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The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake

This is about the greatest woman I ever had known, , her name is Stephanie , she is so fantastic words can not describe her , so let me start by telling you this story , we had gotten her a birthday cake one night even thought it was not her birthday , we try to always make her happy , no matter what, that is my goal in life is to bring joy and happiest to her , because she makes me very happy also , but back to the story it was the following morning after getting her a birthday cake , I awoke before she did, she lay there in bed so sexy next to me , I climbed out of bed , slowly not to disturb her , she lay there totally nude as I was to , I eased out of the bedroom and down the hall , to her dining room , I was looking for something to eat and seen the birthday cake left on the table so , I go a plate and fixed me a big piece and sat there eating it , when I looked up there she stood with a smile on her face , she leaned over and kissed me , reaching out to pinch my nipples as she did this and she walked back down the hall to the bedroom , her sexy body a glow, knowing she was exciting me , so I went back to eating the birthday cake ,
About 10 minutes later I heard her coming down the hall again , she was not smiling , she reach over and squeezed my cock and balls real hard , you were suppose to follow me back to bed but did not so you will pay , she then took a long piece of cord and tied it around my cock and balls , and pulled it hard , I had to follow her then as she went down the hall I was following her as she jerked the rope as it pulled tight on my cock and balls , she pulled me into her room and slammed the door shut and locked it . she had about a 20 ft piece of cord around my cock and balls , she said it was time for me to be taught a lesson on how to obey a woman, she pulled me to the bed , told me to lay face down on the bed , I did as was ordered to , she then tied my hands and feet so I could not move , she the took out her slapper and spanked my ass about 10 or so hard licks , I wanted to scream but knew it would only make things worst , she left me there and went to the bathroom , returning in about 5 minutes , I could hear her behind me , she rubbed her hands over my red ass , and could tell she had rubber gloves on , then I felt her fingers slid down the crack of my ass , and felt her finger at my asshole , she rubbed it which felt good and the she eased one finger into my asshole sliding it deeper and deeper , she said you are much to tight , I will fix that she said , then I could not tell what she was doing but felt her finger at my asshole again and it felt funny , hot and cold at the same time , she was putting something wet on me , I asked her what she was doing , she said I am lubing you up , with something like icy hot or Ben gay , it will hurt you a bit but it will expand your asshole wide open so relax as she put it in the rim of my asshole it burned a little, she sat there watching me , it was getting hotter by the second , she left it there for about 5 minutes , she said good you are opening up now , she said I could slid a banana up your ass now , she then wiped it off and cleaned me up ,
She then untied my and left the rope on my cock and balls and stood me up , she then laughed look you are all hard now , she lead me across the room and run the rope through a pulley on the ceiling , pulling it tight as I had to stand on my toes for it not to hurt as she anchored it and left me it that position , if I relaxed it would pull tight on my cock and balls , she then walked behind me and kicked my balls with her foot and I jumped ,when I came down the rope tighten around my balls , does that hurt now , I said oh yes , she said good , she the used the leather slapper and hit my balls a few times , oh my she said look how hard your cock is , she walked in front of me and the slapped my hard cock head three times , does that hurt now , I nodded my head , she did it twice more. She then said you how hard it is, from now own I want that hard all the time, and hit my cock again. She then walked behind me and took my left arm and put behind my back , and then took my right arm and did the same , she then tied my hands together behind my back , she the walked around in front on my and rubbed her hands across my chest stopping with each hand on my swollen hard nipples and then she started twisted them , she smiled and leaned forward as she continued to torture my nipples and then kissed me on the lips and then she bit my bottom lip a little , she then started to the door of the bedroom , I will leave u for a while , but remember be hard for me when I returned , as I stood there unable to move , I could stand on my feet but could not move anymore than that , she stayed gone what seemed like forever , but when she returned it had been only 20 minutes , she walked back in the room , she looked at me , I don't think you listen very well , its hard but not as hard as when I left , she walked to me , reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard , till my cock swelled up again , she said , now that's a good boy , she then untied my hands from behind my back and attached them to the rope that went from the pulley to my balls , she tied my hands above my head , she then took out a whip , one that had lots a strings on it kind a like a cat of nine tails , she the hit my cock a few times , and walked behind me , and whipped my ass , till it was red and getting sore , she said are you learning anything , I then nodded my head , ok she said , she left the room again ,
She returned in about 30 minutes this time , she walked in with a large black strap on cock , she looked at me and said its play time for Timmy , she had in her hand a small steel looking rod , it looked about ¼ inch in diameter , she also had a bottle of lube oil , she then knelt down in front of me and said this will hurt you more that it will me , she then coated the rod with lube oil , and then the tip of my cock , she then started sliding the rod into the hole in the end of my penis , very carefully , inch by inch , she said you will feel a new feeling now , she then to a vibrator and touched to the end of the rod , as the vibration traveled to the inside of my cock it hurt at first then felt better , I felt I needed to cum but the rod prevented this , as the vibration increased it felt more intense , I said please pull it out I need to cum , but she did not , she finally stopped the vibration and I relaxed the rod still in my cock , she told me you cant cum till I pull it out , so it stays for now , she then walked behind me and I felt her hand on my ass , and then she opened up my ass and eased a vibrator of some sorts into my asshole , she pushed me forward for better access , she said you will need to cum even more but you can't , she was right I could feel like I was goanna explode , she then stood up pulling the vibrator out of me , she walked in front of me and sat there stroking her strap on , she said can you handle this , I said I will try , she then lubed it up, and walked behind me , I felt her rub it up and down my asshole , the she held my hips and slowly pushed it into my asshole , it slipped in about an inch , it did not hurt very bad , see I told you that hot lube would open you , she then pushed in a couple more inches working in and out , she the slid it end all the way working in and out slowly added some lube as she needed it , then she started fucking me faster in the asshole , she said I know you feel like you are goanna explode but you can't till I take out the rod , she kept on fucking me , she said I love fucking you up the ass , and you can't do anything about it , she kept fucking me and the reached around playing with my nipples , she said how bad you want to cum , I said I need to bad , she said what do you say , I said please Mistress Stephanie let me cum , she kept on fucking me , then she took one hand and put on my hard cock and with the other as she was fucking my ass , she reached down with the other hand and moved the rod half way out and the slid it back in , I felt like I would explode , but it felt good as she slid the rod back and forth as she fucked my ass , then she pulled the rod out of my cock head , and I started Cumming , squirt after squirt , it shot a long at least 4 ft , and I kept Cumming , she said my , I have never seen a man cum so hard and so much , you could have filled up a coffee cup , I final stopped Cumming , with her strap on deep in me she leaned in and kissed my neck , she then pulled out of me , I heard the pop when the suction of the strap on fell out , I could tell my asshole was still wide open , she then walked in front of me pulled off her strap on , and said look you are still very hard after Cumming that much , she then undid my hands and took off the rope on my balls and lead me over to her bed , she climbed up on the bed and I slid in behind her and eased my hard cock up to her pussy from behind , she was soaking wet , and as my cockhead touched her wet pussy , I could tell it was on fire , so I eased my cock deep into her hot wet tight pussy and slowly started stroking in and out , she slipped her vibrated between her legs and I fucked her slowly and deeply , I did not know if I had any cum left , but after about 5 minutes she moaned and started having orgasms , and I sped up some and she was having one after the other for the next 15 minutes I fucked her solid and hard , I felt her pussy gripping my cock tighter as time went on , she yelled I need you to fill me with your cum Timmy , I kept on fucking her , and I felt her reach under her self and grab my balls and squeeze them , when she did this , I let loose a load of cum deep into her tight pussy , felt like I came forever , then I kept stroking her for a minute or slow , and pulled out of her , she rolled over on her back , smiling at me , she said now , get down her and eat my pussy , and I fell between her sexy thighs and started licking her cum filled pussy , I could see some cum oozing out I licked it up and got deeper with my tongue ,I licked and sucked her clit and piercing on her pussy , I eat her pussy for about 20 minutes , I could feel her having orgasms as I did this , she the looked at me and said ok I hope you learned something today , this was lesson # 1 , and a lot more to cum , I said yes , I am not to eat Birthday cake without your OK, and you are the boss and I like it, and love you for it

End of Story