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Thank You Mistress Vi

And so it was that I was led to the limo, naked,carrying my toga and shoes with the letters "Slave Slut" written on my back. Mistress Marla held the leash attached to my collar, and as she bade farewell to the partygoers, I stood alongside, head bowed.

After being hung aloft my chains, Mistress took me to the swing, where I was restrained and hung for the guests. Yes, I was fucked and forced to suck multiple cocks and pussies, it was at the point when Mistress summoned me that I acually had my orgasm and beauty that was all about serving her.

In the limo, she remarked that I was too nasty as I had cum in my hair and dripping from my well used pussy. "On your knees!" she ordered, as I complied like a puppy. Her short whip across my ass was heaven! Exhausted though I was, I begged for her attention.

Once arrived at her uptown condo, the driver followed us in and Mistress paid him. She casually called me to her side, and ordered me to my knees. I happily complied expecting some form of service to he perfect service, but she ordered that "..your mouth is his tip!" Shocked, I started to stammer but the leash and whip soon had me pulling down his pants and sucking his cock and balls for my Mistress. Mistress grabbed my hair and watched him pump his cum in my mouth. She immediately dismissed him, and ordered me to lick up his cum from the floor that I had missed.

"Now, little slave slut, you may wash yourself from the cum in your hair and your pussy, so you may serve me well."

End of Story