock growing stiffer with each
pendulum like swing as I move towards you. I stop
directly in front of you. Your perfume wafts to me as
I remain there on all fours waiting your next words.

"Shouldn't you be apologizing to me for being late?"
You say, your voice suddenly as sweet as honey. My
eyes are still transfixed on the hidden treasure just
beyond that leather thong you're wearing. After your
words, I crawl the few feet further and gently begin
nuzzling your silky smooth thighs with my cheeks and
lips. Slowly I kiss and lick my way to your covered
pussy. I gently rub against and plant a few soft
kisses on your mound through the warm, smooth leather.
Then I take the ring to the zipper in my teeth and
slowly peel the thong open, revealing your gorgeous
mound to my eyes and my mouth. I begin by softly
kissing the very tops of your thighs and right above
your sweet slit. You start wriggling in the chair
just waiting for my lips to finally touch your clit!
I gently suck your lips into my mouth one at a time,
withdrawing them, engorging them and tasting some of
your sweet nectar on them as well. Once I have you
open that way, I move down and begin rapidly tonguing
the entrance to your sweet hole. Soon, I thrust tongue
hungrily into your sweet tunnel and your body shudders
at the sensation of my mouth invading you there. I
begin slowly easing my tongue out and then thrusting
it back in deeply over and over again. You lift your
legs and place them over my shoulders drawing closer
to you, using your booted heels to spur me to more
intense action as you thump them against my back as if
spurring a horse on. You are rewarded with a renewed
vigor to the tongue fucking that you were getting and
I begin licking your entire delicious slit from bottom
to top. At the top now I stop and begin flicking my
tongue over your swollen clit and then lightly grazing
my teeth over it before I suck it roughly into my
mouth where I thoroughly work over your little love
button with my lips, tongue and teeth until you are
kicking on my back in passion and squirming around on
the chair desperate for the orgasm you need so badly
for release.

Finally, you reach down with your hands and pull my
face away from your drenched pussy, your breath coming
in measured gasps. "That's a good start," you purr
your eyes glazed slightly in enjoyment. "But, I
think that you can do more then that to atone for
being late." You coo at me as you look down and notice
a thin line of clear precum stretching from the tip of
my cock down to the floor. You reach down and grab my
cock which has gone slightly limp after the tongue
lashing that I gave you. "Hmmmmmmm....we'll certainly
have to do something about THIS first though!" You
coat your hand with my clear juice and start softly
stroking my length with soft, deliberate strokes. I
begin to grow and pulse in your hand at your lovely
touch. Soon, I am hard again and you continue
'milking' me in that way. I start undulating my hips
in time with your hand's movement. It feels so good
to have you stroking me that way, while basically
being on display before you. "That should do nicely,"
you say as you lick my creamy lotion from your hands
and I shudder imagining it was my own cock being
teased by your lips and tongue. "Now I think that you
can continue apologizing to me with something OTHER
then your tongue." As you finished saying that, you
spread your legs out over the arms of the chair and
you spread your gorgeous pussy lips open to my gaze.
I could see how wet you were as you started softly
stroking your clit there in front of me with one hand
while slowly sinking the fingers of your other hand
into your sopping slit. Your hand starts working at
you more quickly and disappearing deeper and deeper
inside you. You start rocking your hips forward and
bearing down on your exploring fingers as you continue
to stroke your swollen clit there just inches before
me. I could feel my desire to take you hard rising
deep within me being at odds with your wishing to be
in command of how things were going to go this
afternoon. My heart was pounding at the vision you
were before me, fingering yourself so close to your
own orgasm and not needing me to bring it on. You
open your eyes and stare at me deeply then and say in
a slightly mocking tone, "So you think that you can
make me cum?? You think that you can make it up to me
for being late this way? I would like to see you

Finally, I couldnt take the denial of feeling you
anymore. I got up and in a quick move, shoved your
hands out of the way as I lined up my cock with your
swollen love tunnel and plunged into your warm depths
with one hard thrust. Your eyes shoot open in
surprise and the feeling of my cock invading your
deepest recesses, stretching you more completely then
your fingers ever could. I then grasp your feet by
the heels of your boots and raise them up onto my
shoulders as I lean forward and start pumping deeply
into your wetness. I begin thrusting wildly into you,
our bodies slapping together with a violent intensity.
Your body resonates with each carnal collision. You
feel yourself about to let loose and ride the wave of
pleasure when I stop and pull out abruptly.

"Turn around and bend over, I want to fuck you hard
from behind!" I bark at you as you look up me with a
somewhat glazed expression, but move to comply. As
you bend over I marvel at the wonderful curves of your
ass as your display yourself for me in such an erotic
fashion. I rudely rub my fingers through your
wetness, which is by now running down the top of your
thighs. "You really love getting fucked hard and
rough, dont you? You're just a regular cock slut who
loves to feel a hard piece of meat filling them up
like this, arent you?" I say as I massage your clit
from behind, your hips still moving as if still being

"Yes and right now I want to feel your cock in my
pussy, pounding me, fucking me hard and deep. I want
to be your little fuck toy, get off on me however you
want, but I NEED FUCKED NOW!!" you cry out to me from
your bowed head.

I grab your hips with my hands and once I am aligned
with your hole I slam it home with one hard thrust the
drives your head down into the chair. I bend your
legs so that you're kneeling on the chair as my cock
starts pounding your sweetness. As I feel my time
approaching, I step up so that I am now standing above
you and driving down into you from that angle. I can
feel the head of your cervix smacking against my cock
head at the end of each new thrust. You gasp in the
change of depth that angle provides and I grab your
hair to hang on to and I start slamming away at you
with unbridled lust. I feel my orgasm starting to
boil up from deeep inside my balls and after a few
more deep thrusts, I again pull out and spin you
around in the chair so that you're now facing me. As
you fall backwards into a seated position in the
chair, I pass my point of no return and my cum starts
its journey to its escape. You look at me still
somewhat wide eyed from the workout your pussy has had
as my first large gob of cum shoots from my rapidly
twitching cock and hits you on your cheek, followed by
another gob that arcs down onto your tits. Know you
are aware of whats happening and you hungrily lean
forward to catch my streaming, hot semen in your
mouth. One more gob hits you just under your eye as
your makeup mingles with my thick juice and starts to
run, the rest of my load pulses into your warm, loving
mouth. You drink down the rest of my load, not
swallowing a drop as I continue to twitch and collapse
against you moaning in pleasure.

Later, we recover and you mention that I actually did
make it with a few minutes to spare this afternoon so
I wasnt late. I told you that I know, but when I saw
how incredible you looked, I just couldnt say no to
anything you asked. Next time though, My turn!!!!

End of Story

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